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TuxMachines: GNU Chess release 6.2.0

Sunday 4th of January 2015 09:26:22 PM

I am glad to announce the release of version 6.2.0 of GNU Chess.
GNU Chess is a chess-playing program. It can be used to play chess
against the computer on a terminal or, more commonly, as a chess engine
for graphical chess frontends.

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Reddit: sshd spawning tons of children

Sunday 4th of January 2015 09:21:00 PM

I'm trying to help a friend out, but currently, it seems something has caused 500+ sshd child processes to spawn, and were a bit flabbergasted how and what is causing it. The system is CentOS 6.5/latest and sshd is the latest as far as I know, we don't think its compromised, as its actually sshd processes, and we've also inputted stricter ssh ratelimiting into iptables.

submitted by Crazy_Atheist
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LXer: 5 Top Free TeX Books

Sunday 4th of January 2015 09:02:47 PM
TeX is a system for computer typesetting. It is a powerful low-level markup and programming language that creates professional quality typeset text. The system was developed by Donald Knuth at Stanford University with the purpose of enabling anyone to generate high-quality books, and to develop a system that yields the same results whatever computer is used.

TuxMachines: Galaxy S5 Android 5.0 Lollipop Update Making Progress

Sunday 4th of January 2015 08:58:32 PM

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Android 5.0 Lollipop update continues to make significant progress and the highly anticipated update is now available in two brand new regions ahead of the U.S. Galaxy S5 Android 5.0 Lollipop release that appears set to begin sometime this month.

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TuxMachines: today's leftovers

Sunday 4th of January 2015 08:12:38 PM

Reddit: Kernel booting process. Part 1.

Sunday 4th of January 2015 07:15:21 PM

LXer: Installing Apache 2 With PHP5 And MySQL Support On Fedora 21 (LAMP)

Sunday 4th of January 2015 07:08:25 PM
Installing Apache2 With PHP5 And MySQL Support On Fedora 21 (LAMP)LAMP is short for Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP. This tutorial shows how you can install an Apache2 webserver on a Fedora 21 server with PHP5 support (mod_php) and MySQL support.

Reddit: Looking for AudioBooks on Linux, networking, SAN, Storage, Servers, etc.

Sunday 4th of January 2015 07:03:00 PM

Hi all, I am an up and coming Linux/AIX/HP-UX server admin. I have the basic knowledge I need to handle day to day activities, but I want more knowledge. I also have an hour drive each day in which I have been listening to music, but I want to make the most of this time and listen to audiobooks that may help build my professional career. Any ideas?

submitted by Defested
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Reddit: How do I copy specific files, in Linux and from a dying PATA/IDE HDD, to another drive like with dd(rescue)?

Sunday 4th of January 2015 07:02:15 PM

How do I copy specific files, in Linux and from a very old dying PATA/IDE HDD, to another drive without messing it up like dd(rescue) commands? I only need to force copy specific files and not the whole drive!

Thank you in advance. :)

submitted by antdude
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Phoronix: Linux Kernel Development Hits An All-Time High

Sunday 4th of January 2015 06:52:01 PM
The advancement of the Linux kernel in 2014 was nothing short of fantastic! The kernel added so many new features and is now more than 19.1 million lines of code...

Reddit: Why don't the people who hate systemd use BSD instead?

Sunday 4th of January 2015 06:01:32 PM

It's a serious question. Linux is Unix-Like and BSD is (apparently) straight Unix. BSD doesn't have systemd or PulseAudio, the two major things people complain about with Linux. If both systemd and PulseAudio are such a problem, why not just switch to BSD?

submitted by briansprojects
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LXer: 4MRescueKit Live CD gives you easy access to Antivirus Live CD, BakAndImgCD, 4MParted and 4MRecover

Sunday 4th of January 2015 05:14:03 PM
The distribution is derived from the latest version of the well-known 4MLinux operating system and comprises of four standalone distributions that are also based on the 4MLinux, including Antivirus Live CD, BakAndImgCD, 4MParted, as well as 4MRecover.

Phoronix: Protecting The 32+ System Linux Test Farm With Nest Protect

Sunday 4th of January 2015 05:00:00 PM
The latest IP assignments for our 32+ system open-source Linux benchmarking test farm isn't for more benchmarking systems at this time but rather for the smoke alarms. Adding the Nest Protect devices give a bit more peace of mind running many computers on residential wiring.

Phoronix: LLVM & Clang Had A Killer 2014 With Lots Of Improvements

Sunday 4th of January 2015 03:31:10 PM
The LLVM project had a great 2014 with a ton of new developers and contributions to the compiler infrastructure and its Clang C/C++ compiler front-end...

LXer: Docker to Gain New Ground in 2015, After Taking Center Stage in 2014

Sunday 4th of January 2015 03:19:41 PM
In the cloud/virtualization world, one technology dominated the conversation in 2014: "Docker." The technology will see further expansion in 2015.

Phoronix: One Of The GNU Games Has Its First 2015 Release Out

Sunday 4th of January 2015 02:53:48 PM
If you're not into all of the modern, resource-intensive Linux games or just prefer something more skillful, GNU Chess has been updated for some terminal gaming action...

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