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Latest news on Linux distributions and BSD projects
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DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 786

Monday 22nd of October 2018 12:10:20 AM
This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Review: elementary OS 5.0News: DragonFly BSD introduces flexible virtual machine memory, KDE neon plans to drop older base, OpenBSD makes switching wireless networks automaticQuestions and answers: Why init keeps runningReleased last week: Ubuntu 18.10, elementary OS 5.0, OpenBSD 6.4Torrent corner: blackPanther, Feren, IPFire,....

Distribution Release: NuTyX 10.4

Sunday 21st of October 2018 09:01:16 PM
NuTyX is a French Linux distribution (with multi-language support) built from Linux From Scratch and Beyond Linux From Scratch, with a custom package manager called "cards". The distribution's latest release is NuTyX 10.4 and it ships with updated versions of the cards package manager, the Linux kernel, Firefox....

Distribution Release: Feren OS 2018.10

Sunday 21st of October 2018 12:06:27 PM
A new stable version of Feren OS, called "October snapshot", has been released. Feren OS is a desktop-oriented Linux distribution based on Linux Mint, shipping with Cinnamon as the default desktop environment. The latest release comes with a number of desktop tweaks and it is also available for....

Development Release: FreeBSD 12.0-BETA1

Sunday 21st of October 2018 12:19:09 AM
Following ten alpha releases and several schedule adjustments, the development process of FreeBSD 12.0 is back on track with the arrival of the first beta build. The supported architectures include amd64, i386, aarch64, armv6, armv7, powerpc, powerpc64, powerpcspe and sparc64. Documentation, such release notes or changelogs for the....

Development Release: GhostBSD 18.10 RC1

Saturday 20th of October 2018 05:34:30 PM
The GhostBSD project develops a user-friendly, desktop-oriented flavour of the FreeBSD family. Past versions of the operating system were based on FreeBSD, but the project's new release candidate, GhostBSD 18.10 RC1, is based on TrueOS. "This first release candidate of GhostBSD 18.10 is the first official release of....

Distribution Release: Pop!_OS 18.10

Saturday 20th of October 2018 10:29:03 AM
Following the release of Ubuntu 18.10 earlier this week, Pop!_OS, an Ubuntu-based distribution which ships on desktops and laptops built by Linux hardware specialist System76, has also been updated to version 18.10: "Your favorite Pop!_erating system has leveled up with Pop!_18.10. Most of the new updates will also....

Distribution Release: Lubuntu 18.10

Saturday 20th of October 2018 06:03:53 AM
We conclude the Ubuntu release day with Lubuntu, a popular Ubuntu variant which, until recently, featured the lightweight LXDE desktop. Starting with version 18.10, the distribution has finally completed its intended switch to LXQt: "Thanks to all the hard work from our contributors, Lubuntu 18.10 has been released.....

Distribution Release: Xubuntu 18.10

Friday 19th of October 2018 12:30:24 PM
The Xubuntu development team has announced the release of Xubuntu 18.10, the latest version of the official Ubuntu variant with Xfce as the preferred desktop environment. This is Xubuntu's first release that uses a development build of Xfce 4.13, an upcoming version that will deploy GTK+ 3 as....

Distribution Release: Kubuntu 18.10

Friday 19th of October 2018 09:24:51 AM
Continuing the Ubuntu release day news, here is the announcement of the release of Kubuntu 18.10, an official Ubuntu flavour featuring KDE Plasma 5 desktop: "Kubuntu 18.10, featuring the beautiful Plasma 5.13 desktop from KDE, has been released. Code-named 'Cosmic Cuttlefish', Kubuntu 18.10 continues our proud tradition of....

Distribution Release: Ubuntu Budgie 18.10

Friday 19th of October 2018 06:11:58 AM
David Mohammed has announced the release of Ubuntu Budgie 18.10, a new and improved version of the distribution that features the Budgie desktop (originally developed by the Solus project): "We are pleased to announce the release of a new version of our distro, the fourth as an official....

Distribution Release: Ubuntu Kylin 18.10

Friday 19th of October 2018 03:04:43 AM
The development team behind Ubuntu Kylin has announced the availability of a new version of the project's official Ubuntu flavour designed specifically for users in China. The new version comes with updated MATE 1.20 desktop and it also provides a number of desktop improvements: "We are glad to....

Distribution Release: Ubuntu Studio 18.10

Friday 19th of October 2018 12:03:53 AM
The Ubuntu Studio team has announced the release of version 18.10 of their multimedia-focused distribution. The new release enables the automatic use of JACK for removable USB audio devices and introduces PikoPixel for editing pixel part. "Ubuntu Studio Controls has historically been the app to run to get....

Distribution Release: Ubuntu MATE 18.10

Thursday 18th of October 2018 08:52:40 PM
Martin Wimpress has announced the release of Ubuntu MATE 18.10. The new version ships with version 1.20.3 of the MATE desktop environment and will receive nine months of support. "Curiously, the work during this Ubuntu MATE 18.10 release has really been focused on what will become Ubuntu MATE....

Distribution Release: Ubuntu 18.10

Thursday 18th of October 2018 06:06:05 PM
Adam Conrad has announced the release of Ubuntu 18.10, a version which will receive nine months of security updates and support. The project's new version ships with several key package updates: "The Ubuntu kernel has been updated to the 4.18-based Linux kernel, our default toolchain has moved to....

BSD Release: OpenBSD 6.4

Thursday 18th of October 2018 02:05:12 PM
OpenBSD is a security-focused operating system with a design that emphasises correct code and accurate documentation. The project has released OpenBSD 6.4 which includes many driver improvements, a feature which allows OpenSSH's configuration files to use service names instead of port numbers, and the Clang compiler will now....

Distribution Release: elementary OS 5.0

Tuesday 16th of October 2018 07:12:09 PM
elementary OS is an Ubuntu-based distribution which features the Pantheon desktop environment and a custom application store. The project's latest stable release is elementary OS 5.0 "Juno". There are several new improvements to the desktop, file manager and software centre in the new version: "We're happy to debut....

Distribution Release: IPFire 2.21 Core 124

Monday 15th of October 2018 04:45:06 PM
IPFire is a Linux distribution for firewalls which offers a range of security tools and is designed to be easy to set up. The distribution's developers have released IPFire 2.21 Core Update 124 that features kernel and network hardening for improved security. "We have updated the Linux kernel....

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 785

Monday 15th of October 2018 12:13:54 AM
This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Review: Reborn OS 2018.09.09 and Nitrux 1.0.15News: feren OS experiments with Plasma edition, Linux kernel patch may offer 20% power savings, Linux-based firmwareQuestions and answers: Reasons to try BSD, swapping hard drivesReleased last week: Proxmox 5.1 "Mail Gateway", UBports 16.04 OTA-5, MidnightBSD 1.0Torrent....

Distribution Release: KaOS 2018.10

Sunday 14th of October 2018 03:07:03 PM
KaOS is a rolling-release, desktop Linux distribution that features the latest version of the KDE desktop environment. The project's newest snapshot, KaOS 2018.10, features KDE Plasma 5.14.0 and offers improvements to Croeso, a welcome screen that helps customise the operating system when the user first logs in. "Plasma....

BSD Release: MidnightBSD 1.0

Friday 12th of October 2018 11:44:42 PM
Lucas Holt has announced the availability of MidnightBSD 1.0, a new stable release of the project's FreeBSD-derived operating system with a goal to create an easy-to-use desktop environment with graphical ports management and system configuration: "I'm happy to announce the availability of MidnightBSD 1.0 for amd64 and i386.....

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