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Transmageddon 1.3 Video Transcoder Released Ubuntu Installation

Friday 4th of July 2014 10:25:18 PM
Transmageddon, a video transcoder written in GTK using GStreamer, has reach version 1.3 just a few moments ago. Initially released as 1.2, it was re-tagged as 1.3 after VAAPI encoding has been enabled. To see the full announcement, read this post on the Transmageddon blog.

Top 4 graphical partition managers

Friday 4th of July 2014 09:28:07 PM
Make sure you can maintain your hard disks and storage in the best way possible as we look at a selection of partition editors

Doctors unite to increase access to quality health information

Friday 4th of July 2014 08:30:56 PM
Six years ago, Dr. James Heilman was working a night shift in the ER when he came across an error-ridden article on Wikipedia. Someone else might have used the article to dismiss the online encyclopedia, which was then less than half the size it is now. Instead, Heilman decided to improve the article.read more

What are the alternatives to Skype on Linux

Friday 4th of July 2014 07:33:45 PM
It is pretty much acknowledged by now that Skype is evil. Maybe not as evil as a DRM on a brand new game, but very close. To summarize the events, Skype has been bought by Microsoft, has been spied on by the NSA, is now quitting its peer-to-peer protocol for a centralized system, and on […]Continue reading...The post What are the alternatives to Skype on Linux appeared first on Xmodulo.No related FAQ.

Automotive Grade Linux, running Android without Google, and more

Friday 4th of July 2014 06:36:34 PM
Open source news for your reading pleasure.June 28 - July 4, 2014In this week's edition of our open source news roundup, we celebrate our digital independence and take a cruise with Automotive Grade Linux. Plus more!read more

How Card.com Is Securing Itself and Its Users With Open Source

Friday 4th of July 2014 05:44:15 PM
Finding and fixing bugs is a lot easier when the bug-finding process is crowdsourced and the underlying technology is open source.

PCManFM 1.2.1 Released Overview & Ubuntu Installation

Friday 4th of July 2014 05:39:23 PM
PCManFM, the file manager that comes with the LXDE environment, has reached version 1.2.1 after four months of work, bringing many bug fixes and improvements. This release was also accompanied by a new version of libfm as well. Let’s have a look at this new version.

Ubuntu MATE Remix 14.04 Alpha Now Available for Download

Friday 4th of July 2014 04:42:12 PM
We are pleased to announce today, July 4, that the Ubuntu MATE Remix 14.04 has reached Alpha stage and is available for download as Live DVD/USB images that can be installed.

How To Play Classic Quake on Linux

Friday 4th of July 2014 03:45:01 PM
Don't get rid of your classic Quake and Quake 2 disks, because you can play them better on Linux.

Cinnamon 2.2 in Mint 17 'Qiana' Overview & Screenshots

Friday 4th of July 2014 02:49:39 PM
Cinnamon has come a long way in terms of both usability and responsiveness, and Mint 17 ‘Qiana’ stands proof of this. As mentioned in my review of Mint 17 KDE edition, this release will be supported for five years, and it will also be the base for development of future Mint releases.

PCManFM 1.2.1 File Manager Released with Numerous Fixes

Friday 4th of July 2014 12:35:17 PM
PCManFM or PCMan File Manager has reached version 1.2.1 earlier today. While there’s no official announcement on the project’s blog or homepage, we’ve dug up the changelog in order to notify our users of what’s new in this release.

Is it possible to create the ultimate operating system?

Friday 4th of July 2014 11:38:06 AM
Last weekend I met a guy who has spent almost 50 years looking for the Loch Ness monster. Another team of developers are attempting something equally ambitious. Is it even possible to create the ultimate operating system?

Tails above the Rest, Part II

Friday 4th of July 2014 10:40:55 AM
Now that you have Tails installed, let's start using it.

Tails above the Rest: the Installation

Friday 4th of July 2014 09:43:44 AM
A few columns ago, I started a series aimed at helping everyone improvetheir privacy and security on the Internet. The first column in thisseries was an updated version of a Tor column I wrote a few yearsago.

Airbus submits patent application for windowless jet cockpit

Friday 4th of July 2014 08:46:33 AM
Of course, the patent application is just that: a patent application. It doesn’t address issues such as exactly how to create functional interactive holographic aircraft flight instrumentation. Nor does it attempt to address substantial practical issues about a cockpit made up entirely of virtual instrumentation—like what happens during an emergency situation with partial or total power loss. However, the application does make allowances for some cockpit windows, depending on where in the fuselage the cockpit is located.

Six Linux home automation clicks

Friday 4th of July 2014 07:49:22 AM
Long before people were talking about the Internet of Things, Linux-based home automation systems were available. Here are some of today's most interesting Linux-powered home gadgets.

A Pain in the Person

Friday 4th of July 2014 06:52:11 AM
At what point will we say "enough"?

Why did Microsoft join the Linux Foundation's AllSeen Alliance?

Friday 4th of July 2014 05:55:00 AM
In today's open source roundup: Microsoft becomes a member of the AllSeen Alliance. Plus: Chumby returns from the dead, and how to run Quake and Quake 2 in Linux.

NSA: Linux Journal is an "extremist forum" and its readers get flagged for extra surveillance

Friday 4th of July 2014 04:57:49 AM
A new story published on the German site Tagesschau and followed up by BoingBoing and DasErste.de has uncovered some shocking details about who the NSA targets for surveillance including visitors to Linux Journal itself.

Pragha 1.2.2 Music Player Released with Several Bug Fixes

Friday 4th of July 2014 04:00:38 AM
Pragha 1.2.2, a music player written in GTK with a simplistic interface, has been released just a few moments ago. This release brings several bug fixes.