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Phoronix: AMD Is Hiring Two More Open-Source Linux GPU Driver Developers

Sunday 22nd of March 2015 01:28:04 PM
AMD issued two job postings this past week for hiring more open-source Linux graphics driver developers...

TuxMachines: Netscape: the web browser that came back to haunt Microsoft

Sunday 22nd of March 2015 01:16:51 PM

But even when Microsoft engineers built a TCP/IP stack into Windows, the pain continued. Andreessen and his colleagues left university to found Netscape, wrote a new browser from scratch and released it as Netscape Navigator. This spread like wildfire and led Netscape’s founders to speculate (hubristically) that the browser would eventually become the only piece of software that computer users really needed – thereby relegating the operating system to a mere life-support system for the browser.

Now that got Microsoft’s attention. It was an operating-system company, after all. On May 26, 1995 Gates wrote an internal memo (entitled “The Internet Tidal Wave”) which ordered his subordinates to throw all the company’s resources into launching a single-minded attack on the web browser market. Given that Netscape had a 90% share of that market, Gates was effectively declaring war on Netscape. Microsoft hastily built its own browser, named it Internet Explorer (IE), and set out to destroy the upstart by incorporating Explorer into the Windows operating system, so that it was the default browser for every PC sold.

The strategy worked: Microsoft succeeded in exterminating Netscape, but in the process also nearly destroyed itself, because the campaign triggered an antitrust (unfair competition) suit which looked like breaking up the company, only to founder at the last moment. So Microsoft lived to tell the tale, and Internet Explorer became the world’s browser. By 2000, IE had a 95% market share; it was the de facto industry standard, which meant that if you wanted to make a living from software development you had to make sure that your stuff worked in IE. The Explorer franchise was a monopoly on steroids.

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Reddit: Qubes OS on live usb?

Sunday 22nd of March 2015 09:50:58 AM

I have tried creating a live usb with Qubes OS with the dd command, but it seems to fail every time. Any help?

submitted by rnd_user12
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Reddit: Questions regarding, Virus / malware on Linux

Sunday 22nd of March 2015 03:40:00 AM

Hi, I'm considering making the swap to Linux, most likely Ubuntu. One of the things that is always an issue with Windows is viruses and malware, especially in Asia, where I travel alot. I would guess 90% of memory sticks are infected with some kind of virus :)

So with Linux, 1. Do I need antivirus programs? 2. From what I've heard Linux Is safe, in laymen terms why is that? 3. Can a PC virus on say a USB stick affect my computer. 4. Is there a big difference between different releases such as Debian, ubuntu etc? For normal user does it make a difference? 5. Anything else that I might find interesting in regards to this topic?

Thank you for any input, /Martin

submitted by Avecfort
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Reddit: PSA: If you have issues with your UI looking like Win95 after update to Xfce 4.12 install gtk2 engines that are needed for your themes to fix it.

Saturday 21st of March 2015 09:38:52 AM

I am running Xubuntu and updated to Xfce 4.12 using Xubuntu-dev ppa and had every app that uses gtk2 or qt looking like Windows95 so I checked Synaptic and saw that are many gtk2 engines that are not installed, so I installed (all of them) and every program looks just as it should. Thought it might save some time for people who experience the same problem.

submitted by darkodelta
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LXer: Free at last: After Windows 10, consumers won't pay for updates or upgrades

Saturday 21st of March 2015 09:15:42 AM
Microsoft will have no choice but to give consumers free Windows upgrades once it launches Windows 10 and kicks off its fast-fast-fast tempo, an analyst asserted.

LXer: GNOME's Orca Screen Reader Receives Major Improvements Ahead of GNOME 3.16

Saturday 21st of March 2015 09:04:51 AM
We’ve announced the other day that GNOME 3.16 Release Candidate was made available for testing and that many of its core components, applications, and libraries have been updated. Orca, the default screen reader and magnifier of the GNOME desktop environment has been updated as well with a great number of improvements, bug fixes, as well as updated translations.

Reddit: Deluge - is it normal for my seeding torrents to be mostly inactive?

Saturday 21st of March 2015 09:04:36 AM

I'm a new Deluge user and wanted to give back a bit to the community by seeding some FOSS torrents.

I have been seeding 3 popular torrents for around 11 hours, RaspberryPi Noobs, raspian-wheezy and Ubuntu 14.10 desktop and each has uploaded 98MB, 4MB and 11MB respectively. 99% of the time, there is simply no upload activity and when there is occasional activity, it's only like 10-20KB/s.

I've had a look though some thread online about similar symptoms and tried changing the various network/bandwidth/queue settings but nothing seems to really help.

Am I doing something wrong or is this normal behaviour for seeding torrents?

submitted by MrRiddell
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TuxMachines: In the market for a $40 Android tablet? Take a look at the Jide Ultra Remix Android tablet

Saturday 21st of March 2015 07:58:48 AM

Announced back in January by a group of ex-Google employees, the Jide Ultra Remix could be in your hands later this year for around $400. However, through the company’s upcoming Kickstarter campaign, it can be yours for a measly $40, reports Liliputing.

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TuxMachines: Can't even throw code across the wall - on open sourcing existing code

Saturday 21st of March 2015 07:50:42 AM

Starting a new project as open source feels like the simplest thing in the world. You just take the minimally working thing you wrote, slap on a license file, and push the repo to Github. The difficult bit is creating and maintaining a community that ensures long term continuity of the project, especially as some contributors leave and new ones enter. But getting the code out in a way that could be useful to others is easy.

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TuxMachines: GNOME Tweak Tool Updated for GNOME 3.16 with New “Enable Animations” Option

Saturday 21st of March 2015 07:38:39 AM

GNOME Tweak Tool, an open-source graphical software that lets users tweak various hidden settings of the GNOME desktop environment, has been updated recently with support for the upcoming GNOME 3.16 desktop environment, due for release on March 25, 2015.

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TuxMachines: Mozilla Releases Firefox 36.0.3 to Patch the Security Vulnerabilities Disclosed at Pwn2Own

Saturday 21st of March 2015 07:34:01 AM

Mozilla has just updated its popular Firefox web browser application for all supported computer operating systems, including GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows. The new stable release is now Mozilla Firefox 36.0.3 and you should receive it via the built-in updater tool of the software.

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TuxMachines: Pico-ITX SBC runs Linux on 1.9GHz quad-core Atom SoC

Saturday 21st of March 2015 07:24:53 AM

Axiomtek’s “PICO840″ Pico-ITX SBC features a quad- or dual-core Intel Atom, and offers multiple video ports, plus GbE, SATA, serial, USB, and Mini-PCIe I/O.

The PICO840 is a lower-powered, but more energy efficient alternative to the similarly Pico-ITX based PICO880 single board computer, which runs on a 4th Gen Intel Core processor. The 100 x 72mm PICO840 is said to support PoS systems, mobile medical monitors, compact panel PCs, and other embedded systems with tight space constraints. No OS support was mentioned, but we are confident the PICO840 runs Linux.

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LXer: Create an offline personal wiki to organize your work

Saturday 21st of March 2015 07:10:29 AM
Personal offline wiki is a great place to keep track of these kinds of work. With the help of links, text formatting, images, videos you can organize your work, so that it becomes a great learning resource for your personal use, that you can re-visit whenever you need to review the material.

Slashdot: Google Chrome Requires TSYNC Support Under Linux

Friday 20th of March 2015 10:00:10 PM

TuxMachines: 10 Things You Can Do in Android 5.1 That You Couldn't Before

Friday 20th of March 2015 07:54:03 PM

Android 5.1 isn't one of those massive life-changing releases that'll have you tapping the 'look for updates' button frenetically for days on end; but nor is it one of those minor upgrades with only bug fixes and technical improvements. Here are the cool new features you're going to get with the new Android—once it eventually arrives on your phone.

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  • The Big SuperTuxKart Update Is Almost Ready
    Towards the end of last year a development version of a big new version of SuperTuxKart was released that brought a new OpenGL 3.1+ graphics engine and other improvements. The new SuperTuxKart game looks great (especially for being an open-source game) and is now closer to being officially released with now having an RC version out.
  • Humble Indie Bundle 14 Drops Torchlight 2, Outlast, and Other Awesome Games on Linux
    Following on the footsteps of the fantastic success of the previous Humble Indie Bundle initiatives, the awesome people behind Humble Bundle, Inc. have put together yet another amazing collection of cross-platform games entitled Humble Indie Bundle 14.
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  • Team Fortress 2 Update Brings Balancing Fixes
    Team Fortress 2 is an online multiplayer game developed by Valve and it's one of the most popular titles on Steam for Linux. A new update has been released for it, and it applies to the Linux version as well.
  • Grass Simulator Fully Released With Linux Support
    April Fools! Wait, this is real? Grass Simulator added Linux support recently, and today they have released the final version.

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CentOS 7 Update and Red Hat

  • Latest CentOS 7 Update Brings Support for Intel Broadwell, AMD Hawaii, and Btrfs
    The CentOS development team, through Karanbir Singh, announced at the end of March 2015 that a new build for the stable CentOS 7 Linux operating system is available for download and update.
  • CentOS 7.1-1503 Screenshot Tour
  • Red Hat helping you (J)Boss your Big Data
    New product enhancements are designed to help enterprises get more out of their Big Data.
  • JOSE – JSON Object Signing and Encryption
    Federated Identity Management has become very widespread in past years – in addition to enterprise deployments a lot of popular web services allow users to carry their identity over multiple sites. Social networking sites especially are in a good position to drive the federated identity management, as they have both critical mass of users and the incentive to become an identity provider. As the users move away from a single device to using multiple portable devices, there is a constant pressure to make the federated identity protocols simpler (with respect to complexity), more user friendly (especially for developers) and easier to implement (on wide range of devices and platforms).