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Updated: 1 hour 53 min ago

Android embraces the Kotlin programming language

Thursday 18th of May 2017 03:43:53 PM
Kotlin, a popular new language for mobile platform that[he]#039[/he]s compatible with Java, is now officially supported on Android.

How to Send and Receive SMS on Linux with KDE Connect

Thursday 18th of May 2017 02:35:16 PM
KDE Connect is a killer little app that allows your Linux PC to send and receive text messages through your Android phone. Learn how to install it on Ubuntu.

Sharing America's code

Thursday 18th of May 2017 01:26:39 PM
Alvand Salehi, senior technology advisor in the Office of the Federal CIO at the White House, delivered a keynote address at OSCON in early May to talk about the U.S. federal government's role in open more

Imagine an Android Phone Without Linux Inside

Thursday 18th of May 2017 12:18:01 PM
Google has plans to replace Linux-based Android with its own built-from-scratch operating system, Fuchsia. Why? Mainly, it seems, to get away from the GPL.

Python Exception Handling

Thursday 18th of May 2017 11:09:24 AM
Python will let you know when you get your syntax wrong. It'll immediately fail and not allow your program to run. What about when your code has a different type of problem? Those are called exceptions, and they tend to be harder to catch. It's up to you to recognize situations where hey might come up and catch them to prevent your program from crashing altogether.

How Socrates taught me to talk to developers

Thursday 18th of May 2017 10:00:47 AM
When it comes to "most valuable tools for untying mental knots and figuring things out," two items appear at the top of my list.The first is this clip from Benny Hill about what happens when we make assumptions. I saw it on (the opposite of a flat-screen) TV as a child years ago, and still reflect on it several times weekly. Its message—operating by assumptions is unlikely to end well, so don't—hasn't failed me more

Linux Ransomware

Thursday 18th of May 2017 08:52:10 AM
A few people have asked me over the past week whether or not Linux is susceptible to ransomware attacks. While the answer is fairly straight forward, let's go over a couple things here first.

Cloud Foundry Foundation CTO Chip Childers to Host Twitter Q&A

Thursday 18th of May 2017 07:43:33 AM
On Thursday, June 1, The Linux Foundation will continue its series of Twitter chats entitled #AskLF featuring leaders at the organization. Previous chats were hosted by The Linux Foundation's Arpit Joshipura, GM of Networking & Orchestration and Clyde Seepersad, Manager of Training and Certifications.

Google's New Home for All Things Open Source Runs Deep

Thursday 18th of May 2017 06:34:56 AM
Recently, Google launched a new home for its open source projects, processes, and initiatives. The site runs deep and has several avenues worth investigating. Here is a tour and some highlights worth noting.

Canonical Readies Mesa 17.1.0 for Ubuntu 16.04 and 17.04, Here's How to Install

Thursday 18th of May 2017 05:26:19 AM
Canonical's Timo Aaltonen informs users of the Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) and Ubuntu 17.04 (Zesty Zapus) operating systems that they can now install the latest Mesa 17.1.0 3D Graphics Stack from the X-Updates PPA repository.

Tiny Snapdragon 820 module offers Linux, Android 7.0, and 9-axis MEMs

Thursday 18th of May 2017 04:17:42 AM
Mistral’s 51 x 26mm “820 Nano SOM” features a Snapdragon 820 SoC, up to up to 6GB LPDDR4 and 128GB storage, plus WiFi, BT, GPS, and a 9-axis MEMS. Bangalore, India-based Mistral Solutions, which has previously released a Nano SOM computer-on-module built around the i.MX6, has now launched an 820 Nano SOM that taps Qualcomm’s […]

elementary OS 0.4.1 Arrives with New AppCenter, Latest HWE from Ubuntu 16.04.2

Thursday 18th of May 2017 03:09:05 AM
Just a few moment ago, elementary OS developer and founder Daniel Foré announced the release and immediate availability for download of the first maintenance update to the elementary OS 0.4 "Loki" operating system.

The ultimate Linux Trojan horse: Windows Subsystem for Linux

Thursday 18th of May 2017 02:00:27 AM
Fedora, openSUSE and Ubuntu are now available in the Windows Store, making life easier for Windows-dominant organizations to run open source software.

Fanless, Linux-friendly Skylake mini-PC has dual M.2 slots

Thursday 18th of May 2017 12:51:50 AM
Aaeon’s “Nano-002N” mini-PC runs Fedora or Windows on Intel’s dual-core Skylake-U CPUs, and offers dual HDMI and GbE ports, 4x USB 3.0, and M.2 expansion. Aaeon’s Nano-002N follows its Intel 5th Gen “Broadwell” based Nano-001N, which has an identical 150 x 125 x 55mm footprint, and is similarly powered from a Nano-ITX mainboard. The fanless […]

Simplify expense reports with Smart Receipts

Wednesday 17th of May 2017 11:43:13 PM
For a lot of professionals, summer brings opportunities to travel to conferences; with professional travel comes the pain of expense reports. From experience, I can tell you that as much of a pain as it is to keep track of things as you go, sorting through a pile of receipts and dealing with them later is even more painful! So this month, I[he]#039[/he]ll be showing you a great open source app for Android and iOS that helps you track expenses as you go and even put together your expense report at the end of the more

Improving Internet Security through Vulnerability Disclosure

Wednesday 17th of May 2017 10:34:36 PM
Supporting the PATCH Act for VEP Reform ? Today, Mozilla sent a letter to Congress in support of the Protecting Our Ability to Counter Hacking Act (PATCH Act) that was … Read moreThe post Improving Internet Security through Vulnerability Disclosure appeared first on The Mozilla Blog.

Possible Protections To Take Against WannaCry Ransomware Attack

Wednesday 17th of May 2017 09:25:59 PM
?Last week Windows users suffered a ransomware attack at a global scale and had their files encrypted. The attackers demanded a payment of $600 worth in bitcoins decrypt all the users' files. This is one of the biggest ransomware attacks recorded and still growing. Read the complete article published yesterday on LinuxAndUbuntu. In this article, we will talk about some of the possible actions one can take against this ransomware.

What's the point of DevOps?

Wednesday 17th of May 2017 08:17:22 PM
Think about the last time you tried to change a personal habit. You likely hit a point where you needed to alter the way you think and make the habit less a part of your identity. This is difficult—and you're only trying to change your own ways of thinking.So you may have tried to put yourself in new situations. New situations can actually help us create new habits, which in turn lead to new ways of more

OpenStack Gets...Easier

Wednesday 17th of May 2017 07:08:45 PM
Although the promise of OpenStack and private cloud is huge, and still largely in front ofus, the one challenge we've heard from people wanting to try it is "It's a bear!"Its reputation, whether or not well-deserved, is one of being a real challenge for evenskilled IT people to install and deploy.

10 Linux Cat Command Examples for Beginners

Wednesday 17th of May 2017 06:00:08 PM
If you a regular Linux command line user, I am sure you must have used the cat command. The tool is mostly used for displaying contents of a file, although it provides many other small but useful features. In this article, we will discuss the cat command in detail, explaining some of its key features.

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LinuxAndUbuntu Distro Review Of The Week - Deepin OS

​Depth/Deepin OS is not just another Linux Distro, but one with something new to show. Deepin OS is simply speaking, just beautiful. Deepin OS, formerly known as Deepin, Linux Deepin, and Hiweed GNU/Linux is a Linux distro with an identity crisis. Seriously, this distro has undergone name changes you always have to check twice if the name is still the same. And that is all the negative you are going to say about this distro. Honestly speaking, Deepin OS is surely going to blow you away. I have been keeping an eye on this distro since 2013 and it still manages to impress me. Read more

KDE Leftovers: digikam, KDevelop, Kate, GSoC, and Akademy

  • [digikam] Call to Test the Pre-Release of 5.6.0
    Once again a lot has been going on behind the scenes since the last release. The HTML gallery tool is back, database shrinking (e.g. purging stale thumbnails) is also supported on MySQL, grouping has been improved and additional sidecars can now be specified. Therefore the release of 5.6.0 will be (is already) delayed, as we would like to invite you to test all these features. As usual they are available in the pre-release bundles or obviously directly from the git repository. Please report any dysfunctions, unexpected behaviour or suggestions for improvement to our bug tracker.
  • KDevelop runtimes: Docker and Flatpak integration
    On my last blog post I discussed about how some assumptions such as the platform developed on can affect our development. We need to minimize it by empowering the developers with good tools so that they can develop properly. To that end, I introduced runtimes in our IDE to abstract platforms (much like on Gnome’s Builder or Qt Creator).
  • Kate 17.04.1 available for Windows
  • GSoC - Community Bonding Period with Krita
  • First month report: my feelings about gsoc
  • My Akademy Plans
    The Akademy programme (saturday, sunday) is actually pretty long; the conference days stretch into feels-like-evening to me. Of course, the Dutch are infamous for being “6pm at the dinner table, and eat potatoes” so my notion of evening may not match what works on the Mediterranean coast. Actually, I know it doesn’t since way back when at a Ubuntu Developer Summit in Sevilla it took some internal-clock-resetting to adjust to dinner closer to midnight than 18:00.

Gaming News: Shogun, SteamOS, Dawn Of War III