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LXer: 76 Everyday Linux User Guides For Beginners

Wednesday 22nd of April 2015 09:29:06 PM
I have written dozens of user guides over the years and this article lists 76 of these guides showing how to create media, backup systems, dual boot, install Linux, customise Linux and do stuff with the Raspberry PI. Will Cloud Foundry be the Linux of the Cloud?

Wednesday 22nd of April 2015 05:52:26 PM

I have known Sam Ramji since his days spreading open source religion at Microsoft. At that time, Linux and Microsoft were clearly on opposite ends of the spectrum, but Sam had the courage to step into the lion’s den and keynote the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit. 

Reddit: Is OpenOffice Dying?

Wednesday 22nd of April 2015 05:25:59 PM

LXer: Fedora 22 beta released

Wednesday 22nd of April 2015 07:14:00 AM
In today's open source roundup: Download the Fedora 22 beta. Plus: VMWare launches its own version of Linux. And eight useful Linux file managers.

Reddit: Am I missing something obvious or is it overly difficult and cumbersome to set up a Debian repository?

Wednesday 22nd of April 2015 05:26:29 AM

So I wanted to set up a Debian repository. I found this wiki page that lists a bunch of tools:

dak, which is the "official solution", isn't in the Debian repositories for some reason (?), instead it's recommended you install it from their git repository. Also it has little to no documentation.

I went with reprepro, which was a huge hassle to set up, and involved me manually creating GPG keys, installing and configuring an Apache server, creating a config file for reprepro (which was ONLY documented on the reprepro manpage, with little to no resources available online) and then pointing repropro at my .deb file. This still didn't work, as apt-get update was unable to find an i386 version of my package, even though I specified that I only had an x64 version.

I'm planning on trying aptly tomorrow, which at the very least has a nice website. However, I'm pretty disappointed by the whole experience. Having the ability to set up your own repositories to distribute your own software seems like a hugely important thing, why is there no official tool that will do this stuff easily and quickly?

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LXer: VMware buys into Linux containers with Lightwave and Photon

Wednesday 22nd of April 2015 05:19:38 AM
VMware is now a Linux distributor and invested more than ever in containers.

Slashdot: AMD Publishes New 'AMDGPU' Linux Graphics Driver

Tuesday 21st of April 2015 12:00:07 PM

LXer: Return of the Mac

Tuesday 21st of April 2015 07:13:42 AM
In a previous article, I talked about vim macro basics. In thatarticle, I described how to record a custom macro, assign it to a key and thenuse it to make automated edits to a BIND zone. I also teased that Iwould cover more advanced uses of macros, like nested macros, in a futureissue.

TuxMachines: Myth Busting the Open-Source Cloud Part 1

Tuesday 21st of April 2015 01:52:43 AM

On the contrary, open-source cloud computing products are designed from the outset with security in mind. For example, there are features such as identity management to monitor who has access to content, and data encryption to safeguard information while it’s at rest or in transit.

Furthermore, open-source cloud software is peer-reviewed by community participants, leading to continuous improvements in the quality of security features and mechanisms. This community also monitors and rapidly discloses vulnerabilities and issues, and provides security updates to address them.

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TuxMachines: What does an adult look like in an open source community?

Tuesday 21st of April 2015 01:38:12 AM

You're no longer "just an adult." You're now trusted and looked to for opinions on how the community should grow. You're a community elder. You embody the history. You keep the history. You work together with other adults and elders to guide and make the community stronger. And to a certain extent, the community once again looks after you, just as it did in the first phase.

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LXer: Ex-Windows dev: Yes, Ballmer was dogmatic, Sinofsky's bonkers, and WinPho needs to change

Tuesday 21st of April 2015 01:30:36 AM
A former Windows Phone and Office lead designer has shed some valuable insight into Microsoft’s internal processes, design and strategy. Designer Jon Bell* left Microsoft a year ago but his Reddit AMA is still vastly more informative than anything that emerges from the Redmond politburo.

TuxMachines: German Greens want increased support for open source

Tuesday 21st of April 2015 01:10:25 AM

The Greens in the German parliament want the government to shore up support for open source, but are not sure how. The politicians are working with the Free Software Foundation Europe, to figure out the most convincing arguments and how to increase pressure on the federal government.

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TuxMachines: Windows Users Download Ubuntu 30,000 Times a Day and Other Cool Facts

Tuesday 21st of April 2015 01:06:28 AM

Ubuntu is the most used Linux desktop operating system, but that might not be all that transparent, so we would also like to present some interesting figures, like the number of Windows users that download Ubuntu every day.

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TuxMachines: Get the Tizen Operating System on your Raspberry PI 2

Monday 20th of April 2015 09:52:29 PM

There has been some great work done with getting Tizen running on different development boards, and today I am pleased to see that its the time for the Raspberry PI 2 Dev Board to get some Tizen love courtesy of the Samsung Open Source group. Tizen is an Important Operating System (OS) within Internet of Things (IoT) and therefore it made sense for Tizen to come to the Raspberry Pi, which is the most popular single-board computer with more than 5 million sold.

Direct link: Bringing Tizen to a Raspberry PI 2 Near You…

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Phoronix: Linux 3.16 Through Linux 4.0 Performance Benchmarks

Monday 20th of April 2015 09:45:57 PM
With Linux 4.0 out the door here are some more performance benchmark results...

TuxMachines: 4MRescueKit 12.0 Beta Is a Distro with a Collection of Tools Essential to PC Maintenance

Monday 20th of April 2015 09:42:44 PM

4MRescueKit is a relatively new Linux operating systems Linux distro that is comprised of various tools that can help users make changes from outside of another OS. A new update has been released for 4MRescueKit.

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Leftovers: Gaming

  • SuperTuxKart release, Linux games, and more open gaming news
  • Will Fight For Food: Super Actual Sellout: Game Of The Hour Released For Linux
    Will Fight for Food: Super Actual Sellout: Game of the Hour wins my award for most annoying name of a game ever.
  • Survivor Squad: Gauntlets Adds Linux Support, Looks Really Fun
    Survivor Squad: Gauntlets has recently added Linux support to their Early Access title. Honestly, I didn't think much of it looking at screenshots, but you really do need to watch a gameplay video to understand it, and it looks fun. I really do love the idea behind this game, and making sure to remember to keep checking everywhere looks like mad fun. Looks like it can get quite difficult too. It is in Early Access, but the developers stated that the full release is only just around the corner!
  • Stop Everything, Tea Party Simulator 2015 Released For Linux
    Will these joke simulator games ever end? Who honestly is going to buy Tea Party Simulator 2015? Goat Simulator was funny, but this...
  • Dungeons 2 Strategy Game Released On Steam For Linux
    Dungeons 2 is another game to come to Linux thanks to Kalypso Media Digital, and it's very much like the old Dungeon Keeper games. Reviewers are giving it the thumbs up so far, so it looks like it could be a good one. It looks like it has a few performance issues, and silly bugs, but it's a brand new release so that's to be expected.
  • Ubuntu 15.04 Brings Better Intel Performance For CS:GO & TF2
    With the release of Ubuntu 15.04 coming this week I've been busy running some fresh comparison benchmarks between the "Vivd Vervet" and former versions of Ubuntu Linux. For Intel HD Graphics users, in this article are two quick results showing how the performance of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Team Fortress 2 has improved on the open-source Intel Linux graphics driver over the past six months between Ubuntu 14.10 and 15.04.
  • There's Now More Than 1,100 Games On Steam For Linux
    It was just last month I wrote about there being more than 1,000 games on Steam for Linux/SteamOS. Recently, Steam crossed the 1,100 games milestone; over one hundred additions in just over one month!
  • Unigine 2.0 Beta 2 Brings PBR, SSR, Kinect 2 Support
    While we sadly don't hear too much these days from Unigine on the Linux gaming front, their high-end 3D graphics engine remains Linux-compatible and they seem to be doing well off in the area of simulations and more. Unigine 2.0 has been out in preview form since last year and coming out today is the second beta.

8 Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu 15.04 Vivd Vervet

enable always show menus in Ubuntu 15.04 vivid vervet

As people are taking poll on our Ubuntu 15.04 released post, it seems people are interested in the tweaks and improvements made in Vivid Vervet. But you might get confused when you upgrade to Vivid Vervet that all the tweaks are not enabled by default. So how to enable them? Here in this post I'm going to show you how to enjoy latest tweaks and configure Vivid Vervet ease of use features.

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Systemd Kills Off Shutdownd

Systemd has eliminated shutdownd, one of the oldest components of this controversial init system, but its removal isn't because systemd is going on a diet. Read more