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Linux and Open Source news headlines
Updated: 15 min 48 sec ago

How To Access Linux Partitions From Windows 10

1 hour 29 min ago
This guide explains how to access Linux partitions from Windows 10 and transfer the data from Linux partitions to Windows using Linux reader.

Use your favorite programming language to provision Infrastructure as Code

2 hours 43 min ago
As you navigate the world of IT and technology, there are some terms you come across repeatedly. Some of them are hard to quantify and may take on different meanings as time goes on. "DevOps" is an example of a word that seems (to me) to change depending on the person using it; the original DevOps pioneers might not even recognize what we call DevOps more

Meet Super Container OS, a Debian-Based Live Distro with a Built-In Container Engine

3 hours 57 min ago
I told you I love new projects, right? Well, today I have a brand-new distro that I’d like to introduce you to, called Super Container OS, and targeted at developers who want to run containerized apps.

BunsenLabs Linux Lithium Release Hits Stable, Based on Debian Buster

5 hours 12 min ago
After more than two years in development, BunsenLabs Linux Lithium release has finally hit the stable channel today for this OpenBox-based and lightweight Debian GNU/Linux derivative, a continuation of the acclaimed CrunchBang Linux.

Do math in the Linux shell with GNU bc

6 hours 26 min ago
Most POSIX systems come with GNU bc, an arbitrary precision numeric processing language. Its syntax is similar to C, but it also supports interactive execution of statements and processing data from standard in (stdin). For that reason, it's often the answer to the question, "How do I do math in the Linux shell?" This style of response is common online:read more

How to Install CouchDB on Ubuntu 20.04

7 hours 40 min ago
Apache CouchDB is a free and open-source NoSQL database developed by the Apache Software Foundation. It can be used as a single-node or clustered database. CouchDB server stores its data in named databases, which contains documents with JSON structure. Each document consists of a number of fields and attachments. Fields can include text, numbers, lists, booleans, more. This article covers the steps of installing the latest version of CouchDB on Ubuntu 20.04.

Vesta Control Panel – Simple Yet Powerful Control Panel For Linux

8 hours 55 min ago
cPanel web hosting is easier to set up and manage. Users who are not familiar with Linux servers can easily maintain servers using cPanel, a GUI control panel for web servers.

Why I use Ingress Controllers to expose Kubernetes services

10 hours 9 min ago
The meteoric rise of containerization and microservices has been necessary to meet the growing demand for applications, but getting it right means overcoming some critical network orchestration challenges. Out of the complexities that developers of cloud-native applications face, strategically utilizing Kubernetes ingress controllers is among the most difficult components to understand—and among the most important.

GNU Linux-Libre 5.8 Kernel Arrives for Those Seeking 100% Freedom for Their PCs

11 hours 23 min ago
Alexandre Oliva announced today the general availability of the GNU Linux-libre 5.8 kernel for those seeking 100% freedom for their personal computers.

How to Handle Json On Bash Command Line

12 hours 38 min ago
Check out this post to learn about how to parse and create JSON ON Bash command line.

Backup and restore Toolboxes

Tuesday 4th of August 2020 06:21:18 AM
Toolboxes started life often described as disposable containers – and that is still one of their major uses: install stuff, then try it out in the relative safety of a container, and lastly, cleanly dispose of it. If you have ever spent time setting up a toolbox container and would like to back it up, this article is for you.

Linus Torvalds pines for header file fix but releases Linux 5.8 anyway

Tuesday 4th of August 2020 05:06:58 AM
Lots of love for AMD and POWER 10 and a hint of some Google's operational code making it into future releasesLinus Torvalds has released a new version of the Linux kernel.…

Red Hat and CentOS systems aren’t booting due to BootHole patches

Tuesday 4th of August 2020 03:52:38 AM
Early this morning, an urgent bug showed up at Red Hat's bugzilla bug tracker—a user discovered that the RHSA_2020:3216 grub2 security update and RHSA-2020:3218 kernel security update rendered an RHEL 8.2 system unbootable.

Practice parsing text in NLP with Python

Tuesday 4th of August 2020 02:38:18 AM
Natural language processing (NLP) is a specialized field for analysis and generation of human languages. Human languages, rightly called natural language, are highly context-sensitive and often ambiguous in order to produce a distinct meaning. (Remember the joke where the wife asks the husband to "get a carton of milk and if they have eggs, get six," so he gets six cartons of milk because they had eggs.) NLP provides the ability to comprehend natural language input and produce natural language output more

Growing fresh veggies with Raspberry Pi and Mender

Tuesday 4th of August 2020 01:36:46 AM
Building a self-watering system managed by Raspberry Pi with embedded Linux and over-the-air updates.

Fedora 33: New Features and Changes, Release Dates

Tuesday 4th of August 2020 12:35:14 AM
Fedora 33 is the next installment of the Fedora Linux operating system for the desktop workstation, servers, and all of its spins.

Arcane Fortune is a grand strategy empire building game you can play in your terminal

Monday 3rd of August 2020 11:33:42 PM
Newly released is Arcane Fortune, a free game inspired by Civilization and SimCity with their ultimate goal to have the 'detail and realism as Dwarf Fortress'.

GitHub's Arctic Vault Makes Sure Open Source Code Survives the Apocalypse

Monday 3rd of August 2020 10:32:10 PM
In early July, GitHub deposited 186 kilometers of photographic film, containing 21TB of digitized snapshots of all the public-facing code in its repository, to its underground Arctic Code Vault, located on a Norwegan island in the Arctic Ocean.

An introduction to crun, a fast and low-memory footprint container runtime

Monday 3rd of August 2020 09:30:38 PM
Check out crun, an OCI-compliant alternative to runc for Linux container runtime.

Backup and restore Toolboxes

Monday 3rd of August 2020 08:29:06 PM
Create a backup of your Pet toolbox container. If you have ever spent time setting up a toolbox container and would like to back it up, this article is for you.