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LXer: How To Protect Your Web Server With Sophos UTM

Tuesday 19th of August 2014 10:19:49 PM
How To Protect Your Web Server With Sophos UTMIn this Howto I will show, how you can setup a webserver to be protected in the demilitarized zone of an enterprise grade firewall. I will use the Sophos UTM Gateway which is available as a software appliance to be installed on "any" hardware and is free for home and personal use.

Phoronix: Dead Island For Linux Appears Imminent

Tuesday 19th of August 2014 10:00:05 PM
Dead Island is a action role-playing game developed by Techland for all major platforms and is based on a zombie-infested open world island. There's been talk of a potential Linux port and it looks like it might finally be materializing for Linux gamers...

Reddit: This is how GNOME treats extension developers

Tuesday 19th of August 2014 09:51:10 PM

Linuxaria: Linux Terminal: speedtest_cli checks your real bandwidth speed.

Tuesday 19th of August 2014 09:25:33 PM

What’s your upload and download speed at home (or in your office) ?
Are you really sure that you get what do you pay for to your ISP ?

To test the speed of our internet connection There are several internet services such as SpeedTest a web service that is available both from Web browsers and mobile application.

Now you can easily check it also with speedtest_cli a command line interface for testing internet bandwidth using In this way you can do the test also on servers that don’t have a Browser or a graphical interface.


speedtest_cli it’s just a python script, so it’s really easy to install and use it, and you have different ways to do it:

1) pip / easy_install

Open a terminal and give the command:

pip install speedtest-cli


easy_install speedtest-cli

2) Github

To install directly from github you can use these commands:

pip install git+


git clone python speedtest-cli/ install

3) As Ubuntu/Debian or Mint package

The package is available on the getdeb repository, you can easily add it with these steps:

- Install the getdeb package.
- Configure the repository manually:
Go to System-Administration-Software Sources, Third-Party Software tab, Add:

deb trusty-getdeb apps

Add the repository GPG key, open a terminal window and type:

wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add -

And now you can install the speedtest-cli package with the commands:

sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install python-speedtest-cli

4) Just download (Like the way it used to be)

As last option, just download the python script where you prefer and run it from there:

wget -O speedtest-cli chmod +x speedtest-cli


curl -o speedtest-cli chmod +x speedtest-cli Basic Usage

You can simply run the command without any option and you’ll get a report on the terminal of your bandwidth speed, this is the output of my crappy Italian Adsl:

$ ./ Retrieving configuration... Retrieving server list... Testing from Telecom Italia ( Selecting best server based on latency... Hosted by LepidaSpA (Bologna) [12.20 km]: 104.347 ms Testing download speed........................................ Download: 6.35 Mbits/s Testing upload speed.................................................. Upload: 0.34 Mbits/s

So this is the basic usage, and it’s good enough to know how great (or bad) is your connection, but maybe you want to share this information with your friends, to do this just use the option –share

./ --share Retrieving configuration... Retrieving server list... Testing from Telecom Italia ( Selecting best server based on latency... Hosted by LepidaSpA (Bologna) [12.20 km]: 93.778 ms Testing download speed........................................ Download: 6.20 Mbits/s Testing upload speed.................................................. Upload: 0.33 Mbits/s Share results:

This will produce an image similar to this one (but I hope for you with better values):

Another interesting option it’s the –list that shows a list of servers sorted by distance, these are my results:

Retrieving configuration... Retrieving server list... 2872) LepidaSpA (Bologna, Italy) [12.20 km] 1561) MYNETWAY S.R.L. (Cesena, Italy) [80.97 km] 2710) ReteIVO by D.t.s. Srl (Florence, Italy) [90.90 km] 4826) Inteplanet Srl (Verona, Italy) [100.45 km] 3998) Wolnext srl (Verona, Italy) [100.45 km] 2957) Wifiweb s.r.l. (Altavilla Vicentina, Italy) [103.11 km] 3103) E4A s.r.l. (Vicenza, Italy) [107.17 km] 3804) Interplanet Srl (Vicenza, Italy) [107.17 km] 1014) NTRnet (Vicenza, Italy) [107.17 km] 3679) Hynet s r l (Vicenza, Italy) [107.17 km] 3745) Comeser Srl (Fidenza, Italy) [114.00 km] 5011) Welcomeitalia spa (Massarosa, Italy) [119.26 km] 2864) ReteIVO by D.t.s. Srl (Massa, Italy) [120.92 km] 2918) ReteIVO by D.t.s. Srl (Arezzo, Italy) [129.79 km] ...

Now that I know the ID of the servers that are located near my location I can pick up a specific server with the option –server, so to chose the server located at Florence (ID 2710) I can use the command:

./ --server 2710 Retrieving configuration... Retrieving server list... Testing from Telecom Italia ( Hosted by ReteIVO by D.t.s. Srl (Florence) [90.90 km]: 106.505 ms Testing download speed........................................ Download: 6.18 Mbits/s Testing upload speed.................................................. Upload: 0.35 Mbits/s

Article sponsored by Asapy Programming Company

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Phoronix: LXQt 0.8 Is Being Released Soon

Tuesday 19th of August 2014 09:25:11 PM
Fans of LXQt, the merge of the Qt version of LXDE along with the Razor-qt desktop project, will soon see out a big update...

LXer: Tiny COMs get capacitive multi-touch baseboard

Tuesday 19th of August 2014 09:22:38 PM
Gumstix is shipping a capacitive multi-touch ready, customizable baseboard for its Overo COMs that works with a new Overo Storm-P COM with enhanced WiFi. The “Arbor 43C” is a capacitive touchscreen replacement for the resistive-ready Gumstix Chestnut 43 baseboard, and similarly pairs with the company’s Linux-ready gumstick-sized Overo computer-on-modules. The new baseboard enables the attachment of a 4.3-inch multi-touch touchscreen, including separately available displays made by Newhaven Display International.

LinuxToday: Viewing your processes through the eyes of /proc

Tuesday 19th of August 2014 09:00:00 PM

 ITworld: The /proc file system brings the processes on your Unix systems into view in some very useful ways, but only if you take the time to cd over to /proc and see all it can tell you.

Phoronix: Linux 3.17 Lands Memfd, A KDBUS Prerequisite

Tuesday 19th of August 2014 08:54:22 PM
There's many new features to Linux 3.17 that were covered over the past two weeks on Phoronix. One of the merged Linux 3.17 features that went under our radar at the time was the new memfd syscall was merged, which is a requirement of the forthcoming KDBUS, the kernel-based D-Bus implementation sought after by the systemd crew...

TuxMachines: Leftovers: Software

Tuesday 19th of August 2014 08:43:23 PM

TuxMachines: today's howtos

Tuesday 19th of August 2014 08:42:01 PM

TuxMachines: Leftovers: Gaming

Tuesday 19th of August 2014 08:41:19 PM

TuxMachines: Ubuntu 14.10's Feature Freeze Is This Wednesday

Tuesday 19th of August 2014 08:27:23 PM

For good or bad, it sure seems like time flew by the past few months of the Ubuntu 14.10 development cycle; the feature freeze for the Utopic Unicorn is this week.

On 21 August is the Ubuntu 14.10 feature freeze while next week marks the beta one release for the Ubuntu 14.10 flavors opting into doing a beta release -- Ubuntu itself still doesn't do betas but Canonical encourages testing at will of their daily live ISOs.

read more

LXer: Linux kernel source code repositories get better security

Tuesday 19th of August 2014 08:25:27 PM
The Linux Foundation is strengthening the walls around the Linux kernel's source code Git repositories.

TuxMachines: Ditching Linux for Windows? The truth isn't that simple, says Munich

Tuesday 19th of August 2014 07:50:12 PM

Munich city council demonstrated to the world that an organisation employing thousands could ditch Windows and move to Linux and free software.

When the project finished late last year about 15,000 staff at the German authority had been migrated to using Limux, a custom-version of Ubuntu, and OpenOffice.

But is the council's move to open source about to be scrapped in favour or returning to Microsoft?

No says the council, in spite of numerous reports to the contrary. Suggestions the council has decided to back away from Linux are wrong, according to council spokesman Stefan Hauf.

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TuxMachines: Reprogramming Government: A Conversation With Mikey Dickerson

Tuesday 19th of August 2014 07:41:37 PM

We’re encouraging open-source software and access to government data everywhere it is possible to do it.

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TuxMachines: Alienware: Steam Machine owners will "sacrifice content" for the sake of Linux

Tuesday 19th of August 2014 07:29:30 PM

It’s been tough to parse Alienware’s position on the Linux-based SteamOS. At E3 they told us that the Steam Machine will increase Linux gamers by “20, 30 fold, overnight”. But with the first Steam Machines delayed into 2015, they’ve upstaged their own Linux box with a Windows-based living room PC: the Alienware Alpha.

So who would win in a fight, Alienware? A living room PC running Windows, or the same PC running SteamOS?

“It depends on what you’re looking for; there’s advantages to both,” said Alienware general manager Frank Azor. “[With] the Linux version I do think you’re going to sacrifice a little bit of content.”

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TuxMachines: New VM Software Claims To Be 4.5x Faster Than QEMU

Tuesday 19th of August 2014 07:24:53 PM

Eltechs is preparing to introduce ExaGear Desktop next month as new proprietary software for running Linux x86 software on Linux ARM using their own virtual machine technology.

Eltechs claims that ExaGear is great for running a virtual Linux x86 container on ARMv7 hardware. From there you could also run the x86 version of Wine for running x86 Windows programs on ARM hardware. This can already be done right now (using QEMU and other open-source Linux technologies for running emulated software for another CPU architecture separate from the host platform), but Eltechs claims that their binary-only solution "It is like QEMU but 4.5 times faster!"

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Reddit: HandyLinux 1.6 - What can you do with Debian?

Tuesday 19th of August 2014 06:48:20 PM
submitted by Gexos
[link] [comment]

Reddit: Need some urgent help for work, a bit out of my league here.

Tuesday 19th of August 2014 06:28:29 PM

Hey guys, does anyone know how to check to see if my DNS service is working on red hat enterprise 7 (if that matters) through the console? I'm currently just trying to use google's public DNS

All I need to know right now is how to check if domain names are resolving, so I wanna see if I can get an IP out of the domain,, etc.

I'm only at an intermediate level with linux commands, so any help would be appreciated.

I've already checked /etc/resolv.conf and it has:


submitted by janimationd
[link] [7 comments]

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RPM 4.12 has been released as the latest version of the RPM Package Manager. This most recent upgrade brings a fair amount of additions, bug-fixes, API changes, binding improvements,a new plug-in system, and more. First up, RPM 4.12 brings a host of new command-line switches: --nopretrans, --noposttrans, --noplugins, --reinstall, --exportdb, --importdb, --recommends, --suggests, --supplements, and --enhances. RPM 4.12 also brings a rpm2archive utility for converting RPM payloads into tar archives. Read more

Qt Creator 3.2.1 released

We are happy to announce Qt Creator 3.2.1. This release contains a range of bugfixes, including fixes for: a freeze when using the current project or the all projects locator filters via keyboard shortcut a deployment error in the OS X packages which led to the Clang code model plugin not loading a crash when opening the context menu on C++ macro parameters For a full list of fixes, please see our change log. Read more

GNOME Control Center 3.14 RC1 Corrects Lots of Potential Crashes

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