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Reddit: Easy to Use Project Management Software for Linux?

10 hours 12 min ago

There is a shift happening in my IT department. The new head of the department wants us to start using Project Management Institute concepts and frameworks (none of us have been educated in this methodology). I decided to dig around and see if I could find some good starting points in the form of Excel format spreadsheets that I can use to manage my projects (and those of the people I have been put in charge of managing). I found one file from Microsoft, but it was for MS Project.

Looking around for Free/Open software that would open this, I found OpenProj (which appears to be dead. Which is now ProjectLibre which only comes in RPM format as far as I can tell. I need something that will work in Linux and Windows for my non-technical IT staff Hmmm... it looks like SourceForge detects the platform you are coming from. It's an MSI from a Windows box.) and TaskJuggler (which is good for someone like me but terrible for the people I work with both above and below me). I also have used DotProject in the past, but this new department head loathes the idea of having servers in house running free/open software that "has to be backed up and maintained" (don't ask).

Outside of those three, I really haven't been able to find any other free/open alternatives to MS Project and the last thing I want to do is work with an MS product that would further stick me in the Windows world. I've been lucky up to now in that I've been free to use Linux on the desktop for over a decade to get everything done. In the past year I've had to add a Windows machine in my office to use the various applications (virtualization just doesn't work well enough for some of the crap I have to do these days) that are being thrust upon me. I'm not in a position where I can look for another job right now as the Linux market in the Cleveland area (can't move) sucks. So I need to survive this transition. Am I tilting at windmills trying to find either a spreadsheet that follows PMI or free/open software that non-technical IT users can easily use without a server component?

EDIT: Well I might look into ProjectLibre at this point.

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LXer: CherryTree 0.33 Notes Released: What's New, Overview & Ubuntu Installation

10 hours 25 min ago
CherryTree is a powerful notes-taking application written in Python and GTK, which organizes your notes into so-called nodes and has rich-text markup formatting options, support for tables and images and many other features.

Reddit: Redhat training+support

10 hours 34 min ago

Many Redhat experienced people on here?

Also, can anybody recommend any free resources for some training?

Many thanks

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Reddit: Best way to redirect user from server to server "on the fly"

10 hours 35 min ago

I am currently learning how to set up multiple servers that have the exact same content (for example if server A goes down, I can have server B instantly take it's place).

My setup is like this: Server0 that only redirects requests to other servers (users will be connecting to this one) Server1 (this is the "master") Server2 has exactly same data as Server1 (mysql is master-master, www files sync is done via btsync)

Now I have a slight problem.

I'm not sure how to redirect users from server0 to either server1 or server2, I tried using iptables but I had some problems with it updating and working the way I wanted it to work.

My question is: what am I doing wrong (if I am, I suppose I am) and how should this kind of setup be done.

I'll try to explain better if someone didn't understand a word I just said.

Thanks in advance.

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LXer: Wireless router garment runs on Linux threads

11 hours 22 min ago
The “BB.Suit,” a wearable wireless router garment prototype created by Dutch design house By Borre, runs OpenWRT Linux on a TP-Link router board. Last month at South-by-Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Texas, Dutch fashion designer Borre Akkersdijk unveiled his wearable computer called the BB.Suit. While most wearables are eye- or wrist-wear, the BB.Suit is an actual […]

TuxMachines: Tabletop Simulator now on Steam Early Access

11 hours 47 min ago

Tabletop Simulator, the very uncommon physics sandbox game that deals with the accurate simulation of a table top, is now available on Steam Early Access. The game has been creating quite a few ripples ever since its announcement. The game started its journey on Kickstarter which it quite successfully completed and is now headed for a full release on Steam.

The game is basically a sandbox with the sole purpose of simulating all kinds of possible table top physics. Now the interesting part of the game is that it is kind of a blank table top over which users can put up any game that they fancy. Once set, the game can be played just like in the real world moving around the pieces as if on a real world. But the interesting part is that, just like in the real world, should you decide, you can rage flip the table, throw the pieces at your opponent or just push the table over!

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TuxMachines: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0 Is Looking Fantastic

11 hours 58 min ago

Since yesterday's public availability of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0 release candidate I have been busy at Phoronix testing out this upcoming release of RHEL codenamed Maipo.

Most of my Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 thoughts were shared within my RHEL7 beta testing article. Since the beta, there hasn't been any incredible last minute features, but there's been a lot of polishing happening. A lot.

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TuxMachines: Future update gives better view of Chromebook CPU usage

12 hours 4 min ago

Chromebooks have been able to show system performance through the Task Manager in the Chrome browser, however a future update is showing a new way to view a Chromebook’s system performance. Currently, on the stable build for Chromebooks, going to the chrome://power page allows users to view battery performance over time in the form of a chart. However, the Beta channel shows not only battery performance on this page, but CPU performance over time, too. This view gives Chromebook users a better idea of Chromebook CPU usage. (The Beta channel is one of Google‘s early release channels, where users can receive future updates early, though they can be unstable.)

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TuxMachines: HotLinuxJobs: The demand has always outstripped the supply for Linux professionals

12 hours 15 min ago How do you see the future development of Linux professionals recruitment sector?
Brent Marinaccio: Well, Linux is not going away. It just continues to grow. Thus, it bodes well for the individuals in this space. Throughout our time recruiting in the open source arena, the demand has always outstripped the supply for Linux professionals. Even in the two recessions we have been through. Therefore, I see no indication this is going to change in the near to mid term. All in all, it is a good time to be involved with open source software.

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LXer: For world’s biggest troll, first patent case ends up in tatters

12 hours 19 min ago
The case was just weeks away from a jury trial, but US District Judge Anthony Trenga didn't let it get that far. In an opinion published Wednesday, Trenga found that IV's patents were simply abstract ideas: "nothing more than the mere manipulation or reorganization of data," he wrote. "At most, the patents describe a more efficient system or method for performing tasks than could be done without a computer, i.e. monitoring expenditures according to preset limits (the '137 Patent) or determining what would appeal to a particular user from a particular website (the '382 Patent.)"

TuxMachines: OpenPOWER Foundation to reveal innovations in Big Data

12 hours 26 min ago

The OpenPOWER Foundation is going to reveal new innovations around Big Data technology in the next Open Innovation Summit on April 23, 2014. The OpenPOWER Foundation is a collaboration of technology companies on Power Architecture products initiated by IBM. It is building an ecosystem around IBM POWER hardware and software and making it available for open development for the first time. Canonical has also added support for PowerSystems in the recently released Ubuntu Linux 14.04.

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TuxMachines: Cern Deploys Red Hat, Continued Heartbleed Heartache, & a CentOS Desktop

12 hours 33 min ago

Cern, "the European Organization for Nuclear Research" and probably best known for the Large Hadron Collider, has chosen Red Hat for its mission critical systems according to a report on Elsewhere, folks are still all worked up over Heartbleed, but some say its beyond the little guy - so relax. Finally today, Chris Clay at has deployed CentOS on his desktop. How'd that work out?

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TuxMachines: 'Basque schools value savings of open source'

12 hours 37 min ago

The education sector in the Basque Region is increasingly switching to free and open source, reports ESLE, an industry trade group representing free software IT service providers in the autonomous region in Spain. This type of software is helping schools in computing, mobile learning, open data and 3D printing, ESLE writes in a first strategic review, published in December.

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Reddit: An open-source (hosted) Prezi presentation software alternative?

13 hours 42 min ago

Hi there,

I very like the way Prezi empowers me to present and structure my thoughts on the canvas in a very free way without little limitations.

Yet I would like to support open-source alternatives.

Do you know any open-source alternatives to Prezi, that at best, offer a hosted solution same as Prezi?

I would prefer to not having to host it myself, yet being able to access the software online.

Alternatively, please also name any offline alternatives that are similar to Prezi.

Thanks for your thoughts!

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LXer: Even the most secure cloud storage may not be so secure, study finds

14 hours 14 min ago
Some cloud storage providers who hope to be on the leading edge of cloud security adopt a "zero-knowledge" policy in which says it is impossible for customer data to be snooped on. But a recent study by computer scientists at Johns Hopkins University is questioning just how secure those zero knowledge tactics are.