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Adding a Simple GUI to shell scripts with kdialog

Wednesday 30th of November 2016 10:09:46 PM
Shell scripts are incredibly useful things. They allow you to do something as basic as creating an easy command to replace a more difficult one with lots of flags, to batching up many complex commands to run from a cron job. They’re great because you can quickly fire them off in your favorite terminal, but in some cases they require you to remember specific combinations of flags or options. If you find yourself in this situation, you can add some simple GUI dialogs to help you speed your way through the task at hand.

IoT gateway runs Linux on i.MX6UL, offers Thread and ZigBee

Wednesday 30th of November 2016 09:01:09 PM
NXP’s Volansys-built, highly secure “Modular IoT Gateway” reference design runs Linux on an i.MX6 UL SoC, and offers Thread, ZigBee, WiFi, and NFC. NXP has released a Modular IoT Gateway reference design for large-node, 250+ wireless IoT networks. The gateway provides pre-integrated, tested, and RF-certified 802.15.4 mesh networking modules connected via MikroBus connectors, including Thread […]

7 tech advent calendars for the holiday season

Wednesday 30th of November 2016 07:52:32 PM
The holiday season is upon us, bringing its special brand of festive chaos to many of our lives. Although this time of year can be a bit busy, many technologists still find the time to hone their skills by participating in a technical holiday calendar.

Zorin OS 12 Improves Linux Desktop Access for Windows Users

Wednesday 30th of November 2016 06:43:55 PM
Among the improvements in the new release is the updated Zorin Desktop 2.0, based on the open-source Gnome Shell. The new desktop provides users with redesigned icons and a new look for windows and navigation.

“Greenlight for Girls” seeks STEM stars

Wednesday 30th of November 2016 05:44:17 PM
A keynote at the Embedded Linux Conference Europe described Greenlight for Girls, which aims to give girls around the world the opportunity to love STEM. There is growing anxiety within tech companies about the lack of skilled professionals to keep up with demand. There’s also a realization that one of the largest untapped resources is […]

Open source dependency management is a balancing act

Wednesday 30th of November 2016 04:35:40 PM
During my career I have spent a lot of time packaging other people's code, writing my own, and working on large software frameworks. I have seen projects that still haven't released a stable version, never quite hitting 1.0, while others made 1.0 releases within months of beginning development, and then quickly moving on to 2.0, 3.0, etc. There is quite a variance in these release cycles, and this coupled with maintaining large projects can make things more

Virtual Alias Domain in Postfix

Wednesday 30th of November 2016 03:27:03 PM
With a virtual alias domain, all recipient addresses are aliased to addresses in other domains.

How to check if AES-NI is enabled for OpenSSL on Linux

Wednesday 30th of November 2016 02:01:17 PM
Intel Advanced Encryption Standard New Instructions (AES-NI) is a special instruction set for x86 processors, which is designed to accelerate the execution of AES algorithms. AES-based symmetric encryption is widely used in a variety of security applications and protocol implementations (e.g., IPSec, SSL/TLS, HTTPS, SSH). OpenSSL crypto library supports AES-based ciphers as well.

LPI Announces 'Open Technology' DevOps Engineer Certification

Wednesday 30th of November 2016 12:35:31 PM
Those with open source DevOps skills will soon have a new tool to help them get past the gatekeepers in HR offices. The Linux Professional Institute has announced it has plans to offer an "OT DevOps Engineer" certification. When released next fall, the program will "test proficiency in the most relevant free and open sources tools used to implement the DevOps collaboration model, like, for example, automated configuration or container virtualization."

New LibreOffice Extensions and Templates Site Coming Soon, LibreOffice 5.3 Hits Beta

Wednesday 30th of November 2016 11:09:45 AM
Plone advocate and LibreOffice developer Andreas Mantke reports on the upcoming availability of a brand new LibreOffice extensions and templates website, and the migration of the content from the current website to the new one.

Software Defined Networking Fundamentals Part 3: Transformation of Network Architecture

Wednesday 30th of November 2016 09:43:58 AM
As we saw in the previous article, the TCAM (Ternary Content Addressable Memory) in a traditional networking switch is the cornerstone of the Data Plane's operation. The foundations of SDN lie in the following question: What if we could access or program these remotely? We will discuss the consequences and effects next.

Micro-Application Services Require Micro-Network Services

Wednesday 30th of November 2016 08:18:12 AM
All the buzz these days is on microservices, those emphemeral flashes-in-the-pan that appear and disappear on demand, thousands or even millions of times per minute. Chauhan discusses the importance of changing the way we develop network services to support microservices.

Qseven modules adopt hexa- and octa-core Rockchip SoCs

Wednesday 30th of November 2016 06:52:25 AM
Theobroma unveiled a Qseven module built around a hexa-core, Cortex-A72/-A53 Rockchip RK3399 SoC, plus a µQseven version based on an octa-core -A53 RK3368. Austrian Qseven specialists Theobroma Systems announced two computer-on-modules that build on Rockchip SoCs with Linux and Android support. The Qseven-based “RK3399-Q7” features the new Rockchip RK3399, with dual Cortex-A72 cores at up […]

Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS Lands January 19, 2017, with Ubuntu 16.10's Linux 4.8 Kernel

Wednesday 30th of November 2016 05:26:39 AM
We have been informed by Canonical's Leann Ogasawara about the upcoming second point release of the Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) Linux-based operating system.

4 alternatives to the Chrome browser on Chrome OS

Wednesday 30th of November 2016 04:00:52 AM
This might seem like a question that doesn't even need to be asked. However, now that more and more Chromebooks are gaining the addition of Android apps, it begs the question: Is there a better browser in the Android app store?

How to Install Gitlab on Debian 8 (Jessie)

Wednesday 30th of November 2016 02:35:06 AM
Gitlab is a web-based management and collaboration software for GIT servers similar to GitHub. It contains features like issue tracking, file browser, change tracking and a project wiki. In this tutorial, I will install Gitlab CE on a Debian 8 server behind a Nginx proxy. The Nginx proxy improves scalability and security of the system.

A Better Raspberry Pi Streaming Solution

Wednesday 30th of November 2016 01:09:19 AM
In the June2016 issue, I described my Raspberry Pi outdoor camerabuild. Since then,however, I've discovered a different way to stream video fromit.

Missing Linux Components: Possible Fixes

Tuesday 29th of November 2016 11:43:33 PM
In many ways, the Linux desktop is as close as I can get to the perfect computing experience. Don't misunderstand, there are missing components that affect me on a daily basis. But for the most part it's as good as I can make it.

Why open leaders are masters of balance

Tuesday 29th of November 2016 10:17:46 PM
Open leaders are systems thinkers. When they look at the world, they see a series of dynamic relationships—between people, teams, and resources. These relationships are the elements that are always in motion, always in flux, and ultimately drive the success (or failure) of our more

2016 Linux predictions: Which ones came true?

Tuesday 29th of November 2016 08:52:00 PM
About a year ago, Bryan Lunduke made a series of predictions about what would happen in the Linux world during 2016. The results: 5 accurate predictions, 2 wrong predictions, and 1 unknown.

More in Tux Machines

4MLinux 20.1 released.

This is a minor maintenance release in the 4MLinux STABLE channel. The release ships with the Linux kernel 4.4.34, which restores PAE support that "magically" disappeared in 4MLinux 20.0 (sorry :-). Additionally, some popular programs (Double Commander, Dropbox, Firefox, Java RE, Opera, PeaZip, Thunderbird, Wine) have been updated, too. Read more

Refracta 8.0 Is a Pint-Sized Powerhouse

Refracta is a somewhat obscure Linux distribution that offers exceptional functionality and stability. Obscurity is not always a bad thing when it comes to Linux distros. You can find some very worthwhile alternatives to your current operating system. Refracta is a big surprise in a small package. Many look-alike desktop distros are difficult to distinguish from run-of-the-mill garden varieties. Others offer new adopters something unique that makes using them fun and productive. Refracta is one of the few full-service Linux distros that makes an easy and more convenient replacement for pocket Linux options such as Puppy Linux. Not all Linux distros that install to a USB drive -- and have the ability to save files and system settings in a persistent mode -- work equally well. Read more

Clear Linux With Mesa 13 Is A Strong Match For Intel Linux Performance

When benchmarking Intel's Clear Linux distribution earlier this year we found its Intel graphics performance to be quite good and slightly faster than other Linux distributions even when Clear was using an older version of Mesa. Now with Clear Linux having switched to Mesa 13, I decided to run some fresh Intel OpenGL benchmarks on it compared to other distributions. Read more

PTS: PHP 7.1 vs. PHP 7.0 vs. HHVM Benchmarks

With today's PHP 7.1 release, performance isn't highlighted as much as language improvements to this first major update to PHP7, but I decided to run some PHP 7.1, PHP 7.0, PHP 5.6, PHP 5.5, and HHVM benchmarks of our open-source Phoronix Test Suite code-base. These self-tests of the Phoronix Test Suite aren't the conventional PHP workload of just a CMS, blog, or other web application that can be cached, etc, but effectively of a PHP CLI application. So keep this in mind when looking at the results and that your mileage may vary depending upon use-case. Read more