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Slashdot: Largest DebConf Ever Will Hit Heidelberg In Mid-August

Wednesday 19th of August 2015 11:00:04 AM

TuxMachines: The Egg, a handheld Tizen webserver, emerges at IDF

Tuesday 18th of August 2015 04:41:32 PM

Eggcyte is demoing its redesigned, handheld “The Egg” personal server device, which runs Tizen Linux on a quad-core Atom, and offers up to 256GB of storage.

On Oct. 29, 2014, Eggcyte cancelled its Kickstarter project for its somewhat ovoid shaped personal server device, dubbed The Egg. The project had only nipped at the edges of its half million dollar funding goal. When we contacted the company for our Dec. 31 checkup on the fate of crowdfunded gizmos in 2014, the company told us it was planning to re-launch a campaign in mid-January.

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Phoronix: Libdrm 2.4.64 Brings Fixes For AMDGPU & Freedreno

Tuesday 18th of August 2015 04:34:45 PM
Just days after the big libdrm 2.4.63 release that brought initial AMDGPU DRM support, version 2.4.64 of Mesa's DRM library is now available...

TuxMachines: Ubuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) Finally Transitions to GCC 5.x

Tuesday 18th of August 2015 04:27:59 PM

Ubuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) has finally moved to GCC 5.x, and it looks like it's been a rather smooth transition, and things should remain calm for the time being.

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TuxMachines: How open source helped one woman break into the tech industry

Tuesday 18th of August 2015 04:24:40 PM

Open source communities have been paving the way for innovation for years, and recently they've been paving the way for diversity in the IT fields, too. For some women, the way into technology was clear and well-lit. Others faced harsh criticism from their families, friends, and society. Thankfully, open source communities are creating a level playing field, enabling women from all over the world to learn, contribute, and make their mark in technology.

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LXer: How to talk to your company about FOSS

Tuesday 18th of August 2015 04:20:41 PM
Free and open source software (FOSS) has made huge inroads over the last decade or two, especially in the corporate world. Even so, some legal departments can be wary of their organizations using or contributing to more

TuxMachines: Free Multi-Track Video Editor Kdenlive 15.08 Announced

Tuesday 18th of August 2015 04:18:12 PM

Kdenlive, a free multi-track video editor for Linux that supports DV, AVCHD and HDV editing, has been upgraded to version 15.08 and is now ready for download.

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TuxMachines: Official 5MP Camera Module Connects to All Available Raspberry Pi Models

Tuesday 18th of August 2015 04:15:06 PM

Not too many people know that the Raspberry Pi 2 mini PC has a very good and powerful camera module that can be used to take high-definition video.

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TuxMachines: Stephen Hawking’s Speech Software Is Now Open Source

Tuesday 18th of August 2015 04:11:46 PM

Intel has decided to release the software under a free software license, meaning that it is basically open source and developers can go ahead and check it out. Dubbed ACAT (Assistive Context-Aware Toolkit), Intel has described it as “an open source platform developed at Intel Labs to enable people with motor neuron diseases and other disabilities to have full access to the capabilities and applications of their computers through very constrained interfaces suitable for their condition.”

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Slashdot: Purism Offers Free (as in Freedom) Laptops (Video)

Tuesday 18th of August 2015 11:00:03 AM

Slashdot: Samsung Finds, Fixes Bug In Linux Trim Code

Monday 17th of August 2015 01:00:07 PM

TuxMachines: IBM Teams With Canonical To Put Ubuntu Linux On Mainframes

Monday 17th of August 2015 08:20:03 AM

You might not think that ‘Linux’ and ‘mainframe’ belong in the same sentence, but IBM has been putting various flavors of Linux on its mainframe computers for 15 years. Today IBM and Canonical announced that the two companies were teaming up to build one running Ubuntu Linux. The new unit is called the LinuxOne.

Also: IBM Introduces Two Open-Source-Only Mainframes in Hardware Push

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TuxMachines: Ubuntu vs Mint: Which one is better?

Monday 17th of August 2015 08:17:20 AM

Not everyone that moves away from Windows necessarily buys a mac. And if you still like your old computer but don’t want it running a Microsoft operating system anymore, then installing Linux may well be the way ahead.

There are more versions of Linux out there than you could shake a stick at. Two of the most popular of these are Mint and Ubuntu, and both are good choices for the first time user. However, what are the differences between the two distributions?

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TuxMachines: Chinese, Russian, tech giants join global open source efforts

Monday 17th of August 2015 08:13:25 AM

Alibaba and Yandex joining these open source efforts confounds their home nations' occasionally-expressed intentions to build technology ecosystems less dependent on US companies. Both China and Russia have cited post-Snowden security concerns as the reason they're keen to rely on indigenous technologies. With their tech giants now participating in global efforts alongside US entities, technological isolation looks rather harder to achieve.

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TuxMachines: First LibreOffice 5.0 Maintenance Release on Its Way to Fix Middle-Click Paste on X11

Monday 17th of August 2015 08:04:49 AM

After releasing the huge LibreOffice 5.0 update, The Document Foundation announced that the hard team of developers behind the most powerful open-source office suite in the world is hard at work on the first maintenance release of LibreOffice 5.0.0.

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NetworkManager 1.0.6 brings metered connections API and more

Wayland in Fedora 23 Linux Allows for Use of Multiple Monitors with Different DPIs

Fedora Project, through Christian Schaller, was proud to report on the progress made for the next-generation Wayland display server that it might be used by default on the upcoming major release of the Fedora Linux operating system, Fedora 23. Read more

GNOME Developers Discuss Codenames, GNOME 3.18 Might be Dubbed "Gothenburg"

Allan Day, a GNOME UX designer working for Red Hat and renowned GNOME developer/contributor, opened an interesting discussion on the official GNOME mailing list, about possible codenames for upcoming releases of the acclaimed desktop environment for GNU/Linux operating systems. Read more

Developer lowers Drupal's barrier to entry

From a consumer perspective, I'd like open source to be ubiquitous to the point of invisibility. Using recent Ubuntu distros, I'm always shocked at how professional the environment feels. Just five years ago, you'd need to hunt down drivers and do a bunch of fiddling to get basic things like a sound card working. Now there are so many pushbutton ways to deploy open source tech, from OSes to CMS distros on Pantheon to buying an Android-powered mobile phone. We're not quite to the point where CMS users can feel like open source is transparent; there's still a huge investment in vendors to give you the expertise to manage your Drupal or WordPress site, for example. But we're closer than we were a decade ago, and that's pretty exciting. Read more