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Latest news on Linux distributions and BSD projects
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Distribution Release: Proxmox 1.0 "Backup Server"

Thursday 12th of November 2020 12:39:31 AM
Proxmox is a commercial company offering specialised products based on Debian. The company has published their first stable release of Proxmox Backup Server, which carries the version number 1.0. "Proxmox Backup Server is an enterprise backup solution, for backing up and restoring virtual machines, containers, and physical hosts.....

Distribution Release: MX Linux 19.3

Wednesday 11th of November 2020 12:46:18 PM
MX Linux, a desktop-oriented Linux distribution with a choice of Xfce or KDE Plasma and based on Debian's latest stable release, has been updated to version 19.3: "We are pleased to offer MX Linux 19.3 for your use. MX Linux 19.3 is the third refresh of our MX....

Distribution Release: Clonezilla Live 2.7.0-10

Tuesday 10th of November 2020 03:19:30 PM
Clonezilla Live is a Debian-based live CD containing Clonezilla, a partition and disk cloning software. The project has published a new release, Clonezilla Live version 2.7.0-10. This version includes updated packages, a number of bug fixes, Korean language support, and some conveniences in dealing with device names: "This....

Distribution Release: Feren OS 2020.11

Tuesday 10th of November 2020 06:33:05 AM
The Feren OS developer has announced the release of Feren OS 2020.11, a major update of the project's desktop-oriented Linux distribution based on Ubuntu and featuring the KDE Plasma desktop. This release updates the underlying system to Ubuntu 20.04 and also brings about the discontinuation of the "Classic"....

Distribution Release: Endless OS 3.9.0

Tuesday 10th of November 2020 01:14:28 AM
Andre Magalhaes has announced the release of Endless OS 3.9.0, the latest stable version of the project's family-oriented distribution, based on Debian, designed for work, study and gaming. This release updates the GNOME desktop to version 3.38: "Endless OS 3.9.0. This release of Endless OS has been updated....

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 891

Monday 9th of November 2020 12:08:45 AM
This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Review: Fedora 33 WorkstationNews: Arch install media gains accessibility options, FreeBSD can run Linux build of Chrome, CentOS warns version 6 nearing end of lifeQuestions and answers: Treating windows like tabsReleased last week: ArchBang Linux 0111, Emmabuntus DE3-1.03, UBports 16.04 OTA-14Torrent corner: Absolute,....

Distribution Release: UBports 16.04 OTA-14

Wednesday 4th of November 2020 08:53:07 PM
The UBports team have announced the launch of Ubuntu Touch 16.04 OTA-14, the latest version of the project's mobile operating system. The new version introduces support for more devices, updates driver and hardware support, and a number of interface improvements were made: "At the beginning of each development....

Distribution Release: Emmabuntüs DE3-1.03

Tuesday 3rd of November 2020 10:53:15 PM
The Emmabuntüs project develops a lightweight distribution based on Debian for lower-end computers. The project's latest release is based on Debian 10.6 and features the Xfce and LXQt desktop environments. "The Emmabuntüs Collective is happy to announce the release of the Emmabuntüs Debian Edition update 3 1.0-3 (32-bit....

Distribution Release: ArchBang Linux 0111

Monday 2nd of November 2020 04:20:57 AM
ArchBang developer "mrgreen" has announced the release of ArchBang Linux 0111, the minimalist, Arch Linux-based distribution's first stable release after the recent switch from Openbox to i3 as the preferred window manager. From the release announcement: "November release, i3 tiling window manager based. Have just uploaded a....

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 890

Monday 2nd of November 2020 12:08:46 AM
This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Review: Ubuntu 20.10News: ReactOS hires a kernel developer, Ubuntu speeding up Snap package load times, upgrading Fedora Silverblue, Linux Mint builds Chromium packageQuestions and answers: Considering a Microsoft Linux distroReleased last week: Fedora 33, FreeBSD 12.2, NixOS 20.09Torrent corner: Fedora, FreeBSD, FuguIta, GParted....

Distribution Release: Voyager Live 20.10

Sunday 1st of November 2020 01:14:59 PM
The Voyager Live project has published a new version of their desktop distribution. The new release, Voyager 20.10, is based on Ubuntu 20.10 and offers nine months of package updates and security fixes. "I introduce you to Voyager GE 20.10 which continues the adventure with the GNOME Shell....

OS Release: OpenIndiana 2020.10

Sunday 1st of November 2020 10:21:54 AM
Andreas Wacknitz has announced the release of OpenIndiana 2020.10, the latest version of the project's community effort to keep alive the OpenSolaris distribution and its many popular technologies, such as ZFS, DTrace or Zones. This version updates the MATE desktop environment to version 1.24: "After almost 6 months....

Distribution Release: Linux Lite 5.2

Saturday 31st of October 2020 12:58:09 PM
Jerry Bezencon has announced the release of Linux Lite 5.2. The project's latest release is based on Ubuntu 20.04.1 and introduces a number of small changes and improvements. The firewall can now be managed through a module in the settings panel, old GTK2 software and themes have been....

Distribution Release: GParted Live 1.1.0-6

Wednesday 28th of October 2020 11:34:38 PM
Curtis Gedak has announced the release of GParted Live 1.1.0-6, the latest update of the project's Debian-based, specialist Linux distribution designed for performing disk management and data rescue tasks: "The GParted team is pleased to announce a new stable release of GParted Live. This release includes GParted 1.1.0,....

BSD Release: FreeBSD 12.2

Tuesday 27th of October 2020 11:50:27 PM
The FreeBSD team has announced the availability of FreeBSD 12.2. This update to the 12.x series updates Intel networing support, makes it possible to run Linux inside Jail environments, and the Clang compiler has been updated to version 10. "The FreeBSD Release Engineering Team is pleased to announce....

Distribution Release: NixOS 20.09

Tuesday 27th of October 2020 08:01:33 PM
NixOS is an independent Linux distribution which showcases the Nix advanced package manager. The project's latest release is NixOS 20.09 which is supported through to April 2021 and places a focus on stabilizing the core system. "Stabilization of the NixOS happens a month before planned release. The goal....

Distribution Release: Fedora 33

Tuesday 27th of October 2020 02:25:43 PM
The Fedora project has announced the release of Fedora 33. The project's latest version ships with Btrfs as the default filesystem (on the Workstation edition) and runs GNOME 3.38. Each edition now enables the EarlyOOM service to free up memory when heavy processes consume too much RAM and....

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 889

Monday 26th of October 2020 12:09:36 AM
This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Review: Peppermint OS 10News: Arch warns of NVIDIA driver issue, Debian donates to Peertube, openSUSE explains MicroOS, FreeBSD publishes status reportQuestions and answers: What to do when the disk acts fullReleased last week: Ubuntu 20.10, Tails 4.12, NetBSD 9.1Torrent corner: Alpine, ExTiX, KDE....

OS Release: RISC OS 5.28

Saturday 24th of October 2020 04:57:33 PM
RISC OS is a computer operating system originally designed by Acorn Computers Ltd in Cambridge, England in 1987. It was specifically designed to run on the ARM chipset, which Acorn had designed concurrently for use in its new line of Archimedes personal computers. It takes its name from....

Distribution Release: Pop!_OS 20.10

Friday 23rd of October 2020 11:01:40 PM
System76, a US-based manufacturer of Linux desktops, laptops and servers, has announced the release of Pop!_OS 20.10, the latest version of the company's Ubuntu-based Linux distribution. It includes various usability improvements, such as stacking tiled windows, floating window exceptions, fractional scaling or external monitor support in hybrid graphics....

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