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Gorgeous Live Voyager X2 Linux OS Out Now, Based on Xubuntu 14.04.3 LTS - Screenshot Tour

Tuesday 15th of September 2015 10:55:59 AM
French developer Rodolphe Bachelart, the creator of the Live Voyager series of GNU/Linux distributions, had the great pleasure of announcing new releases of the Live Voyager X2 and X2 HD distros.

Wireless touchscreen kits run Android or Yocto on TI Sitara

Tuesday 15th of September 2015 09:32:06 AM
Gumstix unveiled a pair of $329, 4.3-inch, wireless, battery-powered “Pepper” touchscreen kits that run Android or Yocto on an 800MHz TI Sitara SoC. Gumstix launched its original Pepper SBC kit in 2013, and is now following up with two new models featuring the Texas Instruments Sitara AM3354 instead of AM3359 system-on-chip. They also add Android […]

GNOME 3.18's Cheese Open-Source Webcam Viewer App Gets New Features

Tuesday 15th of September 2015 07:37:44 AM
The GNOME developers are hard at work these days preparing for the last milestone towards the GNOME 3.18 desktop environment, the RC (Release Candidate) build, due for release on September 16, 2015.

Learn Linux, 101: A roadmap for LPIC-1

Tuesday 15th of September 2015 05:43:22 AM
Use this roadmap to find IBM developerWorks tutorials that help you learn and review basic Linux tasks. And if you're also pursuing professional certification as a Linux system administrator, these tutorials can help you study for the Linux Professional Institute's LPIC-1: Linux Server Professional Certification exams 101 and exam 102. This roadmap is organized according to the 43 objectives in the 101 and 102 exams, which you are required to pass for LPIC-1 certification.

Parsix GNU/Linux 8.0r0 "Mumble" Officially Released, Based on Debian 8 "Jessie"

Tuesday 15th of September 2015 03:49:00 AM
The developers of the Parsix GNU/Linux project had the great pleasure of announcing the release and immediate availability for download of the final version of the Parsix GNU/Linux 8.0 (Mumble) operating system.

How Microsoft could finally kill Linux

Tuesday 15th of September 2015 01:54:38 AM
In today's open source roundup: How Microsoft could get rid of Linux once and for all. Plus: Has Windows 10 already killed Linux on the desktop? And Mozilla might have sneaked ads into Firefox via Suggested Tiles.

Continually updated home security appliance runs Linux

Tuesday 15th of September 2015 12:57:27 AM
A startup is launching a “Cujo” home security appliance on Indiegogo starting at $49, that protects devices ranging from PCs to home automation gadgets.

Tor becomes extra secure as .onion becomes Special-Use Domain Name

Tuesday 15th of September 2015 12:00:16 AM
The dark web browser Tor has now become extra secure as the .onion url has now been assigned special-use status. The Engineering Task Force (IETF) along with Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, part of ICANN, has granted formal recognition to the .onion domain, adding it to the list of Special-Use Domain Names.

How to extend GIMP with GMIC

Monday 14th of September 2015 11:08:48 PM
GIMP is the n1 open source image editor and raster graphics manipulator that offers an array of special effects and filters out of the box. Although the software's default capabilities will be more than enough for most people out there, there isn't any reason why you couldn't expand them if you wished for it. While there are many ways to do exactly that, I will focus on how to enrich your GIMP filters and effects sets with the use of G'MIC.

The Open Organization book club: Engaging people

Monday 14th of September 2015 10:11:37 PM
When Jason Hibbets asked me to lead this week's discussion for the Open Organization book club, I wasn't sure what I could contribute. My own experiences as a leader weren't disastrous, but they weren't all that successful. Still, I was willing to give it a more

Apricity OS 09.2015 Beta Screenshot Tour

Monday 14th of September 2015 09:14:26 PM
The Apricity OS Team is happy to announce the release of Apricity OS 09.2015 Beta. This release brings several improvements, including improved automated hardware configuration, support for a greater range of hardware, improved default dock functionality, support for Firefox in ICE, improved UEFI support, Google Chrome 45--bringing a much needed decrease in system resource usage, support for transparency in terminal window backgrounds, improved filesystem permissions, smaller default desktop icons, and several other bugfixes. As usual, we hope you will find this release easy and enjoyable to use.

Finding Linux & FOSS Where You Least Expect It

Monday 14th of September 2015 08:17:15 PM
Back in the days when the PC and the Internet were starting to change how work is done in Latin America, I was a project manager in small business finance. Even though I’m an industrial engineer by training, because I’m tech oriented I was asked questions about network security, wireless, storage, what sort of program we could use at the office…stuff like that. My conclusion? We were either going to have to buy expensive software licenses and new hardware or find another way.

World finally ready for USB-bootable OS/2

Monday 14th of September 2015 07:20:04 PM
The Russian heirs to IBM's Windows alternative fire up hardware time WarpeComStation, the Russian company that offers a PC operating system base don IBM's OS/2 , has floated the idea of a USB-bootable version of the OS.…

Dell Reporting That 40% of PCs Sold in China Are Ubuntu-Powered

Monday 14th of September 2015 06:22:53 PM
The Chinese market is adjusting itself after Windows XP reached end of life, but it's not all that keen to get hooked on another Windows OS, so it's looking for alternatives. The Ubuntu Kylin OS is having a real impact, and Dell is just one of the mediums used to propagate this operating system.

Torvalds Says Hello to Linux 4.3 RC1 and Goodbye to EXT3

Monday 14th of September 2015 05:25:42 PM
Back in 2001 EXT3 entered the Linux landscape and became the default filesystem

6 open source tools to help educators stay organized

Monday 14th of September 2015 04:28:31 PM
Here are some tips on how to make the school life easier with the help of the commonly used open source software.

Deluge Torrent 1.3.12 Released, How To Install/Update In Ubuntu/Linux Mint Or Other Derivatives

Monday 14th of September 2015 03:31:20 PM
Deluge is one of the most used torrent downloaders. It's stable and easier to use like any other torrent client but the team makes it more stable by providing fix updates. The current stable version of Deluge is 1.3.x which has just got another update Deluge 1.3.12 with some fixes and enhancements. You can install or update to this latest Deluge update in Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Linux Lite, etc.

The Firefox Is in the Hen House

Monday 14th of September 2015 02:34:09 PM
The deal created a river of money flowing into Mozilla’s coffers — $138 million in 2011 alone — allowing rapid development of Firefox, proper maintenance of Thunderbird and Bugzilla, and the creation of Firefox OS. Although there was a bit of grumbling from some FOSSers who would’ve preferred a default search engine that was more respectful of user privacy rights, the deal was generally seen as a good thing for the free and open source community.

Tutorial for Microsoft to Help It Kill Linux

Monday 14th of September 2015 01:36:58 PM
The death of Linux has been proclaimed many times, and that's something that will probably go on for quite some time. The problem is that Windows either can't kill the Linux desktop or Microsoft is not doing its job properly. So, here is a short tutorial for Microsoft that will help it get rid of that pesky Linux, once and for all.

Getting started with open source machine learning

Monday 14th of September 2015 12:39:47 PM
Despite all the flashy headlines from Musk and Hawking on the impending doom to be visited on us mere mortals by killer robots from the skies, machine learning and artificial intelligence are here to stay. More importantly, machine learning (ML) is quickly becoming a critical skill for developers to enhance their applications and their careers, better understand data, and to help users be more more

More in Tux Machines

Learning The Linux File System

Before we get started, let’s avoid any confusion. There are two meanings to the term “File System” in the wonderful world of computing: First, there is the system of files and the directory structure that all of your data is stored in. Second, is the format scheme that is used to write data on mass storage devices like hard drives and SSD’s. We are going to be talking about the first kind of file system here because the average user will interact with his or her file system every time they use a computer, the format that data is written in on their storage devices is usually of little concern to them. The many different file systems that can be used on storage is really only interesting to hardware geeks and is best saved for another discussion. Now that that’s cleared up, we can press on. (Read the rest at Freedom Penguin)

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Red Hat and Fedora

FreeNAS 10 Enters Alpha, Brings Lots of New Technologies, Based on FreeBSD 10.2

FreeNAS' Jordan Hubbard was proud to announce the other day, October 8, the release and immediate availability for download of the first Alpha build of the upcoming FreeNAS open source Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution. Read more