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LXer: Share Fedora: Difficult Conversations

Tuesday 25th of April 2017 12:33:48 AM
Last week the Fedora community was asked to share ideas for maintaining existing community. collected many great responses. This week the blogging challenge continues with ideas on how to measure success. The Fedora Project is focused on this, like... Continue Reading →

Reddit: What was Linux like 20 years ago?

Tuesday 25th of April 2017 12:32:02 AM

We have the earlier thread describing what Linux was like 10 years ago, but I want to know what it was like circa the dot-com bubble. It's my understanding that it was around then that Red Hat was starting to pick up steam, right? What made that happen? What were the advantages and disadvantages of running a linux system back then? What operating systems were popular, or even viable for that matter?

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TuxMachines: Ubuntu Phone security updates end in June, app store closing

Tuesday 25th of April 2017 12:30:41 AM

When Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Canonical (the company behind the Ubuntu Linux distribution), announced his company would not only be abandoning their custom desktop environment (Unity), but also halting development on their phone/tablet operating system, many questions were left unanswered.

One of those questions: What happens to the existing phones and tablets running Ubuntu Touch that have already been sold?

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TuxMachines: today's leftovers

Monday 24th of April 2017 11:54:00 PM
  • OpenRA C&C Reimplementation Gets New Stable Release, Here Is What's New

    Oliver Brakmann from the OpenRA project, an open-source and cross-platform initiative to offer a reimplementation of the popular Command & Conquer games, announced the availability of a new stable release.

  • Pisi-Linux-2.0-Beta-KDE5
  • Arch-Based arkOS Linux Being Discontinued

    arkOS, the Arch-based Linux distribution focused on "securely self-hosting your online life" with aims to make it easy to deploy servers for web-based services, is being discontinued.

    ArkOS since 2012 had been working to make it trivial to deploy your own Linux web server, your own personal cloud (ownCloud), and making it easy for other services to be deployed while being done so securely and easily. You probably haven't heard of arkOS making the news in a while and sadly now it's making news again, but only because it's being discontinued by its lead developer.

  • SUSE Hack Week 15

    Back in February the fifteenth SUSE Hack Week took place. As always this was a week of free hacking, to learn, to innovate, to collaborate, and to have a lot of fun. I didn't have the full time, so I worked on a couple of small things and a few projects I maintain. I did want to summarize that, so here you go.

  • How To Use SD Card As Internal Storage On Android | Adoptable Storage On Android
  • Anbox - Android in a Box
  • Your CEO’s Obliviousness about Open Source is Endangering Your Business [Ed: Jeff Luszcz says nothing about the risk of proprietary components with back doors etc. and instead 'pulls a Black Duck']

    But what caused these issues? Itis what happens when an open source component is integrated into a commercial software product and violates its open source license, or when it contains a vulnerability that was previously unknown. As technology evolves, open source security and compliance risk are reaching a critical apex that if not addressed, will threaten the entire software supply chain.

  • Mentor tips Azure IoT support and Linux-driven self-driving tech [Ed: Azure is a patent trap with back doors]

    Mentor announced Azure Certified for IoT compliance for Mentor Embedded Linux, and unveiled a Linux-based “DRS360” self-driving car platform.

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TuxMachines: Leftovers: Software

Monday 24th of April 2017 11:53:26 PM
  • 3 signs your Kubernetes distro is built to last

    It's hard to turn around these days without bumping into a Kubernetes distribution. For example, Mirantis recently buffed its OpenStack distribution to use Kubernetes as an internal component and for container management. Major Linux server distributions include it now.

    For Kubernetes adopters, it's all good news. It means the most remarkable development in the container world since, well, containers themselves is enjoying strong uptake and acceptance.

  • Cockpit – An Easy Way to Administer Multiple Remote Linux Servers via a Web Browser

    Cockpit is a free and open source web-based system management tool where users can easily monitor and manage multiple remote Linux srvers. It is very thin and light weight utility & directly interacts with the operating system from a real Linux session and doesn’t require any difficult configuration so just install it, it is ready for use.

  • Some Useful Indicators: Ayatana, Clipboard-Autoedit, Diskstat, Files, Bulletin and Udisks

    Panel Indicators always comes in handy when you have to do some productive work on your desktop computer, to access quick functions of different applications these indicators saves you a lot of time, some indicator give you information you want to receive, it all depends on your needs. Today presenting you some useful indicators which may help you and makes your desktop experience much better. Following all the indicators are developed by just one guy and available through his PPA.

  • SRT Video Transport Protocol Open-Sourced

    In aiming to enhance online video streaming, the SRT video protocol has been open-sourced and an alliance forming around that for low-latency video.

    SRT is short for Secure Reliable Transport and is a low-latency video transport protocol developed by Haivision. The SRT protocol is being opened under the LGPL license.

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TuxMachines: today's howtos

Monday 24th of April 2017 11:52:12 PM

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TuxMachines: Linux and Linux Foundation

Monday 24th of April 2017 11:51:29 PM

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TuxMachines: KDE and GNOME

Monday 24th of April 2017 11:50:10 PM

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TuxMachines: Debian Family

Monday 24th of April 2017 11:48:54 PM
  • Devuan GNU/Linux 1.0.0 "Jessie" Just Around the Corner, Release Candidate Out

    It's been five almost five months since the developers behind the Debian-based Devuan GNU/Linux operating system launched the second Beta version towards the first stable release of the OS, and they now announced the Release Candidate.

    The Devuan project continues its vision of providing a libre Debian fork without using the systemd init system, and the Release Candidate (RC) version brings the GNU/Linux distribution closer to a final release. The interesting fact is that this RC appears to be stable enough to be used for production work.

  • Budgie 10.3 Released, Here’s How to Install it on Ubuntu

    A new version of the Budgie desktop is available to install on Ubuntu. Budgie 10.3 adds a new Alt+Tab switcher, and brings a stack of bug fixes to the table.

  • Ubuntu 17.10 Codename Released "Artful Aardvark"
  • openHAB

    Partners Canonical, openHAB Foundation and Azul Systems have collaborated hard to drive development of the new openHAB 2.0 smart-home platform as a snap package. An alternative to Apple Homekit and Samsung SmartThings, openHAB from openHAB Foundation is completely free and open source, and acts as a control hub for home IoT setups.

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Reddit: Tell me your linux resources

Monday 24th of April 2017 10:50:37 PM

I'm looking for some linux resources and forums. I realize that millions of people use Reddit, but IT professionals surely don't spend their time on /r/linux to answer questions.

For example, right now I have a problem where I can't choose between Ubuntu on my computer and the Ubuntu install on my USB stick. Grub doesn't even show my USB-installation. If I disconnect all my hard drives however, my stick shows up.

What are the website that I need to know about?

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LXer: Uber cloaked its spying and all it got from Apple was a slap on the wrist

Monday 24th of April 2017 10:05:08 PM
Greyball snoopware even 'geofenced' CupertinoUber hid its fingerprinting of iPhone users from Apple – techniques that would have had any other app thrown out of Apple's store. Uber retained the information even after the Uber app had been deleted and the phone had been wiped. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick got a personal reprimand from Apple CEO Tim Cook, but the app stayed put, and Uber continues to use fingerprinting worldwide.…

Reddit: Linux install in a home folder?

Monday 24th of April 2017 09:19:32 PM

Would it be possible to compile and linux install in a home folder without root and then chroot to it?

submitted by /u/turkmcdirt
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TuxMachines: Leftovers: Gaming

Monday 24th of April 2017 09:18:49 PM

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Slashdot: Linux 4.11 Delayed For a Week

Monday 24th of April 2017 09:08:24 PM

LinuxToday: Linux Foundation Launches EdgeX Foundry for IoT Edge Interoperability

Monday 24th of April 2017 09:00:00 PM

eWEEK: Dell contributes Fuse technology effort to the Linux Foundation, creating a new open-source project to help advance the state Internet of Things interoperability.

Phoronix: Panda PAU09 N600 USB WiFi Works Fine With Linux

Monday 24th of April 2017 09:00:00 PM
If you are in the market for a dual-band USB WiFi adapter, the Panda PAU09 N600 WiFi adapter works well on modern Linux distributions and will cost you just about $20 USD.

More in Tux Machines

Red Hat After Graphics People


  • Desk Changer is a Wallpaper Slideshow Extension for GNOME
    Have you been looking for a GNOME wallpaper slideshow extension? If so, you can stop. In the comments to our recent post on the way GNOME handles wallpapers a number of readers asked whether GNOME had an image slideshow feature built in, without the need for third-party apps and the like. The answer is yes, GNOME does. Sort of.
  • Minwaita: A Compact Version of Theme Adwaita for Gnome Desktop
    As you may already know that Ubuntu is switching back to Gnome, this is the transition time for Ubuntu to switch back. Some creators are motivated and creating themes for Gnome desktop, which is a good thing and hopefully we shall see plenty of Gnome themes and icons around soon. As its name shows "Minwaita" it is minimal/compact version of Adwaita theme, the theme is available after some enhancements to make Gnome more sleek and more vanilla Gnome experience without moving to away from Adwaita's design. This theme is compatible with Gnome 3.20 and up versions. This theme was released back in November, 2016 and still in continuous development that means if you find any problem or bug in the theme then report it to get it fixed in the next update. Obsidian-1 icons used in the following screenshots.
  • Gnome Pomodoro Timer Can Help You Increase Productivity
    If you are struggling with focus on something, it could be your work or study then try Pomodoro technique, this method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. The technique uses a timer to break down work into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks. You can read more about Pomodoro here.
  • Widget hierarchies in GTK+ 4.0
    In GTK+3, only GtkContainer subclasses can have child widgets. This makes a lot of sense for “public” container children like we know them, e.g. GtkBox — i.e. the developer can add, remove and reorder child widgets arbitrarily and the container just does layout.

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Leftovers: Ubuntu and Debian