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TuxMachines: Games: Hollow Knight, Opus Magnum, Railway Empire, Ballistic Overkill

Wednesday 31st of January 2018 07:20:59 PM

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Reddit: Must Have Apps for Linux

Wednesday 31st of January 2018 07:20:08 PM

TuxMachines: Graphics: Khronos and RadeonSI

Wednesday 31st of January 2018 07:17:58 PM

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TuxMachines: Sailfish X – what’s next?

Wednesday 31st of January 2018 06:36:02 PM

Sailfish OS reached a major milestone last year as we launched for the first time a downloadable, fully supported Sailfish OS – Sailfish X for the Sony Xperia™ X device.

Sailfish X has been a fun program for us and we can see that our customers are feeling the same way. We have received a lot of positive feedback and seen the OS spread far and wide. The amount of downloads has been a positive surprise for us and we’ve seen downloads in many places we didn’t expect. All in all, 2017 was a great start for Sailfish X. This year we want to continue on this exciting path and want Sailfish X to reach even more people.

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TuxMachines: Linux Kernels 4.14.16, 4.9.79, 4.4.114 and 3.18.93 Bring Networking Improvements

Wednesday 31st of January 2018 06:11:01 PM

While Linux kernel 4.15 is yet to receive its first point release and become the new stable series, Greg Kroah-Hartman released today new maintenance updates of the Linux 4.14, 4.9, 4.4, and 3.18 kernel series.

Coming a week after the previous point releases, Linux kernels 4.14.16, 4.9.79, 4.4.114, and 3.18.93 are now available to download and promise to bring yet another layer of performance and security improvements. This time, there are fewer x86 changes and more driver updates and networking improvements.

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Reddit: inode->i_version rework for v4.16

Wednesday 31st of January 2018 06:06:09 PM

LinuxToday: How to Install ionCube Loader on Debian 9

Wednesday 31st of January 2018 06:00:00 PM

HowToForge: IonCube is a PHP extension that can be used for decoding secured encrypted PHP files at runtime.

TuxMachines: Security: Reproducible Builds, IoT, Code Review, Microsoft Windows Back Doors Cause More Trouble

Wednesday 31st of January 2018 05:25:21 PM
  • Reproducible Builds: Weekly report #144
  • Top 10 IoT Security Threats
  • Code Review Isn't Evil. Security Through Obscurity Is.

    On January 25th, Reuters reported that software companies like McAfee, SAP, and Symantec allow Russian authorities to review their source code, and that "this practice potentially jeopardizes the security of computer networks in at least a dozen federal agencies." The article goes on to explain what source code review looks like and which companies allow source code reviews, and reiterates that "allowing Russia to review the source code may expose unknown vulnerabilities that could be used to undermine U.S. network defenses."

    The spin of this article implies that requesting code reviews is malicious behavior. This is simply not the case. Reviewing source code is an extremely common practice conducted by regular companies as well as software and security professionals to ensure certain safety guarantees of the software being installed. The article also notes that “Reuters has not found any instances where a source code review played a role in a cyberattack.” At EFF, we routinely conduct code reviews of any software that we elect to use.

  • A fast-evolving new botnet could take gadgets in your home to the dark side
  • WannaMine: Another Cryptojacking Malware Fueled By Leaked NSA Exploit Is Rising [Ed: Microsoft Windows + NSA back doors = chaos]

    You might be able to recall the NSA exploit called EternalBlue which was leaked by the hacker group in April last year. The Windows exploit was later used to launch worldwide cyber disaster in the name of WannaCry. Another ransomware, also based on EternalBlue, followed a month later.

  • What is WannaMine? New fileless malware uses NSA's leaked EternalBlue exploit to mine cryptocurrency

    Security researchers have discovered a new strain of malware that uses the National Security Agency's EternalBlue exploit to hijack computers and secretly mine cryptocurrency. In April last year, the exploit was leaked as part of a cache of alleged NSA hacking tools released by the hacker group Shadow Brokers.

    Cybersecurity experts had warned that the exploit would soon be leveraged by other threat actors to power their own sophisticated and likely frequent cyberattacks. Shortly after, the Windows exploit was used to launch the massive global WannaCry and NotPetya ransomware attacks in May and June.

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Reddit: GDB 8.1 released.

Wednesday 31st of January 2018 05:20:19 PM

Reddit: Intro to Kernel Hacking

Wednesday 31st of January 2018 05:16:51 PM

TuxMachines: Intel OpenGL/Vulkan Performance Edging Slightly Higher With Mesa 18.0

Wednesday 31st of January 2018 05:08:55 PM

Yesterday I posted some initial benchmarks of Mesa 18.0 on RADV/RadeonSI drivers for AMD GPUs now that feature development is over for this next quarterly installment of Mesa 3D. On the Radeon side there were mostly performance improvements to note with the RADV Vulkan driver, but what about on the Intel side? Today are benchmarks of the Intel i965 OpenGL and ANV Vulkan drivers compared to earlier Mesa releases for seeing how the Intel (U)HD Graphics performance has changed on the Linux desktop.

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Reddit: Linux Monitoring Tool Detects Meltdown Attacks

Wednesday 31st of January 2018 05:05:45 PM

TuxMachines: Linux Lite 3.8 Is the Last in the Series, Linux Lite 4.0 Will Arrive on June 1

Wednesday 31st of January 2018 05:05:38 PM

Poised to be the last in the 3.x series, Linux Lite 3.8 is here with a bunch of changes and improvements, among which we can mention the implementation of the TLP power management tool for laptops in the Lite Tweaks utility, better support for the LibreOffice office suite, a new font viewer & installer, and regional support for DVDs.

"If you have DVDs that are from another region other than your own, you can now easily change region so that it will play in VLC. Insert your DVD, open a terminal and type regionset and follow the onscreen instructions. See this thread here for more information," says Jerry Bezencon in the release announcement.

Also: Linux Systems Running Newer Kernels Not Really Affected by Meltdown Patches

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TuxMachines: LibreOffice 6.0 Open-Source Office Suite Officially Released, Here's What's New

Wednesday 31st of January 2018 04:57:21 PM

Numerous months in the making, LibreOffice 6.0 comes two and a half years after the LibreOffice 5.x series, and it's the biggest release of the open-source and cross-platform office suite so far. It introduces a revamped design with new table styles, improved Notebookbars, new gradients, new Elementary icons, menu and toolbar improvements, and updated motif/splash screen.

LibreOffice 6.0 offers superior interoperability with Microsoft Office documents and compatibility with the EPUB3 format by allowing users to export ODT files to EPUB3. It also lets you import your AbiWord, Microsoft Publisher, PageMaker, and QuarkXPress documents and templates thanks to the implementation of a set of new open-source libraries contributed by the Document Liberation project.

Also: LibreOffice 6.0 Released With A Ton Of Open-Source Office Suite Improvements

LibreOffice 6.0 released

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Phoronix: Linux 4.16 Can Be A Lot Faster For Small I/O Activity

Wednesday 31st of January 2018 04:30:35 PM
The well known FIO benchmark saw a +244% improvement in read bandwidth for one test case as a result of one change to be found in Linux 4.16...

Reddit: Subgraph OS The Ultimate Security Guaranteed

Wednesday 31st of January 2018 03:34:31 PM

Reddit: PowerTop: un utility per risparmiare batteria

Wednesday 31st of January 2018 03:23:07 PM

Reddit: openSUSE Leap 15 Reaches Beta Phase Snapshots

Wednesday 31st of January 2018 03:22:57 PM

More in Tux Machines

Kernel: CH341 and LWN Articles (Just Freed)

  • Linux Adds CH341 GPIO
    There was a time when USB to serial hardware meant one company: FTDI. But today there are quite a few to choose from and one of the most common ones is the WCH CH341. There’s been support for these chips in Linux for a while, but only for use as a communication port. The device actually has RS232, I2C, SPI, and 8 general purpose I/O (GPIO) pins. [ZooBaB] took an out-of-tree driver that exposes the GPIO, and got it working with some frightening-looking CH341 boards.
  • Shrinking the kernel with an axe
    This is the third article of a series discussing various methods of reducing the size of the Linux kernel to make it suitable for small environments. The first article provided a short rationale for this topic, and covered link-time garbage collection. The second article covered link-time optimization (LTO) and compared its results to link-time garbage collection. In this article we'll explore ways to make LTO more effective at optimizing kernel code away, as well as more assertive strategies to achieve our goal.
  • The rest of the 4.16 merge window
    At the close of the 4.16 merge window, 11,746 non-merge changesets had been merged; that is 5,000 since last week's summary. This merge window is thus a busy one, though not out of line with its predecessors — 4.14 had 11,500 changesets during its merge window, while 4.15 had 12,599. Quite a bit of that work is of the boring internal variety; over 600 of those changesets were device-tree updates, for example. But there was still a fair amount of interesting work merged in the second half of the 4.16 merge window; read on for the highlights.

Wine-Staging and Games

Canonical Outs New Ubuntu Kernel Update with Compiler-Based Retpoline Mitigation

New Linux kernel security updates have been released for Ubuntu 17.10 (Artful Aardvark), Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus), Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr), and Ubuntu 12.04 ESM (Extended Security Maintenance), adding the compiler-based retpoline kernel mitigation for the Spectre Variant 2 vulnerability on amd64 and i386 architectures. Canonical fixed the Spectre Variant 2 security vulnerability last month on January 22, but only for 64-bit Ubuntu installations. This update apparently mitigates the issue for 32-bit installations too. Spectre is a nasty hardware bug in microprocessors that use branch prediction and speculative execution and it could allow unauthorized memory reads via side-channel attacks. Read more

Tutanota: Encrypted Open Source Email Service for Privacy Minded People

If you are a privacy concerned netizen, try Tutanota. It is an open source email service for encrypted email communication. Here are the pros and cons of using Tutanota. Read more