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How to Setup iSCSI Storage Server on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Tuesday 19th of November 2019 05:32:04 AM
iSCSI stands for (Internet Small Computer System Interface) is a Storage Area Network (SAN) protocol that can be used for online storage management. In this tutorial, we will show you how to setup iSCSI target and iSCSI initiator on Ubuntu 18.04 server.

Find Text in Files on Linux using grep

Tuesday 19th of November 2019 04:30:32 AM
Developed by Ken Thompson in the early days of Unix, grep (globally search a regular expression and print) has been used for more than 45 years by system administrators all over the world. In this tutorial, we will focus on the grep command and how it can help us effectively find text in files all over our system.

How internet security works: TLS, SSL, and CA

Tuesday 19th of November 2019 03:29:00 AM
Multiple times every day, you visit websites that ask you to log in with your username or email address and password. Banking websites, social networking sites, email services, e-commerce sites, and news sites are just a handful of the types of sites that use this mechanism. Every time you sign into one of these sites, you are, in essence, saying, "yes, I trust this website, so I am willing to share my personal information with it." This data may include your name, gender, physical address, email address, and sometimes even credit card information.

Android-x86 Project Finally Lets You Install Android 9 Pie on Your PC

Tuesday 19th of November 2019 02:27:28 AM
The Android-x86 project finally lets users users install the Android 9 Pie mobile operating system on their personal computers with the upcoming Android-x86 9.0 release.

nuclear – desktop music player focused on free streaming

Tuesday 19th of November 2019 01:25:56 AM
nuclear lets you stream music over the internet. It offers easy access to YouTube, SoundCloud, and Jamendo (the latter with partial support), and there’s a plugin system to add additional services. It therefore seeks to offer a unified music environment for managing music content.

How to find the size of a file or directory on Linux using du and ncdu commands

Tuesday 19th of November 2019 12:24:24 AM
In this tutorial, you will learn how to use two simple and lightweight command line tools to help you analyze the space usage of your files and folders both on your local machine and on a remote system.

Fedora shirts and sweatshirts from HELLOTUX

Monday 18th of November 2019 11:22:52 PM
Linux clothes specialist HELLOTUX from Europe recently signed an agreement with Red Hat to make embroidered Fedora t-shirts, polo shirts and sweatshirts. They have been making Debian, Ubuntu, openSUSE, and other Linux shirts for more than a decade and now the collection is extended to Fedora. Instead of printing, they use programmable embroidery machines to […]

Debian GNU/Linux 10.2 "Buster" Live and Installable ISOs Now Available to Download

Monday 18th of November 2019 10:07:23 PM
Just one day after announcing the availability of the Debian GNU/Linux 10.2 "Buster" maintenance update, the Debian Project now published live and installable ISO images for all supported architectures and flavors.

How to add and delete users on Ubuntu/Debian

Monday 18th of November 2019 07:55:52 PM
Every Linux user should know how to add and/or create a user as well as how to delete a user. This is important since on a fresh installation there is only one root user and most Linux distros are multi-user operating systems.

Run Internet Speed Tests from the Command Line

Monday 18th of November 2019 05:44:20 PM
We examine the pros and cons of tools that allow you to run an internet speed test from the Linux command line.

Compact Ryzen V1000 system starts at $689 with pre-loaded Ubuntu

Monday 18th of November 2019 03:32:49 PM
Simply NUC’s compact “Sequoia” computer features a quad-core Ryzen Embedded V1000, 0 to 60°C support, and an 8-32V input. It starts at $689 with 4GB DDR4, a 128GB SSD, 2x mini-DP++, 3x USB, 2x GbE, 2x COM, and pre-installed Ubuntu. Simply NUC, which distributes Intel NUC systems such as the recent, Apollo Lake based NUC […]

How to Install PHP on Debian 10

Monday 18th of November 2019 01:21:18 PM
PHP is one of the most used server-side programming languages. In this guide, we will discuss how to install PHP on Debian 10, Buster. We’ll also show you how to integrate PHP with Nginx and Apache.

Stadia looks to be very limited at launch and not just the amount of games

Monday 18th of November 2019 11:09:47 AM
Stadia, the game streaming service powered by Debian Linux and the open Vulkan API is sounding quite limited when it launches soon.

PCLinuxOS Gets November 2019 ISO with Refreshed Themes, Latest Updates

Monday 18th of November 2019 08:58:15 AM
The PCLinuxOS community released their monthly ISO snapshots for November 2019, a release that contains all the latest bug and security updates, as well as various improvements.

W Command in Linux

Monday 18th of November 2019 06:46:44 AM
w is a command-line utility that displays information about currently logged in users and what each user is doing. It also gives information about how long the system has been running, the current time, and the system load average.

How to Install ClickHouse on Debian 9

Monday 18th of November 2019 04:35:13 AM
ClickHouse is a free and open-source DBMS (columnar database management system) developed by Yandex. With ClickHouse, users can manage very large volumes of data, including non-aggregated data, and generate data reports in real time – and it can do all of this pretty quickly, too. It is able to process hundreds of millions of data entries per second on a server.

Chrome OS 80 will start using Debian 10 Buster on new Linux installations

Monday 18th of November 2019 02:23:41 AM
At Google I/O last year, Google announced Linux app support for Chrome OS. This is made possible thanks to installing a GNU/Linux distribution, specifically Debian 9 “Stretch”, in a Linux container. Earlier this year, the Debian project announced Debian 10 “Buster,” but Google wasn’t ready to upgrade the default Linux container on Chromebooks just yet. Now, after months of testing and bug fixing, Google is ready to enable Debian 10 “Buster” as the default Linux container in Chrome OS.

The ONNX format becomes the newest Linux Foundation project

Monday 18th of November 2019 12:12:10 AM
The Linux Foundation today announced that ONNX, the open format that makes machine learning models more portable, is now a graduate-level project inside of the organization’s AI Foundation. ONNX was originally developed and open-sourced by Microsoft and Facebook in 2017 and has since become somewhat of a standard, with companies ranging from AWS to AMD, ARM, Baudi, HPE, IBM, Nvidia and Qualcomm supporting it. In total, more than 30 companies now contribute to the ONNX code base.

Google Stadia's Upcoming Launch Looking Increasingly Incomplete

Sunday 17th of November 2019 10:00:39 PM
Google Stadia is set to debut on November 19. That launch already had several caveats, however, including the fact that not everyone who pre-ordered the Founder's Edition bundle will receive their hardware in time for the platform's debut. Now the company has said that many of Stadia's multiplayer-centric features won't be ready in time for the game streaming platform's launch either.

How To Cherry Pick Git Commits

Sunday 17th of November 2019 07:49:08 PM
When working with Git, you may want to include some specific changes into your current branch. You may want for example to introduce a specific commit located on another branch than your current branch. In order to perform this operation, you can use one useful git command : the git cherry-pick.