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Latest news on Linux distributions and BSD projects
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Distribution Release: BackBox Linux 4.1

Thursday 29th of January 2015 11:32:25 PM
Raffaele Forte has announced the release of BackBox Linux 4.1, an updated build of the Ubuntu LTS-based distribution designed for penetration testing and forensic analysis tasks: "The BackBox Team is pleased to announce the updated release of BackBox Linux, the version 4.1. This release includes features such as....

Development Release: NethServer 6.6 Beta 1

Wednesday 28th of January 2015 09:56:42 AM
Alessio Fattorini has announced the availability of the first beta build of NethServer 6.6, a specialist CentOS-based distribution for servers: "NethServer 6.6 Beta1 has been released and is publicly available. Highlights: first configuration wizard; software center; server SSL certificate alternative names; phone home; block of port 25 from....

Distribution Release: GParted Live 0.21.0-1

Wednesday 28th of January 2015 03:07:49 AM
Curtis Gedak has announced the release of a new stable version of GParted Live, a Debian-based live CD featuring a range of software for disk partitioning and data rescue tasks: "The GParted team is proud to announce a new stable release of GParted Live. This live image contains....

Development Release: Evolve OS Beta 1

Monday 26th of January 2015 07:13:17 AM
Ikey Doherty has announced the availability of the first beta release of Evolve OS, a desktop Linux distribution built from scratch, with a home-made desktop called "Budgie" and a custom package manager forked from Pardus Linux: "The Evolve OS team is proud to announce the release of Evolve....

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 594

Monday 26th of January 2015 01:38:40 AM
This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Reviews: First thoughts on KaOS 2014.12 News: Getting involved with Ubuntu, Snappy Ubuntu Core for embedded devices, Debian releases new installer for "Jessie", using DragonFly BSD's Slider, Fedora fixes PackageKit, features coming to Fedora 22, and FreeBSD's quarterly status report Questions and....

Distribution Release: 4MLinux 11.0

Sunday 25th of January 2015 02:03:15 AM
Zbigniew Konojacki has announced the release of 4MLinux 11.0, an updated version of the project's lightweight desktop Linux distribution built from scratch and featuring a customised JWM window manager: "The status of the 4MLinux 11.0 series has been changed to stable. Major changes in the core of the....

Distribution Release: IPFire 2.15 Core 86

Saturday 24th of January 2015 07:16:33 PM
Michael Tremer has announced the release of IPFire 2.15 Core 86, a new stable build of the project's specialist Linux distribution for firewalls: "This is the official release announcement of IPFire 2.15 - Core Update 86 which brings various security fixes across several packages. Hence we recommend installing....

Distribution Release: Netrunner 14.1

Saturday 24th of January 2015 01:43:11 PM
Clemens Toennies has announced the release of Netrunner 14.1, an updated build of the project's Kubuntu-based Linux distribution featuring a customised KDE 4.14 desktop: "This is the release announcement of Netrunner 14.1 Main edition 'Frontier'. The '14.1' indicates an updated and polished release of Netrunner 14 LTS on....

BSD Release: pfSense 2.2

Saturday 24th of January 2015 04:12:33 AM
Chris Buechler has announced the release of pfSense 2.2, a major new update of the project's FreeBSD-based specialist operating system for firewalls and routers: "I'm happy to announce the release of pfSense software version 2.2. This release brings improvements in performance and hardware support from the FreeBSD 10.1....

Development Release: Ubuntu 15.04 Alpha 2

Thursday 22nd of January 2015 07:26:29 PM
Walter Lapchynski has announced the arrival of the second alpha build of the upcoming Ubuntu 15.04, with live testing images available for Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Ubuntu GNOME and Ubuntu Kylin: "Alpha 2 includes a number of software updates that are ready for wider testing. This is quite an early....

Distribution Release: Robolinux 7.8.1

Thursday 22nd of January 2015 01:49:26 PM
John Martinson has announced the release of Robolinux 7.8.1, the latest update of the project's beginner-friendly distribution based on Debian's stable branch: "Robolinux is quite proud and excited to announce its brand new 'Supersonic 3D Speed' GNOME version 7.8.1. A massive amount of time and effort was spent....

Development Release: PC-BSD 10.1.1-RC1

Wednesday 21st of January 2015 05:28:11 PM
Dru Lavigne has announced the availability of the first release candidate for PC-BSD 10.1.1, a FreeBSD-based operating system for the desktop: "The PC-BSD team is pleased to announce the availability of RC1 images for the upcoming quarterly 10.1.1 release. Please test these images out and report any issues....

Distribution Release: Tiny Core Linux 6.0 "piCore"

Wednesday 21st of January 2015 12:04:56 PM
Béla Markus has announced the release of version 6.0 of Tiny Core Linux "piCore" edition, a minimalist distribution designed for the Raspberry Pi single-board computer: "Team Tiny Core is pleased to announce the immediate availability of piCore 6.0. The most important change is the use of the official....

Distribution Release: Proxmox 4.0 "Mail Gateway"

Wednesday 21st of January 2015 04:39:39 AM
Daniela Häsler has announced the release of Proxmox 4.0 "Mail Gateway" edition, a specialist email proxy based on Debian GNU/Linux 7.8: "Proxmox Server Solutions GmbH has released version 4.0 of its antispam and antivirus solution, Proxmox Mail Gateway. All packages have been updated and the new version is....

Distribution Release: Q4OS 0.5.24

Tuesday 20th of January 2015 11:55:26 PM
The developers of Q4OS have announced the availability of an updated build of Q4OS, a Debian-based Linux distribution with Trinity (a fork of KDE 3.5) as the distribution's preferred desktop: "Q4OS 0.5.24 released. New command-line tool to globally change display DPI is introduced in Q4OS to be usable....

Distribution Release: HandyLinux 1.8

Monday 19th of January 2015 05:52:46 PM
Arnault Perret has announced the release of HandyLinux 1.8, a Debian-based desktop distribution with some innovative features, designed for newcomers to Linux. The release announcement (in French only, although the distribution supports both French and English languages) provides some details about the improvements in this version: removal....

Distribution Release: MakuluLinux 2.0 "Cinnamon"

Monday 19th of January 2015 11:29:51 AM
Jacque Raymer has announced the release of MakuluLinux 2.0 "Cinnamon" edition, an updated build of the project's Debian-based distribution featuring the Cinnamon desktop environment: "MakuluLinux Cinnamon 2.0 is a continuation of the first release, with focus on updating, polishing, refining and fixing issues reported in the previous release.....

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 593

Monday 19th of January 2015 01:14:25 AM
This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Reviews: The Mir display server and ReactOS News: Debian releases updated images, openSUSE is electing new board members, DragonFly BSD gains improved sound system, OpenBSD kernel receives new security feature, Ubuntu phone features, a Linux Mint Debian Edition status report and setting....

Development Release: Manjaro Linux 0.9.0 Pre 1

Sunday 18th of January 2015 09:52:44 AM
Philip Müller has announced the availability of the initial testing build of the upcoming Manjaro Linux 0.9.0. This is the first release that features Calamares, a new installer framework jointly developed by several Linux distributions. From the release announcement "Some of you might have already noticed that our....

Development Release: Mageia 5 Beta 2

Friday 16th of January 2015 07:55:14 PM
Claire Revillet has announced the availability of the delayed second beta build of Mageia 5, with further delays leading to the final release: "After several delays the beta 2 of Mageia 5 is finally out. But it seems that, yet again, we need to postpone the Mageia 5....

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