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How DreamHost is reinventing itself with OpenStack

Tuesday 15th of July 2014 01:44:35 PM
Founded in 1997, DreamHost is a seasoned internet business home to over 400,000 happy customers, 1.5 million sites and applications, and hundreds of thousands of installs of WordPress, the dominant open source CMS. Open source is in our blood, and has powered every aspect of our services since 1997. DreamHost is built on a foundation of Perl, Linux, Apache, MySQL, and countless other open source projects. In our 16+ years of existence, DreamHost has seen the realities of internet applications and hosting drastically evolve. Our journey to the cloud requires a bit of history and context, so let’s dive right in.read more

A call to arms for open source!

Tuesday 15th of July 2014 12:47:24 PM
For both my friend and me, open source has been critical to how we live our lives. It's not a job or a career, but a calling.read more

Raspberry Pi supercomputer tutorial

Tuesday 15th of July 2014 11:50:13 AM
Now that you have built your own Raspberry Pi-based supercomputer, learn the basics of how to write Python code to take advantage of all of this power

Last but not least, Linux support arrives for Chrome Remote Desktop

Tuesday 15th of July 2014 08:11:41 AM
After pushing Chrome Remote Desktop to mobile, Google has finally announced official beta Linux support for its remote access and administration product. Earlier this year, Chrome Remote Desktop support was extended from Windows and OS X to Android, allowing users of the extension to get remote access to their Windows, Mac, and Linux desktops from the Chrome browser. But while Google promised that iOS support would come later this year, at the time there was no mention of equivalent support for remote access from a Linux machine.

HandyLinux 1.6 Screenshot Tour

Tuesday 15th of July 2014 07:14:30 AM
HandyLinux 1.6 has been released. HandyLinux is a Debian-based distribution that features a novice-friendly start menu with application launchers and Internet bookmarks. The just-announced version 1.6 is the project's first release that merges the French and English flavours into one download, available for the i486 and i686 (PAE) architectures.

Initiate Redhat installation remotely via VNC

Tuesday 15th of July 2014 06:17:19 AM
Apart of the regular local Redhat's installation, the Redhat system allows admin to modify boot options to temporarily setup network interface and instruct the installation program Anaconda to initiate installation via VNC. In this article we will modify default Redhat's boot options to initiate remote installation using VNC.

“World’s first” iris recognition smartwatch runs Android

Tuesday 15th of July 2014 05:20:08 AM
IriTech has launched an Indiegogo project for an Android-based “Fidelys” smartwatch with iris recognition technology and a rotating-clicking bezel for I/O. The main draw of the Fidelys is its “military grade” iris recognition technology, which avoids the need for vulnerable, inconvenient, hard to remember passwords, says IriTech. By visually verifying one’s iris, the technology can […]

5 reasons why software bugs still plague us

Tuesday 15th of July 2014 04:22:57 AM
Another month, another few dozen patches to install -- it's never-ending. It's frustrating. Software coding tools supposedly have security built in by default. We have "safe" programming languages. We have programmers using SDL (security development lifecycle) coding tools and techniques. We have operating systems with more secure defaults and vendors that fuzz and attack their own software with a vengeance to find holes. We have companies spending billions of dollars to eliminate software bugs.

Android Candy: Repix, Not Just Another Photo App

Tuesday 15th of July 2014 03:25:46 AM
Apps like Instagram have made photo filters commonplace. I actually don't mind the vintage look for quick cell-phone snapshots, but a filter can do only so much. At first glance, Repix is another one of those "make your photo cool" apps that does little more than add a border and change saturation levels.

Is making your product free and open source crazy talk?

Tuesday 15th of July 2014 02:28:35 AM
Making money from open source. To many in the corporate world, that seems like a contradiction in terms. How are you supposed to make money from something that you give away? they ask. It can be done. A number of companies, large and small, have done quite well in the open source space over the years.

X-Plane 10 Global 64bit Now On Steam For Linux

Tuesday 15th of July 2014 01:31:24 AM
X-Plane 10 Global 64bit is now on Steam for Linux and promises a rather expensive flight simulator experience. By expensive we mean £44.99, so dig deep if you want to try it folks.

DistroWatch resolves its domain registrar problems

Tuesday 15th of July 2014 12:34:13 AM
In today's open source roundup: DistroWatch fixes its domain registar issues. Plus: CrossOver 13.2 improves, and what text editor do you use?

Raspberry Pi Model B+ adds USB ports, expansion pins

Monday 14th of July 2014 11:37:02 PM
The newly released Raspberry Pi Model B+ has the same CPU, memory, and $35 price, plus a new 40-pin GPIO header, two more USB ports, and a microSD slot. Considering all the competition from open-spec hacker boards like the Odroid and BeagleBone Black, not to mention Pi clones like the Banana Pi, the non-profit Raspberry Pi Foundation was overdue for an update to the world’s most popular single board computer. To be sure, “this isn’t a ‘Raspberry Pi 2?,” as Eben Upton and the Pi gang note in today’s announcement of the Pi Model B+. The update uses the same aging, ARM11-based Broadcom BCM2835 processor and 512MB of RAM as the Pi Model B, disappointing those looking for a Cortex-something update, but also maintains perfect software compatibility with Raspbian and existing Linux distros and applications.

Debian 7.6.0 GNOME Screenshot Tour

Monday 14th of July 2014 10:39:51 PM
The Debian project is pleased to announce the sixth update of its stable distribution Debian 7 (codename wheezy). This update mainly adds corrections for security problems to the stable release, along with a few adjustments for serious problems. Security advisories were already published separately and are referenced where available.

OpenStack Juno previews, Docker all the things, and more

Monday 14th of July 2014 09:42:40 PM
Interested in keeping track of what's happening in the open source cloud? Opensource.com is your source for what's happening right now in OpenStack, the open source cloud infrastructure project.read more

Contacts and events everywhere - successful syncing between thunderbird and android with Baikal

Monday 14th of July 2014 08:45:29 PM
Contacts and events everywhere - successful syncing between thunderbird and android with BaikalI got a new Android phone lately and was wondering how to handle my life. New phone, new chances, new life ;-) I have a lots of contacts. I used to store addresses in an openLDAP server, but I found these hard to manage especially since Ubuntu 14.04 does not ship "luma" anymore! I used to run radicale, but I did not manage to fix my sync-performance issues.

When "Free" Can Suck

Monday 14th of July 2014 07:48:18 PM
"I'm sorry there kiddo. You can't watch a lot of videos or use your school's website because they depends on Flash. I'm also sorry that you can't play on miniclip.com or use some of your apps. Java doesn't work on your computer. But hey...ain't using Linux great anyway? Make sure to tell all your friends how great Linux is."Google's act of stripping Java support from Chrome severely cripples that browser. What they intend to replace it with still remains to be seen. Is Chrome following Apples lead in refusing to include Flash? At first blush, it would certainly seem so.

RDO Setup Two Real Node (Controller+Compute) IceHouse Neutron ML2&OVS&VLAN Cluster on CentOS 7

Monday 14th of July 2014 06:51:07 PM
As of 07/14/2014 Bug https://ask.openstack.org/en/question/35705/attempt-of-rdo-aio-install-icehouse-on-centos-7/ is still pending and workaround suggested above should be applied during two node RDO packstack installation.Successful implementation of Neutron ML2&&OVS&&VLAN multi node setup requires correct version of plugin.ini -[he]gt[/he] /etc/neutron/plugins/ml2/ml2_conf.ini which appears to be generated with errors by packstack.

Red Hat CEO Whitehurst on VMware, OpenStack and CentOS

Monday 14th of July 2014 05:53:56 PM
'Open source gives us brand permission to enter a ton of categories,' said Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst.

Justin Miller on how Mapbox runs like an open source project

Monday 14th of July 2014 04:56:45 PM
Justin Miller is an open source vet. He's the lead developer on the Mapbox mobile team, but he's been through the ranks. He worked on Linux.com, put in his time as a sysadmin, and then made his way into mobile development.read more