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Linux and Open Source news headlines
Updated: 1 hour 33 min ago

Ubuntu Used to Detect Gravitational Waves at LIGO Experiment

Tuesday 12th of May 2015 12:37:27 PM
Ligo (Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory) may not get the same kind of attention in the media as other physics experiments, but it should. It's designed to detect gravitational waves, and it looks like the scientists are also using Linux (Ubuntu) to do that.

How to make titles look good with Kdenlive

Tuesday 12th of May 2015 11:40:16 AM
Before we begin this month's compositing discussion, I should mention that Kdenlive recently released an update bringing in the Qt5 GUI framework. The techniques highlighted in this article should work with the new version, but what was not written specifically for it, since the release occurred right at the end of April and no one in their right mind would update an important production software like Kdenlive on a whim.Speaking of important production matters, titles in video have always been difficult. It isn't the actual production of titles that's the problem—that's pretty straightforward in any multimedia program—but getting them to look more

CentOS-Based Rocks Cluster Specialist Distribution 6.2 Updates ZFS Support

Tuesday 12th of May 2015 10:43:05 AM
Philip Papadopoulos announced the immediate availability for download of Rocks Cluster 6.2, a specialist Linux kernel-based operating system derived from the well-known CentOS distribution.

Integrating OpenStack into your Jenkins workflow

Tuesday 12th of May 2015 09:45:54 AM
Continuous integration and continuous delivery are changing the way software developers create and deploy software. For many developers, Jenkins is the go-to tool for making CI/CD happen. But how easy is it to integrate Jenkins with your OpenStack cloud platform?read more

How to view threads of a process on Linux

Tuesday 12th of May 2015 08:48:43 AM
Threads are a popular programming abstraction for parallel execution on modern operating systems. When threads are forked inside a program for multiple flows of execution, these threads share certain resources (e.g., memory address space, open files) among themselves to minimize forking overhead and avoid expensive IPC (inter-process communication) channel. These properties make threads an efficient mechanism for concurrent execution.

Nowhere to Run or Hide in the Technology Age

Tuesday 12th of May 2015 07:51:32 AM
Free tech is about much more than free software. It’s more than just being able to see and modify code and deeper than the rivalry between proprietary and FOSS or Windows versus Linux. It’s not just about computers. Free tech is also about freedom and rights, and keeping our lifestyle from being destroyed by the misuse of technology.

Ubuntu jumps into Internet of Things with Acer, GE, and Microsoft

Tuesday 12th of May 2015 06:54:21 AM
Yes, you read the headline correctly. Microsoft and Canonical are partnering up on IoT.

User Suggests There Might be Spyware in Ubuntu, Instructs Others to Compile the OS

Tuesday 12th of May 2015 05:57:10 AM
A user by the name of Zack Smith, published an article on his website entitled "Is There Spyware in Ubuntu?" and targeted at Canonical, the sponsor of Ubuntu, and Jane Silber, the CEO of Canonical.

Clear old kernel files in /boot in 3 steps (Redhat/CentOS)

Tuesday 12th of May 2015 04:59:59 AM
Want to clean up old kernel files safely in 3 commands? Possibly 1? This simple tutorial will teach you just that.

Hackable ARM Linux SBC starts at $9

Tuesday 12th of May 2015 04:02:48 AM
An open source, Debian Linux based “Chip” SBC going for $9 has surpassed $740K on Kickstarter. An optional mini-tablet “PocketChip” version sells for $49.

Ubuntu Devs Propose Stateless Persistent Network Interface Names for Ubuntu and Debian

Tuesday 12th of May 2015 03:05:37 AM
Martin Pitt, a renown Ubuntu and Debian developer, came with the proposal of enabling stateless persistent network interface names in the upcoming versions of the Ubuntu Linux and Debian GNU/Linux operating systems.

Black Lab Linux 6.5 SR1 Screencast and Screenshots

Tuesday 12th of May 2015 02:08:26 AM
Monday May 11, 2015 we are releasing Black Lab Linux 6.5 SR1. Black Lab Linux 6.5 SR1 is the first service release of the free release of our distribution. This included all security and bug fixes from our initial release until May 6, 2015 which includes several important bug fixes.

Ubuntu jumps into Internet of Things with Acer, GE, and Microsoft

Tuesday 12th of May 2015 01:11:15 AM
Yes, you read the headline correctly. Microsoft and Canonical are partnering up on IoT.

Android Candy: Every Hero Needs a Sidekick

Tuesday 12th of May 2015 12:14:04 AM
I've touted the awesomeness of Calibre in the past. And although the Web-based calibre2opds still is an awesome way to access your eBook library, using a native Android app is even smoother.

Ubuntu-Powered Devices are Now a Thing Thanks to Canonical, Microsoft, Acer, GE

Monday 11th of May 2015 11:16:53 PM
Canonical was proud to announce today, May 11, that they will collaborate with some of the biggest names in the technology industry in order to bring more smart devices powered by the world's most popular free operating system, Ubuntu.

OpenStack Kilo Cloud Platform Gains Nine New Capabilities

Monday 11th of May 2015 10:19:42 PM
In this slide show, eWEEK takes a look at some of the key innovations in OpenStack Kilo.

Here's Ubuntu MATE 15.04 Running on a Handmade Raspberry Pi Lego Computer

Monday 11th of May 2015 09:22:31 PM
Today, we can report that someone managed to build a desktop computer based on Raspberry Pi from nothing but Lego bricks. We have to admit that the PC looks quite awesome from the images posted on Imgur earlier today by the CoderGirl user.

Meet Lakka, a Linux OS that Turns any PC Into a Retro Game Console

Monday 11th of May 2015 08:25:20 PM
Today, we are happy to introduce you to the Lakka Linux kernel-based operating system that acts as a DIY (Do It Yourself) retro emulation console build around the RetroArch game emulator software.

User stories at Summit and more OpenStack news

Monday 11th of May 2015 07:28:09 PM
Interested in keeping track of what's happening in the open source cloud? is your source for news in OpenStack, the open source cloud infrastructure project.

How-to install & configure LEMP (Linux, Nginx, MariaDB/MySQL and PHP-FPM) on a CentOS 7 VPS

Monday 11th of May 2015 06:30:58 PM
How-to install & configure LEMP (Linux, Nginx, MariaDB/MySQL and PHP-FPM) on a CentOS 7 VPS

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