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Updated: 9 min 55 sec ago

Manjaro Linux 0.8.13 Will Bring an Updated Installer with LUKS Encryption

Monday 6th of April 2015 10:04:36 AM
The Manjaro development team, through Philip Müller, was proud to announce recently that the upcoming Manjaro Linux 0.8.13 operating system will ditch the regular Calamares installer in favor of the another one called Thus, which will boasts a wide range of improvements.

LXLE 14.04.2 Screenshot Tour

Monday 6th of April 2015 08:10:14 AM
The next incremental update of LXLE has been released, ticking it up to 14.04.2 along with the last 32-bit version of LXLE ever, which is based on 12.04.5. The 32-bit closely mirrors the changes to the latest 64-bit edition of the OS. As announced in our beta release LXLE now sports a highly customized version of the SeaMonkey Internet Suite. A fairly lengthy article was written on why this decision was made and that it wasn't something taken lightly. To add to that the other underlying reason was we wanted the distribution to showcase an excellent community driven browser to help spur support and perhaps encourage developers to join the project and lend a hand to the overworked small team of Mozilla volunteers still moving forward with Netscape's original suite idea.

HOWTO: Install Sailfish OS on the Nexus 4

Monday 6th of April 2015 06:15:52 AM
What I found when I searched around was that there did not appear to be a concise guide for what exactly you need to do to load Sailfish OS up on the Nexus 4. Today's post is going to be a “quick and dirty” of how to take a Nexus 4 in any state and get it to a functional boot of Sailfish OS.

How to create an HTTP tunnel on Linux with httptunnel

Monday 6th of April 2015 05:09:24 AM
HTTP-encapsulated tunnels are useful when you want to use games, IM clients, or P2P sharing applications across restrictive firewalls or proxies which tend to block pretty much everything except well known traffic such as HTTP traffic.

MakuluLinux 8 Unity Screenshot Tour

Monday 6th of April 2015 03:15:02 AM
MakuluLinux Unity now sports a fully operational bottom panel, this panel includes a classic menu, window list, update notifications and a clock. It acts and functions just like a normal bottom panel, and it makes use of a multi mode system. When not needed it will auto-hide itself, when in fullscreen mode it will reserve panel space.

A Step By Step Guide To Installing openSUSE

Monday 6th of April 2015 01:20:40 AM
This guide shows you how to install openSUSE using a mixture of images and text. The guide includes sections for creating a USB drive, working your way around the confusing partitioning process and setting up the bootloader

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