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Linux and Open Source news headlines
Updated: 1 hour 19 min ago

Akademy Talks Day 1

Sunday 26th of July 2015 02:46:39 AM
The KDE community has spent the day in western Spain giving and watching talks showing new developments in the community and where we are likely to be going in the next year. The city of A Coruña is warm and welcoming, and almost reminiscent of Akademy 2013 in Bilbao, with the hilly backdrops and the oceanic linings as you see dark blue and black coloured t-shirted KDE community people trampling their way and wheezing throughout the trek up and downhill the steep tracks from the residences to the University Area where the Akademy Attendees have found their cosy haven. The day opened with...

Happy 30th anniversary, Tengen! Your anti-DRM NES chip fought the law, and the law won

Sunday 26th of July 2015 12:52:17 AM
Atari offshoot tried to take down Nintendo cartridge racketIn 1985, Atari offloaded its ailing console games business to Japanese games giant Namco. The deal was the first step toward a massive legal battle that changed the way console manufacturers produced, licensed, and distributed their games.…

Install Softaculous Auto Installer on WHM/cPanel

Saturday 25th of July 2015 11:03:38 PM
Softaculous is an auto installer which allows you to install 350+ great scripts on your server. By using Softaculous you can install WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PrestaShop, Magento etc. within seconds. Softaculous is an auto installer which allows you to install 350+ great scripts on your server. By using Softaculous you can install WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PrestaShop, Magento etc. within seconds. It can be installed on a Linux VPS with WHM/cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, InterWorx and H-Sphere control panel.

We’ve Got a Lot of Ideas for the Next Linux Mint Release, Says Clement Lefebvre

Saturday 25th of July 2015 09:09:16 PM
On July 23, Clement Lefebvre, leader of the popular Linux Mint computer operating system, sent in his monthly report on the work done by the Linux Mint developers in the month of July 2015.

Free (online) Linux training/courses

Saturday 25th of July 2015 07:14:54 PM
Linux is everywhere; on your phone, in your satellite receiver, in your car, even in your refrigerator… And it runs most of the Internet, because most web servers do run Linux! Learn more about Linux with these free online courses and tutorials.

Porn studio asks judge to ban talk about “copyleft” blogs at trial

Saturday 25th of July 2015 05:20:32 PM
Prenda Law is gone, and today it's a legit porno company, Malibu Media, that files more copyright lawsuits than anyone else. Malibu sues thousands of people for downloading the company's content via BitTorrent, then asks for settlements reportedly in the several-thousand-dollar range. The antics of Malibu and other "copyright trolls" are often documented on two pseudonymous troll-fighting blogs, FightCopyrightTrolls and DieTrollDie.

How to install Wolf CMS on a CentOS VPS

Saturday 25th of July 2015 03:26:10 PM
Wolf CMS is free and open-source, PHP based content management system that offers simple and elegant user interface.

Plasma Mobile, a Free Mobile Platform

Saturday 25th of July 2015 01:31:48 PM
Plasma Mobile offers a Free (as in freedom and beer), user-friendly, privacy-enabling, customizable platform for mobile devices. Plasma Mobile is Free software, and is now developed via an open process. Plasma Mobile is currently under development with a prototype available providing basic functions to run on a smartphone.

Enlightenment 0.19.6 Desktop Environment Arrives with Over 45 Bugfixes

Saturday 25th of July 2015 11:46:38 AM
The developers behind the modern and beautiful Enlightenment desktop environment have announced recently the immediate availability of the sixth maintenance release of Enlightenment 0.19.

OSCON: The Envelope, Please…

Saturday 25th of July 2015 09:52:16 AM
OSCON wraps up, as it always does, with its closing remarks, a short talk — this year by Simon Wardley on “Situation normal, everything must change” — and the annually awaited O’Reilly Open Source Awards, which had five winners this year. The five are…and because no one else will say it, I will: The OSCON goes to…

Stackable SBC sandwich runs Linux on ARM/FPGA Zynq SoC

Saturday 25th of July 2015 07:57:54 AM
Sundance’s sandwich-style SBC runs Linux on an ARM/FPGA Xilinx Zynq SoC, offers VITA57.1 FMC-LPC I/O, and stacks via a PCIe/104 OneBank expansion bus. With its announcement of the EMC2-Z7015 SBC, PC/104 module maker Sundance Multiprocessor Technology Ltd. has become the third vendor we’ve come across to support the PC/104 Consortium’s new OneBank bus option for […]

openSUSE Leap 42.1 Is Based on SUSE Linux Enterprise, Milestone 1 Ready for Testing

Saturday 25th of July 2015 06:03:32 AM
Today, July 24, Douglas DeMaio posted news on the openSUSE Project's homepage that the openSUSE Leap 42.1 Milestone 1 is now available for download and testing, based on the source code of the acclaimed SUSE Linux Enterprise operating system. Probably the most exciting things about openSUSE Leap 42.1 Milestone 1 is the fact that it's powered by a highly optimized kernel from the Linux 4.1 LTS series, bringing power enhancements to x86 and ARM hardware, as well as encryption support to the EXT4 file system.

Linux Foundation offers cheaper courses and certifications for India

Saturday 25th of July 2015 04:09:10 AM
This makes India the first region in which the Linux Foundation will offer country-specific pricing on select training and certification products. The foundation has announced the availability of country-specific pricing for its Essentials of System Administration course and Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator exam for individuals in India. This makes India the first region in which the Linux Foundation will offer country-specific pricing on select training and certification products.

Top 5: My Linux Story, Linux game review, Facebook, and more

Saturday 25th of July 2015 02:14:48 AM
In this week's Top 5, we look at how to run Ceph with Docker, Linux game review of OpenTTD, open hardware is winning, the real reason Facebook does open source, and a new My Linux Story.

Full-Featured Mir 0.14 Update Finally Lands in Ubuntu Touch, Notes App Updated

Saturday 25th of July 2015 12:20:26 AM
Canonical's Lukasz Zemczak informed us all that the full-featured Mir 0.14 display server update landed in the devel branch of Ubuntu Touch. While the Mir 0.14 update is currently available in the Wily Werewolf devel branch of Ubuntu Touch, the devs are working hard these days to push the update to the stable, Vivid Vervet based branch as well.

Schedules for Flock and F23, Atomic & Workstation, DNF and a Fedora job opening!

Friday 24th of July 2015 10:26:04 PM
Fedora is a big project, and it’s hard to keep up with everything. This series highlights interesting happenings in five different areas every week. It isn’t comprehensive news coverage — just quick summaries with links to each. Here are the... Continue Reading [he]#8594[/he]

OSCON: Goodbye, Portland

Friday 24th of July 2015 09:28:53 PM
The final day started with many an attendee with coffee in hand, filing into the Portland Ballroom for the morning welcome and keynotes. Matthew McCollough of GitHub, Sarah Novotny of NGNIX, and Rachel Roumeliotis of O’Reilly kicked off the opening welcome to a standing room only crowd — problematic since the ushers wouldn’t let anyone stand, so I ended up sitting in someone’s lap (just kidding).

“Teledildonics” patent used to sue six nascent cybersex companies

Friday 24th of July 2015 08:31:42 PM
Patent trolls are so prolific these days that you don't really need to be successful to draw lawsuits. Case in point, a recently formed California company called TZU Technologies is demanding cash from six different players in the "virtual sex" industry—which barely even exists.

Container standards: Patching over the cracks

Friday 24th of July 2015 07:34:31 PM
At OSCon, it may look like the container powers are all getting along, but under the surface disagreements simmer.

Cloud Native Computing Foundation, space listening, and more open source news

Friday 24th of July 2015 06:37:20 PM
In this week's edition of our open source news roundup, we take a look at the new Cloud Native Computing Foundation from the Linux Foundation, space listening, the new generation of robotics, and more.Open source news roundup for July 18 - 24, 2015read more

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Review of Ubuntu Phone – A Work Still Under Progress

However, what one must remember is that the Ubuntu Phone is still a work in progress. The company is issuing updates every month and is relying on its current user base regarding the feedback and ideas. Right now, only three Ubuntu phones are present in the market ranging from $186 to $328 roughly. Ubuntu has been in hibernation mode for the development of this OS for a long time and it looked like they might be consumer ready now, however, after seeing the Ubuntu Phone it looks like they might be far from that scenario right now. Read more

Android M news: Release date delayed, to come out in September or October?

Google reveals that the newest Android operating system initially codenamed as "Android M" will be delaying the release of Android M Developer Preview 3 for selected Nexus devices. The information was shared by the company's employee and moderator Wojtek Kaliciński on the Developer community page in Google+. Read more

Linux Kernel 3.10.85 LTS Brings Refinements to EXT4, Btrfs, ARM, and XFS, Updated Drivers

After announcing the release of the Linux kernel 4.1.4 LTS, Greg Kroah-Hartman published details about the eighty-five maintenance release of the Linux 3.10 kernel series, a long-term supported version that will receive security patches for a few more years than regular releases. Read more Also: Linux Kernel 3.14.49 LTS Has ARM64 and EXT4 Improvements, Many Updated Drivers

Manjaro Community Proudly Presents The Release of Manjaro Linux i3 Edition

Today, August 4, Bernhard Landauer, the maintainer of the i3 community edition of the Manjaro Linux distribution had the pleasure of announcing the immediate availability for download of Manjaro Linux i3 Read more