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Linux and Open Source news headlines
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Victor Vran, An RPG From The Tropico Developers Will Come To Linux

Sunday 22nd of February 2015 03:08:58 PM
Victor Vran is a promising RPG in Early Access from the developers of the Tropico games. We have it confirmed from a developer that the game will be on Linux too.

Why Amazon’s Fire TV beats the Apple TV

Sunday 22nd of February 2015 01:14:36 PM
The Apple TV set top box has been around for quite a while now, but it has never been as much of a priority for Apple as the iPhone, iPad or even Macs. Apple long regarded it as a hobby, and that attitude might have finally caught up with Apple TV. A prominent Apple blog has come out in favor of Amazon’s Fire TV as a better option than the Apple TV. Yes, a writer at a well known Apple blog has actually opted for the Fire TV instead of the Apple TV.

Linux has 2,000 new developers and gets 10,000 patches for each version

Sunday 22nd of February 2015 11:20:14 AM
"That adds up to 1,963 first-time developers over the course of about fifteen months," the report states. "Remember that 4,171 developers overall contributed to the kernel during this time; one can thus conclude that nearly half of them were contributing for the first time. Many of those developers will get their particular fix merged and never be seen again, but others will become permanent members of the kernel development community."

Xfce 4.12 One Week Away, Xubuntu Technical Lead Says

Sunday 22nd of February 2015 09:25:52 AM
According to this blog entry by Sean Davis, Xfce contributor and Xubuntu Technical Lead, Xfce 4.12 is to be released in about one week, this being quite an important announcement, since it comes after almost three years in which no new releases have occurred.

How to disable IPv6 on Linux

Sunday 22nd of February 2015 07:31:30 AM
IPv6 has been introduced as a replacement of IPv4, the traditional 32-bit address space used in the Internet, to solve the imminent exhaustion of available IPv4 address space. However, since IPv4 has been used by every host or device connected to the Internet, it is practically impossible to switch every one of them to IPv6 overnight. Numerous IPv4 to IPv6 transition mechanisms (e.g., dual IP stack, tunneling, proxying) have been proposed to facilitate the adoption of IPv6.

Create a new Access Point Name on your Android device

Sunday 22nd of February 2015 05:37:08 AM
Now that it's become easier to swap out SIM cards on smartphones, the ability to swap devices to nearly whatever network you want is a reality. In some cases, the simple act of swapping out the SIM will be enough. There are cases, however, where the Access Point Name (APN) on the device will not allow the phone to communicate with the new carrier cell towers.

SCALE 13x, Day 1: Oh, the Humanity!

Sunday 22nd of February 2015 03:42:46 AM
Attendance for SCALE looks like it may break previous records. Steve Bibayoff, who works the Free Software Foundation booth, asked me Friday evening if his badge number was any indication of how many people have registered so far. His badge number is a number just south of 3100; by a factor of less than 10. The answer to his question is “yes.”

Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty to Be Released February 25 on Steam and

Sunday 22nd of February 2015 01:48:24 AM
Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty is a side-scrolling game based on the original game Oddworld: Abe’s Odysee, released back in 1997. The game has been rewritten from scratch, and comes with new, modern graphics, enhanced audio and revamped gameplay.

Facebook Picking Up the Pace on Its Open-Source Code Journey

Saturday 21st of February 2015 11:54:02 PM
Facebook's open-source leader details how the social networking giant participates in the Linux and open-source communities. -

Google boss warns of 'forgotten century' with email and photos at risk

Saturday 21st of February 2015 09:59:40 PM
Piles of digitised material – from blogs, tweets, pictures and videos, to official documents such as court rulings and emails – may be lost forever because the programs needed to view them will become defunct, Google’s vice-president has warned.Humanity’s first steps into the digital world could be lost to future historians, Vint Cerf told the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s annual meeting in San Jose, California, warning that we faced a “forgotten generation, or even a forgotten century” through what he called “bit rot”, where old computer files become useless junk.

GNOME Maps App Can Now Display Contacts with Geocodable Addresses

Saturday 21st of February 2015 08:05:18 PM
The first Beta release of the upcoming GNOME Maps 3.16 app of the GNOME desktop environment has been announced as part of the GNOME 3.16 Beta 1 release of the controversial desktop environment. In this Beta, GNOME Maps received several improvements and bug fixes that we’ve detailed below for your general information.

Why All Linux (Security) Bugs Aren't Shallow

Saturday 21st of February 2015 06:10:56 PM
"In open source, we put our laundry out to air in the front yard," Zemlin said.The Code Has EyesZemlin quoted the oft-repeated Linus' law, which states that given enough eyes all bugs are shallow. That "law" essentially promises that many eyes provide a measure of quality and control and security to open source code. So if Linus' law is true, Zemlin asked, why are damaging security issues being found now in open source code?

Why one photographer decided to fight a patent on online contests

Saturday 21st of February 2015 04:16:34 PM
Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) lawyer Daniel Nazer's Sisyphean task is right in his job title: he's the Mark Cuban Chair to Eliminate Stupid Patents.So when Nazer says he's seen one of the all-time dumbest patents, that's saying a lot. Yesterday, Nazer and his fellow EFF lawyer Vera Ranieri filed court papers seeking to invalidate a patent on photo competitions. US Patent No. 8,209,618, owned by a little-known video website called, was used to sue four small photo websites last September that dared to ask people about their favorite photos.

Top 5: GitHub, NGINX, and the Free Software Foundation

Saturday 21st of February 2015 02:22:12 PM
Welcome to's Weekly Top 5! This week we talk about Humanitarian FOSS, we have some excellent articles from our Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE) 13x speaker interview series, and we're wrapping up the first part of our Beginners to Open Source series.

How to install Linux Mint 17.1 alongside Windows 8.1

Saturday 21st of February 2015 12:45:05 PM
This guide shows the steps required to dual boot Windows 8.1 and Linux Mint 17.1 including how to create the USB drive and how to set up the partitions

Creating a Community: Getting Started

Saturday 21st of February 2015 10:50:43 AM
It all starts with the need for something. From that need stems an idea. From that idea a project is born. This piece is my first in a series that will talk about the creation, growth, and maintaining of a community surrounding a piece of open source software.

Editorial: Linux Gaming Will Be Fine Even Without Steam Machines Succeeding

Saturday 21st of February 2015 08:56:21 AM
I decided to write down some thoughts on Steam Machines, and Linux Gaming in general as I've seen quite a few articles on other publications about the imminent demise of Steam Machines and Linux Gaming that are rammed full of annoyances from writers who seem to want it to fail.

Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS released

Saturday 21st of February 2015 07:01:59 AM
In today's open source roundup: Download Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS. Plus: MakuluLinux 2.0 Cinnamon review, and the best Linux distros for 2015.

Canonical partners with Amazon, Microsoft, and others on Internet of Things

Saturday 21st of February 2015 05:07:37 AM
Ubuntu Linux aims to become the glue that holds the Internet of Things together with its new partnerships.

Red Hat: Open Source ARM Platform Gets Closer to Prime Time

Saturday 21st of February 2015 03:13:15 AM
Red Hat's partner program for ARMv8-A chips is expanding and should soon begin delivering open, certified, standards-based ARM software solutions to the Linux and open source community, the company says.

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