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Linux and Open Source news headlines
Updated: 2 hours 29 min ago

Deepin 20 Review: The Gorgeous Linux Distro Becomes Even More Beautiful (and Featureful)

3 hours 35 min ago
Deepin is already a beautiful Linux distribution. Deepin version 20 puts in a different league altogether with all those visual and feature improvements.

Thunderbird implements PGP crypto feature first requested 21 years ago

4 hours 49 min ago
As Mozilla kills off secure file transfer tool because – shock! – it was being abused. Mozilla’s mail reader, Thunderbird, has implemented a feature first requested 21 years ago.…

Set up a Wekan kanban server on Linux

6 hours 3 min ago
Wekan is an open source kanban board application that allows you to manage your daily tasks with (virtual) cards. You can create boards and cards and move them between columns as you make progress on each task. You can also add people who work with you to the tasks on the board. Like other kanban tools, Wekan also allows you to use colored labels on cards to facilitate grouping, filtering, and assigning them to specific people. Because Wekan is open source (distributed under an MIT License), it[he]#039[/he]s easy to modify and use.

How to Fix Can’t Type in Terminal Issue in Linux

7 hours 18 min ago
The terminal remains the primary way the majority of Linux users interact with their computers. Nothing is perfect, though, and sometimes even the terminal can stop responding or ignore your input. Here are some of the fixes for when you are having the can't type in terminal issue.

Industrial panel PC is an IP69 neat freak

8 hours 19 min ago
Adlink’s IP69-protected “Titan-AL” panel PC runs Linux or Win 10 on Apollo Lake and is available with 15.6-, 21.5-, and 23.8-inch HD capacitive touchscreens in either VESA with M12 or pipe-mount configurations. Adlink has added an Intel Apollo Lake based panel PC to its Titan Panel Computer series that adheres to IP69 water and dust-proofing […]

How To Detect Outdated Shared Libraries In Memory With UChecker In Linux

9 hours 21 min ago
Uchecker, a free scanner, lets you patch vulnerable shared libraries in memory without having to reboot the Linux servers.

An introduction to Kubespray

10 hours 22 min ago
By combining Ansible and Kubernetes, Kubespray can deploy Kubernetes clusters on multiple machines.

KDE Plasma 5.20 Desktop Enters Beta, Final Release Expected on October 13

11 hours 24 min ago
The KDE Project launched today the beta version of the upcoming KDE Plasma 5.20 desktop environment, which looks to be one off the biggest releases of all time.

Update on Firefox Send and Firefox Notes

12 hours 25 min ago
As Mozilla tightens and refines its product focus in 2020, today we are announcing the end of life for two legacy services that grew out of the Firefox Test Pilot …

Zynq UltraScale+ SBC and AI Box support PaddlePaddle AI tools

13 hours 27 min ago
MYIR’s $699 and up “FZ5 Card” SBC and $729 and up “FZ5 EdgeBoard AI Box” run Linux on a Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC ZU5EV with 2.4-TOPS AI, 4-8GB DDR4, 32GB eMMC, GbE, HDMI-in, DP, 4x USB 3.0, and more. In July, MYIR launched a $259, Raspberry Pi like FZ3 Card SBC built around its MYC-CZU3EG CPU […]

How to Run Cron Jobs Every 5, 10 or 15 Minutes

14 hours 41 min ago
A cron job is a task that is executed at specified intervals. The tasks can be scheduled to run by a minute, hour, day of the month, month, day of the week, or any combination of these. Cron jobs are generally used to automate system maintenance or administration, such as backing up databases or data, updating the system with the latest security patches, checking the disk space usage , sending emails, and so on.

Build a personal Git server with Gogs and Podman

15 hours 56 min ago
Use a personal git server to save and manage your own code, to share code across different machines in your network, or to share with a small team.

Git Branching Tutorial for beginners

Friday 18th of September 2020 06:16:54 AM
Branching allows git to track multiple lines of development. This essentially allows you to have multiple versions of your project in development at the same time. For example, many projects will choose to have a stable master branch while new features or bug fixes are implemented in a development or testing branch. Once the project organizers are satisfied that the changes made in the development branch have reached the required level of maturity, they may choose to merge those changes into the master branch.

Introduction to Linux firewalld zones and rules

Friday 18th of September 2020 05:02:34 AM
In this second part of a beginner's guide to firewalld, you'll learn about zones and rules.

IBM Celebrates 20th Anniversary of Linux on Z, 5 Years of LinuxONE

Friday 18th of September 2020 03:48:13 AM
Today, IBM celebrates not one but three important milestones in their 20-year-long relationship with Linux and the Open Source community, 20th anniversary of Linux on Z, 5th anniversary of LinuxONE and first anniversary of Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Z and LinuxOne, as the company informs 9to5Linux.

Board-Level Solutions Dress for IoT Duty

Friday 18th of September 2020 02:33:53 AM
For applications where ruggedness is a requirement, board-level IoT solutions provide the kind of compact connectivity needed for the IoT edge. Board vendors have rolled out a variety of products designed to serve IoT implementation needs. These range from high compute-density boards to compact solutions for space constrained applications.

How to Remove All Files in a Git Repository

Friday 18th of September 2020 01:19:33 AM
By default we can delete only one file from a branch in a git repository. But if you need to delete all files and folders from the branch and make fresh start you need use the command line tool to remove all folders and files In this guide you are going to learn how to remove multiple files and folders from your git repository.

Nginx vs. Apache: When to Use One or the Other

Friday 18th of September 2020 12:05:12 AM
The two most popular web servers in the world are Apache and Nginx, with over 60% of all websites worldwide being run by these two web servers. Both Apache and Nginx offer excellent performance and similar features. However, they differ in terms of their architecture, security, and performance.

SiFive to demo PC running new RISC-V SoC and unveil next-gen AI SoC

Thursday 17th of September 2020 10:50:52 PM
SiFive will soon demo a Linux-driven, RISC-V based “FU740” SoC powering a PC and will unveil a new superscalar AI core. Interest in RISC-V is likely to increase if Nvidia completes its $40 billion acquisition of Arm. At the Linley Fall Virtual Processor Conference starting Oct. 20, SiFive CTO Yunsup Lee will unveil a Linux-driven […]

TUXEDO Book XUX7 Launches as Behemoth of a Linux Gaming Laptop

Thursday 17th of September 2020 09:36:32 PM
TUXEDO Computers unveiled today a new Linux laptop, the TUXEDO Book XUX7, which dubs as a high-end desktop replacements for Linux gamers who want the best possible gaming machine in a portable format.

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Edge AI box powers up with Jetson AGX Xavier

Neousys’ compact “NRU-120S” edge AI box runs on a Jetson AGX Xavier and provides 4x screw-lockable PoE+ GbE, 2x hot-swap SATA trays, 3x USB, 2x DP, isolated CAN and DIO, and M.2 and mini-PCIe slots. Neousys has introduced a variety of Intel-based edge AI systems with PCIe slots that support Nvidia graphics cards, such as the Coffee Lake based Nuvo-7166GC. Now it has announced a rugged NRU-120S AI box that taps Nvidia’s high-end, Linux-powered Jetson AGX Xavier module. The rugged, fanless system supports intelligent video analytics, NVR, and other deep-learning vision applications in industrial inspection, smart agriculture, and automated warehouse operations. Read more

The 10 Best New Features in GNOME 3.38

Gnome 3.38 is released. This new version with the codename “Orbis” brings along a lot more new features and improvements. This post will look at some of these features that you should expect. Even though this powerful Desktop Environment includes all the features we will look at, their availability may differ from one distribution to another. The downstream packaging process mainly causes that. Some of these features might be renamed, relocated, or omitted for later versions of the particular distro. Since Ubuntu 20.04 is an LTS release, you can’t install the Gnome 3.38 here. If you are in dire need to test this new release, you can download the ISO file for GNOME 3.38 BETA and use it as a virtual machine. Alternatively, you can wait for the release of Ubuntu 20.10 in October as it is meant to ship with this new GNOME release. Read more