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Linux and Open Source news headlines
Updated: 24 min 37 sec ago

My payphone runs Linux now

Sunday 10th of January 2016 03:51:45 PM
One of the props that I picked up to decorate DNA Lounge at the first Cyberdelia was an old payphone. It wasn't hooked up for the first party, but just in time for the second party, it now runs Linux.

Twitter goes beyond 140 characters and I still hate it

Sunday 10th of January 2016 01:57:23 PM
If you ask me, the 140 character limit is not Twitter’s biggest problem. The worst thing about Twitter to me is the poor quality of interaction that happens on that social media service. I’ve always regarded Twitter as the lowest of the low when it comes to social media services.

Linux Mint 18 codenamed “Sarah”

Sunday 10th of January 2016 12:03:01 PM
The first release in the upcoming Linux Mint 18.x series will be named “Sarah”.

Arch Wins First of Two Round Poll

Sunday 10th of January 2016 10:08:39 AM
The voting is over in the first round of our annual GNU/Linux distro poll, which sought an answer to the simple question, “What Linux distro do you currently use most?” The result was a complete surprise, at least to us.

Linux Mint 17.3 “Rosa” KDE released!

Sunday 10th of January 2016 08:14:17 AM
The team is proud to announce the release of Linux Mint 17.3 “Rosa” KDE Edition.

Fatally weak MD5 function torpedoes crypto protections in HTTPS and IPSEC

Sunday 10th of January 2016 06:19:55 AM
If you thought MD5 was banished from HTTPS encryption, you'd be wrong. It turns out the fatally weak cryptographic hash function, along with its only slightly stronger SHA1 cousin, are still widely used in the transport layer security protocol that underpins HTTPS. Now, researchers have devised a series of attacks that exploit the weaknesses to break or degrade key protections provided not only by HTTPS but also other encryption protocols, including Internet Protocol Security and secure shell.

uGet 2.0.4 Released,? One Of The Lightest Download Managers For Linux

Sunday 10th of January 2016 04:25:33 AM
uGet is a free and Open-Source download manager for Linux. It's light and small but supports most important feautres that a good download manager should have. uGet recently released uget 2.0.4. You can easily install this simple yet powerful download manager on your Linux system.

uGet 2.0.4 Out Now, It's Still the Best Download Manager for Linux

Sunday 10th of January 2016 02:31:11 AM
It would appear that Michael Tunnell, the developer of the uGet download manager software for GNU/Linux operating systems, as well as Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X, silently released the fourth maintenance build in the uGet 2.0 series.

How to perform Drupal 7 integration tests with Red Test

Sunday 10th of January 2016 12:36:49 AM
The spotlight is back on Drupal with the 8.0.0 release. The successful launch is a testament to the hard work put in by members of the Drupal community, but Drupal 7 still has a huge install base and likely will for many years to come. To support Drupal 7 development, let's take a look at a testing platform built exclusively for the platform. Red Test is an open source integration testing framework aimed at making life easier for Drupal more

Stellarium 0.14.2 Open Source Planetarium Software Gets List of Dwarf Galaxies

Saturday 9th of January 2016 10:42:27 PM
Alexander Wolf from Stellarium, the world's best free, open source and cross-platform planetarium software, proudly announced today the release and immediate availability for download of Stellarium 0.14.2.

Non-Linux FOSS: Open-Source Windows?

Saturday 9th of January 2016 08:48:05 PM
I have mixed emotions about ReactOS. It's open source. It's freelyavailable. But, its goal is to be binary-compatible with Windows! ReactOSis not a Linux operating system. In fact, it doesn't share the UNIXarchitecture at all. It looks like Windows NT, and it behaves much likeWindows NT. It's just odd!

$149 drone plane runs Linux and streams 30fps video

Saturday 9th of January 2016 06:53:43 PM
PowerUp Toys has launched a smartphone controlled airplane drone with an open Linux SDK on Kickstarter, letting you stream video to a Google Cardboard HMD. Most of the drones on display at CES cost many hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. But the biggest benefit of drones — putting a camera in the sky — […]

How To Download Youtube Videos Using Linux

Saturday 9th of January 2016 04:59:21 PM
This guide shows how to download Youtube videos for watching offline, which is great when you are on a train or a plane with limited or no internet access. This guide introduces a command line and gui tool.

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Leftovers: Gaming

  • Don't Starve: Shipwrecked DLC is now available on SteamOS & Linux
    Heads up survivalists! Don't Starve: Shipwrecked the good looking new DLC for the single player version of Don't Starve is now on SteamOS & Linux.
  • SuperTuxKart - A simple recipe for simple fun
    It's been a while since I've done a proper Linux game review. The reasons being, we now have Steam, so there's less of a distinction between Windows and Linux. That division is now blurred, and we're past the free-only, indie-only games of yore. Good. That, however, does not mean you can't be having fun for free. SuperTuxKart is one such title. It's nothing more than a point-and-shoot racer, arcade all the way, with you taking helm in one of the many funnily shaped vehicles and racing down some crazy tracks. Then, it's about taking on some opponents, in-game traps and perks, and gradually unlocking new levels as you make progress in the existing set. But let us explore in more depth.
  • GPUOpen, Mad Max on Linux speculation, and more open gaming news

Leftovers: KDE

  • Interview with Jóhann Örn Geirdal
    What sets Krita apart from the other tools that you use? It’s the fast development and that the developers are definitely listening to the artists who use it. That is not always the case with other software.
  • KDevelop 5.0 Beta 2 Release
    Three months after the first KDevelop 5.0 Beta release, I have the pleasure to announce our second beta release! We have worked hard on improving the stability and performance of our new KDevelop 5.0 based on Qt 5 and KDE Frameworks 5. We also continued to port many features from our old C++ language support to the new Clang-based C/C++ plugin, which is still an ongoing effort.
  • Get software packages quickly with KDE Project Neon
    Neon is a platform designed to give KDE users a way to get software updates quickly. It will be providing packages of the latest KDE software so users can stay up to date on a stable OS base.
  • Looking for FreeBSD wallpaper for Plasma 5 Desktop
    Most distro’s that ship Plasma Desktop as .. well, as a desktop to work in, have their own default wallpaper choice that isn’t exactly the upstream default. OpenSUSE has things with geekos (which I personally really like, for their understatedness). KDE neon goes for the upstream default, but that is the nature of that particular distro.
  • Former Kubuntu Head Unveils New KDE Project
    The name Jonathan Riddell should ring a bell if you read Linux and open source news. He was the creator and longtime lead developer of the Kubuntu distribution. He was forced out of his position by Ubuntu boss Mark Shuttleworth last year because he dared to ask what happened to the funds Canonical had raised for Kubuntu. (To the best of my knowledge, Canonical never really answered to his questions about finances.)
  • Calligra 2.9.11 Released
  • So, why we are different?
    On this week, I’m working very hard on my proposal to Google Summer of Code, and to say some things there, I needed to know better the others printers hosts open sources.
  • Hidden b.k.o-phab links
    Well, consider them unhidden now: if you missed a structured place to link big/wish reports with KDE Phabricator tasks, look no further.
  • Calligra Suite: The Other Free Office Suite
    Calligra Suite is a mature office suite, with a solid set of basic applications, as well as an integrated, often innovative set of utilities, and at least two truly outstanding tools that have developed their own popularity outside of Calligra Suite. Abiword and Gnumeric have their users, but when free office applications come to mind, most people think of LibreOffice, or maybe even Apache OpenOffice. Fewer have heard of Calligra Suite, and those who have sometimes dismiss it as unnecessary.
  • Krita 2.9.11 and the second 3.0 alpha build!
    Today, we’re releasing the eleventh bugfix release for Krita 2.9 and the second development preview release of Krita 3.0! We are not planning more bug fix releases for 2.9, though it is possible that we’ll collect enough fixes to warrant one release more, because there are some problems with Windows 10 that we might be able to work around.
  • The Emperor’s New Clothes or for breeze with inkscape
    Inkscape get full breeze icon support.
  • Logo for “Automobilismo Italiano”
    Thanks inkscape, without you I would be lost !!
  • libotp - email rendering in kube
    The important part of a mailreader is rendering an email. Nobody likes to read the raw mime message.

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