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Updated: 21 min 44 sec ago

LXer: Google's new open source testing solution, Refracta 8.0 Linux distro, and more news

1 hour 41 min ago
In this week's edition of our open source news roundup, we take a look at Google's continuous fuzzing service, the latest release of the small but powerful Refracta Linux distro, and more. Open source news roundup for November 27-December 10, 2016read more

TuxMachines: LLVM News

2 hours 46 min ago
  • GCC 6.2/7.0 vs. LLVM Clang 3.9/4.0 SVN Compiler Performance

    Earlier this week I published some GCC 5.4 vs. GCC 6.2 vs. GCC 7.0 SVN development benchmarks with a Core i7 6800K Broadwell-E system. For those curious how the LLVM Clang compiler stack is comparing, here are some tests on the same system when running fresh benchmarks of LLVM Clang 3.9 as well as LLVM Clang 4.0 SVN.

    These tests were done with LLVM Clang 3.9 and 4.0 SVN added in to the GCC results from this Core i7 6800K system running Ubuntu 16.10 with the Linux 4.8 kernel. The CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS were maintained the same throughout all testing with the "-O3 -march=native" flags.

  • LLVM 3.9.1 Expected For Release Next Week

    While LLVM 4.0 isn't coming until its planned release in Feburary, the LLVM 3.9.1 point release is expected this coming week.

    Tom Stellard of AMD released LLVM 3.9.1-rc3 on Friday and anticipates this being the last release candidate. This 3.9.1-rc3 build just has some ARM/AArch64 fixes compared to his earlier RC2 milestone.

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TuxMachines: Linux Graphics

2 hours 50 min ago

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LXer: Viewing Linux Logs from the Command Line

3 hours 35 min ago
We are going to be focus on system logs, as that is where the heart of Linux troubleshooting lies. And the key issue here is, how do you view those log files?

Reddit: Wiser to get Skylake laptop now or wait for Kaby Lake--will Kaby Lake have less power issues?

4 hours 8 min ago

There's been a lot written about power issues from Skylake on linux. Is there any wisdom in waiting for a Kaby Lake laptop with expectation of better power handling? Or is it better to buy the CPU that has been around longer(ie skylake)? Any of you have any experience that you can share on what you think is the wiser move?

submitted by /u/bnnin
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Reddit: Looking for an image editor/drawing tool that lets me save 16 bit per channel (and floating point channels) images.

4 hours 38 min ago

I'm working on a wrapper for an image loading library and I need some very simple test images to work with. I was using gimp to create them, but I couldn't find an export option that let me save images that 16 bits per channel or used floating point numbers (i.e. HDR images).

Does someone know here of a tool (for Linux) that can let me draw some simple images (or convert them) and export them as 16-bit/channel (or floating point)?

submitted by /u/def-pri-pub
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Reddit: Will Docker, Snappy and the like kill FHS?

4 hours 56 min ago

I've seen a lot of docker images lately somewhat ignoring the FHS. In fact, most examples (some official) ignore the FHS. For instance, some may choose to put their app binaries and dependencies under /app, the data under /data and so on.

Since it's none of host's business how the snappy package/container image internals are arranged this kind of thing works painlessly.

Many people seem to dislike how the FHS is arranged. As more and more applications move to self contained packages it gets easier to play with the host directory structure too.

That's why I'm wondering: how long until FHS dies, if it dies at all? Is it going to be replaced by something else? Or we may live in a world where "traditional" distros follow the FHS while others make up their own directory structures?

submitted by /u/yangm97
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Phoronix: GCC 6.2/7.0 vs. LLVM Clang 3.9/4.0 SVN Compiler Performance

4 hours 57 min ago
Earlier this week I published some GCC 5.4 vs. GCC 6.2 vs. GCC 7.0 SVN development benchmarks with a Core i7 6800K Broadwell-E system. For those curious how the LLVM Clang compiler stack is comparing, here are some tests on the same system when running fresh benchmarks of LLVM Clang 3.9 as well as LLVM Clang 4.0 SVN.

LXer: Rugged EBX SBC sets off on the Bay Trail

5 hours 29 min ago
VersaLogic’s Linux-friendly, EBX style “Viper” SBC offers a Bay Trail Atom E3800, up to 16GB DDR3L, -40 to 85°C support, and MIL-STD-202G ruggedization. A few weeks after WinSystems announced an EBC-C413 SBC for legacy shops wanting to upgrade their legacy EBX systems to the Intel Bay Trail Atom E3800, VersaLogic unveiled its own EBX form-factor […]

LXer: Create a Fully Automated Light and Music Show for the Holidays: Part 3

7 hours 24 min ago
in this final part, we’ll put it all together with music.

Phoronix: AMD's GPUOpen Open Capture and Analytics Tool (OCAT) For Linux?

8 hours 18 sec ago
Announced alongside the AMD Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition driver debut on Thursday (and the AMDGPU-PRO 16.50 Linux driver) was their GPUOpen initiative introducing OCAT, the Open Capture and Analytics Tool...

Phoronix: More Radeon/AMDGPU Fixes For Linux 4.10 Ahead Of The Merge Window

8 hours 44 min ago
With Linux 4.9 expected for release this weekend and the 4.10 merge window to then immediately open, Alex Deucher of AMD sent in an early batch of fixes atop the earlier feature material of AMDGPU/Radeon DRM changes for Linux 4.10...

Reddit: how to find the routers address in an open wifi network

9 hours 5 min ago

Hello members.I have a doubt or problem as we say.If i connect to a wifi network and i want to know the router's address or default gateway , how do i do that ?

submitted by /u/aniket8411
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LXer: Marek sent in a patch to fix a 9 year old bug with Mesa, helps radeonsi with multiple games

9 hours 18 min ago
This is quite an amazing little fix. Marek sent in a patch for Mesa that fixes a bug that has apparently been an issue for around 9 years.

LinuxToday: How to Copy a File to Multiple Directories in Linux

9 hours 20 min ago

 tecmint: While learning Linux, it is always the norm for newbies to keep on typing several commands to accomplish a simple task.

TuxMachines: OSS Leftovers

9 hours 29 min ago
  • Why this CTO believes open source should be the new norm for all software companies

    Open source is personally very important to me, and my team has a long track record of contributing to open source projects, so it was a simple decision to open source our platform. Doing that encourages transparency and community engagement, which is key for any product that has security at its core. We had a vision to be a secure and completely transparent messaging app and we stuck to it.

  • Google's Open Embedded Projector is a Cool Data Visualization Tool

    With 2016 closing out, there is no doubt that cloud computing and Big Data analytics would probably come to mind if you had to consider the hot technology categories of the year. However, there is an absolute renaissance going on right now in the field of artifical intelligence and the closely related field of machine learning. In fact, in its top 10 strategic technology trends for the year 2017, Gartner put AI and machine learning at the top of the list.

    Google is among several companies making big contributions in this space. It recently gathered some compelling AI and machine learning demonstrations and placed them in its Google AI Experiments showcase. Now, Google has announced that it is open sourcing its data visualization tool, Embedding Projector. The tool will aid machine learning practioners as they visualize data without having to install and run Google's TensorFlow tool (also open source, which we covered here).

  • Nextcloud's Promising Advances Continue

    The extremely popular ownCloud open source file-sharing and storage platform for building private clouds has been much in the news lately. CTO and founder of ownCloud Frank Karlitschek resigned from the company a few months ago. His open letter announcing the move pointed to possible friction created as ownCloud moved forward as a commercial entity as opposed to a solely community focused, open source project. Karlitschek had a plan, though. He came out with a fork of ownCloud called Nextcloud, and we've reported on strong signs that this cloud platform has a bright future. In recent months, the company has continued to advance Nextcloud.

    Now, if you're running the Nextcloud platform, a convenient new addition is coming your way. The Nextcloud 9.0.54 and 10.0.1 releases come with a new updater. This new updater allows reliable upgrading to new Nextcloud versions via the web and in the upcoming 11 release even via the command line interface.

  • Don’t Let Your Project Suffer Because of Founder’s Mentality

    There’s a certain mentality that can creep up and slowly destroy open source project development. It’s dangerous in a way that nobody really notices it’s there or that it is destructive, except at the very last moments. It’s the founder’s mentality.

  • How Gratipay helps solve the 'free rider' problem
  • GCC Patch To Support Google's Fuchsia OS

    It's been a while since last hearing anything of Google's experimental Fuchsia OS but it looks like things are moving along as they are now looking to merge support for it into the GCC compiler.

  • Google's new open source testing solution, Refracta 8.0 Linux distro, and more news
  • Lessons From Wikipedia’s Annual Donation Strategy

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TuxMachines: Debian and Ubuntu News

9 hours 34 min ago

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More in Tux Machines

Red Hat News

  • Improving Storage Performance with Ceph and Flash
    Ceph is a storage system designed to be used at scale, with clusters of Ceph in deployment in excess of 40 petabytes today. At LinuxCon Europe, Allen Samuels, Engineering Fellow at Western Digital, says that Ceph has been proven to scale out reasonably well. Samuels says, “the most important thing that a storage management system does in the clustered world is to give you availability and durability,” and much of the technology in Ceph focuses on controlling the availability and the durability of your data. In his presentation, Samuels talks not just about some of the performance advantages to deploying Ceph on Flash, but he also goes into detail about what they are doing to optimize Ceph in future releases.
  • Ceph and Flash by Allen Samuels, Western Digital
  • Red Hat Opens Up OpenShift Dedicated to Google Cloud Platform
    When businesses and enterprises begin adopting data center platforms that utilize containerization, then and only then can we finally say that the container trend is sweeping the planet. Red Hat’s starter option for containerization platforms is OpenShift Dedicated — a public cloud-based, mostly preconfigured solution, which launched at this time last year on Amazon AWS.
  • Volatility Numbers in View for Red Hat, Inc. (NYSE:RHT)

Leftovers: OSS and Sharing

  • Rhizome is working on an open-source tool to help archive digital content
    "The stability of this kind of easy archiving for document storage, review and revision is a great possibility, but the workflow for journalists is very specific, so the grant will allow us to figure out how it could function." Another feature of Webrecorder that journalists might find appealing, and one of the software's core purposes, is to preserve material that might be deleted or become unavailable in time. However, the tool is currently operated under a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Takedown policy. This means any individual can ask for a record of their web presence or materials to be removed, so Rhizome will be working to "answer the more complicated questions and figure out policies" around privacy and copyright with the latest round of funding.
  • An ode to releasing software
    There is one particular moment in every Free and Open Source Software project: it’s the time when the software is about to get released. The software has been totally frozen of course, QA tests have been made, all the lights are green; the website still needs to be updated with the release notes, perhaps some new content and of course the stable builds have to be uploaded. The release time is always a special one. The very day of the release, there is some excitement and often a bit of stress. The release manager(s), as well as everyone working on the project’s infrastructure are busy making sure everything is ready when the upload of the stable version of the software, binaries and source, has been completed. In many cases, some attention is paid to the main project’s mirror servers so that the downloads are fluid and work (mostly) flawlessly as soon as the release has been pushed and published.
  • Diversity Scholarship Series: My Time at CloudNativeCon 2016
    CloudNativeCon 2016 was a wonderful first conference for me and although the whirlwind of a conference is tiring, I left feeling motivated and inspired. The conference made me feel like I was a part of the community and technology I have been working with daily.
  • WordPress 4.7 Content Management System Provides New Design Options
    WordPress is among the most widely used open-source technologies in the world, powering more than 70 million websites. WordPress 4.7 was released Dec. 6, providing a new milestone update including new features for both users and developers. As is typically the case with new WordPress releases, there is also a new default theme in the 4.7 update. The 2017 theme provides users with a number of interesting attributes including the large feature image as well as the ability to have a video as part of the header image. The Theme Customizer feature enables users to more intuitively adjust various elements of a theme, to fit the needs of websites that use will upgrade to WordPress 4.7. In addition, the new custom CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) feature within a theme preview lets users quickly see how style changes will change the look of a site. As an open-source project, WordPress benefits from participation of independent contributors and for the 4.7 release there were 482 contributors. In this slideshow eWEEK takes a look at some of the highlights of the WordPress 4.7 release.
  • Psychology Professor Releases Free, Open-Source, Preprint Software
    The Center for Open Science, directed by University of Virginia psychology professor Brian Nosek, has launched three new services to more quickly share research data as the center continues its mission to press for openness, integrity and reproducibility of scientific research. Typically, researchers send preprint manuscripts detailing their research findings to peer-reviewed academic journals, such as Nature and Science. The review process can take months or even years before publication – if the research is published at all. By contrast, “preprinting,” or sharing non-peer-reviewed research results online, enables crucial data to get out to the community the moment it is completed. That, said Nosek, is critical.
  • Integral Ad Science Launches Open Source SDK to Drive Mobile Innovation for the Advertising Industry
  • Tullett Prebon Information, Quaternion and Columbia University form open source risk collaboration
  • Tullett Prebon Information And Quaternion Risk Management Partner To Enhance Transparency And Standardisation In Risk Modelling – Partnership Fuels Columbia University Research To Improve Understanding Of Systemic Risk
  • Integral Ad Science Partners with Google, Others for Open Source Viewability
  • DoomRL creator makes free roguelike open-source to try and counter Zenimax legal threat
  • DoomRL Goes Open-Source in Face of Copyright Claims
    Earlier this week, ZeniMax Medi hit DoomRL, a popular roguelike version of the original first-person shooter, with a cease-and-desist order. This order instructed producer ChaosForge to remove the free downloadable game to prevent further legal action. Instead of taking it down, co-creator Kornel Kisielewicz turned the game open-source.
  • This Indian software company just partnered with the world’s biggest open source community
    In what can be called a major motivation for Indian tech firms, Amrut Software, an end-to-end Software, BPO services and solutions provider has become a GitHub distributor for India region. GitHub hosts world’s biggest open source community along with the most popular version control systems, configuration management and collaboration tools for software developers. It has some of the largest installations of repositories in the world.
  • Python 3.6 released with many new improvements and features
    Python,the high-level interpreted programming language is now one of the most preferred programming language by beginners and professional-level developers.So,here Python 3.6 is now available with many changes,improvements and of course the ease of Python was not left in the work list.

Security Leftovers