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TuxMachines: GTK+ 3.13.4 Features a Much Improved Adwaita Theme

Sunday 20th of July 2014 09:13:25 PM

GTK+ 3.13.4, a multi-platform toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces that provide a complete set of widgets, suitable for projects ranging from small one-off tools to complete application suites, is now available for download and testing.

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TuxMachines: Standardized open source products are the key to unlocking the lock-in trap

Sunday 20th of July 2014 09:11:37 PM

Mårten Mickos, CEO of Eucalyptus Systems, argues that when companies lock in to their own design and customizations, it’s as harmful as when they lock in to a vendor. Mickos explains why he thinks using standardized open source products is the best way to avoid both types of lock-in.

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TuxMachines: Wine 1.7.22 Arrives with Lots of Fixes for Games

Sunday 20th of July 2014 09:09:26 PM

Wine 1.7.22 is a new development version of the software that has been announced and its makers have implemented quite a few changes and improvements, not to mention various fixes for a huge number of Windows applications.

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TuxMachines: The DragonBox Pyra Moves Closer As OpenPandora Successor

Sunday 20th of July 2014 09:03:22 PM

Michael Mozrek gave a presentation recently about his work as the project lead on the DragonBox Pyra, the slated replacement to the Open Pandora handheld Linux game system.

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Reddit: Nobody cares about your "what distro do I use" question, and we're all secretly plotting to kill you.

Sunday 20th of July 2014 08:52:54 PM

I'm not sure if you people are stupid or just on mobile, but /r/linuxquestions and /r/linux4noobs exist for this precise reason - so we don't field the same inane questions in this sub day after day after day.

Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

submitted by tidux
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LXer: LXer Weekly Roundup for 20-Jul-2014

Sunday 20th of July 2014 08:41:13 PM
[url=][img][/img][/url] [b]LXer Feature: 20-Jul-2014[/b]We have a lot of good FOSS stuff for you this week including the new Raspberry Pi Model B+, an inordinate amount of Android apps wanting to read your text messages, saving endangered languages, an inside look at Linus Torvalds office, Carla Schroder shows us 6 lightweight distros and Ken Starks explains when "free" can suck. Enjoy!

Reddit: Server Set Up Question

Sunday 20th of July 2014 08:00:35 PM

I am currently trying to reuse an old Dell Pentium 4 computer as a personal Linux server. but can not find a server os for the old 32 bit architecture. What would be the best distro to run on this old computer for personal and school work for me to SSH into.

submitted by jcrrad
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TuxMachines: Top 5 Linux Gaming Emulators

Sunday 20th of July 2014 07:50:59 PM

The history of Linux in gaming is quite poor, but this year so many changes happened in this area that we might be able to review top commercial video games very soon. By commercial I mean those created by most significant gaming companies like Ubisoft or Bethesda, and not indie video games. Even though real gaming in Linux based operating systems got a boost this year, emulators were everywhere to be found, for most known video game consoles.

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TuxMachines: My way to develop with git in KDE repos

Sunday 20th of July 2014 07:39:30 PM

From time to time there is the discussion of which workflow is better to develop with git, etc.

I'm not going to try to convince anyone on which workflow to use, i'm just going to explain what i do and explain why i think it's useful (and even more in the multi-developer KDE environment).

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Reddit: This is me at the moment

Sunday 20th of July 2014 07:30:27 PM

TuxMachines: Change the default search engine in Epiphany, the GNOME Web application

Sunday 20th of July 2014 07:30:07 PM

When I'm enjoying the sun/wind/rain on the balcony, I tend to use my XO-1.75 for duties where most people would use a tablet. Reading/writing emails, browsing the internet, bug triaging or writing small fixes, release notes and all can be done fine on a small screen. My preference goes definitely towards physical keyboards, and less to their onscreen variants. Even when the keyboard is small, I like the typing on it much more than using a touchscreen for it. Of course, the space saving of not needing to display a keyboard helps too. But well, that aside..

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TuxMachines: Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Beta Update Now Uses SDL2

Sunday 20th of July 2014 07:23:47 PM

A new beta update to Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition is now out.

The Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition game is a modest feature and graphics re-make of the Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition, Duke It Out In D.C., Duke Caribbean: Life's a Beach, and Duke: Nuclear Winter titles. The Windows version has been out for a while on Steam while the Linux version is still evolving.

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LXer: How to configure chroot SFTP in Linux

Sunday 20th of July 2014 07:16:43 PM
SFTP stands for SSH File Transfer protocol or Secure File Transfer Protocol. SFTP provides file access, file transfer, and file management functionalities over any reliable data stream.

TuxMachines: Debian 6.0.10 "Squeeze" Is Out and It's the Last Point Release

Sunday 20th of July 2014 06:24:50 PM

This tenth point update is actually a very important one because it’s the last one in the life of this branch of the Debian distribution, which was released back in February 2011. The developers have announced that no more major updates will be made for Debian 6.x “Squeeze, but there are also some good news.

Only a month ago, the Debian devs also said that Debian will actually become an LTS release (long term support) and that the operating system will continue to receive security updates (different from the one released today) until February 2016. This would effectively mean that Debian 6.x will feature six years of support and that is more that even more that Canonical provides for Ubuntu.

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TuxMachines: Geneva class-rooms switching to free software

Sunday 20th of July 2014 06:20:09 PM

All primary and secondary public schools in the Swiss Canton of Geneva are switching to using Ubuntu GNU/Linux for the PCs used by teachers and students. The switch has been completed by all of the 170 primary public schools, and the migration of the canton's 20 secondary schools is planned for the next school year. Ubuntu GNU/Linux offers powerful services to the teachers, is easier to maintain, faster, safer and more stable than the decade-old proprietary operating system it is replacing, the canton's school IT department concludes, based on several four-year long pilots.

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Reddit: I want to contribute to Linux and I want to learn a programming language. Which language would be the most useful to learn?

Sunday 20th of July 2014 06:16:27 PM

I've run a Debian/Ubuntu based distro for the past couple years. I really enjoy tweaking my UI and have tried about every desktop interface there is for linux. I would really like to be able to do more then just tweak, and actually generate my own UI or at least UI addons/applets. I love Linux and if the best way I could contribute while learning a programing language is while doing something that does not involve UI that is fine by me also.

submitted by ShirKing
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TuxMachines: BitKey: A secure, Debian-based Live OS for bitcoin transactions

Sunday 20th of July 2014 06:16:23 PM

The official description of BitKey says that it is a “self-contained read-only CD/USB stick with everything you need to perform highly secure air-gapped Bitcoin transactions.”

It is a side project of the developers of TurnKey Linux, a Debian-based distribution that provides a set of ready-to-use server virtual appliances.

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TuxMachines: Canonical Issues Final Warning for Ubuntu One Closure, Get Your Files Now

Sunday 20th of July 2014 06:08:25 PM

“This is the FINAL reminder to make sure you have retrieved all your data from Ubuntu One filesync, as we will be deleting all the content permanently on 31st July 2014. After that date, we will no longer be able to retrieve any of your files.”

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TuxMachines: Geary Is Getting Ready to Take Thunderbird Head-On

Sunday 20th of July 2014 06:01:45 PM

Geary, a lightweight email program designed around conversations and built for the GNOME desktop by the Yorba software group, is now at version 0.7.0.

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