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Latest distribution releases
Updated: 1 hour 29 min ago

12/24 Frugalware 2.0-rc2

1 hour 29 min ago

12/23 PCLinuxOS 2014.12

1 hour 29 min ago

12/22 Webconverger 27.1

1 hour 29 min ago

12/20 Devil-Linux 1.6.7

1 hour 29 min ago

12/20 Deepin 2014.2-rc

1 hour 29 min ago

12/18 Emmabuntüs 12.04.5-1.09

1 hour 29 min ago

12/19 Elive 2.5.0

1 hour 29 min ago

12/21 OpenELEC 5.0-rc3

1 hour 29 min ago

12/24 Clonezilla 2.3.1-20

1 hour 29 min ago

12/18 Ubuntu Kylin 15.04-alpha1

15 hours 29 min ago

12/18 Ubuntu GNOME 15.04-alpha1

17 hours 29 min ago

12/18 Lubuntu 15.04-alpha1

Tuesday 23rd of December 2014 11:58:05 PM

12/18 Kubuntu 15.04-alpha1

Monday 22nd of December 2014 11:58:03 PM

12/17 UberStudent 4.1-rc "Xfce"

Sunday 21st of December 2014 11:58:03 PM

12/17 Mint 17.1-rc "Xfce"

Saturday 20th of December 2014 09:58:06 PM

12/17 Wifislax 4.10

Friday 19th of December 2014 09:58:04 PM

12/17 Calculate 14.12

Friday 19th of December 2014 11:58:07 AM

12/17 Robolinux 7.7.1 "LXDE"

Friday 19th of December 2014 11:58:07 AM

12/16 Tails 1.2.2

Friday 19th of December 2014 05:58:04 AM

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UNIX Industry Banks on Linux Strategies

Struggling UNIX server makers are strengthening their Linux strategy in line with the open-source application environment. The move is aimed at maintaining remaining customers, since users are increasingly abandoning UNIX servers. However, it is receiving a lukewarm response from the market. According to industry sources on Dec. 22, server vendors such as IBM and HP are concentrating on the development of products so that the Linux operating system and related applications can be used as UNIX servers. Read more

Mageia Beta Delayed, Christmas Quiz, and 7 Best Alternatives

Today in Linux news the Mageia project announced another delay in version 5 Beta 2. The Linux Voice is running a Linux quiz for Christmas and Gary Newell offers up his list of the seven best alternative Linux distributions of the year. The Register says 2015 will be the year of Linux - on mobile. Three reviews need to be highlighted and, finally today, Matt Hartley says everyone should switch to Ubuntu MATE. Read more Also: Linux Bloat, Linux Lite, and Devuan Update

Christmas rest for the braves

We planned initially to release Mageia 5 beta 2 around the 16th of December. We still have some work left to complete to release a proper beta 2 that would drive us through to the final release. Releasing development ISOs is a good way to test all the functions of the installer with the largest possible scope of use cases and variety of hardware. We still have some issues left with EFI integration and some tricky bugs in the installer. So in order to allow some time to fix them and also to still enjoy the Christmas period with friends and family, it has been decided to delay beta 2 until the 6th of January 2015, the initial date of the RC, and then postpone the final release. Read more

Enterprise Advances Brought Linux Success in 2014

For Linux, 2014 could easily be labeled the year enterprise really and truly embraced Linux. It could just as easily be labeled the year that nearly forgot Linux on the desktop. If you weren’t Docker, containers, OpenStack, or big data ─ chances are the spotlight didn’t brighten your day much. If, however, you (or your product) fell into one of those categories, that spotlight shined so brightly, it was almost blinding. Let’s glance back into our own wayback machine and see where Linux succeeded and where it did not. The conclusions should be fairly simple to draw and are incredibly significant to the state of Linux as a whole. Read more