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Latest news on Linux distributions and BSD projects
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Distribution Release: Black Lab Enterprise Linux 8.0 SP1

Monday 24th of October 2016 01:44:42 PM
The Black Lab Linux team has announced the launch of a service pack update to the project's enterprise product line. The updated release, Black Lab Enterprise Linux 8 Service Pack 1, is a commercial release and uses software available in the Ubuntu LTS repositories. Black Lab Enterprise 8....

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 684

Monday 24th of October 2016 12:01:10 AM
This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Reviews: Ubuntu 16.10 reviewNews: Ubuntu offers live kernel updates, Fedora runs on Raspberry Pi, Debian working on Secure Boot, KDE 1 on Fedora 25 Questions and answers: Differences in popularity Torrent corner: GParted Live, SalentOS, Solus Released last week: budgie-remix 16.10, Solus 1.2.1,....

Distribution Release: Netrunner 16.09 "Core"

Sunday 23rd of October 2016 06:11:43 PM
The Netrunner project has released a new version of their distribution. The new version is Netrunner 16.09 "Core" which carries the code name "Avalon". Netrunner's new Core edition is based on Debian's Stable (Jessie) branch and ships with modern KDE Plasma packages. "Netrunner Core (like its upcoming big....

Distribution Release: SalentOS 1.0

Saturday 22nd of October 2016 02:05:54 AM
Gabriele Martina has announced the release of SalentOS 1.0, a new line of the desktop-oriented distribution featuring a customised desktop based on the Openbox window manager. Code-named "Luppìu", this is the project's first release based on Debian's stable branch, rather than Ubuntu as was the case with the....

Distribution Release: Slackel 4.14.21 "KDE Live"

Friday 21st of October 2016 08:02:14 PM
Dimitris Tzemos has announced a new release of the Slackware-based Slackel distribution. The new version, Slackel 4.14.21 "KDE Live", is available in 32-bit and 64-bit builds with the 64-bit media supporting UEFI. The 32-bit builds will boot on machines with or without PAE-enabled processors. The new release includes....

Distribution Release: GParted Live 0.27.0-1

Friday 21st of October 2016 02:06:19 AM
Curtis Gedak has announced the availability of GParted Live 0.27.0-1, the latest stable version of the Debian-based live CD featuring a set of disk management and data rescue tools: "The GParted team is happy to announce another stable release of GParted Live. This release includes GParted 0.27.0, patches....

Development Release: NethServer 7.2 RC1

Wednesday 19th of October 2016 05:07:40 PM
The NethServer distribution is a CentOS-based server operating system which features a web-based interface and a modular design. The latest development snapshot from the project is NethServer 7.2 RC1. The new release candidate offers users deep packet inspection and time-based firewall rules. NethServer also supports traffic shaping, giving....

Distribution Release: Solus 1.2.1

Wednesday 19th of October 2016 01:19:32 PM
Joshua Strobl has announced the release of a new version of the Solus distribution. The latest release, Solus 1.2.1, offers users the most up to date version of the Budgie desktop environment and introduces a new MATE edition of the Solus distribution. Solus 1.2.1 also features IBUS support....

Distribution Release: Parted Magic 2016_10_18

Tuesday 18th of October 2016 05:51:42 PM
Parted Magic is a live distribution commonly used to partition hard drives, rescue data and clone partitions. The commercial distribution has as been upgraded to feature new versions of many packages along with new artwork. "This release is by far the most aggressively upgraded version in the history....

Development Release: openSUSE 42.2 RC1

Tuesday 18th of October 2016 01:42:00 PM
The openSUSE project has released a new development snapshot for the distribution's Leap edition. The new snapshot, openSUSE 42.2 RC1, features mostly minor updates to the KDE and GNOME desktop environments, along with a minor update to the Linux kernel. "RC1 delivers a professional version that includes OpenStack....

Distribution Release: budgie-remix 16.10

Monday 17th of October 2016 06:24:26 AM
Freshly added to the DistroWatch database, budgie-remix is an Ubuntu-based distribution featuring the simple and elegant Budgie desktop developed by the Solus project. A new release, version 16.10, was announced yesterday: "We are pleased to announce the release of the next version of our distro based on the....

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 683

Monday 17th of October 2016 12:04:32 AM
This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Reviews: Refracta 8.0 - Devuan on a stick News: 386BSD re-released, Alpine switches to LibreSSL, Black Lab becomes a commercial distribution Questions and answers: Making packages for distributions Torrent corner: FreeBSD, paldo GNU/Linux Released last week: Ubuntu 16.10, FreeBSD 11.0, ExTiX 16.5 Opinion....

Distribution Release: Parrot Security OS 3.2

Sunday 16th of October 2016 12:29:22 AM
Lorenzo Faletra has announced the release of Parrot Security OS 3.2, the latest release of the project's specialist distribution, based on Debian's "Testing" branch, featuring tools for penetration testing, computer forensics, reverse engineering, hacking, privacy and cryptography: "We have finished all the work on Parrot 3.2 and we....

Distribution Release: Ubuntu Studio 16.10

Saturday 15th of October 2016 03:52:41 AM
Ubuntu Studio 16.10, a brand new version from the project developing a Linux distribution targeted at musicians, video producers, graphics artists and publishers, has been released: "We are happy to announce the release of our latest version, Ubuntu Studio 16.10 'Yakkety Yak'. As a regular version, it will....

Distribution Release: Ubuntu Kylin 16.10

Friday 14th of October 2016 06:40:17 AM
Ubuntu Kylin, a distribution designed primarily for the Chinese-speaking market, has been updated to version 16.10: "We are glad to announce the release of Ubuntu Kylin 16.10, code name 'Yakkety Yak'. In this release, we have fixed many internationalization and localization bugs in Ubuntu itself and bugs in....

Distribution Release: Lubuntu 16.10

Friday 14th of October 2016 03:10:13 AM
Lubuntu 16.10 has been released. Lubuntu is a variant of Ubuntu with the lightweight LXDE as the preferred desktop. From the release announcement: "Thanks to all the hard work from our contributors, Lubuntu 16.10 has been released. With the code name Yakkety Yak, Lubuntu 16.10 is the 11th....

Distribution Release: Kubuntu 16.10

Friday 14th of October 2016 12:11:53 AM
The Kubuntu development team has announced the release of Kubuntu 16.10, the latest version of the distribution that combines the Ubuntu base system with the KDE Plasma 5 desktop: "We, the Kubuntu team, are very happy to announce that Kubuntu 16.10 is finally here. After 6 months of....

Distribution Release: Xubuntu 16.10

Thursday 13th of October 2016 09:39:18 PM
The Xubuntu project has released a new version of the project's Xfce-oriented distribution. The new release, Xubuntu 16.10, shares a package base with Ubuntu 16.10 and will be supported for nine months. The new version of Xubuntu features Xfce desktop packages built with the GTK+ 3 toolkit, which....

Distribution Release: Ubuntu MATE 16.10

Thursday 13th of October 2016 06:34:22 PM
Martin Wimpress has announced the launch of Ubuntu MATE 16.10. The new version of this official Ubuntu community edition offers a desktop environment and applications which have been ported to the GTK+ 3 toolkit, replacing GTK+ 2. "Ubuntu MATE 16.10 is, more or less, a re-working of Ubuntu....

Distribution Release: Ubuntu 16.10

Thursday 13th of October 2016 03:12:05 PM
Canonical has announced the release of a new version of its popular Ubuntu operating system. The latest version, Ubuntu 16.10, offers users many updated packages, a preview session of the Unity 8 desktop environment and version 4.8 of the Linux kernel. The distribution also features LibreOffice 5.2 and....

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Zorin OS 12 Beta - Flat white, no sugar

I did not do any other testing, no extensive tweaking, no customization. I felt no need or desire to do so. Now, do remember Zorin OS 12 is still in beta, so we can excuse some of the problems we see here. But others are purely Ubuntu, and have been ported over from the parent distro without any discrimination or any improvements and fixes introduced in the last six months. The big offenders include: multimedia and smartphone support, poor software management, and then the somewhat heavy utilization and slow performance. Zorin is quite pretty but weary on the eyes, it tries perhaps too hard to be more than it is, and overall, the value it brings is negatively offset by the myriad papercuts of its design and the implementation of its unique style, plus the failings of the Ubuntu family. It's an okay choice, if you will, but there's nothing too special about it anymore. It's not as fun as it used to be. Gone is the character, gone is the glamor. This aligns well with the overall despair in the Linux desktop world. Maybe the official release will be better, but I doubt it. Why would suddenly one distro excel where 50 others of the same crop had failed with the exact same problems? Final grade, 5/10. Test if you like the looks, other than that, there's no incentive in really using Zorin. Oh how the mighty have fallen. Read more

PlayStation 4 hacked again? Linux shown running on 4.01 firmware

Hackers attending the GeekPwn conference in Shanghai have revealed a new exploit for PlayStation 4 running on the 4.01 firmware. In a live demo you can see below, once again the Webkit browser is utilised in order to inject the exploit, which - after a conspicuous cut in the edit - jumps to a command line prompt, after which Linux is booted. NES emulation hilarity courtesy of Super Mario Bros duly follows. Assuming the hack is authentic - and showcasing it at GeekPwn makes the odds here likely - it's the first time we've seen the PlayStation 4's system software security compromised since previous holes in the older 1.76 firmware came to light, utilised by noted hacker group fail0verflow in the first PS4 Linux demo, shown in January this year. Read more Also: 'Deus Ex: Mankind Divided' Coming To Linux In November, Mac Port On Hold