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Linux and Open Source news headlines
Updated: 1 hour 15 min ago

Ringing in 2015 with 40 Linux-friendly hacker SBCs

Thursday 1st of January 2015 11:15:06 AM
2014 brought us plenty of new open-spec, community-backed SBCs — from $35 bargains, to octa-core powerhouses — and all with Linux or Android support.

Mark Shuttleworth Explains Why Open Source is More Secure than Closed Source VIDEO

Thursday 1st of January 2015 09:20:44 AM
Mark Shuttleworth reflects on security issues of 2014 and the 10 years that Ubuntu Linux has existed

Purism Librem 15

Thursday 1st of January 2015 07:26:22 AM
I've been a fan of Free Software for quite some time, but for the most part I've found my opinions lean in the more pragmatic Bruce Perens Open Source camp. I value free software ideals but also accept other Open Source licenses that may not meet the strict definition of Free Software. I also don't refer to it as GNU/Linux.

Run Linux in a window on your Chromebook

Thursday 1st of January 2015 05:32:00 AM
In today's open source roundup: Chromebooks can now run Linux in a window. Plus: NixOS 14.12 "Caterpillar" released, and Google Keep for Android versus Evernote.

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New To Linux? Don’t Use Ubuntu, You’ll Probably Like Linux Mint Better

Linux newbies have probably heard a lot about Ubuntu, but it isn’t the only Linux distribution. In fact, Ubuntu’s standard Unity desktop is still controversial among long-time Linux users today. Many Linux users prefer a more traditional desktop interface, and Linux Mint offers that. As Ubuntu focuses more on Ubuntu for phones, Linux Mint may be an even clearer choice in the future. No, Ubuntu isn’t terrible. Some people prefer Ubuntu’s Unity desktop and love it. But you’ll probably have an easier time getting to grips with Linux Mint instead of Ubuntu. Read more

IceCat 31.4.0 release

GNUzilla is the GNU version of the Mozilla suite, and GNU IceCat is the GNU version of the Firefox browser. Its main advantage is an ethical one: it is entirely free software. While the Firefox source code from the Mozilla project is free software, they distribute and recommend non-free software as plug-ins and addons. Also their trademark license restricts distribution in several ways incompatible with freedom 0. Read more