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Updated: 1 hour 44 min ago

TuxMachines: Lubuntu 16.10 Beta 2 Comes with LXDE as LXQt Got Postponed Until Lubuntu 17.04

2 hours 3 min ago

As part of today's Ubuntu 16.10 (Yakkety Yak) Final Beta release, Simon Quigley and hard working folks from the Lubuntu team had the great pleasure of announcing the release of Lubuntu 16.10 Beta 2.

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TuxMachines: EXTON MultiBootCD 6-OS Now Includes 4MLinux, Tiny Core, SliTaz, Porteus & PuppEX

2 hours 4 min ago

Today, September 28, 2016, GNU/Linux developer Arne Exton informs us about the availability of a new version of his EXTON MultiBootCD 6-OS project, a Live CD that includes six tiny GNU/Linux distributions.

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TuxMachines: Down the rabbit hole, part 2: To ensure security and privacy, open source is required

2 hours 6 min ago

If my goal is to secure all of my computing devices, I need access to the source code in order to do a complete and effective security appraisal of the software I am running.

It really is that simple. The need for open source software, in this case, has nothing to do with any ethical implications of software freedom—nor do the benefits of open source to software developers enter into this discussion. But having access to the source code is an undeniable benefit in ensuring the security of a piece of software.

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LXer: Choosing the right metrics for your project

2 hours 8 min ago
Last month we discussed setting goals for your community metrics program. These goals serve as a constant reminder of what you want to achieve in the program and should be used as metrics themselves when deciding exactly what you are going to measure.This month we'll document a basic strategy for deciding what to measure, and give examples of specific community metrics we've used in practice. Using our knowledge of our community and the goals we previously came up with, we'll make sure the metrics we choose are more

TuxMachines: Chapeau 24 Linux Officially Released, Based on Fedora 24 and GNOME 3.20 Desktop

2 hours 19 min ago

Today, September 28, 2016, Vince Pooley has had the great pleasure of announcing the general availability of the final release of the Fedora-based Chapeau 24 "Cancellara" GNU/Linux operating system.

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TuxMachines: Open source is not to blame for a lack of industry standards

2 hours 21 min ago

Carol Wilson wrings her hands over the "boring" nature of open source standardization, declaring that "Open source processes can take the fun out of everything, particularly technology wars." Putting aside for a minute the irony of expecting standards to ever be anything more than mind-numbingly dull, Wilson's larger argument misses the point.

The problem with open source standards aren't that they're boring; it's that they're largely the same as the proprietary standards that preceded them. In practice, this presents no problem at all.

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LinuxInsider: Black Panther OS Is No Cool Cat

2 hours 25 min ago
The Black Panther OS is a bare-bones Linux distribution built around the KDE desktop. The KDE environment itself is not a minimal component, but how it is integrated within Black Panther gives you an almost-nothing-there installation until you painstakingly install system tools and applications, literally piece by piece. Black Panther OS, originally forked from Mandriva Linux, is now under independent development in Hungary. Last month's version 16.1 release, dubbed "Silent Killer," marks the project's first use of the KDE Plasma 5 desktop.

Reddit: Documentation writing offer

2 hours 28 min ago

Hi folks.

Unemployed for a little while. I've always wanted to author some documentation for a linux project. I am pretty good at writing HOWTOs, no-BS quick sheets, FAQs and tutorials.

I assume some software authors frequent this sub. I know many of you use some great software with sub-par documentation.

Just looking for some place to put my skills to use to give back to the community.

All I ask for: - Availability from author to clarify something I don't understand. - Author's patience. - A somewhat popular project that has at least a year(or two) with continuous active development.

Thanks folks.

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TuxMachines: Linux Mint unveils 'Mintbox Mini Pro' -- a diminutive desktop powered by AMD

2 hours 32 min ago

If you are a fan of Linux-based desktop operating systems, you probably have done this before -- buy a Windows PC and replace the pre-installed OS with your favorite distro. While this can be a fine practice, there are some problems with it. Of course, you may experience issues with drivers -- especially Wi-Fi cards. Even worse, if you ever need support, the manufacturer might turn you away when it finds out you loaded Ubuntu, Fedora, or something else.

A smart alternative is to buy a computer from a company that cares about Linux, such as System76. That company sells beautiful laptops and desktops running Ubuntu. But what if you prefer Linux Mint? The Mint team has previously partnered with manufacturers to produce desktops running its distro. Today, the all-new Mintbox Mini Pro goes on sale.

Also: Linux Mint Project Unveils Mintbox Mini Pro PC, Ships with Linux Mint 18 "Sarah"

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TuxMachines: Polar M600 review: The best sports focused Android Wear smartwatch available

2 hours 35 min ago

Polar created a solid Android Wear device and when you consider it is also a highly functional GPS sports watch, the $329.95 retail price is very reasonable. You can purchase one in black or white. Polar has done a great job of updating the Polar V800 sports watch so you can expect to see updates for its first Android Wear device as well.

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Phoronix: macOS 10.12 Sierra vs. Ubuntu 16.04 Linux Benchmarking

4 hours 33 min ago
Apple released macOS 10.12 "Sierra" last week as the successor to OS X El Capitan. Given this annual update to macOS / OS X, here are benchmarks of macOS Sierra compared to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on a MacBook Air and Mac Mini computers.

LXer: 10 tips for DIY IoT home automation

5 hours ago
We live in an exciting time. Everyday more things become Internet-connected things. They have sensors and can communicate with other things, and help us perform tasks like never before. Especially at more

Reddit: New to Linux: Dual-boot work and casual OS?

5 hours 6 min ago

So after having to do my second hard reset of my laptop due to windows 10 crashing in the past 4 months, I'm considering moving to a linux based OS. After exploring some of the options, I've found some nice options, as well as a few ideas.

I stumbled across Ubuntu Mate, a light OS that seems great, especially as my research relies primarily on MATLAB. I am excited by the thought that this could help improve computation time on my analyses. This OS also seems great just for casual use, but lacks the functionality of other OSs.

I have also found Arch Linux, which appears to be completely customizable and would be particularly nice as a primary OS, because of the added functionality. However, this would use more resources than Ubuntu Mate.

So what I am thinking is that I could dual boot these two OS and use Ubuntu Mate as a work OS, where I keep all of my data, work files, and MATLAB, and I could use Arch Linux as a primary OS for all other uses.

Being new to all of this, my question is does this seem realistic? Would there be any big issues with this that I may not be thinking about? Would the performance difference be worth it to do this?

I will likely start with Arch Linux, once my computer resets, and test out MATLAB and see the performance. Then compare it to Ubuntu Mate, to see for myself. Regardless, I thought it would be fooled to get input from more experienced uses.


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LXer: 7 Ways Linux Users Differ from Windows Users

5 hours 57 min ago
To casual users, one person at a keyboard looks much the same as any other. Watch for a while, however, and the differences start to emerge -- and whether they are using Linux or Windows is the least of them. Watch Docker CTO Solomon Hykes and More Talk Live at LinuxCon + ContainerCon Europe Next Week

6 hours 12 min ago
Title: Watch Docker CTO Solomon Hykes and More Talk Live at LinuxCon + ContainerCon Europe Next Week28 SepLearn more

Phoronix: LibreSSL 2.5 Released With New Features, iOS Support

6 hours 24 min ago
LibreSSL 2.5.0 is available today as the newest version of this growing fork of OpenSSL led by the OpenBSD project...

Phoronix: NVIDIA Announces "Xavier" AI Supercomputer SoC With Custom ARM64 + Volta GPU

6 hours 49 min ago
NVIDIA announced at GTC Europe today their forthcoming Xavier SoC that will succeed Parker. At least for now, Xavier is super exciting and is aimed to be a "AI supercomputer" SoC...

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Alpine Linux 3.4.4 released

The Alpine Linux project is pleased to announce the immediate availability of version 3.4.4 of its Alpine Linux operating system. Read more

Firefox Changes

  • Mozilla has “stopped all commercial development of Firefox OS”
    Remember when Mozilla said it was ceasing development of Firefox OS for smartphones, but that it wasn’t giving up on the browser-based operating system altogether? Yeah, now the organization has pretty much thrown in the towel. After shifting the focus from phones to smart TVs and other Internet of Things products for a while, Mozilla senior engineering program manager Julie McCracken says development of the operating system was “gradually wound down” and that as of the end of July Mozilla has “stopped all commercial development of Firefox OS.
  • Firefox’s Test Pilot Program Launches Three New Experimental Features
    Earlier this year we launched our first set of experiments for Test Pilot, a program designed to give you access to experimental Firefox features that are in the early stages of development. We’ve been delighted to see so many of you participating in the experiments and providing feedback, which ultimately, will help us determine which features end up in Firefox for all to enjoy. Since our launch, we’ve been hard at work on new innovations, and today we’re excited to announce the release of three new Test Pilot experiments. These features will help you share and manage screenshots; keep streaming video front and center; and protect your online privacy.

Red Hat News

  • Why Red Hat calls India a ‘bright spot’ in Open source
    Application of Open source technology has come a long way, from once being used only for cost benefits to now being very critical to businesses. Along with the steady rise in its usage, businesses and organizations across verticals today are more certain to run mission-critical applications on open source platform than in the past. In fact, Indian Railways, IRCTC and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) are among long list of government organizations that are leveraging open source technology. Besides, other large private companies like Essar, TataSky and Mahindra Finance too are running business critical applications and functions on open source.
  • Red Hat sets stock ownership requirements for top management, board
    Red Hat Inc. shareholders have approved a change in stock ownership requirements for its executives, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing on Monday. The CEO, who is currently James Whitehurst, must hold at least 81,000 shares while executive vice president must own at least15,000 shares. At Monday’s price of stock, the CEO’s minimum holdings equal $6.37 million and the executive vice presidents shares each equal $1.18 million. Whitehurst currently holds more than 440,000 Red Hat shares, and the current executive vice presidents all hold more than 50,000 shares, according to the company’s most recent proxy statement. Senior vice presidents must hold 9,000 shares, and non-employee directors must hold 4,000 shares. Only one director currently holds fewer than 4,000 shares, according to the proxy, which can be found here. The board’s compensation committee administers and interprets the stock ownership policy. The levels are based on the person’s salary or retainer, depending on the position.
  • Red Hat Inc. (RHT) Upgraded to Buy at Zacks Investment Research
  • Red Hat Inc. (NYSE:RHT) Given Average Rating of “Buy” by Analysts
  • Red Hat Inc (NYSE:RHT) Upside Stock Technicals at Extreme Strength