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TuxMachines: Librem 15 Linux Laptop Set To Close At Around $400k USD

Saturday 31st of January 2015 09:33:25 PM

The manufacturing goal was $250k USD and thanks to the extension they're now set to close the campaign at the end of today at around $400k. With the extra funds, they're planning to add hardware kill switches for the microphone/camera and for all RF/WiFI/Bluetooth adapters. Those behind the project are also looking at replacing the HDMI port with two mini Thunderbolt ports.

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TuxMachines: US Army and FOSS

Saturday 31st of January 2015 09:27:56 PM

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TuxMachines: Mark Morton: Why we chose an open source website

Saturday 31st of January 2015 09:24:30 PM

Platforms like Wordpress and Drupal, which are maintained by a community of users, can be a cost-effective and flexible option for charities, writes the digital media manager at Epilepsy Action

Also: Sydney developer brings open source e-commerce to WordPress

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TuxMachines: Pondering the Fate of Open Source & Software Licenses

Saturday 31st of January 2015 09:21:56 PM

Having used OpenOffice for several years on the Panasonic Toughbooks I use in the field, I've avoided buying into traditional or subscription-based services. While enterprises may have a different view on licensing, cost most always figures into the decision-making process. So if they go the subscription route, they'll have to then ask what strategies they can use to lower those costs. Will they be able to haggle on price?

If the subscription model does become the norm, will OpenOffice and other open-source software thrive, dive, or stay the same in market share? I'd like to hear your thoughts.

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LXer: Five reasons why I love my Kindle Voyage ereader

Saturday 31st of January 2015 08:25:20 PM
Amazon’s Kindle Voyage ereader has been out for a while now, and my initial reaction to it was not positive. Frankly, I thought it looked hideous with the new PagePress lines and dots on each side of the bezel. It also seemed too expensive for what it had to offer compared to earlier Kindles. But I could not have been more wrong about the Kindle Voyage and I’ll tell you why in this post.

Reddit: When well Wayland finally replace X as a default display protocol? And other thoughts

Saturday 31st of January 2015 08:18:28 PM

We are waiting patiently for years, but I'm at a stage where I think it will never become the standard display protocol. I honestly think Linux will never have a breakthrough on the desktop without a proper display protocol/server and a way to distribute software to all distributions, etc. Maybe we have to mark a line and differentiate between server and desktop, because I think Wayland, systemd and btrfs could help Linux desktop enormously.

submitted by Glinux
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Phoronix: Calamares 1.0 Distribution-Independent Installer Framework Released

Saturday 31st of January 2015 07:58:54 PM
Version 1.0 of the Calamares Distribution Independent, Installer Framework has been released...

Reddit: Salting Your LXC Container Fleet

Saturday 31st of January 2015 07:49:49 PM

Slashdot: Dell Continues Shipping Fresh Linux Laptops

Saturday 31st of January 2015 07:48:00 PM
jones_supa writes: In its latest move, Dell will be bringing Ubuntu 14.04 LTS to its top-of-the-line Precision M3800 workstation laptop and the latest model of the Dell XPS 13. Both systems will be running Ubuntu 14.04.1. According to Barton George, Dell's Director of Developer Programs, programmers had been asking for a better, officially-supported Ubuntu developer laptop. This came about from a combination of the efforts of Dell software engineer Jared Dominguez and enthusiastic feedback. Specs of M3800: 15.6" LCD @ 3840x2160, Intel i7 quad core CPU, NVIDIA Quadro GPU, up to 16 GB RAM. The bad news is, as Dominguez explained on his blog, this version of the M3800 doesn't support its built-in Thunderbolt 2 port out of the box. However, thanks to the hardware-enablement stack in Ubuntu, starting with upcoming Ubuntu 14.04.2, you will be able to upgrade your kernel to add some Thunderbolt support.

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TuxMachines: Open Lunchbox: Yet Another Open-Source Laptop Attempt

Saturday 31st of January 2015 07:01:12 PM

Open Lunchbox is the latest project attempting to do an open-source laptop design. Open Lunchbox is trying to do their laptop project in a modular, open hardware design.

How Open Lunchbox claims to be different from the other modular computers and laptop projects that claim to be open-source friendly is that "Open Lunchbox will the first open source modular laptop that is powerful enough for everyday use...The problems with other so called open laptop projects have been either not being x86, not being powerful enough to use as a laptop, not being open or not being an actual laptop."

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TuxMachines: Get a paycheck in open source, be a social activist

Saturday 31st of January 2015 06:45:00 PM

Ross currently serves as director of member services with the Linux Professional Institute. He has over 15 years of experience as Linux trainer and has authored several books on Linux and open source software.

Also: Breaking out of the 'comfort zone' with open source

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TuxMachines: Linux Mint 17.1 (Rebecca) vs. Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn)

Saturday 31st of January 2015 06:28:19 PM

The battle for the best modern desktop still rages on. Two of Linux world’s favorite distributions are often difficult to choose from, especially if you are new to the penguinland. Whether you are a dabbler, a budding programmer, or an ever-curious tinkerer; choosing your first Linux desktop is a tough choice. Asking on the Internet for random people to make that choice for you, adds even more to the confusion. They will give you various answers, from Slackware and Fedora to Ubuntu and Plan 9. However, if you filter their responses to only pick the most popular ones, the distribution deathmatch can boast of only two contenders in the ring: Ubuntu and Linux Mint.

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TuxMachines: solydxk Ready for the transition and new ISOs

Saturday 31st of January 2015 05:58:33 PM

The team has been toiling night and day to make the transition to Debian Jessie and Debian Wheezy as smooth as possible for you.

Everything is ready and you should now be able to upgrade. If you experience connection problems while attempting to upgrade this is probably due to a request overload of our server. Just wait a bit and try later.

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LXer: How today’s young IT talent is different from previous generations

Saturday 31st of January 2015 05:48:36 PM
Today's IT students are big supporters of open source, says IT professor.

Phoronix: Librem 15 Linux Laptop Set To Close At Around $400k USD

Saturday 31st of January 2015 05:47:12 PM
While new Linux laptop projects keep popping up and many of these open-source friendly hardware projects never materialize, the Librem 15 at least has managed to shoot past its original funding goal...

Reddit: need to image a linux system a smaller hd what are my options

Saturday 31st of January 2015 05:18:03 PM

I'm trying to help a family friend with some old PCs, one's working just fine now the other one needs a OS to be installed. He Uses this obscure linux called PCLinuxOS I cannot find an old enough version that will work with his hardware.

(and he cannot help because he's a techno noob with no discs I guess years ago his former computer tech installed these versions of linux and now he's gotten used to them and doesn't want to move to something else)

so my idea was to clone the one system to the other.

the downside is it's got 160GB drive And this what I needed to do the install on has an 80 GB drive

On the bright side the one with the 160 GB hard drive that needs to be cloned to the smaller one barely has anything on it so most of the partitions are empty. I know in the Windows world there are cloning tools that can auto resize partitions that have empty space and such when doing a clone but I'm unsure about linux can anyone help me

submitted by GOGaway1
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Reddit: [help] Looking for a reliable network sync solution

Saturday 31st of January 2015 04:42:19 PM

Google searches show me a lot of good network sync/mount solutions (rsync, samba, nfs, NAS) but I wanted some opinions before choosing which one to use.

I have a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian hooked up to an external HDD, and two machines running Arch Linux (desktop + laptop).

Since the Pi is always on and connected to the internet, I wanted to create a partition on the external HDD that would synchronize to both machine's '~/Documents' directory. So log on to a machine, change/add/remove some files, changes get uploaded to the Pi, log on to another machine, changes get pulled from the Pi.

Which package would allow me to achieve this most efficiently?

submitted by Sir_Vyvin
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LXer: SimpleScreenRecorder Review – The Best Video Recording App for Games on Linux

Saturday 31st of January 2015 03:54:14 PM
Linux is now also a gaming platform, so naturally, people will want to record their gaming sessions. This is not easily done on Linux, but there are some ways to do it. SimpleScreenRecorder is probably the best of them, but the competition is getting fierce.

Phoronix: Virtual GEM To Increase Mesa's Software Rasterizer Performance

Saturday 31st of January 2015 03:27:44 PM
A Google engineer is still working on his virtual GEM driver that will benefit the performance of Mesa's software rasterizer for increasing the performance when not running on real graphics hardware...

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ubuntu 15.04 beta released with official release for MATE

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