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Reddit: How to Reset your MariaDB root password?

Monday 5th of December 2016 12:24:36 PM

LXer: Microsoft's Push for Software Patents Another Reminder That There is No 'New' Microsoft

Monday 5th of December 2016 12:09:35 PM
Microsoft’s continued fascination with and participation in the effort to undermine Alice so as to make software patents, which the company uses to blackmail GNU/Linux vendors, widely acceptable and applicable again

Phoronix: LLVM's LLD Linker Gets Faster Performance (Parallelized ICF)

Monday 5th of December 2016 11:17:47 AM
As pointed out by this week's LLVM Weekly, the LLVM Linker (LLD) received a rather nice performance optimization this past week...

TuxMachines: Ubuntu Leftovers

Monday 5th of December 2016 11:08:42 AM
  • Mesa 12.0.4 Promises 15% Performance Boost for Radeon Users on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

    The Mesa problem in Ubuntu Linux is about to be resolved very soon, after the game developers behind the UK-based Feral Interactive video game publishing company urged Canonical to update the software to a most recent version.

    The Mesa 3D Graphics Library is a unique open-source implementation of the OpenGL graphics API for Linux-based operating systems, and it includes drivers for Intel, Radeon, and Nvidia graphics cards. But it looks like Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) was shipping with a pretty old version of Mesa.

  • Canonical to sue cloud provider over Ubuntu images

    Canonical, the company behind the Ubuntu GNU/Linux distribution, has said it plans to sue an European cloud provider for distributing unofficial images of its cloud distribution despite several warnings.

    The company offers certified cloud images of Ubuntu that are guaranteed to run on specific cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure or Google.

    Performance is optimised and integrated with underlying cloud requirements, with input from the host's cloud engineers.

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TuxMachines: Android Leftovers

Monday 5th of December 2016 11:05:17 AM

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TuxMachines: Red Hat and Fedora

Monday 5th of December 2016 11:03:34 AM

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Phoronix: Calligra 3.0 Is Ready As A Qt5 / KDE Frameworks 5 Office Suite

Monday 5th of December 2016 10:59:40 AM
It's been quite a while since last having anything to report on the KDE Calligra open-source graphics/office suite while surprisingly this morning it was pleasant to see Calligra 3.0 tagged for release...

LXer: Canonical Releases Snapcraft 2.23 Snap Creator for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and 16.10

Monday 5th of December 2016 10:55:15 AM
Canonical's Snappy development team have released a new maintenance version of the Snapcraft 2.x tool that lets applications developers package their apps as Snap packages for Ubuntu and other GNU/Linux distros.

TuxMachines: Eight great Linux gifts for the holiday season

Monday 5th of December 2016 10:03:10 AM

Do you want to give your techie friend a very Linux holiday season? Sure you do! Here are some suggestion to brighten your favorite Tux fan's day.

Also: More Random Gift Ideas For Linux Enthusiasts & Others Into Tech

Which open source gift is at the top of your holiday wish list?

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TuxMachines: Ubuntu-Based ExTiX OS Updated for Intel Compute Sticks with Improved Installer

Monday 5th of December 2016 09:54:09 AM

GNU/Linux developer Arne Exton announced this past weekend the release of an updated build of his Ubuntu-based ExTiX Linux distribution for Intel Compute Stick devices.

Last month, we reported on the initial availability of a port of the ExTiX operating system for Intel Compute Sticks, boasting the lightweight and modern LXQt 0.10.0 desktop environment and powered by the latest Linux 4.8 kernel, tweaked by Arne Exton for Intel Atom processors.

And now, ExTiX Build 161203 is out as a drop-in replacement for Build 161119, bringing a much-improved Ubiquity graphics installer that should no longer crash, as several users who attempted to install the Ubuntu-based GNU/Linux distro on their Intel Compute Stick devices reported.

Also: Debian-Based SparkyLinux 4.5 Brings Support for exFAT Filesystems, systemd 232

4MLinux 20.1 Linux Distro Released with Kernel 4.4.34 LTS to Restore PAE Support

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Reddit: How come new projects have a faster development / better compatibility?

Monday 5th of December 2016 09:09:33 AM

To mention some examples:

  • GIMP has been there forever since I use Linux, then suddenly I hear about this Krita a couple of months ago and I read that it's much better than GIMP.

  • OpenOffice/LibreOffice has been there forever since I use Linux yet I read that this (obsucre to me initially) WPS Office has better compatibility with DOCX than OO/LO.

How is it possible that these new software get better compatibility and work better than software that has been there forever?

(I use Linux since 2005/6~)

submitted by /u/ethreax
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Reddit: Whole view!

Monday 5th of December 2016 08:29:26 AM

LXer: Linus Torvalds finds 163 reasons to wait a week for a new Linux

Monday 5th of December 2016 08:26:34 AM
Linus Torvalds told the world that if it wanted a new Linux he needed a quiet week. But he didn't get it and now the world has an eighth release candidate of Linux 4.9 to consider.

Reddit: Alternative to Debian with up2date packages?

Monday 5th of December 2016 08:22:47 AM

I did fall in love with Debian years ago. And I got accustomed on how to configure Debian. But I have one problem. The packages are just too old. What bugs me at the moment is that Python 3.4.2 has been released over two years ago and I really need 3.5. A virtual environment is not a solution because it makes it extremely difficult to install a couple of packages I need. It's not only Python, though. I stumble over old packages every now and then and it's always a nuisance to me.

Can you recommend any distribution (recommended for servers) close to Debian testing or unstable that deals with security updates just like Debian stable does?

I don't like the feel of Ubuntu Server, although it is very close to what I am looking for. But maybe you have an idea what I should look at.

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Reddit: Is the Pinebook going to be any good?

Monday 5th of December 2016 06:52:30 AM

In case you haven't heard of it yet, here's a link:

submitted by /u/andrewbevelhymer
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Reddit: Thoughts on Linux kernel development.

Monday 5th of December 2016 06:01:19 AM

Like he has the uppermost authority on patches being implemented into the code. The senior kernel developers submit all patches for his say so, and I'm concerned about the development process once he passes, hopefully not for a long time. Will he name a successor for the utmost authority on Linux patches or will it be just a mass of the senior kernel developers approving the patches? I'm curious what other Linux users think.

submitted by /u/elementalerror
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Getting started with Raspberry Pi

So you have a Raspberry Pi, or you’re thinking of getting one, and you want to know how to get started and how to become a master user of one. The Raspberry Pi is a single board computer, meaning that in many ways it's a regular PC, except that everything that makes up the computer is on a single board rather than a traditional PC, which has a motherboard and requires a number of additional daughterboards to make a whole unit. Read more

Games for GNU/Linux

  • Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun Hardcore Tactical Stealth Game Out on Linux
    More and more AAA games are coming to our beloved Linux platform, and nothing makes us happier than to see Daedalic Entertainment's Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun title launching today on Steam for Linux, Mac, and Windows. If you're not familiar with Daedalic Entertainment's work, they are the creators of the superb and fun Deponia series, but Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun is something different, a tactical stealth-strategy game in the style of the Commandos stealth-oriented real-time tactics video game series.
  • Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, the top-down stealth game is now out
    Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun [GOG, Steam, Official Site] is the rather good top-down stealth game from Mimimi Productions. It's now out way a day-1 Linux release and it has a demo. I played the demo and I was massively impressed, so impressed that I would very much like to cover the game properly. So I will be reaching out to the developer for a key.
  • The Keeper, a promising looking side-scrolling survival action game with plenty of action is coming to Linux
    The Keeper side-scrolling survival action game full of boss battles, a combo system for combat and a day and night cycle will come to Linux.
  • Editorial: A chat about asking developers for a Linux port
    It has come to my attention recently that some people have been taking a really hard stance against developers who want to gauge interest for a Linux port. I want to talk about it for a bit. [...] Be the Linux community I know and love, be helpful to developers, get in on beta testing when you can (I’ve seen plenty of developers give out free keys for this too!) and appreciate the good games we get. We are a smaller market in most people’s eyes, so let’s not turn away anything that could help us grow even a little. The fact is, I’ve seen multiple games only come to Linux because Linux fans showed actual interest in it. One such example is Nightside, which I discovered on Steam. After a quick chat with the developer, I was able to convince them to do a Linux build and after a short test they then decided to do support a Linux build. There’s many such examples like this, but due to the amount of games I cover that’s one I could quickly pull up (without having to sift through hundreds of articles).
  • Dawn of War II has a minor patch to fix a few issues
  • Khronos are working on an open standard for VR, Valve will use it
  • BOOR, a new puzzle platformer will arrive with Linux support next year
    BOOR [Official Site] is a new puzzle platformer from developer Dazlog Studio and publisher BadLand Games that will have Linux support. We have many puzzle platformers now, so I do hope BOOR has something to set itself apart from the rest of them. I haven't seen anything in the trailer or the feature list that really jumps out at me. I am hoping when they reveal more gameplay it will look more enticing.
  • The developers of 'EVERSPACE' are still working on the Linux version, seeking help from Epic Games
    EVERSPACE [Steam, Official Site] is the fantastic looking UE4 space shooter that's being ported to Linux, but the developers have encountered a problem with lighting bugs. I follow the topic on Steam, but a user also emailed this in to ask me to highlight it. I would have anyway since I'm interested in it.
  • Total War: WARHAMMER - Realm of The Wood Elves DLC will come to Linux soon
    Total War: WARHAMMER - Realm of The Wood Elves [Steam] is the next DLC that introduces an exciting race into this strategy game. Feral have confirmed it will be on Linux soon with the quick tweet they sent out.
  • DoomRL or 'DRL' as it's now called has gone open source
    After ZeniMax sent the lawyers knocking, the developer of what was called DoomRL (Doom Roguelike) has changed it's name to 'DRL' [Github, Official Site] and it's now open source. ZeniMax are well within their rights to "protect" the Doom brand, but I still think their lawyers are idiotic for doing this. It's not like small-time roguelike was actually competing with the real Doom.

High School's Help Desk Teaches Open Source IT Skills

The following is an adapted excerpt from chapter six of The Open Schoolhouse: Building a Technology Program to Transform Learning and Empower Students, a new book written by Charlie Reisinger, Technology Director for Penn Manor School District in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. In the book, Reisinger recounts more than 16 years of Linux and open source education success stories. Penn Manor schools saved over a million dollars by trading proprietary software for open source counterparts with its student laptop program. The budget is only part of the story. As Linux moved out of the server room and onto thousands of student laptops, a new learning community emerged. Read more

What’s New with Xen Project Hypervisor 4.8?

I’m pleased to announce the release of the Xen Project Hypervisor 4.8. As always, we focused on improving code quality, security hardening as well as enabling new features. One area of interest and particular focus is new feature support for ARM servers. Over the last few months, we’ve seen a surge of patches from various ARM vendors that have collaborated on a wide range of updates from new drivers to architecture to security. Read more