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Linux and Open Source news headlines
Updated: 11 min 33 sec ago

TUXEDO InfinityBook S 15 Linux Laptop Launches with Tiger Lake CPUs, Ultra Thin Design

2 hours 15 min ago
German computer manufacturer TUXEDO Computers launched today a new Linux laptop, the TUXEDO InfinityBook S 15, a 15.6-inch business notebook in a 14-inch chassis.

Raspberry Pi HAT offer NMEA 2000 link for marine applications

3 hours 16 min ago
Copperhill’s $99 “PiCAN-M” HAT for the Raspberry Pi provides CAN-based NMEA 2000 and RS-422 driven NMEA 0183 ports for marine applications. The HAT includes a 3A SMPS supply and a Qwiic link. In 2019, Copperhill Technologies launched a PiCAN3 CAN-Bus HAT for the Raspberry Pi 4. The new PiCAN-M (for Marine), built for Copperhill by […]

How to find the IP address of a KVM virtual machine

4 hours 18 min ago
It is certainly possible to find out the KVM VM's IP address without logging into the VM via console. Instructions vary depending on what type of guest networking is being used: NAT networking or bridged networking. This tutorial describes how to discover a VM's IP address in each of these cases.

System76 Brings Back the Darter Pro Linux Laptop with Longer Battery Life, Tiger Lake CPUs

5 hours 19 min ago
System76 announced today the new-generation of their popular Darter Pro Linux laptop with 11th Gen Intel Tiger Lake processors, Coreboot Open Firmware, and longer battery life.

Why KubeEdge is my favorite open source project of 2020

Saturday 23rd of January 2021 07:48:26 AM
I believe edge computing, which "brings computation and data storage closer to the location where it is needed to improve response times and save bandwidth," is the next major phase of technology adoption. The widespread use of mobile devices and wearable gadgets and the availability of free city-wide WiFi in some areas create a lot of data that can provide many advantages if used properly.

Must 'completely free' mean 'hard to install'? Newbie gripe sparks some soul-searching among Debian community

Saturday 23rd of January 2021 06:46:54 AM
Project members discuss conflict between principles and pragmatism because of need for non-free drivers. A post on the Debian developer list about issues installing the operating system on a laptop sparked a debate about whether Debian's free software principles have become a blocker to adoption.…

Ubuntu 21.04 Hirsute Hippo Scraps GNOME 40 and GTK4

Saturday 23rd of January 2021 05:45:22 AM
Ubuntu 21.04 Hirsute Hippo will not feature GNOME 40 as the default desktop environment. The Ubuntu team decided to stay on GNOME 3.38 stable with GTK3 in this release.

How to Change Debian’s Default Applications

Saturday 23rd of January 2021 04:43:50 AM
In Debian, you can change your default applications both through the command line and the graphical user interface. We have performed the commands and procedure described in this tutorial on the latest Debian 10 Buster system.

Five ways to use redirect operators in bash

Saturday 23rd of January 2021 03:42:18 AM
Redirect operators are a basic but essential part of working at the bash command line. See how to safely redirect input and output to make your Linux sysadmin life easier.

Linux in Healthcare - Cutting Costs & Adding Safety

Saturday 23rd of January 2021 02:40:46 AM
Healthcare domain directly deals with our health and lives. HealthCare integrated with Linux: With high availability, critical workloads, low power consumption and reliability, Linux has established itself in the likes of windows, and Mac OS.

PoE-enabled Apollo Lake system triggers machine vision

Saturday 23rd of January 2021 01:39:14 AM
Axiomtek’s compact “MVS100-323-FL” machine vision computer combines Apollo Lake with 3x GbE ports — 2x with PoE — plus lighting controls, trigger I/O, isolated DIO, and mini-PCIe. Axiomtek has previously launched vision I/O computers based on Intel’s 7th Gen Kaby Lake with products like the MVS900-511-FL, IPS962-512-PoE, and IPS960-511-PoE. The new MVS100-323-FL is a far […]

exGENT Live Distro Makes Gentoo Linux Fun to Use in 2021 with the LXQt Desktop

Saturday 23rd of January 2021 12:37:42 AM
It’s 2021 and powerful distributions like Gentoo are no longer a thing, but a small distro called exGENT developed by Arne Exton still makes Gentoo fun to use these days.

No GNOME 40 for Ubuntu 21.04 And That’s a Good Thing

Friday 22nd of January 2021 11:36:10 PM
If you were looking forward to using the all-new GNOME 40 in the upcoming Ubuntu 21.04, you are in for a disappointment.

How to install Oracle VirtualBox on Linux

Friday 22nd of January 2021 10:34:38 PM
2DayGeek: This quick article shows you how to install the latest VirtualBox on various Linux distributions, including Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE, and RHEL.

How to configure WireGuard VPN client with NetworkManager GUI

Friday 22nd of January 2021 09:33:06 PM
WireGuard is an open-source VPN protocol implementation which is quickly gaining its popularity among VPN users due to its speed, ease-of-use and well-designed codebase. This tutorial focuses on setting up WireGuard VPN client by using a popular network management tool of choice: NetworkManager GUI.

How to Install Minecraft Game on Ubuntu 20.04

Friday 22nd of January 2021 08:31:34 PM
Minecraft is a very popular video game that was first released in 2011. It can be used with all major platforms like Linux, macOS, and Windows. Today’s article will show you the installation of Minecraft on Ubuntu 20.04.

Linux Candy: cornyjokes – corny jokes for the terminal

Friday 22nd of January 2021 07:17:14 PM
cornyjokes is a terminal based program that tells you corny jokes. On each evocation of the program, you receive a corny joke and an ASCII graphic. Nothing more, nothing less.

MX Linux Now Has a Raspberry Pi Edition You Can Try Right Now

Friday 22nd of January 2021 06:02:54 PM
The MX Linux project announced today the general availability for public testing of a community flavor of the MX Linux distribution designed for Raspberry Pi computers.

How To Find Hostname In Linux

Friday 22nd of January 2021 04:48:34 PM
A Hostname is an unique alphanumeric label assigned to a Linux system. This brief guide explains various commands to find hostname in Linux.

How to Install Kubernetes with Minikube on Ubuntu 20.04

Friday 22nd of January 2021 03:34:14 PM
Minikube is an open-source tool that helps you to set up a single-node Kubernetes cluster on your local machine. In this tutorial, we will show you how to install Minikube on Ubuntu 20.04 server.