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LXer: Feds want an expanded ability to hack criminal suspects' computers

Sun, 30/03/2014 - 7:13am
The United States Department of Justice wants to broaden its ability to hack criminal suspects’ computers, according to a new legal proposal that was first published by The Wall Street Journal on Thursday.

TuxMachines: NVIDIA's GeForce Driver On Ubuntu 14.04 Runs The Same As Windows 8.1

Sun, 30/03/2014 - 6:58am

The latest NVIDIA Windows driver at the time of testing was the 335.23 WHQL release while on the Linux side was the 334.21 driver. The graphics cards tested for this article included the GeForce GTX 680, GeForce GTX 750, and GeForce GTX 770. The system used for all testing was the Intel Core i7 4770K Haswell system. Windows 8.1 had all available updates at the time of testing as did our development version of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, which was running with the Linux 3.13 kernel and is in a near-final state. This testing is very straight forward and snafus are rare with the NVIDIA Linux graphics driver, so let's get straight to the data.

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Reddit: How do I make a distro and respect all the proper licensing?

Sun, 30/03/2014 - 6:40am

I've been working a lot on different Ideas and ultimately one of them falls back to the idea of pushing my own Linux distribution. Ideally I aim to make sure I respect all of the licences.

My target audience is just going to want to grab this, place it on a USB stick and run with it, Linux will be around for hardware support and the only thing I will modify is my custom software for the gui.

What is the requirements for me to do this right?

Do I have to host copies of the source code I compiled from?

My system is just made using the base Debian packages, should I host my own apt repository? Can I just host my own packages in apt repository?


If you're reading this, feel free to add more questions that I might have missed naively and then flesh out an answer.

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TuxMachines: A closer look at the final beta version of Ubuntu 14.04

Sun, 30/03/2014 - 6:05am

Download Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr here. For the first time, every flavour of Ubuntu 14.04 (Desktop, Server, Edubuntu, Lubuntu, etc) has been approved for LTS status, meaning they'll all be supported for a minimum of three years, and some of them will be supported for five.

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Reddit: Video player with pitch-independent speed controls?

Sun, 30/03/2014 - 6:01am

I view a fair number of videos (mostly downloaded via youtube-dl, an excellent utility if you haven't run across it yet), for the advantages afforded by a desktop player:

  • Smaller memory footprint: my Chromium sessions are constantly pigging out all available RAM).
  • Independent window attributes: "always on top" and "omnipresent" via WindowMaker.
  • Forward-and-back seeking and skipping w/o buffering. This ... rocks.
  • Audio preprocessing. Sound levels for laptop playback are far too often too low. Running mplayer -af volnorm=1:1.5 or mplayer -af volume=20.0:1 tends to fix this -- RTFM for deets.

But most of all: the ability to set the playback speed, usually higher for spoken-word video, occasionally slower (when trying to catch a hard-to-hear phrase or word, or for slow-mo visual effects).

Problem with this last is that it changes the pitch, usually with an Alvin and the Chipmunks effect.

Is there a video player which offers pitch-corrected playback of videos under Linux? Preferably Debian (jessie/sid). I've got some information suggesting VLC might do this, I'll investigate.


/u/perkited has the answer to my problem, below, using the 'scaletempo' -af (audio filter) option:

mplayer -af scaletempo=speed=tempo video.mp4

I've verified this, and that it's possible to apply multiple -af options, e.g.

mplayer -af volnorm=1:1.5 -af scaletempo=speed=tempo \ video1.mp4 video2.mp4

If you don't feel like typing all that out on the shell every time, you can write an alias or add the options to a config file, ~/.mplayer/config by default. To add two af settings, write them on one line, comma separated:


Otherwise, last argument wins.

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TuxMachines: Widows XP DOA on Apr 8th: FREE THIS ORPHAN !!!!

Sun, 30/03/2014 - 6:00am

Richard Stallman is the guru of computing freedom --and a great source. He started the "hack" movement as an outsider inside MIT during the Vietnam protesting era, and founded both the GNU software movement and the Free S/W Foundation.

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LXer: Voxatron Becomes A Fantasy Console & A Game

Sun, 30/03/2014 - 5:19am
Do you remember Voxatron? You don't? Well Voxatron is currently in alpha and it was part of a Humble Bundle named "The Humble Voxatron Debut!". Much has changed since then.

Phoronix: NVIDIA's GeForce Driver On Ubuntu 14.04 Runs The Same As Windows 8.1

Sun, 30/03/2014 - 5:00am
After in the past few days delivering fresh results looking at the Intel Haswell graphics performance between Windows 8.1 and Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and then looking at the AMD Radeon performance between Windows 8.1 and Ubuntu 14.04 while also testing the open-source Radeon Gallium3D drivers, in this article our attention has turned to the NVIDIA Windows vs. Linux performance with GeForce 600/700 series graphics cards.

Reddit: What's the best Linux version of Skyrim and Civ V?

Sun, 30/03/2014 - 4:30am

Look, I currently have an OS-less PC, and I don't want to pay another £100 just for Windows, but that limits my gaming options, however I do know that there are unofficial Linux versions of many games, but it appears that a lot of these versions are buggy.

So are there any perfect versions of Skyrim and Civ V for Linux?

If not, I'll sadly have go with Windows...

submitted by EpicQuest4RedditGold
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Reddit: Variety Wallpaper Changer feeds?

Sun, 30/03/2014 - 4:17am


I'm looking for good SFW and NSFW feeds for Variety Wallpaper Changer for Linux.


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Reddit: How can I access NTFS drives after Elementary OS install?

Sun, 30/03/2014 - 3:25am

Hi, I have just setup Elementary OS. I have two hard drives on my desktop and I can’t access either one of them via file manager. To be precise I have two partitions with data that I need to access; dev/sda4(on a 160GB hard drive) and dev/sdb1(on a 1 TB hard drive). I can see these drives using disk utility and gparted and they show them as unknown drives.

I have searched the internet for this problem and can’t seem to get anywhere. I have found that I may need to run the command “sudo blkid” to find the device UID so I can mount them with fstab. But whenever i run “sudo blkid” , I just get the UIDs of the ext4 partion(where I installed elementary) and the swap partition. I really need to access the data on those partitions. Is there any way I can mount those drives on Elementary?

submitted by chinm0y
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LXer: iFixit boss: Apple has 'done everything it can to put repair guys out of business'

Sun, 30/03/2014 - 3:24am
Fixing and upgrading iOS devices can be a rewarding business opportunity, so long as you don't mind having to fight Apple every step of the way. So says the founder of iFixit, who spoke at the MacWorld Expo in San Francisco on Thursday. The repair outfit's CEO Kyle Wiens said there is little or no official public information for servicing the handheld gizmos:

Reddit: Debian vs Ubuntu Server on a low end VPS

Sun, 30/03/2014 - 3:00am

Hey all, I was wondering what you'd use and why. I used to use debian but I've switched to Ubuntu Server due to more packages being available and faster updates. Just wondering because I want to know what you guys prefer.

submitted by narangutang
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Reddit: Multi-GPU with Nvidia, GTX 650ti and an NVS420

Sun, 30/03/2014 - 2:38am

I've been trying to setup a 7 display workstation using 3 1920x1080 monitors and 4 2048x1536 monitors.

I have been successfully running the 3 1080p monitors for quite awhile now.

I have made two approaches to trying to get one big display in which I can drag windows. 3D isn't essential but would be nice.

What I've done is:

1) Use the Nouveau drivers and xrandr 1.4 from Lubuntu 13.10 to try and create one large display. I had to use "nouveau.modesetting=1" in the kernel boot line otherwise nouveau/xrandr wouldn't see the other two ports of the NVS420 being connected.

This approach has been the most successfull since I can get a display on all the monitors. However, when I attempt to form a desktop from all the monitors, I get lots of artifacting (Edit: only on the 2048x1536 displays) and it's quite slow/stuttery. I understand the buffer must be sent across PCI-E, but it's barely usable. Is there any way to improve this? Is it possible nouveau is using the wrong graphics card for rendering the entire screen?

2) Use the Nvidia proprietary drivers. Nvidia-settings sees all the ports, however I cannot of course span across them all. I do understand that the latest 331.38 driver supports xrandr1.4. However, I never could understand how to set this up in xorg.conf since I couldn't find any decent examples that weren't for Optimus.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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Reddit: This whole Linux thing looks cool.

Sun, 30/03/2014 - 1:45am

Hello r/linux! I am a college student who has a laptop that is 4 years old and is beginning to be quite unhappy. Instead of just buy a new laptop, I'd rather just revive it with Linux. I really don't have any experience with Linux. I have a Raspberry Pi and poked around a little, but haven't really done much with.

Anyway, my question is what advice would you give to a first time Linux user that is turning their Windows machine into a Linux machine? My biggest concern is drivers. I have no idea how I would go about installing them. It's a Dell laptop, so am I able to just go to the Dell website like I've done in the past and install them? Or is there a different way to do it with Linux? Also, I'm going to be going into computer science once I get my generals out of the way. Do most compilers have a Linux version with them or is it going to be pretty difficult to use the same compilers as the rest of the class? Lastly, what was your personal favorite resource for learning Linux and all the wonderful things I can do with it?

Edit: In case it matters, I'm thinking Ubuntu.

submitted by WirdNah
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LXer: Ubuntu GNOME 14.04 Beta 2 Screenshot Tour

Sun, 30/03/2014 - 1:30am
We’re preparing Ubuntu GNOME 14.04 LTS, the Trusty Tahr, for distribution in 17th of April 2014. With this final Beta (Beta 2) release, you can see what we are trying out in preparation for our next stable version. We have some interesting things happening. Gnome-shell 3.10 is now included. GNOME Classic session is included.

Reddit: Make me a sandwich

Sun, 30/03/2014 - 1:23am

Reddit: How do I install Linux on a blank computer using a USB or a Disc?

Sun, 30/03/2014 - 1:22am

I'll be using a friends computer to install it onto the USB/Disc, but I don't want to have to change his OS, so does it directly install on the devices?

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