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Linux and Open Source news headlines
Updated: 6 weeks 4 days ago

Microsoft loves Linux so much it wants someone else to build distros for its Windows Store

Wednesday 28th of March 2018 10:10:05 AM
WSL blueprint open-sourced to tempt distro makers. Microsoft quietly open-sourced a Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) sample last night in an effort to persuade Linux distribution maintainers to add their distros to the Windows Store.…

Working with calendars on Linux

Wednesday 28th of March 2018 08:55:45 AM
Linux systems can provide more help with your schedule than just reminding you what day today is. You have a lot of options for displaying calendars — some that are likely to prove helpful and others that just might boggle your mind.

Java-aaaargh! Google faces $9bn copyright bill after Oracle scores 'fair use' court appeal win

Wednesday 28th of March 2018 07:41:25 AM
You thought this was over? You thought wrong, laughs Larry. The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington DC has revived Oracle's bid to bill Google for billions over its use of copyrighted Java APIs in its Android mobile operating system.…

Intel contributes open source NEV and Titanium code to edge computing project

Wednesday 28th of March 2018 06:27:04 AM
The Linux Foundation announced new support for its “Akraino Edge Stack” project for creating open source cloud services for edge computing, including Intel’s promise to open source parts of its Wind River Titanium Cloud and Network Edge Virtualization SDK.

Red Hat Earnings Foretell Good Times for Open Source Businesses

Wednesday 28th of March 2018 05:12:44 AM
The fact that Red Hat is well on it's way to being a $3 billion company bodes well for open source businesses.

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition is now officially out with day-1 Linux support

Wednesday 28th of March 2018 03:58:24 AM
For those in need of a good RPG to play on Linux you're in luck, as Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition is now officially available with day-1 Linux support.

Zorin OS For Linux Newbies

Wednesday 28th of March 2018 02:44:04 AM
?Zorin OS is another Linux distro for general use purposes as well as for deploying in business workplaces. It is a great free alternative operating system (OS) for Windows users seeking to try out Linux for the first time. Zorin OS provides, by default, the look and feel of MS Windows 10 but still customizable to make it look OS X friendly or GNOME-y if one feel otherwise.

Cleaning up after Spectre and Meltdown: figuring out how badly the patch slowed down your servers

Wednesday 28th of March 2018 01:29:43 AM
Now that you're (hopefully) all patched and safe from the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities, how do you figure out how bad the performance hit on your Linux servers was? This is a quick guide to get you up and running with a multi-host collectd performance metrics monitoring system.

diff -u: Speeding Up the Un-Speed-Up-able

Wednesday 28th of March 2018 12:15:23 AM
Sometimes kernel developers can work in parallel for years withoutrealizing it. It's one of the inefficiencies of a distributed systemthat tends to work out as a benefit when you have enough contributors tobe able to spare the extra labor[he]mdash[/he]it's sort of a "with enough eyeballs, allbugs are shallow" kind of thing.

Start a blog in 30 minutes with Hugo, a static site generator written in Go

Tuesday 27th of March 2018 11:01:03 PM
Do you want to start a blog to share your latest adventures with various software frameworks? Do you love a project that is poorly documented and want to fix that? Or do you just want to create a personal website?read more

GoScanSSH malware targets Linux systems but avoids government servers

Tuesday 27th of March 2018 09:46:43 PM
GoScanSSH, a new strain of malware written in Golang (Go), has been targeting Linux-based SSH servers exposed to the internet — as long as those systems do not belong to the government or military.

Protecting Code Integrity with PGP -- Part 7: Protecting Online Accounts

Tuesday 27th of March 2018 08:32:23 PM
You may have noticed how a lot of your online developer identity is tied to your email address. If someone can gain access to your mailbox, they would be able to do a lot of damage to you personally, and to your reputation as a free software developer. Protecting your email accounts is just as important as protecting your PGP keys.

Valve to open source 'GameNetworkingSockets' to help developers with networking, Steam not required

Tuesday 27th of March 2018 07:18:03 PM
In a rather helpful move for developers, Valve is about to open source 'GameNetworkingSockets' and it won't require Steam.

How to Setup High Availability with Heartbeat and DRBD on Ubuntu 16.04

Tuesday 27th of March 2018 06:03:43 PM
In this tutorial, we will learn how to achieve high availability of MariaDB using Heartbeat and DRBD on Ubuntu 16.04 server. Heartbeat and DRBD both are used for a cluster solution for any application using two servers. Both servers are work in active and passive mode, one server will work at the same time and another server as a backup server.

How to build a digital pinhole camera with a Raspberry Pi

Tuesday 27th of March 2018 04:57:06 PM
At the tail end of 2015, the Raspberry Pi Foundation surprised the world by releasing the diminutive Raspberry Pi Zero. What's more, they gave it away for free on the cover of the MagPi magazine. I immediately rushed out and trawled around several newsagents until I found the last two copies in the area. I wasn't sure what I would use them for, but I knew their small size would allow me to do interesting projects that a full-sized Pi could not more

Reliable IoT event logging with syslog-ng

Tuesday 27th of March 2018 03:42:46 PM
For any device connected to the internet or a network, it's essential that you log events so you know what the device is doing and can address any potential problems. Increasingly those devices include Internet of Things (IoT) devices and embedded more

Krita Version 4.0 Released With Improved Vector Tools

Tuesday 27th of March 2018 02:28:26 PM
Krita, one of the best free and open source cross-platform digital painting application has released it's version 4.0. It comes with many improvements and new features. Krita runs on Linux distros, Windows and MacOS. See changes in the post below.

Happy 25th birthday Red Hat Linux!

Tuesday 27th of March 2018 01:14:06 PM
25 years ago, in Bob Young wife[he]#039[/he]s sewing room, the most successful of all Linux and open-source software companies got its start. Young and current Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst share their thoughts on Red Hat[he]#039[/he]s journey.

Loop better: A deeper look at iteration in Python

Tuesday 27th of March 2018 11:36:53 AM
Python's for loops don't work the way for loops do in other languages. In this article we're going to dive into Python's for loops to take a look at how they work under the hood and why they work the way they do.Looping gotchasWe're going to start off our journey by taking a look at some "gotchas." After we've learned how looping works in Python, we'll take another look at these gotchas and explain what's going more

How to Easily Read a Linux Man Page

Tuesday 27th of March 2018 10:22:33 AM
One of the most important skills you can learn as a Linux user is how to use a manual page, or “man page.” Linux Man pages are fairly easy to tackle. This article will introduce you to those simple documents.

More in Tux Machines

MX Tools - A year later, the toolbox got better

Roughly fourteen full phases of the moon ago, I wrote an article on MX Tools, a unique and useful bunch of dedicated utilities packaged with the MX Linux distribution. This toolbox offered the ordinary (or new) MX Linux user a chance to perform some common configuration tasks with easy and elegance. In general, MX-16 was a great player, and the recent MX-17 is even better - and at a first glance, so is the new version of MX Tools bundled with the system. Good stuff. So I set about testing, to see what has changed, and in what way this set of utilities has improved, if at all. But I'm positive. Let us commence. [...] MX Tools turned out to be a predictable gem, just as I'd expected. Well, I'm cheating, because I wrote this article after some rather thorough testing. But then, if you look across the wider spectrum of Linux home distributions, there aren't that many unique players with distinctive features. Quite often, it's the rehash of old and familiar with some extra color, polish and rebranding. MX Linux goes the extra mile (or kilometer, if you will) in making the newbie experience meaningfully different. Future improvements could potentially include an interactive walkthrough - so users will be actively prompted and helped along in their tasks. Then of course, there's the matter of visual appearance, in the UI itself. But in general, MX Tools TNG is better than we had before. More elegant, more streamlined, better looking, and most importantly, more practical. This is a good and useful toolbox, and it makes a solid distro even more appealing. Well worth testing. So do it. And take care. Read more

The story of Gentoo management

I have recently made a tabular summary of (probably) all Council members and Trustees in the history of Gentoo. I think that this table provides a very succinct way of expressing the changes within management of Gentoo. While it can’t express the complete history of Gentoo, it can serve as a useful tool of reference. What questions can it answer? For example, it provides an easy way to see how many terms individuals have served, or how long Trustee terms were. You can clearly see who served both on the Council and on the Board and when those two bodies had common members. Most notably, it collects a fair amount of hard-to-find data in a single table. Read more

Success for net neutrality, success for free software

We've had great success with the United States Senate voting in support of net neutrality! Congratulations and thank you to everyone in the US for contacting your congresspeople, and all of you who helped spread the word. However, it's not over yet. Here are more actions you can take if you're in the United States. Now that the (CRA) has passed the Senate, it moves to the House of Representatives. Just as we asked you to call your senators, now it's time to call your House representatives. Find their contact info here and use the script below to ask them to support the reinstatement of net neutrality protections. The timing hasn't been set for future votes and hearings yet, but that's no reason to wait: make sure your representatives know how you feel. Read more Also: GNU Spotlight with Mike Gerwitz: 18 new GNU releases!

today's leftovers

  • 10 Reasons Why Desktop Linux Isn’t Mainstream – For The Record
    10 Reasons Why Desktop Linux Isn’t Mainstream. Yeah, the title is totally link-bait. However, it’s worth noting that I actually deliver what the title describes and then some. Linux is awesome, but sadly, most people haven’t heard of it. Here’s why.
  • Linux Works For You
    Linux allows YOUR computer to work for you, not against you. Wearing this shirt/hoodie demonstrates to all who see it that you are not a slave to your PC. You are in control and Linux is the reason for this.
  • Robin "Roblimo" Miller
    The Linux Journal mourns the passing of Robin Miller, a longtime presence in our community.
  • Pidgin / Libpurple SkypeWeb Plugin Sees New Stable Release
    SkypeWeb is a plugin that allows using Skype in Pidgin / libpurple chat clients. The plugin can be used to send instant messages and participate in group chats, but it does not yet support voice / video calling.
  • Feral's GameMode May Soon Have Soft Real-Time Capabilities
    Feral Interactive's Linux system tuning daemon, GameMode since being introduced earlier this year has primarily offered the ability to easily change the CPU scaling governor when gaming but not much more. Though a new feature is now in the works for GameMode.
  • Mini DebConf Hamburg
    Last week I attended the MiniDebConfHamburg. I worked on new releases of dracut and rinse. Dracut is an initramfs-tools replacement which now supports early microcode loading. Rinse is a tool similar to debootstrap for rpm distributions, which now can create Fedora 28 environments aka chroots.
  • Android and Automotive Grade Linux battle, as car becomes a data center
    Volvo’s decision to pick Intel’s Atom automotive system-on-chip (SoC) to run in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) for its new XC40 SUV highlights the intensifying competition among chipmakers in this fast growing sphere. The decision to base the system on Android also illuminates the evolving operating system scene for cars, with Linux the primary alternative in its AGL (Automotive Grade Linux) variant. However, given the complementary strengths of Android and Linux, it looks more likely that both will be deployed by many automobile makers in hybrid packages, so that they can take advantage of Android’s huge app ecosystem, encouraging plenty of third party enhancements, as well as harnessing the independence and enterprise scale of Linux. As cars become mini-data centers or edge compute…
  • Vending machine boardset works with UP or UP Squared boards
    Aaeon’s “AIOT-MSSP01” is a vending machine boardset powered by a PIC32 MCU that’s optimized to work with the UP or UP Squared SBCs. It offers vending-friendly I/O like MDB, EXE, and DEX, as well as motor controllers and 6x USB ports. The AIOT-MSSP01 is an industrial-grade vending machine controller (VMC) solution designed to run 24/7 “without a glitch,” says Aaeon. The boardset is optimized for use with the UP or UP Squared SBCs, but works with standard PCs and “most computer boards on the market.” There’s no mention of OS support for the connected computer, but the UP SBCs support Linux, Android, and Windows.