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Reddit: Should our swap partition be on RAID1?

Monday 12th of October 2015 05:38:26 PM

We are building a KVM host, with the following disks and partitions:

  • 2x3TB HDD with software RAID1 root and boot partitions for host.
  • 2x500GB SSD with software RAID1 home partition for guest OSes.

We are considering using 2 non-raided swap partitions for the host, one on each SSD. The reasoning is :

  • We should not RAID1 the host swap because once the host starts swapping the mirroring overhead would deteriorate any gain made by using SSDs.
  • Mirroring makes sense for data committed to disk by non-swap partitions. The nature of swap however is to cache volatile data which does not warrant mirroring.
  • We also are guessing the OS should be smart enough to use the other SDD swap file if one SSD is degraded
  • with 2 swap partitions on separate SSDs we effectively double the throughput to the SSDs. SWAP speed is important when the host starts swaping.
  • We are guessing that when the workload of guests causes swapping to occure, the host will swap.

Are we correct on not using RAID1 for the swap partition?

Are we correct on all assumptions?

submitted by cantbelieveitsbacon
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TuxMachines: NVIDIA 358.09 Beta Prepares For DRM Mode-Setting Interface

Monday 12th of October 2015 05:32:19 PM

The first public beta in NVIDIA's 358 driver series for Linux, BSD, and Solaris is available! Building off the NVIDIA 355 series, the 358 series adds in more pieces of the puzzle for interfacing with DRM/KMS and continues stepping closer to Mir/Wayland support.

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TuxMachines: Linux 4.2 vs. 4.3 Kernel Benchmarks On Other Systems

Monday 12th of October 2015 05:28:58 PM

Last week I delivered some Linux 4.3 Git kernel benchmarks on Intel Skylake comparing it to Linux 4.2 stable. However, for those not yet on Intel's latest generation of processors, here are some Linux 4.2 vs. Linux 4.3 benchmarks with older hardware.

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TuxMachines: Learn it Faster: The Complete Linux Kernel in a Single MapLearn it Faster: The Complete Linux Kernel in a Single Map

Monday 12th of October 2015 05:20:05 PM

The internet runs on Linux, everybody knows this fact. The Linux Kernel is one of the most complex and popular open source projects. If you wish to learn the basics, there is tons of material available online. Still, the core of the Linux kernel is a subject difficult to understand.

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TuxMachines: Parsix GNU/Linux 8.0

Monday 12th of October 2015 05:11:29 PM

Parsix The Parsix project released Parsix GNU/Linux 8.0 in September. The distribution is based on Debian and, in the project's own words, their goal is "to provide a ready to use and easy to install desktop and laptop optimized operating system based on Debian's Testing branch and the latest stable release of GNOME desktop environment."

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TuxMachines: Penetration Testing BackBox Linux 4.4 Is Out, Based on Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS

Monday 12th of October 2015 05:07:56 PM

BackBox Linux is a distribution based on Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS that has been built specifically for penetration testing and security assessments. A new major update has been released for it, and a number of important components have been upgraded.

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LXer: NSA's XKEYSCORE Surveillance Is Running on Hundreds of Red Hat Linux Servers

Monday 12th of October 2015 03:56:54 PM
Details about the NSA surveillance program unveiled by Edward Snowden are still coming to light, two years after the initial revelations were made. From the looks of it, at least one of the components of the NSA surveillance is being run from Red Hat Linux servers.

Reddit: Why does it seem like the default version of KVM available via apt-get is 0.95 on Ubuntu-based distros when the app is up to 1.21?

Monday 12th of October 2015 03:46:24 PM

Just wondering. Slightly annoyed as I've been working with 0.95 and wondering if I'm an idiot because I can't find snapshots, turns out they were introduced in 1.0, like a year and a half ago. Why isn't this updated?

submitted by tomkatt
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Phoronix: Linux 4.2 vs. 4.3 Kernel Benchmarks On Other Systems

Monday 12th of October 2015 03:43:23 PM
Last week I delivered some Linux 4.3 Git kernel benchmarks on Intel Skylake comparing it to Linux 4.2 stable. However, for those not yet on Intel's latest generation of processors, here are some Linux 4.2 vs. Linux 4.3 benchmarks with older hardware...

Reddit: Dual boot on a M.2 SSD, is it possible ?

Saturday 10th of October 2015 11:49:50 PM

I'm going to buy the Samsung SM951 512GB and I would like to create 2 partitions on it, one for linux and the other for windows and then have a dual boot with grub or whatever. Will it be possible or will I run into troubles ?

submitted by Wicelo
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TuxMachines: Mesa 11.0.3 Fixes the KDE/Weston Regression, Includes a Healthy Amount of Bugfixes

Saturday 10th of October 2015 11:17:30 PM

A few minutes ago, Emil Velikov had the great pleasure of informing us of the release and immediate availability for download of the third maintenance version of the open-source Mesa 11.0 3D Graphics Library.

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TuxMachines: Linux Discussion Continues, Fedora Welcomes Chromium

Saturday 10th of October 2015 03:49:16 PM

Folks are still discussing the resignation of Sarah Sharp and Matthew Garrett from Linux kernel development. Jack Wallen said Sharp (and Garrett) are cases of more developers being "turned away, simply because developers had no patience for personal respect." He said Linux rules with a "sharp and iron tongue" with "foul and abusive language." He agreed with Dr. Roy Schestowitz in that all this is a "PR nightmare" threatening the "flagship of the open-source movement." He placed part of the blame on what he calls the "Internet of hate" and said if Linux is to compete with Microsoft and Apple its developers need to "start treating the legions of programmers, who are working tirelessly to deliver, as well as they treat the code itself. Open source is about community. A community with a toxic foundation will eventually crumble."

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LXer: Matthew Garrett is not forking Linux

Saturday 10th of October 2015 03:08:47 PM
When Matthew Garrett, well-known Linux kernel developer and CoreOS principal security engineer, announced he was releasing a [Linux] kernel tree with patches that implement a BSD-style securelevel interface, I predicted people would say Garrett was forking Linux. I was right. They have. But, that's not what Garrett is doing.

Reddit: ELI9: Dealing with low free memory

Saturday 10th of October 2015 03:07:54 PM

TuxMachines: Leftovers: FSF/GNU

Saturday 10th of October 2015 03:04:38 PM
  • The party is over... but the fight for freedom is ready for another thirty years

    Last Saturday, we celebrated the Free Software Foundation's thirtieth birthday with a party to remember.

  • FSF's Nerdy 30
  • VimSpellcheckery

    While I was mass editing the transcripts I used to create the FSF30 wordclouds, I realized I was doing too much manual movery to get to the next misspelled word. In a moment of clarity, I was like "hey, I bet vim has a way to properly do this!" And of course it did!

  • Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 declared one-way compatible with GNU GPL version 3

    Compatibility means that a person can now take a work they received under the terms of CC BY-SA 4.0 and then distribute adaptations of that work under the terms of GPLv3.

  • Guix-Tox talk at PyConFR, October 17th

    Guix-Tox is a young variant of the Tox "virtualenv" management tool for Python that uses guix environment as its back-end. In essence, while Tox restricts itself to building pure Python environments, Guix-Tox takes advantages of Guix to build complete environments, including dependencies that are outside Tox's control, thereby improving environment reproducibility. Cyril will demonstrate practical use cases with OpenStack.

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Slashdot: Ask Slashdot: Herding Cats, Aging Systems?

Saturday 10th of October 2015 12:00:05 PM

Slashdot: Microsoft Has Built a Linux Distro

Friday 9th of October 2015 06:00:05 PM

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