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Linux and Open Source news headlines
Updated: 2 hours 8 min ago

Three Weeks After Closing the Red Hat Deal, IBM Rolls Out New Cloud Offerings

Friday 2nd of August 2019 08:47:26 PM
Managed services and software optimized for Red Hat OpenShift and Linux aimed at helping enterprises move to the cloud.

A bulk replacement GUI with YAD

Friday 2nd of August 2019 04:16:29 PM
I sometimes need to tidy up data tables by replacing all nearly-the-same versions of a data item with a single "normalised" version. This post describes a script for doing this job neatly with a GUI dialog while also making progressive back-ups of the table.

The August 2019 Issue of the PCLinuxOS Magazine

Friday 2nd of August 2019 03:02:09 PM
The PCLinuxOS Magazine staff is pleased to announce the release of the August 2019 issue.

The August 2019 Issue of the PCLinuxOS Magazine

Friday 2nd of August 2019 03:02:09 PM
The PCLinuxOS Magazine staff is pleased to announce the release of the August 2019 issue.

How to Create Bootable Linux USB Drive

Friday 2nd of August 2019 01:47:49 PM
Usually, when installing a fresh copy of some Linux distribution on your laptop or PC, you’ll need a bootable USB containing the distribution you want to install. This tutorial will take you through the steps necessary to create a bootable Linux USB stick on Windows, macOS and Linux machines. You can use this USB stick to boot and test out or install the Linux distribution on any computer that supports booting from USB.

System76 to Launch Its First 4K OLED Linux Laptop on August 8th

Friday 2nd of August 2019 12:33:28 PM
American computer manufacturer System76 informs Softedia News today that they plan on unveiling their first 4K OLED Linux laptop in early August 2019.

IBM ships software portfolio into containers thanks to Red Hat providing the packaging

Friday 2nd of August 2019 11:19:08 AM
Spreads the Openshift love around for Cloud Paks. There are many reasons for IBM’s recent purchase of Red Hat, but one of them became apparent today - the Big Blue has announced that it has packed more than 100 products across its software portfolio into containers, designed for Red Hat’s OpenShift.…

GNOME and KDE work together on the Linux desktop

Friday 2nd of August 2019 10:04:48 AM
Fragmentation has long been a problem for the Linux desktop, but now the two biggest open-source desktop foundations are joining forces.

Machine vision controller offers PoE and real-time vision I/O

Friday 2nd of August 2019 08:50:28 AM
Axiomtek’s “IPS962-512-PoE” embedded vision PC supports 6th or 7th Gen Intel chips and offers 4x PoE-ready GbE, PCIe, 4x USB 3.0, modular I/O expansion, and real-time vision-specific I/O with microsecond-scale and LED lighting control. Axiomtek has launched a IPS962-512-PoE machine vision controller with modular I/O expansion, isolated I/O interfaces, and real-time controls. The latter include […]

Valve proposes game-friendly changes to the Linux kernel

Friday 2nd of August 2019 07:36:07 AM
Valve has long wanted Linux to be a serious gaming platform. It[he]#039[/he]s now taking its efforts into the Linux kernel itself.

Bash Script to Send a Mail When New User Account is Created in System

Friday 2nd of August 2019 06:21:47 AM
This bash script will trigger an email once in a day with newly created users information.

First Arch Linux ISO Powered by Linux Kernel 5.2 Is Now Available to Download

Friday 2nd of August 2019 05:07:27 AM
Arch Linux fans rejoice, the first Arch Linux ISO snapshot powered by the latest Linux 5.2 kernel series is now available for download.

Canonical Releases Linux 5.0 Kernel (HWE) Security Update for Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS

Friday 2nd of August 2019 03:53:06 AM
Canonical released today a new Linux kernel security update, this time for users of the Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS operating system using the Linux 5.0 HWE (Hardware Enablement) kernel from Ubuntu 19.04.

How to migrate from Microsoft Exchange Server to ONLYOFFICE

Friday 2nd of August 2019 02:38:46 AM
ONLYOFFICE is an open-source solution that comprises online editors for text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations combined with the groupware platform: mail, projects, CRM, calendar, chat. In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to switch from MS Exchange and transfer users, mailboxes, and messages to ONLYOFFICE.

How to Cast Video from Ubuntu to Chromecast

Friday 2nd of August 2019 01:24:26 AM
Chromecast is a device that allows to seamlessly cast content like audio, video on television over your home network. In this article, we will see how to cast video from Ubuntu 18.04 LTS to Chromecast.

How to Install Updates on CentOS 7

Friday 2nd of August 2019 12:10:06 AM
Keeping your CentOS system up to date with the latest security updates is one of the most important parts of overall system security. If you don’t update your operating system’s packages with the latest security patches, your machine will be vulnerable to attacks. In this tutorial, we will show you how to manually update system packages on CentOS 7. The same instructions apply for CentOS 6.

Failure is a feature in blameless DevOps

Thursday 1st of August 2019 10:55:46 PM
DevOps is just another term for value stream development. What does value stream mean?Value is what arises during our interactions with customers and stakeholders. Once we get into value stream development, we quickly realize that value is not an entity. Value constantly changes. Value is a process. Value is a flow.Hence the term stream. Value is only value if it's a stream. And this streaming of value is what we call continuous integration (CI).read more

How to Speed Up Your Linux PC

Thursday 1st of August 2019 09:41:26 PM
Linux is lightweight and fast by default, but it's always beneficial to further speed up a Linux PC. Here are some great ways to speed up your Linux machine

How To Install and Configure Debian 10 Buster with GNOME

Thursday 1st of August 2019 08:27:05 PM
Debian 10 has been finally released on the 6th of July 2019, and it has come with a lot of very great features for system administratorsThis tutorial provides step-by-step instructions about how to install Debian 10 Buster with a GNOME desktop.

More in Tux Machines

Testing Slax 10.2 beta1

Changes include disabling apparmor, which was preventing some programs from starting properly (eg. man), and fixing chromium by installing chromium-sandbox package. Also added was dummy 'sudo' command (so you can copy&paste sudo commands from internet and it will work as long as you are signed in as root). I will be happy if you let me know problems you encounter, either by email, or using slax-users google group, or by commenting to this blog post. Read more

GCC: OpenMP / OpenACC and Static Analysis Framework

  • The GCC 10 Compiler Lands OpenMP / OpenACC Offloading To AMD Radeon GPUs

    A few days ago I wrote about the OpenMP / OpenACC offloading patches for Radeon "GCN" GPUs being posted and seeking inclusion in the GCC 10 compiler that will be released in a few months. Those patches were successfully merged meaning this next annual update to the GNU Compiler Collection will feature initial OpenMP/OpenACC code offloading support to supported AMD GPU targets. After GCC 9 only had the initial AMD Radeon GCN target in place, GCC 10 in early 2020 will feature the initial offloading support using the modern OpenMP and OpenACC APIs, thanks to the merges this week. The libgomp port and associated bits for the AMD GCN back-end have landed thanks to the work done by Code Sourcery under contract with AMD.

  • RFC: Add a static analysis framework to GCC
    This patch kit introduces a static analysis pass for GCC that can diagnose
    various kinds of problems in C code at compile-time (e.g. double-free,
    use-after-free, etc).
    The analyzer runs as an IPA pass on the gimple SSA representation.
    It associates state machines with data, with transitions at certain
    statements and edges.  It finds "interesting" interprocedural paths
    through the user's code, in which bogus state transitions happen.
    For example, given:
       free (ptr);
       free (ptr);
    at the first call, "ptr" transitions to the "freed" state, and
    at the second call the analyzer complains, since "ptr" is already in
    the "freed" state (unless "ptr" is NULL, in which case it stays in
    the NULL state for both calls).
    Specific state machines include:
    - a checker for malloc/free, for detecting double-free, resource leaks,
      use-after-free, etc (, and
    - a checker for stdio's FILE stream API (
    There are also two state-machine-based checkers that are just
    proof-of-concept at this stage:
    - a checker for tracking exposure of sensitive data (e.g.
      writing passwords to log files aka CWE-532), and
    - a checker for tracking "taint", where data potentially under an
      attacker's control is used without sanitization for things like
      array indices (CWE-129).
    There's a separation between the state machines and the analysis
    engine, so it ought to be relatively easy to add new warnings.
    For any given diagnostic emitted by a state machine, the analysis engine
    generates the simplest feasible interprocedural path of control flow for
    triggering the diagnostic.
  • GCC Might Finally Have A Static Analysis Framework Thanks To Red Hat

    Clang's static analyzer has become quite popular with developers for C/C++ static analysis of code while now the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) might finally see a mainline option thanks to Red Hat. Red Hat's David Malcolm has proposed a set of 49 patches that appear to be fairly robust and the most we have seen out of GCC static analysis capabilities to date.

Reports From KDE Development and Lakademy 2019

  • This week in KDE: touchy and scrolly and GTK-ey and iconey

    There are some neat things to report and I think you will enjoy them! In particular, I think folks are really going to like the improvements to GNOME/GTK app integration and two sets of touch- and scrolling-related improvements to Okular and the Kickoff Application Launcher, detailed below:

  • KDE Plasma 5.18 Bringing Better GTK/GNOME App Integration

    Aside from tightening the GNOME/GTK integration with KDE, this week there has also been some Okular improvements, better touch support for the Kickoff Application Launcher, deleting files within the Dolphin file manager now uses a separate worker thread for the I/O, Spectacle can now integrate with OBS Studio as a new screen recording option, and other enhancements.

  • Lakademy 2019

    I’m now writing this post in the last hours of the Lakademy 2019 (and my first one). It was really good to be “formally” introduced to the community and it’s people, and to be in this environment of people wanting to collaborate to something as incredible as KDE. Althought I wanted to contribute more to other projects, I did some changes and fixes in the rocs, wrote my Season of KDE project and got some tasks that can help with the future of rocs.

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