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Reddit: What Linux could be diagnosed to me?

Mon, 24/03/2014 - 6:26am

I have tried Linux Mint and crunchbang. I liked how simplistic and insanely fast crunchbang was. I sorta liked the simplicity of Mint, borderline felt exactly like windows.

I am taking a peer at debian, and have a few concerns about things.

I am curious about debian vs ubuntu repositorys, and overall which one is less of a hassle to download. One thing that turned me off a bit from ubuntu was that it crashed and unity in my opinion is ugly (but I know that can be changed easily)

Debian seems it would be overall better for learning whilist giving complete functionality for everything I need it to, but would I run into a slew of hassles and trouble shooting?

I also like playing games on occasion, and would Ubuntu or Debian really affect it granted I use wine / playonlinux?

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LXer: How do you DRM a thing like a coffee pod?

Mon, 24/03/2014 - 5:55am
Keurig's next generation of coffee machines will have a way to prevent any coffee not licensed by Keurig from brewing in the machine as early as this fall. Locking down a thing like coffee seems both trifling and difficult to accomplish—no one has yet described how Keurig can differentiate its own pods enough so that its machines would honor those pods and only those pods...To suss out the issue of coffee DRM, it makes sense to look at a relatively close analog product with its own rights management and interoperability issues—printer toner cartridges. Each printer company jealously guards its model of cartridges, doing everything it can to make them proprietary and unrefillable, because, of course, the real money in printing is in selling the ink at a very large profit.

Reddit: LVM snapshot question

Mon, 24/03/2014 - 4:33am

Im setting up / on lvm. When I snapshot / will the snapshot be stored on the same lv as /? if / is 4G and I want 2G snapshot do I need to make lv / 6G? Or does the snapshot get stored on its own lv?

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Reddit: What does the Linux sub think about a Linux-based computer outreach program?

Mon, 24/03/2014 - 4:27am

So... I'm toying with the idea of starting a computer outreach program for kids in High School. My target demographic would be underprivileged kids who can't afford a computer for school work. The outreach would supply each kid with a Raspberry Pi, a keyboard, and about 20 hours of training on how to install/use Linux in a meaningful way. Not sure on the distro... although I'm leaning towards one.

I think this would be an awesome way to help my community and teach kids a little bit about Comp. Sci. in the process. Plus... on the whole, they'll be WAY more computer literate than their friends who have fancy MacBooks.


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Reddit: Class Project Help

Mon, 24/03/2014 - 4:04am

Here is the project assignment, all the information I am given:

For this first project you will be setting up a small server for a furniture company. This server will be serving multiple major roles, working as a small shard network drive, providing DHCP services, and acting as the local network time server. The server's IP address should be set to

For the file server, you'll need to remember that most of their computers are running Windows and you'll be on an existing workgroup called HomeFurniture. Users should have full permission for their own files, and read access to all other files. It should be able to be browsed. As this needs to support Windows, Samba is recommended. Set the security to require a username and password, but don't worry about setting up the user accounts.

For NTP set the server to get the network time from these three servers

server server server Then set the server to allow all computers on the network to use it as a NTP server.

You'll also need to make sure that the file server uses some servers from the Open DNS project ( and that the rest of the office uses as well.

You'll also need to set it as a IPv4 DHCP server. The range of applied IP addresses is (, the default DNS should come from the sample DNS servers given earlier in the Project. The netmask will be for a class C subnet ( with the subnet being Your router will be

Finally, please set Samba and DHCP's log messages of error or above to both go to a log called /var/log/network-errors.

When done, upload a copy of the configuration settings for each service (Samba, NTP, DNS, DHCP, and the logging). You do NOT need to record all your work with the script command.

I am having a bit of trouble with the DHCP setup. Whenever I find references in my textbook or online, there is a lot more information than I am given in the assignment (subnet mask, broadcast address, domain name). Are these just examples of possible options, or should I have something to enter there? Are there default values I should be using if I'm not given particular information in the assignment?

What I have so far in /etc/dhcp/dhcpd.conf:

default-lease-time 3600 max-lease-time 6400

option domain-name-servers,; option routers;

subnet netmask { range; }

submitted by DastardlyDan
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LXer: Computer access for the poorest, at $7 a head

Mon, 24/03/2014 - 4:01am
Israeli start-up Keepod believes it has a low-cost way to bring the billions living in poverty into the digital age. Keepod has developed a Linux-based operating system that can act as a portable hard drive by plugging it into the USB port of any recent PC...

Phoronix: FFmpeg 2.2 Release Adds The Libx265 Encoder

Mon, 24/03/2014 - 3:15am
The FFmpeg 2.2 release surfaced on Sunday night with numerous audio/video encoding and decoding improvements...

Reddit: TIL that you can't set selinux to 'enforcing' on a Linode CentOS install unless you install a default CentOS kernel

Mon, 24/03/2014 - 2:59am

To be clear, the kernel that runs in a default Linode CentOS instance won't let you set SELinux to enforcing mode, even if you change the appropriate configs or enter the appropriate commands as root.You have to jump through hoops to install the stock, upstream CentOS kernel.

Apparently this has been an existing matter for some time. I don't know the technical reasons for why it's not possible . . . can anyone shed some light on this?

submitted by j1mcamp
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LXer: Setting the past free – The open source column

Mon, 24/03/2014 - 2:06am
Just because old games have been freely available for years doesn’t mean we shouldn’t appreciate it when someone does it properly...

Reddit: Help! I want to watch TV on my Linux desktop. Suggestions?

Mon, 24/03/2014 - 12:56am

Looking for some advice and suggestions. I am running Fedora 20 with 3 monitors. I have decided that I want to watch TV (HD) on my computer. I mean, I'd like to have TV show up while I'm on my computer. I'm on my computer quite a bit, and it'd be nice to flip it on at times just to have it there. I'm looking for some help and suggestions to make this happen.

I have DirecTV in my house, and I have my computer in an office in the house. I have an extra DTV HD receiver I could hook up and use, so that's open as an option. My wife isn't excited about getting another TV for my office, but I might go that route.

Here are some of the options I have looked at and some thoughts concerning them

  1. Hook DTV Receiver up to my computer. In this scenario, I'd need some kind of component or HDMI input to show up. I have seen cards like this Avermedia that will let me input HDMI into the computer. However, I'm not sure if Linux has drivers for them and if there are programs that would show it. In reading reviews, it appears that many people use this for recording and capturing HDMI sources like consoles. Recording HDMI is not important to me. Viewing programs is, so this may work? Any suggestions would be great.

  2. Placeshifting (Slingbox). I have thought about placeshifting from a DTV receiver in the house and then watching it locally. This would be nice as I could use it on tablets, phones, and laptops away from the house as well. But...Slingbox isn't known to work nor is supported on Linux. I've seen some hacks through wine and possibly some browser hacks to make this work. I've also heard horrible things about Slingbox as a company and their support is horrific. I'don't want to support them, if I don' have to. I've also looked at Vulkano and Belin @home products. Again, doesn't look like there is much support for using Linux as the client. Does anyone have experience with these and using them in Linux?

  3. Using a monitor as a TV. This isn't optimal as my monitors are old and don't support HDMI nor component in. And, I'd have to get separate speakers for it.

Just curious if anyone has suggestions!

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LXer: Keep a Watchful Eye with these Console Based Process Viewers

Mon, 24/03/2014 - 12:12am
The top utility will require no introduction to experienced Linux users. It is a tiny utility that provides a dynamic real-time view of a running system, and is regarded as the standard tool for monitoring processes on a system. It helps with system administration by identifying users and processes that are hogging the system. It is also useful for non-system administrators, helping to track and kill errant processes. However, top is showing its age and there are a bunch of utilities that offer a more feature-laden alternative.

Phoronix: Three New Tweaks I Like In Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Sun, 23/03/2014 - 11:44pm
In my usage of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS in its late development state on my new main production system, the ASUS Zenbook UX301LA, there's three new system setting additions to Unity in this newest Long-Term Support release that I've found to be really useful and welcomed...

Reddit: Quick fix:what's the command to install this .deb file?

Sun, 23/03/2014 - 11:41pm

I keep putting in what seems to be the right command series but it's not working. Any reason why?

sudo dpkg -i kingsoft-office_9.1.0.4280~a12p4_i386.deb dpkg: error processing kingsoft-office_9.1.0.4280~a12p4_i386.deb (--install): cannot access archive: No such file or directory Errors were encountered while processing: kingsoft-office_9.1.0.4280~a12p4_i386.deb

submitted by Rjamcakka
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Reddit: Playing Windows games using WINE

Sun, 23/03/2014 - 11:33pm

Let me start off by saying I'm fairly experienced in Linux. I was using it for a while in place of Windows XP, but I decided Xbox was not for me and I wanted a better gaming experience. So I built a pretty nice comp. been running Windows 7 for about year now, and decided it was high time to reinstall. You know the drill, backup important stuff and reinstall to clear off all the junk. Long story short, windows update fucked me hard and now I have no way to reinstall windows (without spending money, I'm broke). I came crawling back to Linux. Anyway, I noticed I took a HUGE performance hit when running games through WINE. What do? I really want to use Linux, but like so many others, I need to be able to properly play my games. So, is there anything I can do to increase performance or am I just gonna have to go back to windows?

My hardware is 100% Linux compatible:

ASUS P8Z77-I Deluxe/WD Patriot Viper 3 2x4gb 1600mhz DDR3 RAM 2x Samsung 128gb SSD 1x 500gb 7200rpm drive 1x 160gb 7200rpm drive VisionTek Radeon 270x

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Reddit: Kingsoft Office for Linux

Sun, 23/03/2014 - 11:11pm

I was reading a CNET article regarding abandoning M$ Office. This alternative was mentioned in the comments. Has a Linux version but doesn't support ODF. Mostly this an FYI but I was curious if anyone has tried it.

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