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Reddit: Why I quit OS X

Sunday 4th of January 2015 12:05:14 PM

TuxMachines: Next-Generation PHP 7.0 Is Running Well But Will It Catch Up To HHVM?

Sunday 4th of January 2015 11:35:32 AM

It's been a while since I've last tried out the Git code for the next-generation PHP (phpng) that's going to be known as PHP 7.0 when released likely later this year.

The next major release of PHP is to be called PHP7 in order to avoid confusion with the now-defunct PHP6 unicode initiative. PHP 7.0 is likely to be released by the end of 2015 per the PHP7 timeline. If the release candidates begin on time starting in June, we could be looking at the official PHP 7.0 release around October of this year. However, it's largely dependent upon the state of affairs at that point with the quality of the code.

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LXer: How to install owncloud 7 on OpenSUSE 13.2

Sunday 4th of January 2015 11:30:57 AM
This tutorial is based on OpenSuse 13.2 server, so you should set up a basic OpenSuse 13.2 server installation before you continue with this tutorial. The system should have a static IP address.

TuxMachines: Atom PC – Future PC

Sunday 4th of January 2015 11:20:54 AM

It’s got enough computing power, graphics power and memory to be useful for all the kinds of tasks folks use a smartphone or tablet but it’s definitely a desktop-PC form factor. It has the instant supply of Android apps and the usability of a GNU/Linux desktop all in one package.

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TuxMachines: Make Your elementary OS Look like Mac OS X Yosemite with Just a Theme

Sunday 4th of January 2015 10:59:19 AM

elementary OS is a very beautiful system that doesn't really need any enhancements, but that doesn't mean there aren't any important themes out there for it. The Yellowstone GTK theme is built specifically for it and you can guess where this is going.

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TuxMachines: Android Leftovers

Sunday 4th of January 2015 10:58:18 AM

Reddit: A simple portable disk seek benchmark.

Sunday 4th of January 2015 10:46:05 AM
submitted by pgen
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TuxMachines: North Korea Linux 3.0 Blatantly Rips Off Mac OS X, but It's Really Not Bad – Gallery

Sunday 4th of January 2015 10:34:43 AM

North Korea Linux 3.0 is the best and latest from the state of North Korea. The ISO images of this elusive operating system have been made available and everyone can get to test it. Knowing Korean is a plus, but you can get the idea even without it.

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LXer: Open source alternative to Minecraft, new games for Linux, and more

Sunday 4th of January 2015 09:36:35 AM
In this week's roundup, I take a look at an open source alternative to Minecraft, a new Desura client, and new games for Linux.

Reddit: Intel Management Engine and DRM

Sunday 4th of January 2015 08:42:35 AM

Reddit: Dear wifi … [a self composed poem ]

Sunday 4th of January 2015 08:24:46 AM

LXer: The Best Linux Software

Sunday 4th of January 2015 07:42:13 AM
Linux is full of awesome apps, both open source and proprietary. People new to Linux might be used to Windows or Mac OS X apps that aren’t available on Linux, and don’t know about available alternatives. Even seasoned Linux users tend to find new and useful software quite often.

LXer: Top 5: Catch up on 2014 in a flash! Linux at #1

Sunday 4th of January 2015 05:47:51 AM
To bid a happy farwell to 2014, we recapped the year in open source by writing best of articles that list the top stories of the year for open source news, games, hardware, software, and so much more. Four of them made the Top 5 this week, but the #1 article stands out.

Slashdot: Ask Slashdot: Linux Distro For Hybrid Laptop?

Sunday 4th of January 2015 04:15:00 AM
Steve Parrish writes: I needed a new laptop and found a great deal on an Asus Transformer TP500L. It's one of the laptops where you can flip the screen back and use it as a tablet. I'd like to replace Windows 8.1, and I'm having a difficult time finding a Linux distro that will work on it. I'm familiar with Mint, SolydX, and older Ubuntu versions. I tried the latest Ubuntu with Unity and didn't like it, but the OS installed with only a few minor issues. Has anyone tried any other distros on a hybrid laptop with a touchscreen? I've used Linux for several years, but I'm no guru -- I'm not comfortable with the command line or other advanced workings. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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LXer: How to check memory usage on Linux

Sunday 4th of January 2015 03:53:29 AM
When it comes to optimizing the performance of a Linux system, physical memory is the single most important factor. Naturally, Linux offers a wealth of options to monitor the usage of the precious memory resource. Different tools vary in terms of their monitoring granularity (e.g., system-wide, per-process, per-user), interface (e.g., GUI, command-line, ncurses) or running mode (e.g., interactive, batch mode).

Reddit: Distros from the East

Sunday 4th of January 2015 03:02:11 AM

LXer: Run Google’s Kit Kat Android on Your PC as a Linux Distro

Sunday 4th of January 2015 01:59:07 AM
Android-x86 is a port of the Android operating system for the x86 platform. The developers have just released a new update for it and version 4.4-r2 is now out and ready for download.

TuxMachines: Run Google’s Kit Kat Android on Your PC as a Linux Distro – Gallery

Sunday 4th of January 2015 01:45:43 AM

Android-x86 is a port of the Android operating system for the x86 platform. The developers have just released a new update for it and version 4.4-r2 is now out and ready for download.

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TuxMachines: CES: Acer introduces first 15.6" display Chromebook

Sunday 4th of January 2015 01:32:38 AM

"The Acer Chromebook 15 is a true powerhouse, it provides fast mobile performance and a large display to help customers accomplish more every day," said Jerry Kao, president of Acer Notebook Business Group in a statement. "Acer has been a leader in the Chromebook market, from providing the latest in technology and trailblazing battery life to designing new form factors. We're driving the category forward again with the world's first 15.6-inch display Chromebook, the Acer Chromebook 15."

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TuxMachines: Robot, Is Being Programmed with Ubuntu

Sunday 4th of January 2015 01:17:03 AM

Japan is the leader in the industry of humanoid robotics, although other countries have made significant progress. One of the best and easily recognizable humanoid robots that comes from Japan is Honda's Asimo and it looks like the engineers are using Ubuntu for some of their tasks.

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Leftovers: Gaming

  • Dying Light Action Survival Game Coming to Steam January 27
    Dying Light, a modern first-person survival horror game set in a world hit by plague, is now available for pre-purchase on Steam and will be available for download on January 27.
  • Dying Light FPS Has Been Confirmed for Linux, Zombies Galore
    Techland is preparing to launch Dying Light, a new FPS with amazing graphics and hordes of zombies. The developer has revealed that it will also have a Linux version, right from the start.
  • Dying Light Is Now Confirmed For Linux, Bring It On Techland
    Dying Light is now confirmed for Linux thanks to the announcement from the developers on the Steam store itself. The Linux icons show up on the store pages, and the game even has a steam coming soon banner on the home-page. Time to get seriously excited.
  • Star Traders: 4X Empires Strategy Game Now On Linux
  • 5 reasons Valve's Steam Machine dream is still very alive
    Steam Machines? More like has-been machines, am I right? Actually, no: while many people are giving Valve's PC-console-hybrids the cold shoulder, this gamer reckons they'll be worth the wait. I realise that I'm part of a shrinking group still backing Valve's SteamOS-powered Linux boxes, and it's not difficult to see why the hype around them has all but evaporated. Several controller-related delays, U-turns by seemingly committed hardware partners and a lack of news from the top has made many think that Valve is blowing hot air.

Android Leftovers

Tizen Samsung Z1, made in India and soon to be available in Bangladesh

As we have reported Samsung has been sending the parts for its Samsung Z1 SM-Z130H/DS to be assembled at its Noida plant in India, which has the capacity to produce over 4 million handsets per month. The Samsung Z1 was launched in India as the first Tizen based commercial handset at a competitive price of 5,700 INR. Read more

Ubuntu 15.04 to Integrate Linux Kernel 3.19 Branch Soon

The Linux kernel is one of the most important components in a distribution and Ubuntu users are interested to know what will be used in the stable edition for the 15.04 branch, which is scheduled to arrive in a couple of months. Read more