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Linux and Open Source news headlines
Updated: 30 min ago

Is Net Neutrality Now a Done Deal?

Thursday 5th of February 2015 08:47:14 PM
The first hurdle to his proposal comes on February 26, the date on which the FCC is expected to vote on the new rules. This is probably already a done deal, as it’s unlikely that Wheeler would’ve penned yesterday’s piece for Wired if he wasn’t confident that he already has the support of his fellow commissioners. So, the question is, what happens next?

Bodhi Linux 3.0 RC 2 Reloaded : Video Overview and Screenshot Tours

Thursday 5th of February 2015 07:50:03 PM
Bodhi Linux 3.0 Reloaded RC 2 is a linux distribution based on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS featuring Enlightenment 19.2 desktop environment and EFL/Elementary 1.12.2.

Fanless Pico-ITX SBC rocks Bay Trail up to 2.4GHz

Thursday 5th of February 2015 06:52:52 PM
Data Modul’s fanless, Pico-ITX “eDM-pITX-BT” SBC runs Linux on Intel’s Bay Trail SoCs, ranging from a single-core 1.5GHz Atom to a quad-core 2.4GHz Celeron. The company says it developed the eDM-pITX-BT “in cooperation with a long-term partner, a leading manufacturer of industrial computers. In addition to its passively-cooled soldered Intel processor, the board features up […]

How to access Feedly RSS feed from the command line on Linux

Thursday 5th of February 2015 05:55:41 PM
In case you haven't heard, Feedly is one of the most popular online news aggregation services. It offers seamlessly unified news reading experience across desktops, Android and iOS devices via browser extensions and mobile apps. Feedly took on the demise of Google Reader in 2013, quickly gaining a lot of then Google Reader users. I […]Continue reading...The post How to access Feedly RSS feed from the command line on Linux appeared first on Xmodulo.Related FAQs:How to sync Google Drive from the command line on Linux How to access Dropbox from the command line in Linux How to access SoundCloud from the command line in Linux How to manage DigitalOcean VPS droplets from the command line on Linux How to use Evernote from the command line on Linux

Using secure shell (ssh) for login and secure copy (scp) for data transfer on Linux

Thursday 5th of February 2015 04:58:30 PM
SSH stands for secure shell. It is an encrypted remote login protocol. Once it has been set up on each node, it can be used to communicate with various other nodes in that network. This tutorial covers public / private key authentication, the installation of public keys on remote servers and secure file transfers with scp.

US Navy Builds a Stealth and Linux-Powered Zumwalt Class Destroyer

Thursday 5th of February 2015 04:01:19 PM
People usually hear about Linux being found in all sorts of devices and rather peaceful enterprises, but there are exceptions. DDG-1000 Zumwalt Class Destroyer is one of those.

Rapid open hardware innovation to redefine wireless

Thursday 5th of February 2015 03:04:08 PM
Hardware design and development traditionally have been shrouded in secrecy, with companies desperate to keep their designs for internal use only. But in a world where sharing and transparency have become the norm, and global collaborative development is no longer just a phrase used by marketers—at least in software engineering—it’s time for things to more

Bodhi Linux 3.0.0 RC3 Release

Thursday 5th of February 2015 02:06:57 PM
No description

OpenStack Development: Getting Easier All the Time

Thursday 5th of February 2015 01:09:46 PM
Because of a diverse ecosystem, developing software on open platforms is challenging. But, the various commercial OpenStack distributions are doing their best to make things easier for developers.

2014 Members Choice Award Winners

Thursday 5th of February 2015 12:02:38 PM
The polls are closed and the results for the [url=]2014 Members Choice Awards[/url] are in. KDE, Eclipse, Steam, Firefox and Linux Mint/Slackware/Ubuntu are among the winners.

Linux-friendly i.MX6 SBC offers dual-GbE, PoE, HDMI

Thursday 5th of February 2015 11:05:27 AM
Gateworks unveiled a compact “Ventana GW5520″ SBC with Linux and Android BSPs, HDMI, dual PoE-ready GbE, dual mini-PCIe, and industrial temperature range. The GW5520 is a member of Gateworks’s 5th generation Ventana family of network processor boards. Like the six Ventana models we covered back in 2013, the GW5520 integrates a Freescale i.MX6 system-on-chip, in […]

Google Trades Technicality for Brevity With New SSL Warning

Thursday 5th of February 2015 10:08:16 AM
Many users do not understand, let-alone listen to, browser-based SSL warnings. Google wants to change that and its newest browser warnings are based on years of interdisciplinary research about how human beings respond to warning signs.

Open up as much social-good data as possible

Thursday 5th of February 2015 09:11:05 AM
Most software produces data, and many data owners are currently working out how to release their data publicly as part of a wider “data for good” movement that includes groups like the Engine Room, NGOs, private individuals, communities, and companies.

Valve to Unveil glNext at GDC 2015, the OpenGL Successor That Will Change Linux Gaming

Thursday 5th of February 2015 08:13:54 AM
Valve is preparing to unveil glNext at the upcoming GDC 2015 in March. This is supposed to be the successor of the current OpenGL and it might be the one thing that could really turn Linux into a gaming platform. OpenGL is a powerful platform and it's being used by developers from all over the world for the last two decades. And this has probably become a problem. Now Valve has entered the Linux world and the company doesn't want to sit on the sideline, just waiting for miracles to happen or just using what's already available.

The US government bids adieu to Clipper Chip

Thursday 5th of February 2015 07:16:43 AM
In a short notice published last month, the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) announced it was retiring a number of Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) because they were obsolete. Notably, that list of retirements includes FIPS-185.

In this article we will install Pimcore on a CentOS 7 VPS with Apache web server, PHP and MariaDB MySQL server.

Thursday 5th of February 2015 06:19:32 AM
Pimcore is a free and open-source content management platform for creating and managing web applications and digital presences.

Mirantis Expands OpenStack Offerings to Japan Market

Thursday 5th of February 2015 05:22:21 AM
Mirantis, maker of a major open source OpenStack distribution for cloud computing, has opened a new office in Japan, following recent growth in other international markets.

The best open-source software for serious Linux users

Thursday 5th of February 2015 04:25:10 AM
The people at LinuxQuestions are Linux experts who are kind enough to answer newbies' endless questions. So when they pick out their favorite Linux distributions and open-source programs, I take their opinions seriously.The LinuxQuestions website's annual survey results are in.

FESCo Election Results

Thursday 5th of February 2015 03:27:59 AM
The elections for FESCo – January 2015 have concluded, and the results are shown below: A total of 283 ballots were cast, meaning a candidate could accumulate up to 1981 […]

Many Drives, One Folder

Thursday 5th of February 2015 02:30:48 AM
RAID is awesome, and LVM is incredibly powerful, but they add a layer of complexity to the underlying hard drives. Yes, that complexity comes with many benefits, but if you just want to spread your files across multiple storage locations, there's a much easier way.

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VLC 2.2.0 Codenamed WeatherWax Released, Install/Upgrade In Ubuntu/Linux Mint

VLC 2.2.0 WeatherWax released, install in Ubuntu/Linux

VLC player is an open-source software that can play most multimedia files as well as DVD, Audio CD, VCD, and various streaming protocol. VLC is a cross platforms that runs on most major platforms including Linux obviously. Team released VLC 2.2.0 codenamed WeatherWax for the first time with release on iOS, Android (including Android TV), WinRT and Windows Phone with more that one thousand bug fixes.

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LibreOffice 4.4.1 Released With Over 100 Fixes, Install/Update To LibreOffice 4.4.1 In Ubuntu/Linux Mint

download libreoffice 4.4.1 and upgrade in ubuntu/linux mint

LibreOffice Recently released its first release LibreOffice 4.4.1 of the LibreOffice 4.4 that was released in the last of January 2015. LibreOffice is an open source and the most popular office suit available for all major platforms.

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