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Linux and Open Source news headlines
Updated: 1 hour 25 min ago

OpenSUSE 13.2 GNOME Edition : Video Overview and Screenshot Tours

Monday 8th of December 2014 02:20:00 AM
OpenSUSE 13.2 has been released and announced by The openSUSE Project Developer, it now available to download and install on you computer. In addition include KDE as default desktop, this release openSUSE Project Developer also include the latest GNOME 3.14 as desktop environment.

How to upgrade from Linux Mint 17 to 17.1

Monday 8th of December 2014 12:25:38 AM
It is now possible to upgrade the Cinnamon and MATE editions of Linux Mint 17 to version 17.1.

140 wallpapers for Android inspired by Google’s Material Design

Sunday 7th of December 2014 10:31:16 PM
Brian Parkerson on Google+ has shared 140 wallpapers for Android that are based on Google’s Material Design. There’s quite a lot to choose from if you’re a fan of Material Design.

Microsoft ends its patent-fueled Nook deal

Sunday 7th of December 2014 08:36:54 PM
Suspicious minds might think that Microsoft cut the deal just to shut Barnes and Noble up about the patent issues involved. After all, it would have been very tough for a company like Barnes and Noble to say no to $300 million dollars from Microsoft.

Awarding graduate students for open source study

Sunday 7th of December 2014 05:06:30 PM
Univention presents their annual Graduate Prize for dissertations dealing with applicable and in ­demand open source solutions. The winner of the Univention Graduate Prize will receive $2,500 USD. Univention is a leading supplier of open source products for the operation and management of IT infrastructures.In 2008, Univention decided to create an annual prize to encourage students from a wide range of backgrounds to investigate a variety of aspects of open source software. Since then, submissions from students have been on information technology, the humanities, and social sciences. And, dissertations have dealt with applicable and in ­demand open source more

Configurable Menu: Install the best menu for Linux Mint 17/17.1 Cinnamon

Sunday 7th of December 2014 03:12:08 PM
Configurable Menu is one of the best applet’s I’ve found in Linux Mint Cinnamon. I’ve been using it for about three weeks on Linux Mint 17 installed on my laptop. And I’ve just installed it on a test installation of Linux Mint 17.1 Cinnamon in VMware.

Marines swap Microsoft for Linux OS on Northrop Grumman radar

Sunday 7th of December 2014 01:17:46 PM
Just weeks after Northrop Grumman got approval to begin building a new breed of mobile radar systems for the Marine Corps, the Corps has asked the defense contractor in Linthicum to change the operating system.

Stephen Hawkings speech system, White House playbook, and more

Sunday 7th of December 2014 11:23:24 AM
In this week's edition of our open source news roundup, we take a look at open source speech system from Stephen Hawking, Docker getting a competitor called Rocket, the White House playbook, and more!

Cloud 5: Amazon ups price war ante, Microsoft talks cloud and OpenStack dominates

Sunday 7th of December 2014 09:29:02 AM
This week, we look at Amazon firing the latest volley in the cloud pricing wars, Microsoft talking cloud at its shareholder meeting and using the heat from cloud servers to heat and cool buildings.

Valve and Steam broadcasting, Dolphin emulator, and more

Sunday 7th of December 2014 07:34:40 AM
Hello, open gaming fans! In this week's edition, we take a look at Steam Broadcasting beta, the open source Dolphin emulator, QEMU's advent calendar, and game releases for more

Top 5 articles of the week: The Linux philosophy, ownCloud integration, and more

Sunday 7th of December 2014 05:40:18 AM
Every week, I tally the numbers and listen to the buzz to bring you the best of last week's open source news and stories on This week: December 1 - 5, 2014.

Install eZ Publish Community Project on a CentOS 7 VPS with Nginx and PHP-FPM

Sunday 7th of December 2014 03:45:56 AM
This tutorial shows you how to install eZ Publish Community edition on a CentOS 7 VPS with Nginx, MariaDB and PHP-FPM.

Android motorcycle helmet open for pre-order

Sunday 7th of December 2014 01:51:34 AM
Skully announced a limited public pre-order round for its Android-based head-up display motorcycle helmet, available for $1,499 through Jan. 8. The helmets are now shipping, and beginning Monday, anyone can order the smart helmet, as long as you have $1,499 left in your holiday gift fund.

Lollipop 5.01 review: The Android release weve been waiting for

Saturday 6th of December 2014 11:57:12 PM
The bug-fix release of Android 5 is out, and all finally seems well with this eagerly anticipated release. Is it finally safe to upgrade to Android 5 after the recent release of Android 5.01? Based on my experiences with my pair of 2013 Nexus 7 tablets, the answer is an unqualified yes.

Torque, Microsoft’s Alternative To “OK Google,” Now Works On Android Smartphones

Saturday 6th of December 2014 10:02:50 PM
Microsoft this morning has released an app for Android smartphone users called Torque that allows you to shake your phone in order to perform a voice search, similar to Google’s “OK Google.” The difference is that instead of waking up the app with a standard keyword command, it’s the shaking motion that instead does the trick.

Resetting a Linux root Password

Saturday 6th of December 2014 08:31:50 PM
There are a couple of reasons why you might want to reset a Linux root password. If the current password is known to you, just log in as root and issue the passwd command. What if you’ve forgotten the password and can’t log in? Resetting a Linux root password is simple if you have access to the machine. There are 2 main methods.

Samsung fires another shot at Microsoft in Android patent battle

Saturday 6th of December 2014 06:37:28 PM
Samsung now claims there[he]#039[/he]s another reason it stopped paying Android patent licensing fees to Microsoft: antitrust issues.

BioShock Infinite to Arrive on Linux

Saturday 6th of December 2014 04:43:06 PM
BioShock Infinite, an FPS developed by Irrational Games and published by 2K Games, might be getting a Linux release very soon. This has been revealed by the entry on the Steam database.

Feature Spotlight: IPython Notebook inside an IDE

Saturday 6th of December 2014 02:48:44 PM
I’d like to shed some light on the recently introduced IPython Notebook integration in latest PyCharm 4...

Acquia Shields Users of Cloud Version of Drupal CMS

Saturday 6th of December 2014 12:56:02 PM
Acquia, the lead commercial sponsor behind the open-source Drupal content management system (CMS), is rolling out a new service to help secure Drupal sites hosted on the Acquia Cloud. The Acquia Shield provides access and isolation security for those that host their Drupal sites on the Acquia Cloud service, which itself is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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Ubuntu GNOME 15.04 Alpha 1 Prepares for GNOME 3.14, Go Forth and Test

The Ubuntu GNOME developers have released the first version of the 15.04 branch for their Linux distribution and it looks like this operating system is also going through some interesting changes, just like Ubuntu, although not on the same scale. Read more

FSF's High Priority Project List Now Has A Committee

The Free Software Foundation has now built up a committee to review their "High Priority Projects" list and they're looking for more feedback from the community. Nearly ten years ago is when the Free Software Foundation began listing what they viewed as the High Priority Free Software Projects in a list. This list has over time contained some definite high-priority projects related to freeing Java and Adobe PDF support and open graphics drivers to some more obscure projects of high priority like a free version of Oracle Forms, a replacement to OpenDWG libraries for CAD files, automatic transcription software, etc. I've personally called out many of the FSF HPP for what they're worth with my thoughts over the years. Read more

Latest Calibre eBook Reader and Converter Now Support Latest Kobo Firmware

The Calibre eBook reader, editor, and library management software has just reached version 2.13 and the developer has added an important driver and made quite a few fixes and improvements. Read more