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How To Install Concrete5 CMS on Debian 9

Friday 5th of January 2018 12:34:24 AM
In this tutorial, we will learn how to install and configure Concrete5 on Debian 9 server. Concrete5 is a free and open source Content Management System written in PHP language that can be used for publishing content on the Internet.

Red Hat responds to the Intel processor flaw

Thursday 4th of January 2018 11:25:47 PM
Red Hat suggests customers update their systems to protect against the Intel Meltdown processor flaw. Discovered some time ago, but only just yesterday brought into public view, the CPU flaw allows an attacker to bypass restrictions to gain access to privileged memory (which should be inaccessible) -- possibly stealing sensitive information from computer systems, mobile devices, and cloud deployments.

WordPress 500 Internal Server Error

Thursday 4th of January 2018 10:17:10 PM
One of the most common problems that occurs with WordPress is 500 Internal Server Error. In this guide we will show you few tips on how to fix 500 Internal Server Error and get your WordPress site up and running on your Linux VPS.

Canonical Will Soon Patch all Supported Ubuntu Releases Against Meltdown/Spectre

Thursday 4th of January 2018 09:08:33 PM
After Red Hat and SUSE, now it's Canonical's turn to respond to the Meltdown and Spectre hardware bugs that affect billions of hardware device.

Kernel Side-Channel Attacks

Thursday 4th of January 2018 07:59:56 PM
An industry-wide issue was found with the manner in which many modern microprocessor designs have implemented speculative execution of instructions (a commonly used performance optimization). There are three primary variants of the issue which differ in the way the speculative execution can be exploited. All three rely upon the fact that modern high performance microprocessors implement both speculative execution, and utilize VIPT (Virtually Indexed, Physically Tagged) level 1 data caches that may become allocated with data in the kernel virtual address space during such speculation.

Linux Kernels 4.14.11, 4.9.74, 4.4.109, 3.16.52, and 3.2.97 Patch Meltdown Flaw

Thursday 4th of January 2018 06:51:19 PM
Linux kernel maintainers Greg Kroah-Hartman and Ben Hutchings have released new versions of the Linux 4.14, 4.9, 4.4, 3.16, 3.18, and 3.12 LTS (Long Term Support) kernel series that apparently patch one of the two critical security flaws affecting most modern processors.

Reading privileged memory with a side-channel

Thursday 4th of January 2018 05:42:42 PM
We have discovered that CPU data cache timing can be abused to efficiently leak information out of mis-speculated execution, leading to (at worst) arbitrary virtual memory read vulnerabilities across local security boundaries in various contexts. Variants of this issue are known to affect many modern processors, including certain processors by Intel, AMD and ARM.

How allowing myself to be vulnerable made me a better leader

Thursday 4th of January 2018 04:35:28 PM
Conventional wisdom suggests that leadership is strong, bold, decisive. In my experience, leadership does feel like that some days.Some days leadership feels more vulnerable. Doubts creep in: Am I making good decisions? Am I the right person for this job? Am I focusing on the most important things?read more

Meltdown And Spectre CPU Flaws Put Computers, Laptops, Phones At Risk

Thursday 4th of January 2018 03:26:51 PM
Today Google security blog has posted about the two vulnerabilities that put virtually many computers, phones, laptops using Intel, AMD and ARM CPUs at risk. Using the two major flaws hackers can gain read access to the system memory that may include sensitive data including passwords, encryption keys etc.

And we return to Munich's migration back to Windows- it's going to cost what now?!

Thursday 4th of January 2018 02:18:14 PM
Why are you doing this?Munich City officials could waste €100m reversing a 15-year process that replaced proprietary software with open source following an official vote last year.…

What you didn't know about Creative Commons

Thursday 4th of January 2018 01:09:37 PM
I attended film school, and later I taught at a film school, and even later I worked at a major film studio. There was a common thread through all these different angles of the creative industry: creators need content. Interestingly, one movement kept providing the solution, and that was free culture, or, as it has been formalized, Creative more

Amazon Linux Moves Beyond the Cloud to On-Premises Deployments

Thursday 4th of January 2018 12:01:00 PM
Amazon Linux 2 hit the release candidate stage on Dec. 13, with general availability expect in January 2018. Amazon is positioning the new update as a Long Term Support (LTS) with security and bug fix support for five years

Major Linux redesign in the works to deal with Intel security flaw

Thursday 4th of January 2018 10:52:23 AM
A serious security memory problem in all Intel chips has led to Linux[he]#039[/he]s developers resetting how to deal with memory. The result will be a more secure, but -- as Linux creator Linus Torvalds says -- slower operating system.

Protect your Fedora system against Meltdown

Thursday 4th of January 2018 09:43:46 AM
You may have heard about Meltdown, an exploit that can be used against modern processors (CPUs) to maliciously gain access to sensitive data in memory. This vulnerability is serious, and can expose your secret data such as passwords. Here’s how to... Continue Reading →

Read Article Tips and Tricks HTTP errors in WordPress

Thursday 4th of January 2018 08:35:08 AM
We’ll show you, how to fix HTTP errors in WordPress, on a Linux VPS. Listed below are the most common HTTP errors in WordPress, experienced by WordPress users, and our suggestions on how to investigate and fix them.

KDE Plasma 5.13 Desktop Environment to Feature Better Web Browser Integration

Thursday 4th of January 2018 07:26:31 AM
While many are waiting impatiently for the release of the KDE Plasma 5.12 LTS desktop environment, the KDE community announced today on Twitter a new feature of KDE Plasma 5.13.

Twistlock 2.3 Advances Container Security with Serverless Support

Thursday 4th of January 2018 06:17:54 AM
Container security vendor adds new capabilities including per-layer vulnerability analysis and an improved Cloud Native App Firewall.

Best of Top 20 Articles from 2017

Thursday 4th of January 2018 05:09:17 AM
To find the best articles, we looked at the following four categories: most-read overall, most popular on our social channels, most popular event-related articles, and most-read tutorials. The top 20 list includes several distro roundups from Jack Wallen and Swapnil Bhartiya, video interviews with Linus Torvalds, and some introductions to useful Linux commands.

List Of Default Software I Use On Windows

Thursday 4th of January 2018 04:00:40 AM
The Software market is high. It is not like the olden days when all you had were a handful of choices. Today you have more than a dozen of software that could do the same job for you. I have always been a Software-hopper.

Now What?

Thursday 4th of January 2018 02:52:03 AM
Linux Journal was a print magazine for 17+ years, then a digital one for the next 7+. What shall we be now? That's the Big Question, and there aremany answers, some of which are already settled.

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Intel Pentium vs. AMD Ryzen 3 Performance For Linux Gaming

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