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Reddit: Anyone here think Linux+ certification is any good?

Friday 15th of June 2018 12:25:41 PM

So I have some minor experience with Linux. Doing a few raspberry pi projects, working with some vyatta switches at work and a few other things. Probably enough knowledge to be dangerous at best. Looking at a good way to learn, I looking at certs and Linux+ always comes up as a good introductory. Would someone with experience in it recommend that as a good way to further my knowledge some/stepping stone to more?

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LinuxInsider: Modicia: Ultimate Linux with a Twist

Friday 15th of June 2018 12:00:00 PM
Every once and a great while I stumble on a Linux distro that makes me sit up and smile. Modicia O.S. is one of them. It is not that Modicia steps over the bleeding edge of innovation. It is a seemingly standard desktop Linux distribution based on Xubuntu. It comes in one desktop flavor, Xfce -- but with a twist. Yet nothing is standard about Modicia O.S. That is what generates the happiness. This distro takes one of the oldest and most reliable desktop environments and adds features and conveniences that make it seem like a new discovery.

Phoronix: Purism's PureOS To Explore OSTree/Flatpak, Wants To Develop An "Ethical App Store"

Friday 15th of June 2018 11:54:04 AM
Purism's PureOS downstream of Debian that is shipped on their Librem laptops and is also planned as part of the software stack making up their in-development Librem 5 smart-phone is planning for more changes...

LXer: Meet the Frenchman masterminding a Google-free Android

Friday 15th of June 2018 11:53:03 AM
What open-sourcery is this?Interview Open source had a moral purpose when it was fighting "The Borg", Microsoft, in the 1990s, but then it fell from view. You could say it has found its mojo again, only this time it is about loosening the grip of companies built on ever more intrusive personal data processing: Google and Facebook. One of the biggest but most promising challenges is creating an Android free of Google's data-slurping.…

Reddit: What Linux version for a Dell Server?

Friday 15th of June 2018 11:47:52 AM


I’m not a complete noob in linux and have used it on and off on desktops for a few years now.

I have inherited a Dell Poweredge R200 server, with 2Gb RAM which I can upgrade to 4 and would like to put Linux on it to run Zabbix or potentially be a file server.

Does anyone have any idea of what Linux distribution and version that would work well there?

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LXer: The Easiest PDO Tutorial (Basics)

Friday 15th of June 2018 10:38:43 AM
Approximately 80% of the web is powered by PHP. And similarly, high number goes for SQL as well. Up until PHP version 5.5, we had the mysql_ commands for accessing mysql databases but they were eventually deprecated due to insufficient security.

Phoronix: NetworkManager Finally Supports Wake On Wireless LAN (WoWLAN)

Friday 15th of June 2018 09:35:40 AM
NetworkManager has finally landed support for dealing with Wake On Wireless LAN (WoWLAN) as the WoL-like functionality for wireless adapters...

LXer: Going Global with Kubernetes

Friday 15th of June 2018 09:24:22 AM
Kubernetes is often touted as the Linux of the cloud world, and that comparison is fair when you consider its widespread adoption. But, with great power comes great responsibility and, as the home of Kubernetes, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) shoulders many responsibilities, including learning from the mistakes of other open source projects while not losing sight of the main goal.

Phoronix: Mesa Rolls Out Support For ARB_sample_locations

Friday 15th of June 2018 09:17:56 AM
Mesa has been plumbed in to support the ARB_sample_locations OpenGL extension and is now exposed with the Nouveau NVC0 Gallium3D driver...

TuxMachines: Fedora 29 To Fully Embrace The Boot Loader Specification

Friday 15th of June 2018 09:11:10 AM

Adding to the growing list of features for Fedora 29 is a plan to fully support the Boot Loader Specification and making use of their defined fragment files to populate boot-loader boot menu entries, including the kernel entries.

The Boot Loader Specification is an existing spec for trying to allow a standardized boot configuration format between operating systems / Linux distributions that are based upon drop-in files. The goal has been to be "robust, simple, works without rewriting configuration files and is free of namespace clashes." The specification can be found on and in its current form for the past two years.

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LXer: Samsung Unveils Chromebook Plus V2 Convertible with New Processor, Rear Camera

Friday 15th of June 2018 08:10:02 AM
Samsung has unveiled on Thursday the second generation of its Samsung Chromebook Plus 2-in-1 convertible laptop powered by Google's Chrome OS Linux-based operating system.

TuxMachines: 4 tools for building embedded Linux systems

Friday 15th of June 2018 07:34:12 AM

Linux is being deployed into a much wider array of devices than Linus Torvalds anticipated when he was working on it in his dorm room. The variety of supported chip architectures is astounding and has led to Linux in devices large and small; from huge IBM mainframes to tiny devices no bigger than their connection ports and everything in between. It is used in large enterprise data centers, internet infrastructure devices, and personal development systems. It also powers consumer electronics, mobile phones, and many Internet of Things devices.

When building Linux software for desktop and enterprise-class devices, developers typically use a desktop distribution such as Ubuntu on their build machines to have an environment as close as possible to the one where the software will be deployed. Tools such as VirtualBox and Docker allow even better alignment between development, testing, and productions environments.

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Phoronix: Mesa's VirGL For OpenGL Within VMs Now Supports Tessellation Shaders

Friday 15th of June 2018 07:15:35 AM
It was just days ago that the VirGL driver stack -- which is used for supporting OpenGL hardware acceleration within guest VMs that is passed onto the host's driver -- picked up FP64 support while now its latest addition is ARB_tessellation_shader support...

Reddit: Possible internet blackout for protesting Article 13?

Friday 15th of June 2018 07:11:02 AM

The title says it all. I didn't sure about that but it was done before (see SOPA and PIPA protests) successfully so I wanna hear your opinions.

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LXer: 15.6-inch Apollo Lake panel PC supports Fedora, Ubuntu, and Yocto Linux

Friday 15th of June 2018 06:55:42 AM
DFI’s “KS-156AL” industrial touch-panel PC runs Linux or Windows on Apollo Lake and features a 15.6-inch, 1366 x 768 touchscreen with IP65 protection and shock and vibration resistance. DFI’s Linux-friendly, 15.6-inch KS-156AL panel PC is based on its AL171 mini-ITX board, which was announced a year ago along with the similar AL173 which is otherwise identical except for the addition of wide-range power.

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Red Hat changes its open-source licensing rules

From outside programming circles, software licensing may not seem important. In open-source, though, licensing is all important. So, when leading Linux company Red Hat announces that -- from here on out -- all new Red Hat-initiated open-source projects that use the GNU General Public License(GPLv2) or GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)v2.1 licenses will be expected to supplement the license with GPL version 3 (GPLv3)'s cure commitment language, it's a big deal. Read more

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Gentoo-Based Porteus Kiosk 4.7 Brings More Mitigations Against Spectre Flaws

Powered by the long-term supported Linux 4.14.50 kernel, Porteus Kiosk 4.7.0 is the second release of the operating system in 2018 and comes five months after version 4.6 to introduce more mitigations against the Spectre security vulnerabilities, though the next-gen Spectre flaws require microcode firmware updates for Intel CPUs. "Newly discovered "Spectre Next Generation" vulnerabilities require updated microcode from Intel which is not available yet. Please consider enabling automatic updates service for your kiosks to receive latest fixes and patches as soon as they become available," reads today's announcement. Read more