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Updated: 5 hours 43 min ago

How to think like open source pioneer Michael Tiemann (

Tuesday 5th of August 2014 06:09:42 PM is running an interview with Michael Tiemann. "Make no mistake: For Tiemann, open source is not simply a business model. It's not just a method of developing software. It isn't an ethic. It's a Platonic form—perhaps something like a force, a tendency. Throughout history, many people have tried to glimpse it, if only for a moment. Tiemann knows he is but one of them: the programmer, the hacker, attempting to articulate, through code, this thing that abides. Failure to recognize the magnitude of what makes open source businesses successful, Tiemann says, is what has led so many to misunderstand them."

[$] Reconsidering ffmpeg in Debian

Tuesday 5th of August 2014 04:46:29 PM
For better or for worse, forks are a part of the free software landscape. Often a fork will result in a reinvigorated development community and the removal of unneeded roadblocks. But not all forks work out well. What is a distributor to do if, at some point, it concludes that it chose wrongly when it followed a fork of an important project? Going back to the original may not always be an easy thing to do, even if there appears to be a consensus for that move. The presence of security concerns can make such a change even harder to contemplate. The recent discussion on welcoming ffmpeg back into Debian illustrates the potential hazards nicely.

Tuesday's security updates

Tuesday 5th of August 2014 04:03:15 PM

CentOS has updated yum-updatesd (C5: bypass RPM package signing restriction).

Debian has updated icedove (multiple vulnerabilities).

Red Hat has updated yum-updatesd (RHEL5: bypass RPM package signing restriction).

Scientific Linux has updated yum-updatesd (SL5: bypass RPM package signing restriction).

SUSE has updated openjdk (SLED11 SP3: multiple vulnerabilities).

Ubuntu has updated eglibc (multiple vulnerabilities).

CyanogenMod 11.0 M9 Released

Monday 4th of August 2014 07:54:31 PM
CyanogenMod 11.0 M9 has been released. "This release marks the first ever (non-nightly) release for the Xperia Z2 ‘sirius’, Xperia Z2 Tablets ‘castor’ and the HTC One ‘m8′ – kudos to their maintainers and all the other maintainers that bring you these releases every month!"

Security advisories for Monday

Monday 4th of August 2014 03:59:24 PM

Debian has updated lzo2 (code execution).

Fedora has updated exim (F19; F20: code execution).

Gentoo has updated ZendFramework (SQL injection).

Mageia has updated gcc (code execution).

Slackware has updated dhcpcd (denial of service) and samba (remote code execution/privilege escalation).

SUSE has updated firefox (multiple vulnerabilities).

Ubuntu has updated samba (14.04 LTS: remote code execution/privilege escalation).

More in Tux Machines

Nouveau X.Org Driver Released With DRI3+Present, Maxwell, GLAMOR

The Nouveau development community released the xf86-video-nouveau 1.0.11 driver update to kick off the start of September. While you wouldn't guess it from the version number, this driver update is actually very significant and introduces a lot of new functionality and other improvements. First up, this new Nouveau DDX adds GLAMOR support as long as you're on X.Org Server 1.16 or newer (it doesn't use the external GLAMOR library). The GLAMOR support is optional for all NVIDIA hardware as a means of accelerating 2D over OpenGL while for Maxwell hardware and future generations it's now a requirement. Like AMD with their GCN HD 7000 series hardware and newer, they're no longer writing 2D code-paths but letting their OpenGL enablement take care of everything. Read more


Quick update for Ambiance & Radiance Colors fans: the theme pack was updated (version 14.04.6) today with quite a few Xfce fixes such as: fixed window borders on non-Debian distros, fixed Xfce GTK3 indicator background and more. Read more

Black Lab Linux 5.1 Released

Today we are pleased to release the next in the 5 series of Black Lab Linux. Black Lab Linux 5.1 contains many updates, new features and enhancements to the Black Lab Linux distribution. Since this is an incremental release we are also making it available for download immediately instead of waiting the 30 day period in where we normally deliver it. Read more

Ten Linux Desktops Showing Just How Far Behind Mac OS X and Windows Designs Are

Linux doesn't have any kind of PR, and in the collective mind of the people, there is still an impression that Linux users spend their time inside the terminal and in dreary desktops. In fact, most of the current Linux desktops are much better than anything made by Apple of Microsoft. When a new operating system is launched from Microsoft or Apple, it stays pretty much the same as long as it's supported, and even when updates are released, the desktops change very little. On the other hand, Linux developers are pushing the boundaries of what can be done in an operating system every day, and new ideas and applications that enhance the desktop experience are popping up all the time, regardless of the OS devs are doing on their front. Read more