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Reddit: Could you suggest a German university with an expertise in Linux?

Friday 6th of April 2018 01:23:31 PM

Hello, can somebody suggest a good uni in Germany with a good expertise in Linux-related technologies (virtualization, access control, file-systems). I want to obtain a PhD degree in Germany and now looking for a place that can help me most.

P.S. I am more interested in middle-size cities because cities like Munich, Berlin, Stuttgart or Frankfurt are too expensive and too large for me.

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LXer: Mainstream academia embraces open source hardware

Friday 6th of April 2018 01:03:06 PM
Twenty years ago, even staunch proponents of free and open source software like Richard Stallman questioned the social imperative for free hardware designs. Academics had barely started to consider the concept; the number of papers coming out annually on the topic were less than could be counted on someone[he]#039[/he]s fingers.

Reddit: Help me diagnose why linux on my Mac Pro 5.1 doesnt work well at all.

Friday 6th of April 2018 12:27:35 PM

Hi, I installed arch on my mac pro, and unfortunately i get horrible lockups when using linux. At first when I use gnome it stalls for 5 seconds before I can use it. After that that the whole ui gets more and more choppy. Going in activites animation results in a 5 second freeze. When playing games they very often crash. When I use a different card this does not happen. The rx 580 im using works well on arch linux on other systems, so I don't understand why it doesnt work well on my Mac Pro.

submitted by /u/tomtomgps
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LXer: Submitting my first patch to the Linux kernel

Friday 6th of April 2018 11:48:46 AM
I started using Linux three years ago while attending university, and I was fascinated to discover a different desktop environment. My professor introduced me to the Ubuntu operating system, and I decided to dual-boot it along with Windows on my laptop the same day.

Reddit: [OT] "Jethro Meets the Pope" - Looking for info

Friday 6th of April 2018 11:39:37 AM

Posting this here because I think I will have more luck then in r/Music.

Many years ago when had music on it, I found an album call "Jethro Meets the Pope" and I want more information on it.

I have found a link to the orginal page, which is now dead, on this page The page references the "Director" of the documentary "The Evolution of Linux" as the artist, but it was not clear to me who that was/is.

</Heisenberg Principle/Jethro Meets the Pope

  • 01 - metamorphosis.mp3
  • 02 - relativity.mp3
  • 03 - pope_jim_dudley_xxxiii.mp3
  • 04 - nostalgic_frosting.mp3
  • 05 - silver.mp3
  • 06 - spaces_in_between.mp3
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LXer: YouTube Console Music Player With Playlists Support: mps-youtube

Friday 6th of April 2018 10:47:14 AM
If you're looking for a lightweight YouTube player, look no more! mps-youtube can play music from YouTube entirely in a console, though optionally, it can play the video as well, using mplayer or mpv.

Reddit: Debian Receives Official 64-bit RISC-V Port

Friday 6th of April 2018 10:28:28 AM

TuxMachines: today's leftovers

Friday 6th of April 2018 10:23:21 AM

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TuxMachines: OSS Leftovers

Friday 6th of April 2018 10:17:02 AM
  • Huawei Unveils Open Source DMM Project That Redesigns the Protocol Stack Container in Networking

    At the 2018 Open Networking Summit North America, Huawei introduced the new Dual Modes, Multi-Protocols, Multi-Instances (DMM) open source project—a protocol stack framework—which elevates different protocol stacks for networking application developers. DMM is a Fast Data Project and a part of the community, which is tailored for open source software and aims to provide high-performance networking solutions. Leveraging Huawei's expertise in providing cost-effective network solutions to customers, DMM will make it possible to use diverse protocol stacks for different apps, as well as simplify the process of developing a new protocol stack. This new framework will provide the enterprise industry with a more open, pluralistic, and reliable networking solution.

  • FOSSASIA experience

    I spend most of my time at the Debian booth. People swing by the booth and they talked about their experience with Debian. It was fun to meet them all. Prior to the conference I created a wiki page to coordinate Debian booth at exhibition which really helped.

    I met three Debian Developers - Chow Loong Jin (hyperair), Andrew Lee 李健秋 (ajqlee) and Héctor Orón Martínez (zumbi). Andrew Lee and zumbi also volunteered at Debian booth from time to time along with Balasankar ‘balu’ C (balasankarc). Hyperair was sitting at HackerspaceSG booth, just two booth across from us.

  • uBlock Origin is Back-to-Back March Addonness Champion

    It’s been three weeks and we’ve almost run out of sports metaphors. We’re happy to announce that after three rounds and thousands of votes you have crowned uBlock Origin March Addonness champion for the second year in a row!

  • Friday Free Software Directory IRC meetup time: April 6th starting at 12:00 p.m. EDT/16:00 UTC
  • Guix & reproducible builds at LibrePlanet 2018

    LibrePlanet, the yearly free software conference organized by the Free Software Foundation, took place a week ago. Among the many great talks and workshops, David Thompson, a core Guix developer also working as a DevOps, presented many aspects of Guix and GuixSD in his talk, Practical, verifiable software freedom with GuixSD (video, slides).

  • How to create an impact map for teams

    Give impact mapping a try and let us know how it works for you. You can use any mind map software to create your first impact map, but you might prefer to start with pen and paper and sticky notes, or even a nice clean whiteboard.

  • Is Python a Good Choice for Entrerprise Projects?

    If you follow me for a long time, you know I've been doing Python for more than ten years now and even wrote two books about it. So while I'm obviously biased, and before writing a reply, I would also like to take a step back and reassure you, dear reader, that I've used plenty of other programming languages those last 20 years: Perl, C, PHP, Lua, Lisp, Java, etc. I've built tiny to big projects with some of them, and I consider that Lisp is the best programming language.

TuxMachines: Mainstream academia embraces open source hardware

Friday 6th of April 2018 10:04:23 AM

Twenty years ago, even staunch proponents of free and open source software like Richard Stallman questioned the social imperative for free hardware designs. Academics had barely started to consider the concept; the number of papers coming out annually on the topic were less than could be counted on someone's fingers.

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Phoronix: Vulkan 1.1.72 Released With Three New Extensions

Friday 6th of April 2018 10:03:03 AM
Vulkan 1.1.72 is now available, which for simple terms is really "Vulkan 1.1.2" except for the patch number having not been reset when Vulkan 1.1 was launched last month...

TuxMachines: Submitting my first patch to the Linux kernel

Friday 6th of April 2018 10:02:15 AM

I started using Linux three years ago while attending university, and I was fascinated to discover a different desktop environment. My professor introduced me to the Ubuntu operating system, and I decided to dual-boot it along with Windows on my laptop the same day.

Within three months, I had completely abandoned Windows and shifted to Fedora after hearing about the RPM Package Manager. I also tried running Debian for stability, but in early 2017 I realized Arch Linux suits all my needs for cutting-edge packages. Now I use it along with the KDE desktop and can customize it according to my needs.

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Phoronix: Coreboot Lands Updated ME_Cleaner, Purism TPM & Other Updates

Friday 6th of April 2018 09:48:00 AM
A number of improvements to Coreboot were merged to Git master overnight...

LXer: How to Install and Dual-Boot Ubuntu on Mac

Friday 6th of April 2018 09:45:42 AM
It is easy to dual boot Ubuntu on Mac. There might be some problems with the bootloader, but it can be overcome easily. Here are the steps to install and dual boot Ubuntu on Mac.

Phoronix: DXVK 0.41 Released, Slightly More CPU Efficient & Offers A Heads-Up Display

Thursday 5th of April 2018 10:04:13 PM
DXVK 0.41 is now available as the library for Wine users to have Direct3D 11 implemented over Vulkan for generally allowing higher performance than Wine's own D3D11-over-OpenGL layer...

Reddit: patch runs ed, and ed can run anything

Thursday 5th of April 2018 09:52:12 PM

Reddit: Parrot OS

Thursday 5th of April 2018 09:51:02 PM

trying to get a parrot os live persistent usb working and running into problems.
When it boots and I select persistence, I get the following error:

"a start job is running for live-config contains the components that configure a live system during the boot process (late userspace). (X:XX / no limit)"

I can work around it by editing the boot params each time and adding "nouveau.modeset=0" but am looking for a more permanent solution instead of having to edit each and every time I boot. Any suggestions?

Computer in question is a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Series 7559

submitted by /u/NXVash
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LXer: Getting started with Vagrant

Thursday 5th of April 2018 09:41:18 PM
If you're like me, you probably have a "sandbox" somewhere, a place where you hack on whatever projects you're working on. Over time, the sandbox will get crufty and cluttered with bits and pieces of ideas, toolchain elements, code modules you aren't using, and other stuff you don't need. When you finish something, this can complicate your deployment, because you may be unsure of the actual dependencies of your project—you've had some tool in your sandbox for so long that you forget it must be more

More in Tux Machines

Purism’s Librem 5 smartphone will run Ubuntu Touch, as well as PureOS

Purism has partnered up with UBports to offer Ubuntu Touch as a supported operating system on its Librem 5 smartphone. The crowd-sourced, open-source smartphone runs Purism’s PureOS, by default. Purism is also working with GNOME for a version of PureOS with the KDE Plasma Mobile environment, giving users a choice between three OSes. Read more

Core i7 8700K vs. Ryzen 7 2700X With Rise of The Tomb Raider On Linux

Here are our latest Linux gaming benchmarks comparing the Intel Core i7 8700K to the newly-released Ryzen 7 2700X. The focus in this article is on the Rise of the Tomb Raider Linux port released last week by Feral Interactive and powered by Vulkan. Read more

Stable kernels 4.16.5 and 4.14.37

today's leftovers

  • Heptio Debuts Gimbal Kubernetes Load Balancer Project
    Kubernetes startup Heptio has added another project to its roster of open-source efforts that provide expanded capabilities for container orchestration users.
  • Heptio Launches Kubernetes Load Balancing Application
  • The Role of Site Reliability Engineering in Microservices
    You can always spot the hot jobs in technology: they’re the ones that didn’t exist 10 years ago. While Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) did definitely exist a decade ago, they were mostly inside Google and a handful of other Valley innovators. Today, however, the SRE role exists everywhere, from Uber to Goldman Sachs, everyone is now in the business of keeping their sites online and stable. While SREs are hotshots in the industry, their role in a microservices environment is not just a natural fit that goes hand-in-hand, like peanut butter and jelly. Instead, while SREs and microservices evolved in parallel inside the world’s software companies, the former actually makes life far more difficult for the latter.
  • Lying with statistics, distributions, and popularity contests on Cooking With Linux (without a net)
    It's Tuesday and that means it's time for Cooking With Linux (without a net), sponsored and supported by Linux Journal. Today, I'm courting controversy by discussing numbers, OS popularity, and how to pick the right Linux distribution if you want to be where are the beautiful people hang out. And yes, I'll do it all live, without a net, and with a high probability of falling flat on my face.
  • Voyage open sources its approach to autonomous vehicle safety
    In an effort to improve autonomous vehicle safety, Voyage is open sourcing its Open Autonomous Safety (OAS) library that contains the company’s internal safety procedures, materials, and test code that is intended to supplement the existing safety programs at autonomous vehicle startups. Voyage is the self-driving business from the educational organization Udacity.
  • Hitchhiker’s Guide to KubeCon Europe
    The cloud native community is gathering in Copenhagen next week for KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe! Here’s your guide to the talks and events you won’t want to miss. Meet the Red Hat and CoreOS team members all week long, May 1-4 at booth D-E01.
  • Event - "GNU Health Con 2018" (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain)
    GNU Health is this year holding the III International GNU Health Conference, GNU Health Con 2018. This conference will gather the community of activists and developers who have been working on the project during the past 10 years.
  • ONNX: the Open Neural Network Exchange Format
    The good news is that the battleground is Free and Open. None of the big players are pushing closed-source solutions. Whether it is Keras and Tensorflow backed by Google, MXNet by Apache endorsed by Amazon, or Caffe2 or PyTorch supported by Facebook, all solutions are open-source software. Unfortunately, while these projects are open, they are not interoperable. Each framework constitutes a complete stack that until recently could not interface in any way with any other framework. A new industry-backed standard, the Open Neural Network Exchange format, could change that.
  • L.A. Lawmakers Looking To Take Legal Action Against Google For Not Solving Long-Running City Traffic Problems
    The city's government believes the traffic/mapping app has made Los Angeles' congestion worse. That the very body tasked with finding solutions to this omnipresent L.A. problem is looking to hold a private third party company responsible for its own shortcomings isn't surprising. If a third-party app can't create better traffic flow, what chance do city planners have? But beyond the buck-passing on congestion, the city may have a point about Waze making driving around Los Angeles a bit more hazardous. For several months, it's been noted that Waze has been sending drivers careening down the steepest grade in the city -- Baxter Street. Drivers seeking routes around Glendale Ave. traffic choke points have been routed to a street with a 32% grade, increasing the number of accidents located there and generally resulting in barely-controlled mayhem. When any sort of precipitation falls from the sky, the city goes insane. Drivers bypassing Glendale are now hurtling down a steep, water-covered hill, compounding the problem.
  • Even Microsoft's lost interest in Windows Phone: Skype and Yammer apps killed
    Microsoft’s given users of its collaboration apps on Windows Phone under a month’s warning of their demise. A support note from late last week advises that “Windows phone apps for Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, and Yammer are retiring on May 20, 2018.” “Retiring” means all three will vanish from the Microsoft store on May 20, with differing results.
  • Should You Build Your Own DIY Security System?