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Linux and Open Source news headlines
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The cloud is so much more than shared compute resources

Tuesday 30th of December 2014 06:48:25 PM
I got a comment the other day offering the argument that cloud computing was nothing more than a rehash of shared mainframe resources with some fancy marketing to make it sound new, but the cloud is so much more than that.

Get a college minor in open source

Tuesday 30th of December 2014 04:54:03 PM
Remy DeCausemaker wears many more

Is piracy really just an access and convenience problem?

Tuesday 30th of December 2014 03:56:52 PM
People want to be able to access TV shows, movies, ebooks and other forms of content right after they are released, not months and months later. Unfortunately the media companies remain utterly clueless about this point. They insist on trying to protect outdated business models, and they still seem to think that they control when and where their content is released. Nothing could be further from the truth, however. The Internet has made their content ubiquitous, whether they like it or not.

Windows Phone Replaced with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on Lumia 1020

Tuesday 30th of December 2014 02:59:41 PM
Windows phone (Lumia 1020) is probably the last place where you would expect to see Ubuntu, but a user has posted images with Ubuntu running on this device and they seem to be legit.

Install Linux on used laptop

Tuesday 30th of December 2014 02:02:30 PM
Now that Windows XP has been officially discontinued there are a huge number of Windows XP laptops for sale on eBay. Many of these run really well with a light Linux distro, such as Linux Mint more

Anonabox Gets Kicked from Kickstater, Shows Up on Indiegogo with Updated Specs

Tuesday 30th of December 2014 01:05:19 PM
Amidst all the security and anonymity concerns of the modern world, someone wanted to provide a device that would route all online traffic through Tor. It was called Anonabox and its makers went to Kickstarter for funding, but it became both a success and a glorious fail.

Before you initiate a docker pull

Tuesday 30th of December 2014 12:08:08 PM
Written by Trevor JayIn addition to the general challenges that are inherent to isolating containers, Docker brings with it an entirely new attack surface in the form of its automated fetching and installation mechanism, "docker pull." It may be counter-intuitive, but "docker pull" both fetches and unpacks a container image in one step. There is no verification step and, surprisingly, malformed packages can compromise a system even if the container itself is never run. Many of the CVE’s issues against Docker have been related to packaging that can lead to install-time compromise and/or issues with the Docker more

Linux Antique

Tuesday 30th of December 2014 11:10:57 AM
Let me introduce you to Linux Antique, aka Red Hat 5.2 KDE.

Installing Apache 2 With PHP5 And MySQL Support On Fedora 21 (LAMP)

Tuesday 30th of December 2014 07:49:28 AM
Installing Apache2 With PHP5 And MySQL Support On Fedora 21 (LAMP)LAMP is short for Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP. This tutorial shows how you can install an Apache2 webserver on a Fedora 21 server with PHP5 support (mod_php) and MySQL support.

News: Linux in 2014: Six New Kernels, Thousands of New Features

Tuesday 30th of December 2014 06:52:17 AM
Linux kernel development keeps up the pace in 2014.

NFS server and client installation on CentOS 7

Tuesday 30th of December 2014 05:55:06 AM
NFS server and client installation on CentOS 7This guide explains how to configure NFS server in CentOS 7.0 Network File System (NFS) is a popular distributed filesystem protocol that enables users to mount remote directories on their server.

Flash! Amazon Acts like For-Profit Company!

Tuesday 30th of December 2014 04:57:55 AM
Many self-published authors believe that Amazon is the patron saint of writers, and that anyone who thinks otherwise is suffering from "Amazon Derangement Syndrome." Until now...

Ubuntu 14.10 PXE server installation

Tuesday 30th of December 2014 04:00:44 AM
Ubuntu 14.10 PXE server InstallationThis guide explains how to configure PXE server in Ubuntu 14.10 PXE Server, stands for preboot execution environment, is used to enable a network computer to boot only from a network interface card. This method will be very helpful, if a System Administrator wants to install many systems which doesn’t have a CD/DVD device on the network.

Glenn Greenwald: Why privacy matters TED video

Tuesday 30th of December 2014 03:03:33 AM
In some ways it may be fair to say that 2014 was the year when issues of survaillance and privacy became a huge part of our public discourse. And so I thought that re-posting this fantastic TED video by Glenn Greenwald on Why Privacy Matters is rather appropriate.

2014 Book Roundup

Tuesday 30th of December 2014 02:06:22 AM
As I write these words, the end of the year is approaching, and with it, so is the time for my annual book roundup. As in past years, in this article, I describe books that were new to me during the past 12 months, which means that I might well mention some new ones or ignore others that simply didn't come to my attention.

The WordPress Fix to End All Manual Updates

Tuesday 30th of December 2014 01:09:11 AM
No stranger to unpatched software, the WordPress blogging and content management system (CMS) has now taken a large step forward to help reduce that risk by providing automatic updating for plug-ins.

Open source and Linux in 2014

Tuesday 30th of December 2014 12:12:00 AM
In today's open source roundup: Looking back at open source and Linux in 2014. Plus: Switching from Apple laptops to Chromebooks, and the best gaming mouse for Linux?

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2 to Finally Land in Present Times with GNOME 3.14.6

Monday 29th of December 2014 11:14:49 PM
Everyone knows that Red Hat Enterprise Linux is not exactly the trend setter when it comes to adopting the latest packages. The operating system has always operated under the assumption that old means stable, but that is not true anymore. It's possible that RHEL 7.2 will switch to the latest GNOME 3.14 version.

Best open education tools and tales in 2014

Monday 29th of December 2014 10:17:38 PM
A great Bengali polymath and noble prize winner in literature (Rabindranath Tagore) once said: "Don't limit a child to your own learning, for he was born in another time". With changing times, the systems and customs that govern our society should also change. Human beings are intrinsically curious. To quote Thomas Hobbes, an English philosopher, "Curiosity is the lust of the mind". However, there also seems to be another aspect of our human nature that sees systems and customs in a preordained manner. This aspect stifles disruptive innovation, restricts growth in a vertical direction, and fortifies the stubborn staying power of our fixations with these systems and more

Review: CentOS 7.0 GNOME

Monday 29th of December 2014 09:20:27 PM
Note that this is not a full review as usual; this is a shorter follow-on to the previous review of Scientific Linux 7.0 GNOME. Most things are the same, but I found a big dealbreaker here.

More in Tux Machines

today's leftovers

Ninja Blocks prepares to begin shipping, announces major Ubuntu IoT deal

Ninja Blocks has begun shipping the Ninja Sphere and announced it has signed up as a key partner for Canonical’s Ubuntu Core embedded device operating system, as it opens its first office in the US. The startup launched in 2012, when it was selected to participate the Startmate accelerator program, and also smashed a Kickstarter campaign for its first product, which was also called Ninja Blocks. Read more

Netrunner 14.1 – Main Edition (Frontier)

The “14.1” indicates an updated and polished release of Netrunner 14 LTS on the same underlying base. Since 14.1 is using the same base “trusty” like Netrunner 14, there is no need for users of 14 to migrate: Simply updating from the shared backports ppa of the Frontier release cycle should give the same result, while keeping customizations in place. Read more

Wayland 1.6.1 & Weston 1.6.1 Released

Bryce Harrington, the former Canonical employee part of Ubuntu's X/Mir team turned Samsung open-source employee, has issued the first maintenance update for Wayland 1.6. Wayland 1.6.1 and the reference compositor Weston 1.6.1 were released on Friday night by Harrington. The Wayland 1.6.1 stable update has just over a dozen changes and they're mostly tiny bug-fixes/corrections but there is also improved handling for some error situations between servers and clients. The brief Wayland 1.6.1 release announcement can be read on the Wayland mailing list. Read more