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How to Install ownCloud 9 with Nginx on OpenSUSE Leap 42.1

Monday 13th of June 2016 09:15:04 PM
OwnCloud provides Self-hosted file syncing and sharing with a nice web interface and syncing apps for all major mobile and desktop platforms with a functionally like Dropbox, mega, etc. ownCloud makes it easy to access and sync files, calendars, and contacts across your devices. In this tutorial, I will guide you to create your own sync and share server platform with ownCloud. We will install ownCloud with Nginx as the web server, MariaDB (a MySQL fork) as the database and php-fpm to handle the request for php on Linux OpenSUSE Leap 42.1.

Microsoft buys LinkedIn for $26.2 billion

Monday 13th of June 2016 08:17:53 PM
Microsoft is buying social-networking site LinkedIn in an all-cash transaction for $26.2 billion, company officials announced June 13.The move fits in with Microsoft's increasing push to focus on business customers.Founded in 2002, Mountain View, Calif.-based LinkedIn had approximately 400 million users in 2015. The company provides a social network alternative for finding professional and work connections, sharing resumes and potentially finding new posts.

Candy or Swag: A game for teaching open source principles to kids

Monday 13th of June 2016 07:20:42 PM
Some swag: checkA couple of big bags of candy: checkMiddle school students: checkThis sounds like a recipe for disaster, but as it turns out, these were the ingredients for a wonderful lesson on two of the principles of open source: collaboration and more

Linux Tutorial: Successfully guard against lost traffic during Linux server migrations

Monday 13th of June 2016 06:23:31 PM
Never lose traffic again after changing IP address or migrating between hosts.

4 Unique Ways Uber, Twitter, PayPal, and Hubspot Use Apache Mesos

Monday 13th of June 2016 05:26:20 PM
You know the saying: fast, cheap, or good, pick two. Uber, Twitter, PayPal, and Hubspot show that you can have all three with Apache Mesos.Apache Mesos is a cluster manager; it sits between the application layer and the operating system, and deploys and manages applications in large-scale clustered environments. But this dry description doesn't convey its vast scope for creative and ingenious solutions to large-scale problems.

Bringing Mozilla to the IoT era

Monday 13th of June 2016 04:29:09 PM
Open Source Bridge is an annual conference focused on building open source community and citizenship through four days of technical talks, hacking sessions, and collaboration opportunities. Prior to the event, I caught up with one of the speakers, Rabimba Karanjai, who will give a talk titled Turning sensors into signals: Humanizing IoT with old smartphones and the more

House Poised to Advance Privacy and Defend Encryption…If Allowed to Vote

Monday 13th of June 2016 03:31:58 PM
A bipartisan group of House members are preparing to introduce measures widely supported by their colleagues that would reign in NSA domestic surveillance and protect encryption. But a change in procedure adopted by the House leadership may deny the House a chance to even consider their proposal.

NSA Looking to Exploit Internet of Things, Including Biomedical Devices, Official Says

Monday 13th of June 2016 02:34:47 PM
Biomedical devices could be a new source of information for the NSA’s data hoards — “maybe a niche kind of thing … a tool in the toolbox,” he said, though he added that there are easier ways to keep track of overseas terrorists and foreign intelligence agents. When asked if the entire scope of the Internet of Things — billions of interconnected devices — would be “a security nightmare or a signals intelligence bonanza,” he replied, “Both.”

ExLight Linux Is a Gorgeous Distro Based on Enlightenment 0.21 and Kernel 4.6.2

Monday 13th of June 2016 01:37:36 PM
GNU/Linux developer Arne Exton announced the immediate availability of a new build of his ExLight Linux Live DVD distribution.

Gwenview: Organize and share pictures

Monday 13th of June 2016 12:40:25 PM
Gwenview is a tool for organizing pictures both on your computer and through online accounts. It also includes editing plug-ins and preview functions. Once you edit and check your images, you can upload directly to a long list of online services. In addition, it’s a great... Continue Reading →

SMPlayer 16.6 Free Media Player Released with HiDPI Support, New Tablet Mode

Monday 13th of June 2016 11:43:14 AM
The SMPlayer development team was proud to announce the general availability of SMPlayer 16.6.0, a major release that brings exciting new features for all supported platforms.

Snappy Brand New Package Manager for Ubuntu

Monday 13th of June 2016 10:46:03 AM
Snappy Brand New Package Manager for Ubuntu

Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Docker partner for the containerized data-center

Monday 13th of June 2016 08:51:41 AM
HPE is putting all its container eggs into the Docker basket.

New ubuntuBSD Release Is Coming Soon, Based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and FreeBSD 10.3

Monday 13th of June 2016 06:57:19 AM
The upcoming ubuntuBSD distro has been in development since March 2016, and it is now time for it to enter the spotlight. The final release is due soon according to the latest tweet from the project's official Twitter page.

Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator: Gustavo Franklin Nobrega

Monday 13th of June 2016 05:02:57 AM
The Linux Foundation’s Certification Program is designed to give you a way to differentiate yourself in a job market that’s hungry for your skills. But, how well does the certification prepare you for the real world?

Solved Dependency Is Not satisfiable: libvpx1 Error While Installing VirtualBox In Linux Mint 18 Beta

Monday 13th of June 2016 03:08:35 AM
Linux Mint 18 Beta was recently released. Though it's beta but since its release I have been using it without any issue. There is no crash, no stuck. Pretty stable. But, today when I tried to install VirtualBox in Linux mint, it gave me an error that the dependency not satisfied libvpx1. If you're using Linux Mint 18 Beta then you'll not be able to install Virtualbox or any other app if that depends on libvpx1.

Linus Torvalds Releases Linux Kernel 4.7 RC3 with a Fix for an NFS Issue

Monday 13th of June 2016 01:14:13 AM
It's Sunday, again, so Linus Torvalds has announced the general availability of a new RC (Release Candidate) build of the upcoming Linux 4.7 kernel, which users can take for a test drive as we speak.

A 5 step plan for making sure new contributors have a positive experience

Sunday 12th of June 2016 11:19:51 PM
In The Cathedral and the Bazaar, Eric S. Raymond makes the case that "with enough eyes, all bugs are shallow." It's a good sentiment, but as a new project spins up, getting and keeping enough eyes can be hard. You've got your first swing at the project up on GitHub; you've been promoting it and have some new contributors coming around. Now, how do you keep them?read more

RDO Mitaka Virtual Deployment having real physical network as External

Sunday 12th of June 2016 09:25:29 PM
Nova-Docker driver is installed on Compute node which is supposed to run several Java EE Servers as light weight Nova-Docker Containers (instances) having floating IPs on external flat network (actually real office network . General Setup RDO Mitaka ML2&OVS&VLAN 3 Nodes.

An open process for discovering your core values

Sunday 12th of June 2016 07:31:07 PM
When I joined The Hill Center in Durham, North Carolina, as Executive Director nearly two years ago, I realized immediately that I had joined a wonderful, successful, highly conventional education organization. Hill has been transforming students with learning differences into confident, independent learners for nearly 40 years, and many of the faculty and staff (including the outgoing Executive Director) had been at Hill for most of that more

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  • Why Container Skills Aren't a Priority in Hiring Open Source Pros (Yet)
    It should come as no surprise that open source training and hiring is typically predicated on what skills are trending in tech. As an example, Big Data, cloud and security are three of the most in-demand skillsets today, which explains why more and more open source professionals look to develop these particular skillsets and why these professionals are amongst the most sought after. One skillset that employers have not found as useful as professionals is container management.
  • All Hail the New Docker Swarm
    Unfortunately, I’m not able to attend DockerCon US this year, but I will be keeping up with the announcements. As part of the Docker Captains program, I was given a preview of Docker 1.12 including the new Swarm integration which is Docker’s native clustering/orchestration solution (also known as SwarmKit, but that’s really the repo/library name). And it’s certainly a big change. In this post I’ll try to highlight the changes and why they’re important.
  • Apache Spark Creator Matei Zaharia Describes Structured Streaming in Spark 2.0 [Video]
    Apache Spark has been an integral part of Mesos from its inception. Spark is one of the most widely used big data processing systems for clusters. Matei Zaharia, the CTO of Databricks and creator of Spark, talked about Spark's advanced data analysis power and new features in its upcoming 2.0 release in his MesosCon 2016 keynote.

The heartbeat of open source projects can be heard with GitHub data

GitHub released charts last week that tell a story about the heartbeat of a few open source, giving insights into activity, productivity and collaboration of software development. Why are these important? Enterprises increasingly define software development as a top priority to gain competitive advantage or defend against disruption. They often turn to open source software because it is fast and agile. Enterprise IT decision makers should understand GitHub because it is the backbone of most open source projects. Read more

Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator: Lorenzo Paglia

The Linux Foundation offers many resources for developers, users, and administrators of Linux systems, including its Linux Certification Program. This program is designed to give you a way to differentiate yourself in a job market that's hungry for your skills. To illustrate how well these certifications prepare you for the real world, this series features some of those who have recently passed the certification exams. These testimonials should help you decide if either the Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator (LFCS) or the Linux Foundation Certified Engineer (LFCE) certification is right for you. In this installment, we talk with LFCS Lorenzo Paglia. Read more

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