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Linux and Open Source news headlines
Updated: 2 hours 56 min ago

How to migrate from Microsoft Exchange Server to ONLYOFFICE

Friday 2nd of August 2019 02:38:46 AM
ONLYOFFICE is an open-source solution that comprises online editors for text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations combined with the groupware platform: mail, projects, CRM, calendar, chat. In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to switch from MS Exchange and transfer users, mailboxes, and messages to ONLYOFFICE.

How to Cast Video from Ubuntu to Chromecast

Friday 2nd of August 2019 01:24:26 AM
Chromecast is a device that allows to seamlessly cast content like audio, video on television over your home network. In this article, we will see how to cast video from Ubuntu 18.04 LTS to Chromecast.

How to Install Updates on CentOS 7

Friday 2nd of August 2019 12:10:06 AM
Keeping your CentOS system up to date with the latest security updates is one of the most important parts of overall system security. If you don’t update your operating system’s packages with the latest security patches, your machine will be vulnerable to attacks. In this tutorial, we will show you how to manually update system packages on CentOS 7. The same instructions apply for CentOS 6.

Failure is a feature in blameless DevOps

Thursday 1st of August 2019 10:55:46 PM
DevOps is just another term for value stream development. What does value stream mean?Value is what arises during our interactions with customers and stakeholders. Once we get into value stream development, we quickly realize that value is not an entity. Value constantly changes. Value is a process. Value is a flow.Hence the term stream. Value is only value if it's a stream. And this streaming of value is what we call continuous integration (CI).read more

How to Speed Up Your Linux PC

Thursday 1st of August 2019 09:41:26 PM
Linux is lightweight and fast by default, but it's always beneficial to further speed up a Linux PC. Here are some great ways to speed up your Linux machine

How To Install and Configure Debian 10 Buster with GNOME

Thursday 1st of August 2019 08:27:05 PM
Debian 10 has been finally released on the 6th of July 2019, and it has come with a lot of very great features for system administratorsThis tutorial provides step-by-step instructions about how to install Debian 10 Buster with a GNOME desktop.

Open Cloud Summit Shows Microsoft and the Linux Foundation Organising Events Together (as Full Partners, in Tandem)

Thursday 1st of August 2019 05:58:25 PM
The Linux Foundation’s Microsoft infatuation is more visible in lesser-visible events; putting together all these pertinent observations and facts (some of which very recent), one wonders how long Zemlin and the likes of him can avoid impeachment (community uproar is brewing and will become unbearable at some point)

GitHub Pages is a CI/CD pipeline

Thursday 1st of August 2019 04:44:05 PM
One of GitHub's superpowers is the ability to magically turn your documentation into a website. If you configure a GitHub Page for your docs/ folder on your AwesomeProject website, you'll end up with, showing your documentation, all for more

Linux Mint vs Ubuntu Comparison

Thursday 1st of August 2019 03:29:44 PM
A comparison of the most used Debian based Linux Distros

Install Automad CMS with Nginx and Let's Encrypt SSL on Ubuntu 18.04

Thursday 1st of August 2019 02:15:24 PM
Automad is an open-source file-based content management system (CMS) and a template engine written in PHP. All content is stored in human-readable text files instead of a database.

Linux permissions 101

Thursday 1st of August 2019 01:01:04 PM
Understanding Linux permissions and how to control which users have access to files is a fundamental skill for systems administration.This article will cover standard Linux file systems permissions, dig further into special permissions, and wrap up with an explanation of default permissions using more

Valve's new "ACO" Mesa shader compiler for AMD GPUs now has vertex shader support

Thursday 1st of August 2019 11:46:43 AM
ACO is a new Mesa shader compiler for AMD hardware, announced by Valve earlier this month. It's aimed as a replacement for LLVM and its main two goals are best-possible code generation for game shaders, and fastest-possible compilation speed.

Continuous Integration/Continuous Development with FOSS Tools

Thursday 1st of August 2019 10:32:23 AM
One of the hottest topics within the DevOps space is Continuous Integrationand Continuous Deployment (CI/CD). This attention has drawn lots ofinvestment dollars, and a vast array of proprietary Software As A Service(SaaS) tools have been created in the CI/CD space, which traditionallyhas been dominated by free open-source software (FOSS) tools. Is FOSS still theright choice with the low cost of many of these SaaS options?

COMPUTE ENGINE Install Grafana on Ubuntu 18.04 with Nginx

Thursday 1st of August 2019 09:18:03 AM
Install and setup Grafana on Ubuntu 18.04 with Nginx and add remote MySQL database as data source in Grafana to visualize the data

Waves 2: Notorious, an absolutely mad twin-stick shooter arrives on Linux

Thursday 1st of August 2019 08:03:43 AM
As a follow-up to 2011's Waves, Waves 2: Notorious has arrived on Linux as part of the 0.73 Early Access update on Steam.

Running Blockchain Applications in Hyperledger Explorer

Thursday 1st of August 2019 06:49:23 AM
Hyperledger Explorer is a powerful utility that allows users to create user-friendly web-based applications. It is a blockchain dashboard and provides the ability to view, invoke, deploy, and query raw blockchain data and network information, including block details, chain codes, and transactions stored in the ledger.