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Linux and Open Source news headlines
Updated: 8 min 18 sec ago

How to Add an External Repository on Kodi in Linux

26 min 41 sec ago
Add-ons and external repositories are essential for getting the most out of Kodi. The media player has everything you need built in to the add-on management interface, making it very simple to enable external repositories.

How to Install and Configure Redmine on CentOS 8

1 hour 28 min ago
This tutorial explains how to install and configure the latest version of Redmine on CentOS 8. We'll use MariaDB as a database back-end and Passenger + Apache as a Ruby application server.

How to use HomeBank for your open source alternative to Quicken

2 hours 29 min ago
A while ago, I used Quicken to manage my finances. It's proprietary software, and year after year, it cost me more and more money for upgrades. Eventually, I realized it isn't prudent to take away from my budget to help me control my more

How to Do Spelling Checks in the Linux Terminal

3 hours 31 min ago
Do you know that Linux has ia command-line spellcheck utility to check your writing in the Terminal? Here's how to use aspell to spellcheck in Linux.

How To Google Search From Commandline Using Googler

4 hours 32 min ago
This guide explains how to do Google search from commandline on Linux using Googler command line tool.

How to Install vsftpd FTP Server with SSL/TLS on CentOS 8

5 hours 34 min ago
FTP is a widely used protocol used for transferring files between server and client. In this tutorial, we will show you how to install VSFTPD on CentOS 8 server and secure it with SSL/TLS.

Why Source Code Scanning Tools are Essential to Open Source Compliance

6 hours 35 min ago
Merging code in open source software is easy. Just grab and add, right? Well, no. If you don't pay attention to what license each inclusion is offered under, the users of your software may end up with a disaster on their hands. Happily, there are free tools available to help you avoid just that.

How to enable Picture in Picture mode in Google Chrome on Debian 10

7 hours 37 min ago
In this article, we will explain how to enable picture-in-picture mode in Google Chrome. It should be noted that you cannot play every video in PiP mode. However, YouTube and daily motion will work in pip mode.

How to recover a root password in Red Hat-based Linux systems

8 hours 38 min ago
Forgetting or never having the root password for a Linux system is a bad thing. This short how-to will prevent a time-consuming reinstall.

How to clear swap memory in Linux

9 hours 40 min ago
Got swappiness? Learn how to set appropriate swap settings in Linux, and clear your swap's contents.

FSF's Interim Co-President Alexandre Oliva on FSF Communication Policies

10 hours 42 min ago
Surely I, being acting president and then half-acting president, must suck as a manager. I probably do indeed, but it's not so simple.

Ubuntu-Based MakuluLinux 2020 Wants to Convince Windows 7 Users to Switch to Linux

11 hours 43 min ago
The MakuluLinux 2020 distribution has been released based on Ubuntu Linux and promising a familiar place for both Windows and Linux users.

Whiskey Lake SBC has triple GbE and dual HDMI ports

17 hours 1 min ago
IEI’s 165 x 115mm “Wafer-ULT5” SBC delivers an 8th Gen Whiskey Lake-UE CPU with triple independent displays, triple GbE, 4x USB 3.1 Gen 2, mini-PCIe and M.2, and -20 to 60°C support. IEI has introduced an SBC with Intel’s 8th Gen Whiskey Lake processors up to a Core i7-8665UE with 4x octa-threaded cores @ 1.7GHz […]

Claws Mail 3.17.5 Open-Source Email Client Released with New Features

18 hours 3 min ago
The Claws Mail 3.17.5 open-source and free email client has been released over the weekend and looks to be a great release that adds various new features and lots of improvements.

How to display Images in the command line in Linux/Ubuntu

19 hours 4 min ago
For users who work with the command line in Linux most of the time, it could be convenient to view images within their terminal session. In this article we will cover some command line applications that enable users to display images in the terminal. Make sure to protect your eyes from your screen’s damaging blue rays while reading the article

Tiny, Linux-powered Sitara module has dev kit with dual GbE

20 hours 6 min ago
MYIR’s 50 x 40mm, -40 to 85°C tolerant “MYC-C335X-GW” module runs Linux on TI’s AM335x with up to 1GB RAM and 4GB eMMC. It can be extended with a “MYD-C335X-GW” carrier with GbE plus optional SFP. We don’t see many Texas Instruments Sitara AM335x boards anymore, but if you’re still interested in this low-power, industrial-focused […]

Open source licenses: What, which, and why

21 hours 7 min ago
Most people have at least heard of open source software by now—and even have a fairly good idea of what it is. Learn what open source licenses are, which one to choose, and why it matters.

Network Configuration in Debian 10

22 hours 9 min ago
In this article, we will explain how you can set up a basic network in a Debian based Linux OS. The basic setup includes setting a static IP, gateway, DNS, and hostname. We have used Debian 10 OS for describing the procedure mentioned in this article.

How to View Running Processes on Linux

Tuesday 25th of February 2020 07:55:26 AM
There are several Linux tools we can use to identify all of the processes on our system, and that's what we'll be covering in this guide.

IPFire Open-Source Linux Firewall Gets a Revamped DNS System

Tuesday 25th of February 2020 06:53:54 AM
IPFire, the hardened open-source and free firewall GNU/Linux distribution, just got it’s most exciting update in the new decade, IPFire 2.25 Core Update 141, which brings a revamped DNS system and lots of other goodies.