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Linux and Open Source news headlines
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Exaile 3.4.1 Overview – A Feature-Complete GNOME Music Player

Wednesday 5th of November 2014 10:45:21 PM
To be honest, Exaile has so many features that I could go on writing a lot more than an article to cover them all, so let’s have a look at some of the most notable ones.

Health Hack 2014: the power of open source, open data, and cross-disciplinary collaboration

Wednesday 5th of November 2014 09:48:10 PM
The concept is simple; invite geeks of varying backgrounds to a central location for a weekend, supply them with food, drink, and an interesting problem, and see what happens. Kind of like the 40 Hour Famine, but with more eating, and labour donations instead of money. ThoughtWorks, an agile developement and design company, hosted and sponsored (among other sponsors, like Red Hat) the second annual Health Hack in Melbourne, bringing researchers together with technologists at their office in Melbourne’s central business district for 48 hours to create software that solved a problem in the health sciences. All the code developed at Health Hack would be released under an open source license, and in most cases, took advantage of some form of open data.

Flow ‘N Play Movie Player Has a Stylish Interface Ubuntu Installation

Wednesday 5th of November 2014 08:50:59 PM
Flow ‘N Play is a new video player written in Qt which features a pretty slick and simple interface which provides only the basic features for playing movies.

Firefox OS Ecosystem To Expand To Africa With Support From New Partners

Wednesday 5th of November 2014 07:53:48 PM
FirefoxOS_for_press_releaseMozilla, the mission-based organization dedicated to promoting openness, innovation and opportunity on the Web, is pleased to announce that Firefox OS will soon expand to Africa. The Firefox OS ecosystem has gained support from three new key partners in the region: Airtel, MTN South Africa and Tigo, operated by Millicom, are the first carriers working with Mozilla to soon bring first Firefox OS smartphones to Africa.

Monitor Ubuntu 14.04 and Debian Wheezy Servers with Linux-Dash

Wednesday 5th of November 2014 06:56:37 PM
Monitor Ubuntu 14.04 and Debian Wheezy Servers with Linux-DashThis document describes how to install and configure Linux-dash in Ubuntu 14.04 and Debian Wheezy for monitoring server performances easily. Linux-dash is a low-overhead monitoring web dashboard for a GNU/Linux machine. Simply drop-in the app and go! Linux-dash is a memory efficient, low resource, easy to install, server statistics monitoring script written in PHP. The web statistics page allows you to drag and drop the various widgets and rearrange the display as you desire. The script displays live statistics of your server, including RAM, CPU, Disk Space, Network Information, Installed Software’s, Running Processes and much more. The main advantage of Linux-dash is that it works on real-time basis.

How to Defeat Internet Censorship

Wednesday 5th of November 2014 05:59:26 PM
Almost 20 percent of world population is effected by Internet Censorship. In countries like North Korea less than 5% of total population have internet access and even that is heavily monitored and restricted. Internet censorship isn’t limited to oppressive regimes. For example, it is common practice for educational institutions all over the world to implement filtering of content deemed objectionable.

Why Facebook Just Launched Its Own 'Dark Web' Site

Wednesday 5th of November 2014 05:02:15 PM
Facebook has never had much of a reputation for letting users hide their identities online. But now the world’s least anonymous website has just joined the Web’s most anonymous network. In a first-of-its-kind move for a Silicon Valley giant, Facebook on Friday launched a Tor hidden service, a version of its website that runs the anonymity software Tor. That new site, which can only be accessed by users running the Tor software, bounces users’ connections through three extra encrypted hops to random computers around the Internet, making it far harder for any network spy observing that traffic to trace their origin.

Fedora 21 beta finally arrives

Wednesday 5th of November 2014 04:11:47 PM
It took a while, but the latest version of Fedora, Red Hat's community Linux, is now available in beta.

openSUSE 13.2 Screenshot Tour

Wednesday 5th of November 2014 03:14:36 PM
openSUSE 13.2 is out! After one year on continuous improvement in the tools and procedures and many hours of developing, packaging, testing and fixing issues, a new stable release is here, providing the best that free and open source has to offer with our special green touch: stable, innovative and fun. Green light to freedom. This is the first release after the change in the openSUSE development mode, with a much shorter stabilization phase thanks to the extensive testing done in a daily basis in the rolling distribution used now as a base for openSUSE stable releases.

From Windows To Linux

Wednesday 5th of November 2014 02:17:25 PM
In this week's news, China aims to move to Linux from Windows, Netrunner has guides for moving from Windows To Linux and Microsoft is taking everything from Linux to Windows.

Users of OpenStack talk cars, banks, and cable TV

Wednesday 5th of November 2014 01:21:00 PM
The first days of the OpenStack Summit in Paris have provided some amazing opportunities to learn about how in just four years OpenStack has gone from humble beginnings as a joint project between a single company and a government agency, and a cloud powerhouse now backending some of the most advanced IT infrastructures in the world while growing every more

Ubuntu MATE 14.10 Utopic Unicorn : Lightweight and Configurable

Wednesday 5th of November 2014 12:23:49 PM
Ubuntu MATE 14.10 Utopic Unicorn is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu 14.10 that uses the MATE desktop environment, it’s the first release of Ubuntu MATE bring with MATE desktop 1.8.1 and LightDM as default display manager with GTK greeter.

Eskimo conserves resources with igloo applications

Wednesday 5th of November 2014 11:26:38 AM
The face of web development has changed. No longer does the term dredge up images of a lonely hacker in a basement—nowadays, everyone from business executives to schoolchildren enjoy learning how to code. This is, in part, thanks to the development of increasingly easier to use boilerplate tools. The goal of these tools is to enable coders to build rapid Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) in an organized and reliable, yet creative, more

6 things we learned from this year's security breaches

Wednesday 5th of November 2014 10:29:27 AM
According to the Open Security Foundation, three out of 10 of the all-time worst security breaches happened this year. That includes 173 million records from the NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission, 145 million records at Ebay, and 104 million records from the Korea Credit Bureau.

KDE at LISA 2014 - Seattle, November 12 and 13

Wednesday 5th of November 2014 09:32:16 AM
There will be a KDE exhibit at the upcoming LISA (Large Installation System Administration) Conference. The full conference takes place November 9 ? 14 in Seattle; the expo is open on the 12th and 13th. There is no charge to attend the expo. Several members of the KDE Community will be in the booth—presenting various aspects of KDE; answering questions; demonstrating applications (thanks especially to Krita and ogbog); recruiting contributors, users, companies and sponsors. All members of the KDE Community are welcome to visit, to jump in & represent KDE, or to just make contact with other KDE people. These small regional gatherings are necessary until we are financially self-sustaining enough to justify a national gathering such as Akademy. The Seattle KDE group is off to a great start.

Fedora 21 Beta Screenshot Tour

Wednesday 5th of November 2014 08:35:05 AM
The Fedora 21 beta release is here, and - as usual - is packed with amazing improvements to Fedora, as well as fantastic free and open source software, gently harvested for your enjoyment. As part of the initiative, Fedora 21 will boast three products: Cloud, Server, and Workstation. Fedora 21 Workstation includes the latest GNOME desktop. Fedora 21 is tracking GNOME 3.14, which was released in September. GNOME 3.14 includes many new features such as integration of Picasaweb and DNLA media server support in GNOME Photos, a new game called Hitori similar to Sudoku, and much more. A Wayland technology preview is included in this release for GNOME.

Stunt Rally 2.5 Brings 20 New Tracks, New Sceneries and Improvements

Wednesday 5th of November 2014 07:37:54 AM
Stunt Rally, a free, beautiful 3D rally game for Linux based on VDrift and OGRE, has reached version 2.5, bringing new game features and a few bug fixes.

Ubuntu Touch RTM Gets Major Update - Video Tour

Wednesday 5th of November 2014 06:40:43 AM
A new Ubuntu Touch RTM version has been released and the developers have made a number of important fixes, not to mention all the improvements that have been made to the backend.

Big Bad Data

Wednesday 5th of November 2014 05:43:32 AM
Obsession with Big Data has gotten out of hand. Here's how.

Tiny $269 3D resin printer runs Linux on Raspberry Pi

Wednesday 5th of November 2014 04:46:21 AM
The $269 iBox Nano, billed as the “world’s smallest, cheapest 3D resin printer,” offers WiFi and 328 Micron resolution, and runs Linux on a Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi has been used as a computer interface device for 3D printers, as well as a calibration add-on, but as far as we know the iBox Nano is the first 3D printer in which Linux is running the show internally.

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