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TuxMachines: Security News

Wednesday 3rd of August 2016 10:09:53 PM

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TuxMachines: OSS Leftovers

Wednesday 3rd of August 2016 09:59:28 PM
  • Why open sourcing your software is a smart business decision

    Proprietary software developers beware: open source has become mainstream with non-tech brands like Nike rushing to prove their open source credentials by publishing open source projects and sharing code on GitHub.

    Meanwhile, Facebook has just open sourced the spec for Surround 360, its 3D-360 hardware and software video capture system. It is therefore a small surprise that the 2016 annual ‘Future of Open Source‘ survey revealed that 65% of respondents have increased their use of open source software compared with 60% in 2015.

  • How-to Video Training: Open Source Component Management and Intelligence

    As a developer I am constantly chasing new tools and enjoy learning new things. I read a lot of blog posts, tutorials, and documentation. And, I listen to podcasts and attend webinars as well. More and more I find that watching videos of conference and webinar presentations is great. But even better are shorter, focused videos that give you a chance to quickly learn something new.

  • ownCloud is hiring!

    After the recent news, we are now back on stage and with this blog we want to point you to our open positions. Yes, we are hiring people to work on ownCloud. ownCloud is an open source project, yes, but ownCloud GmbH, the company behind the project, provides significant people’s power to expand the project to serve the needs for both the community and ownCloud GmbH’s customers. So if you ever dreamed of getting paid for work on open source, read on.

  • Enterprises increasingly joining open source ecosystem – Wikibon

    A new wave of open source participation is growing among large traditional enterprises not normally considered technology developers, writes Wikibon Lead Cloud Analyst Brian Gracely. Companies like Capital One Financial Corp., Nike Inc., Deere & Co. and General Electric Co. are joining open source consortia both as users of and contributors to major initiatives.

    They are doing this for the same basic reason that IT vendors such as IBM, Google and Intel have become major drivers of Apache open source projects – it allows them to participate with outside teams on developing software they need, creating better solutions to their needs faster and at less cost.

  • open-sources the data it used for its first successful driverless trips, the startup that George Hotz (aka Geohotz) founded to show that making driverless vehicles could done relatively cheaply using off-the-shelf components and existing vehicles, has open-sourced a dataset of 7.25 hours of highway driving.

    It might not seem like a lot, but in terms of comparative datasets for highway driving out there, it is. And it’s what Hotz used to build the initial successful self-driving demo used to ferry Bloomberg around for’s big public debut.

    “When I started this project, I didn’t want to have to put things in cars – I just wanted to play with the machine learning,” explained Hotz in an interview. “But I looked around and there was no good source of data to do that.”

  • releases 7 hours of self-driving car data, calls for Tesla, Google and others to do the same CEO George Hotz recently praised Tesla, Google and Otto for being fairly opened about their self-driving car programs, but he is taking his own company a step further in openness with the release of a dataset of 7.25 hours of’s prototype at work.

    We’ve often discussed at Electrek how data will be extremely important in the race to create a fully self-driving car, and also in the race to get such a system approved by regulators, which is why’s move here is particularly interesting.

    Back in May, we talked about Tesla adding an impressive ~1 million miles of data every 10 hours due to its important fleet of about 100,000 cars equipped with Autopilot sensors. On the other hand, Google has just over 1 million miles of data since launching its program in 2009 due to its smaller fleet, but it’s arguably collecting more data per mile due to using more sensors than Tesla.

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Slashdot: LibreOffice 5.2 Officially Released

Wednesday 3rd of August 2016 09:53:19 PM

TuxMachines: Additional LibreOffice 5.2.0 Coverage

Wednesday 3rd of August 2016 09:48:07 PM
  • LibreOffice 5.2 Released, This Is What’s New
  • LibreOffice 5.2 Officially Released
  • LibreOffice 5.2 released

    LibreOffice 5.1.5 “still” announced, for enterprise class deployments

    Berlin, August 3, 2016 – The Document Foundation announces LibreOffice 5.2, a feature-rich major release of the best free office suite ever created – targeted to early adopters and power users – with several user interface improvements and enterprise grade features.

    At the same time, LibreOffice 5.1.5 has been released, for enterprise class deployments and more conservative office suite users.

  • LibreOffice under the hood: a year of progress from 5.0 to 5.2

    Today we release LibreOffice 5.2.0, the next step in our journey, and what will become the base of the increasingly stable 5.2.x series. There is a fine suite of new features for people to enjoy - you can read and enjoy all the great news about the user visible features from many great hackers, but there are, as always, many contributors whose work is primarily behind the scenes, and a lot of work that is more technical than user-facing.

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TuxMachines: Microsoft Loves [to Sabotage] Linux

Wednesday 3rd of August 2016 09:46:34 PM
  • Is Windows 10 Anniversary Update Deleting Linux Partitions?

    Yikes — if you plan on installing the Windows 10 Anniversary update on your PC you may want to be extra careful.

    It seems that the latest version of Microsoft’s OS has attention issues. Not content with forcing itself on users who didn’t want it, it may be taking even more drastic steps of hosing other operating systems entirely!

    A handful of reports surfacing on social media suggest, anecdotally, that the Windows 10 anniversary may interfere with, affect and even delete other partitions on the same disk.

  • Linux desktop marketshare has grown for three consecutive months [Ed: Net Applications, for the uninitiated, is Microsoft-connected, so expect real numbers to be a lot higher]

    Not strictly gaming related, but we do cover other important or interesting things here and there. According to netmarketshare [Net Applications] for three months straight Linux marketshare has gone up.

    April: 1.65%
    May : 1.79%
    June : 2.02%
    July : 2.33%

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LXer: Compact networking SBC runs OpenWrt on dual-core Cortex-A9

Wednesday 3rd of August 2016 09:39:55 PM
SolidRun launched an OpenWrt networking-focused ClearFog Base SBC with a Marvell Armada 38x dual-core -A9 SoC, dual GbE ports, SFP, and mikroBus expansion. Last December when SolidRun launched its ClearFog Pro sandwich-style networking SBC featuring an Armada 38x-based computer-on-module, it also announced a lower-end ClearFog Base model that uses the same COM and was said […]

LXer: Do you use Linux as your main gaming OS?

Wednesday 3rd of August 2016 08:42:44 PM
Also in today's open source roundup: The six best Linux gaming distributions, and Firefox 48 has been released.

TuxMachines: Android Leftovers

Wednesday 3rd of August 2016 08:38:45 PM

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TuxMachines: Fedora News

Wednesday 3rd of August 2016 08:37:50 PM

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TuxMachines: Red Hat News

Wednesday 3rd of August 2016 08:37:20 PM

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TuxMachines: 7 Essential Open Source DevOps Projects

Wednesday 3rd of August 2016 07:53:01 PM

This is very short list of projects in the DevOps space; many other projects are available, with each one catering to a certain use case. What’s most impressive is that all of these projects are fully open sourced. It’s more or less become a phenomenon. The success of the Linux development model has made even hard-core proprietary companies comfortable with the idea of open sourcing such projects.

When you talk about the DevOps movement, open source is the de facto development model. It has become so commonplace that no one even really mentions it. We have started to take it for granted that “it has to be open source.”

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Reddit: Skylake i3-6100U stuck at pc3

Wednesday 3rd of August 2016 07:51:48 PM

Hi, I just finished installing ArchLinux on my laptop and I realized, through powertop's idle stats, that the package wouldn't drop below pc3, even pc2 if I don't activate powertop settings. The CPUs and Cores can reach the lowest level available, though.

I saw people, month ago, who had the same CPU and achieved to reach pc10, but I didn't found how. I updated the kernel to 4.7, it didn't changed anything.

Does anyone knows how to solve the problem?

(if anybody wonder what I'm talking about, the problem is debated and described there : )

submitted by /u/Waryle
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TuxMachines: Understanding the difference: Linux rolling releases versus point releases

Wednesday 3rd of August 2016 07:50:06 PM

That's it for now. As I said the last time I wrote about KaOS, if you are looking for a smaller Linux distribution, and KDE Plasma is your desktop of choice, and you don't mind using QupZilla instead of Firefox or Chrome (or you don't mind installing your browser of choice from the KaOS repositories), and you don't mind using Calligra instead of LibreOffice (or you don't mind installing LibreOffice), then KaOS is definitely worth a try. It's a good distribution and it just keeps getting better and better. The KaOS developers have shown an admirable ability to maintain their focus on what they originally said they wanted to do.

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TuxMachines: Free IoT development and management platform adds Arduino

Wednesday 3rd of August 2016 07:48:14 PM

myDevices announced Arduino support for its web- and mobile-based, Raspberry Pi compatible “Cayenne” drag-and-drop IoT development and management platform.

Cayenne, with which developers, designers, and engineers can “quickly prototype and share their connected device projects,” has expanded support beyond the Raspberry Pi to Arduino boards, says myDevices. Billed as the world’s first drag-and-drop Internet-of-Things Project Builder, the currently free, still Beta-level Cayenne lets users remotely monitor and control IoT projects from the web, including via Android or iOS apps. According to myDevices, Cayenne has 40,000 users who have collectively tracked some 4 billion IoT events such as threshold alerts, sensor history items, and rules engine triggers.

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Phoronix: GNU Binutils 2.27 Released

Wednesday 3rd of August 2016 07:47:18 PM
Version 2.27 of GNU's Binutils has been released...

TuxMachines: Compact networking SBC runs OpenWrt on dual-core Cortex-A9

Wednesday 3rd of August 2016 07:46:10 PM

SolidRun launched an OpenWrt networking-focused ClearFog Base SBC with a Marvell Armada 38x dual-core -A9 SoC, dual GbE ports, SFP, and mikroBus expansion.

Last December when SolidRun launched its ClearFog Pro sandwich-style networking SBC featuring an Armada 38x-based computer-on-module, it also announced a lower-end ClearFog Base model that uses the same COM and was said to be “coming soon.” The ClearFog Base has finally arrived with a $90 price, down from $170 for the Pro. The price includes the cost of the COM, but not options including a microSD card, eMMC, or a power adapter.

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LXer: How To Remain (Mostly) Anonymous Online Using Linux

Wednesday 3rd of August 2016 06:48:22 PM
Living in the Age of Information that we live in today brings great convenience and benefit along with great risks. On the one hand, humanity has access to basically the entirety of information and knowledge known in existence at the mere few clicks of a button; but on the other hand, this great power in the hands of a nefarious few can cause great destruction and misery if taken too far. In this article, I'll guide you through the possible steps to secure your private information online.

LinuxInsider: Facebook Nurtures Open Source Projects in Incubator

Wednesday 3rd of August 2016 06:21:06 PM
Facebook last week launched its Incubator on GitHub in order to distribute its own open source software projects. Incubator serves as a testing ground for new open source projects from Facebook, which has open sourced almost 400 projects to date. New projects will be posted on Incubator pages to gauge community reaction and rate of adoption. To make the cut, projects have to get community pickup, have good documentation, be easy to integrate with other tools, and show good engagement between Facebook and the community.

Slashdot: Slashdot Asks: What's Your Computer Set-Up Look Like?

Wednesday 3rd of August 2016 05:52:48 PM

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Android/Google Leftovers

3 open source alternatives to Office 365

It can be hard to get away from working and collaborating on the web. Doing that is incredibly convenient: as long as you have an internet connection, you can easily work and share from just about anywhere, on just about any device. The main problem with most web-based office suites—like Google Drive, Zoho Office, and Office365—is that they're closed source. Your data also exists at the whim of large corporations. I'm sure you've heard numerous stories of, say, Google locking or removing accounts without warning. If that happens to you, you lose what's yours. So what's an open source advocate who wants to work with web applications to do? You turn to an open source alternative, of course. Let's take a look at three of them. Read more

Hackable voice-controlled speaker and IoT controller hits KS

SeedStudio’s hackable, $49 and up “ReSpeaker” speaker system runs OpenWrt on a Mediatek MT7688 and offers voice control over home appliances. The ReSpeaker went live on Kickstarter today and has already reached 95 percent of its $40,000 funding goal with 29 days remaining. The device is billed by SeedStudio as an “open source, modular voice interface that allows us to hack things around us, just using our voices.” While it can be used as an Internet media player or a voice-activated IoT hub — especially when integrated with Seeed’s Wio Link IoT board — it’s designed to be paired with individual devices. For example, the campaign’s video shows the ReSpeaker being tucked inside a teddy bear or toy robot, or attached to plant, enabling voice control and voice synthesis. Yes, the plant actually asks to be watered. Read more

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