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Linux and Open Source news headlines
Updated: 47 min 33 sec ago

The best (and cheapest) ways to get Windows and Linux for virtual machines

Monday 11th of August 2014 10:04:58 AM
You can install any modern Windows or Linux version, desktop or server, using Hyper-V in Windows 8.1. But you'll need to bring your own license and software for the base OS. Here's how to get that OS cheap or even free.

Six Clicks: The best Chromebooks for school

Monday 11th of August 2014 08:10:36 AM
School will soon be in session and a Chromebook may be just what you need for the coming academic year.

'Naked PCs' lay bare Microsoft's emerging markets problem

Monday 11th of August 2014 06:16:14 AM
A quick scan of Taobao, the popular Chinese e-commerce site operated by Alibaba, shows a vast selection of PCs shipped with Linux rather than Windows.

Wine 1.7.24 released

Monday 11th of August 2014 04:21:52 AM
The Wine development release 1.7.24 is now available.

Interview With KeyCoin – The Coin That’s Also an Operating System

Monday 11th of August 2014 02:27:30 AM
KeyCoin is today’s Random Coin of the Day for its extensive development, including a full on customized version of TailsOS, the Linux distribution where Tor protects all communication.

India opens up to operating system Ubuntu

Monday 11th of August 2014 12:33:08 AM
The Linux-based operating system grew 50% year-over-year in India. Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, has partnered with Dell and HP to bundle the OS with certain models of their laptops offered in India.

LXer Weekly Roundup for 10-Aug-2014

Sunday 10th of August 2014 10:38:46 PM
[url=][img][/img][/url] [b]LXer Feature: 10-Aug-2014[/b]The big news articles from the previous week to hit the LXer newswire. Enjoy!

Introduction to Linux

Sunday 10th of August 2014 09:15:30 PM
The Linux Foundation's free online Linux course is now open. Linux powers 94% of the world’s supercomputers, most of the servers powering the Internet, the majority of financial trades worldwide and a billion Android devices. In short, Linux is everywhere. It appears in many different architectures, from mainframes to server to desktop to mobile and on a staggeringly wide variety of hardware.

For The Love Of Open Mapping Data

Sunday 10th of August 2014 07:21:08 PM
It’s been exactly ten years since the launch of OpenStreetMap, the largest crowd-sourced mapping project on the Internet.

Researcher Finds Potholes In Vehicle Traffic Control Systems

Sunday 10th of August 2014 05:26:46 PM
Smart traffic sensor systems that help regulate and automate the flow of traffic and lights contain security weaknesses that could be manipulated by hackers and result in traffic jams or even crashes, a researcher showed here today... the sensors include a Texas Instruments MSP430 microcontroller that runs a version of Linux.

Exciting New Terminal Emulators

Sunday 10th of August 2014 01:29:08 PM
Even though Terminator meets all my needs, I am always on the look out for new terminal emulators that might offer a different way of working. In this article, I explore three new terminal emulators. Each of these open source applications are a long way from the finished article. The software featured here are not stable, not feature complete, and should not be used in a production environment. But they have real potential.

Check Hard drive for bad sectors or bad blocks in linux

Sunday 10th of August 2014 05:16:58 AM
badblocks is the command or utility in linux like operating system which can scan or test our hard disk and external drive for bad sectors.

Check Hard drive for bad sectors or bad blocks in linux

Sunday 10th of August 2014 05:16:58 AM
badblocks is the command or utility in linux like operating system which can scan or test our hard disk and external drive for bad sectors.

USB Ports Are No Longer Your Friend (If They Ever Were)

Sunday 10th of August 2014 03:22:36 AM
That’s great for those tied to Windows, but doesn’t offer much help to those using Linux or OS X. As for the call for users to use good computer hygiene, most of us are doing that anyway — it’s not like this is the first security risk that’s arisen around the USB port.

World Live DDoS attack maps – Live DDoS Monitoring

Sunday 10th of August 2014 01:28:14 AM
To protect your website, you need to be able to block or absorb malicious traffic. Webmasters can talk to their hosting provider about DDoS attack protection. They can also route incoming traffic through a reputable third-party service that provides distributed caching to help filter out malicious traffic — reducing the strain on existing web servers. Most such services require a paid subscription, but often cost less than scaling up your own server capacity to deal with a DDoS attack.

Flock Day 3: Fedora Infrastructure (To Infinity and Beyond!)

Saturday 9th of August 2014 11:33:52 PM
The most visible product of the Fedora community is the Fedora distribution itself. However, there’s much more to Fedora than its distribution, and underneath it all the Fedora infrastructure keeps […]

Android-x86 4.4 Screenshot Tour

Saturday 9th of August 2014 09:39:30 PM is glad to announce the 4.4-r1 release to public. This is the first stable release Android-x86 4.4 (KitKat-x86). The 4.4-r1 release is based on the Android 4.4.2 (KitKat-MR1) release. We have fixed and added x86-specific code to let the system run smoothly on x86 platforms, especially on tablets and netbooks. The key features include: integrate FFmpeg as the stagefright plugin to support more multimedia files; use the latest long-term stable kernel, version 3.10.52, with more drivers enabled, most netbooks can run Android-x86 in the native resolution; OpenGL ES hardware acceleration for AMD Radeon and Intel chipsets; enhance the installer to support upgrade from previous versions.

Retro operating systems on Raspberry Pi, Ouya developer tutorial, and more

Saturday 9th of August 2014 07:45:08 PM
Open source games roundupWeek of August 3 - 9, 2014This week's edition of our open source games news roundup comes to you from the gorgeous countryside of the Bécancour region in Québec, where I'm striving to introduce my in-laws to board games other than Scrabble and Scattergories. And failing, mostly due to my abysmal more

Flock 2014 Day 3: Docker and Fedora

Saturday 9th of August 2014 05:50:46 PM
Docker, Docker, Docker! Easily one of the most popular topics at this year’s Flock (or in tech in general), Arun S A G of Yahoo gave a Friday morning talk […]

LibreOffice is coming to Android

Saturday 9th of August 2014 03:56:24 PM
I've been hoping to see this headline for some time now. At the first LibreOffice Conference, the Document Foundation announced its plans to migrate LibreOffice to mobile devices. The plan didn't include a total rewrite of the code, but repurposing at least 90% of the current code base. That meant the majority of the work was already done. That last remaining 10%? The user interface. The 90% already compiles on Android -- so there is a working model. Of course, what good is a working model without an interface to go along with it?

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Intel Beignet Is Working Out Surprisingly Well For OpenCL On Linux

Beignet is the project out of Intel's Open-Source Technology Center for exposing GPGPU/compute capabilities out of Ivy Bridge hardware and newer when using a fully open-source Linux stack. While Beignet differs greatly from Gallium3D's Clover state tracker, this Intel-specific open-source OpenCL implementation is working out quite well for Ubuntu Linux. While I've been writing about Intel's Beignet project since early 2013, it's probably been about a year now since I tried out the code, which is developed by Intel's OTC graphics team in China. This weekend I tried out Beignet v0.9.2 as trying out the newest Intel OpenCL code has been on my TODO list for a while and it's been working out rather well in my initial tests. Read more