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LXer: Install October CMS on an Ubuntu VPS with Nginx and MariaDB

Monday 23rd of June 2014 12:13:21 AM
Install October CMS on an Ubuntu VPS with Nginx and MariaDB. October is a free, open-source, self-hosted CMS platform , written in PHP and it’s built upon the Laravel framework. This should work on other Linux VPS systems as well but was tested and written for Ubuntu 14.04.

Reddit: Is anyone taking the EdX Linux class?

Monday 23rd of June 2014 12:03:45 AM

I'm sure it's been posted a zillion times, but I was wondering if intermediate Linux users/developers here are thinking of taking the upcoming EdX class. I was looking forward to it, but re-reading the description, I'm starting to think it'll be a little basic for someone already comfortable with the shell and some distros. My goal is to continue to improve as a programmer and there's a ton of other exciting stuff to take. Maybe this one is better suited for total beginners. What do people think?

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Reddit: Sager NP2650 -- 3 months later

Sunday 22nd of June 2014 11:47:21 PM

3 months later:

It has been 3 months since my original post about the Sager NP-2650 initial experience.
As requested, I am follwing up a few months later since there are a lot of people that
are considering it as a next computer.
Original thread

To review, this is the machine:
- Upped the ram to 8 gig and brought in my own mSata 120 Gb drive (os) as well as the 750Gb spinning disc - No operating system purchased, installed ArchLinux 64-bit


  • First and foremost, I took a shitload of flak for buying a laptop with a glossy screen.
    I still love the screen and never regretted getting it over the matte. Its a beautiful screen
    that I still very much enjoy and appreciate
  • Keyboard - I still love the feel of it and can type accurately and with speed.
    I really enjoy the 10 key as I came from a 14" laptop.
  • Drive space - having the mSata drive as an OS drive and the 750 Gb is really, really nice. Coming from a 14" form factory with just a 120 Gb SSD makes it that much nicer.
  • Horsepower - the hardware is great and aside from palying graphically intensive games,
    this computer can handle anything I throw at it and some. I do a lot of different kinds of
    development on this computer and have not had an issue with multi-tasking. The Android emulator
    runs much better on this computer compared to the old.
  • Drivers - as per the norm, the xf86-video-intel runs beautifully. No complaints. Civilization V
    runs very well on this computer.
  • Touchpad size - I really like the size of the touchpad as the extra realestate feels great.
  • Ports and configuration - 3 USB 3 ports and an eSata and HDMI all towards the front of the
    computer is very convenient. Its a small thing but I really prefer it to the way that some OEMs
    just put a port where there is space (looking at you Dell).
  • Overall quality - I think for a $750 computer, the quality is pretty good. It was exactly
  • No logos - love the fact that I was able to buy this thing without and branding. No logos anywhere.
    what I was expecting and more.
  • Removable battery - it was a requirement as I'm not a fan of how irreplacable parts are becoming.

Minor Annoyances

  • Cooling - Not really a dislike but I find it kind of unusual that there is spot under the touchpad
    Its not hot but warm. Its probably the way the heat dispersal system is routed and maybe my choice to
    stick with the stock cooling plumbing.
  • Fan noise - my previous laptop had a super quiet, mostly passive cooling system. The fan noise for
    this machine is not loud but it is louder than my previous.
  • fn key arrangement - its annoying how the volume down fn key is right next to the sleep fn key.
    For the first few weeks, I found myself accidentally sleeping the computer. I'm used it and over it
  • Speakers - Most people complain about laptop speakers as most of them are fairly anemic. As expected, these speakers are no different. I don't take issue with this because its a laptop. I have headphones
    on most of the time or have access to a bluetooth stereo or speaker.


  • Touchpad texture - the texture of the touchpad is far too smooth. The touchpad is not a Synaptic
    but an Alps so that might have something to do with it. I really wish the touchpad weren't so smooth.
    I find the lack of texture on the touchpad really annoying but got used to it.
  • battery life - If I'm not doing an obscene amount of multi-tasking, I will get about 3 hours. I knew
    this going in and can live with it but it still sucks.
  • Bluetooth - It seems to be spotty. I'm not sure that is the state of bluetooth for Linux but
    I can play music, movies, etc via bluetooth but it seems to cut out every once in a while.

Overall, If I had to buy again, I would likely buy it again. So far, it has been a really good value.
This computer has the horsepower to take on all of the stuff I throw at it without breaking the sweat.
The build quality is pretty good for the pricepoint. The touchpad texture is the biggest detractor for me but I got used it fairly quickly.

submitted by h54
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Reddit: EDE, light desktop environment, 2.1 released

Sunday 22nd of June 2014 10:40:27 PM

LXer: Installing and setting-up JAVA & JBoss 7 Final on a CentOS 6 Linux VPS

Sunday 22nd of June 2014 10:18:59 PM
Installing and setting-up JAVA & JBoss 7 Final on a CentOS 6 Linux VPS. In the following tutorial we will walk you through the steps of installing and setting up JAVA and JBoss 7 Final using one of our CentOS 6 linux virtual servers.

Reddit: Graphic driver problems? Steam In-Home streaming has heird articfacts.

Sunday 22nd of June 2014 10:03:33 PM

Hi guys,

I've got my old laptop up and running w/ Elementary OS Luna (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS I think), and installed the good old fglrx-legacy (Old Radeon Mobiliy 4xxx). I then installed Steam for the game streaming. But I get constant artifacts appearing all over the place. Underneath them the service seems to be working fine. I tried with and without hardware acceleration, both times it fails to work correctly.

As for the artifacts themselves, it's the typical bits of the screen being deformed, put in other parts of the screen, and sometimes working for up to a second.

I not sure if this is the right place to ask, if not I'd appreciate it if you could lead me there.


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Reddit: Best way to get Linux utilities from within Windows?

Sunday 22nd of June 2014 09:28:11 PM

My work PC is imaged with Windows 7 (32bit) and I frequently have to read and alter Linux/Unix media and filesystems. What is the most convenient way to do this within Windows?

I need raw access to devices (like USB sticks) so I can do partitioning, formatting and so I can use tools like dd. I also need the filesystems capabilities provided by the Linux kernel, and it would also be nice to be able to run Linux utilities.

I have been dual booting and using a separate Linux desktop machine but it would be much more convenient if I could just do 90% of what I need from my Windows 7 laptop since I have to be very mobile at work and also frequently do a lot of tasks requiring Windows 7 as well.

I know about VMWare, Virtualbox, cygwin, qemu, and colinux. I'm not sure which would be the most appropriate for my needs or if there are better options.

Any thoughts?

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Reddit: Redditors of r/Linux, to which Free and Open-Source projects do you contribute?

Sunday 22nd of June 2014 09:22:29 PM

Just curious to know what kind of Linux hackers, theme artists, documentarians, translators, bug triagers or other contributing folks we have out there.

submitted by j1mcamp
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LXer: LXer Weekly Roundup for 22-Jun-2014

Sunday 22nd of June 2014 08:24:37 PM
[url=][img][/img][/url] [b]LXer Feature: 22-Jun-2014[/b]In this week's LXWR we have 5 reasons you should switch from Windows XP to Lubuntu, Anazon launches a new smartphone called "Fire", Debian switches back to GLIBC, 7 improvements the Linux desktop could use, creating Space Invaders with the Raspbessy Pi and Carla Schroder wonders whatever happened to all those red hot Linux distros. Enjoy!

Reddit: Is there a decent solution to the problem of loading audio files on an iPod touch from Linux without iTunes and without jailbreaking?

Sunday 22nd of June 2014 08:20:38 PM

I just tried rhythmbox and gtkpod, neither worked. Got the unsupported checksum message with gtkpod which according to a search was identified as a bug in 2011. Am I just out of luck?

submitted by Belfrey
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LXer: elementary OS Changes Its Name from Isis to Freya

Sunday 22nd of June 2014 08:12:56 PM
The upcoming elementary OS Isis has changed its name to Freya due to an unfortunate coincidence with the terrorist group that is now very active in the Middle East.

TuxMachines: Kubuntu 12.04 LTS and 13.10 Updated with KDE 4.13.2

Sunday 22nd of June 2014 08:07:32 PM

“Packages for the release of KDE SC 4.13.2 are available for Kubuntu 12.04LTS, 13.10 and our development release. You can get them from the Kubuntu Backports PPA. Bugs in the packaging should be reported to kubuntu-ppa on Launchpad. Bugs in the software to KDE,” said the leader of the Kubuntu project, Jonathan Riddell.

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TuxMachines: elementary OS Changes Its Codename from Isis to Freya

Sunday 22nd of June 2014 08:02:44 PM

Many users have raised this issue in the last few weeks and the elementary OS developers were forced to abandon the Isis codename in order to make sure that people don't make any connections.

“elementary obviously has no ties to the militant group known as ISIS - and we don't think people will get us confused - but we want to both recognize the ongoing turmoil and choose a less controversial name. Freya is a Norse goddess of love and beauty. As we push our design forward, a goddess associated with beauty makes a lot of sense. And evoking the powerful emotion of love is always a good thing!" said the devs on their Google+ account.

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TuxMachines: Leftovers: Gaming

Sunday 22nd of June 2014 07:14:29 PM

TuxMachines: today's howtos

Sunday 22nd of June 2014 07:13:51 PM

TuxMachines: Leftovers: Software

Sunday 22nd of June 2014 07:12:41 PM

Phoronix: NetworkManager 0.9.10 Brings Many New Features

Sunday 22nd of June 2014 06:50:19 PM
NetworkManager 0.9.10 has been released as the latest version of the popular open-source networking control software...

TuxMachines: Performance benchmarks: KVM vs. Xen

Sunday 22nd of June 2014 06:23:22 PM

After having some interesting discussions last week around KVM and Xen performance improvements over the past years, I decided to do a little research on my own. The last complete set of benchmarks I could find were from the Phoronix Haswell tests in 2013. There were some other benchmarks from 2011 but those were hotly debated due to the Xen patches headed into kernel 3.0.

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LXer: Staying free should GCC allow non-free plug ins?

Sunday 22nd of June 2014 06:10:02 PM
Arguments in favour of the use of non-free plug-ins in GCC have again been raised on GCC mailing-lists, but are trumped by the arguments for GCC as a vehicle for free software development. Once again, Gcc and its lack of modularity has been raised as an issue and contrasted with LLVm, the new compiler on the block. GCC is huge and venerable: 5 million lines, 30 years, and growing. LLVM, in contrast, is relatively youthful and modular and allows free and proprietary languages to be added as modules.