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LXer: Creating an OpenStack community locally

Saturday 5th of July 2014 12:19:40 AM
Learning is easier with a community of practice. For some in the open source world, community is something that takes only a virtual form, but there's still a lot of value in good old fashioned face-to-face communities to share and learn together. Taking a page out of the book of Linux User Groups (LUGs), several advocates for open source projects have found the population of interested users in their area to have reached the critical mass necessary to build and sustain local user groups of their more

Reddit: How can I install Ubuntu from terminal without a GUI?

Friday 4th of July 2014 11:35:09 PM

I have a bootable USB with Ubuntu 14.04 on it. I was wondering if I could install it before loading unity and without using the GUI which is designed for installation. Can I boot into a terminal do the partitioning and install Ubuntu?

submitted by Qanari
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LXer: Qualcomm fires DMCA shotgun blast at alleged code thieves on Github including itself

Friday 4th of July 2014 11:22:29 PM
Takedown notices issued to dozens of accountsA company claiming to represent Qualcomm has shut down a number of repositories on source-code sharing site GitHub under provisions of the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) – including at least one repository belonging to Qualcomm itself.…

Reddit: What distro for a donated PC?

Friday 4th of July 2014 11:01:56 PM

I consult for a few companies, and when they need to get rid of computers, I usually take them, wipe them, and donate them to Goodwill. Lately, I have been installing Linux on the computers before donating, hoping that the next owner will somehow end up with the OS I install. I know this is a bit silly, but I want to know what reddit thinks about which distro/apps I should install.

submitted by jcluthe
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Reddit: Making use of my old laptop

Friday 4th of July 2014 10:36:25 PM


Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, tried the search function but found nothing that addressed exactly what I was looking for.

I've an old laptop, running XP, 512ram and 2ghz processor. I was thinking of installing Linux on this machine, for generally educating myself and so it is safer as support ends for XP.

My problem is, I have no idea where to start/how to go about doing this. Any advice guys and gals?

submitted by TCamilo19
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LXer: Transmageddon 1.3 Video Transcoder Released Ubuntu Installation

Friday 4th of July 2014 10:25:18 PM
Transmageddon, a video transcoder written in GTK using GStreamer, has reach version 1.3 just a few moments ago. Initially released as 1.2, it was re-tagged as 1.3 after VAAPI encoding has been enabled. To see the full announcement, read this post on the Transmageddon blog.

Reddit: Are you an extremist?

Friday 4th of July 2014 10:03:51 PM

TuxMachines: Open source to help Wales protect environment

Friday 4th of July 2014 09:58:17 PM

Using open source software solutions is helping a Welsh pilot project to manage flood risks and provide a stepping stone for future research. The Citizen Observatory Web (Cobweb) project involves citizens using their smartphone or tablets, to submit data observations within the Dyfi area in Wales, to help collect environmental data for use in evidence based policy.

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TuxMachines: NVIDIA Releases 331.89 Long-Lived Linux Driver

Friday 4th of July 2014 09:44:50 PM

NVIDIA has today released ther 331.89 Linux, Solaris, and FreeBSD graphics drivers within their long-lived 331.xx graphics driver branch.

The NVIDIA 331.89 graphics driver for Linux (and Solaris/FreeBSD) includes support for the GeForce GT 730 graphics card, support for X.Org Server 1.16, and a variety of bug-fixes. The bug-fixes are great and the GeForce GT 730 hardware enablement is also great while nearly all NVIDIA 331 graphics driver users will be able to appreciate the X.Org Server 1.16 support considering the xorg-server update isn't even scheduled to be released until next month, will make it into the H2'2014 Linux distribution updates, and chances are the AMD Catalyst driver won't even support the new server for some months based upon their historical turnaround times.

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TuxMachines: After Ubuntu, Windows will also follow KDE’s convergence story

Friday 4th of July 2014 09:36:04 PM

The KDE Community introduced the concept of convergence way back in 2008 with the arrival of KDE 4.x (back then it was still KDE Desktop). If you ever tried KDE on your netbook you would have noticed that the desktop that got installed was different from that you would get when you install the same iso on your desktop.

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TuxMachines: [Fedora] Simple Patch Policy

Friday 4th of July 2014 09:31:03 PM

Following the approval of the Simple Patch policy, all the necessary pieces are now in place.

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LXer: Top 4 graphical partition managers

Friday 4th of July 2014 09:28:07 PM
Make sure you can maintain your hard disks and storage in the best way possible as we look at a selection of partition editors

TuxMachines: How Is Securing Itself and Its Users With Open Source

Friday 4th of July 2014 09:20:04 PM

"We're heavily involved in Drupal. I'm a member of the Drupal security team and the former lead of the team for over two years," Knaddison said. "So it's an area where we have a fair amount of expertise and depth, and we feel that our situation is best served by fixing vulnerabilities directly in the software itself."

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TuxMachines: Why Android One was Google’s most important announcement at I/O

Friday 4th of July 2014 09:16:00 PM

Reaching out to the next billion connected users is a phrase that has been tossed around liberally.

Mozilla used it when they announced their $25 smartphone initiative. Nokia’s (now Microsoft’s) Stephen Elop used it when Nokia launched the revamped Nokia Asha line last year, and again when he announced the Nokia X. Last year Google used the same phrase as it launched Android 4.4 KitKat.

However, these companies’ efforts are still to leave a mark in the countries where the supposed next billion connected customers reside. Firefox’ $25 smartphones are yet to enter the market, neither Nokia’s Asha nor X line have turned out to be “hot items”, while affordable smartphones running KitKat are still few and far between.

Also: No Facebook, no iPhone, no problem: how I declared my digital independence

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TuxMachines: Qualcomm DMCA Notice Takes Down 100+ Git Repositories

Friday 4th of July 2014 08:58:40 PM

Using the US Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA), Qualcomm has forced GitHub to take down over 100 Git repositories on the basis of "Cyveillance has recently discovered the unauthorized publication, disclosure, and copying of highly sensitive, confidential, trade secret, and copyright-protected documents on the below web site. Specifically, we have confirmed that the documents whose locations and filenames identified below are confidential and proprietary to Qualcomm and were posted without Qualcomm’s permission."

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TuxMachines: Leftovers: KDE

Friday 4th of July 2014 08:56:34 PM
  • Sysadmin update: website migration

    We just finished migrating one of our stacks to a new and powerful piece of hardware. It was a major activity and took about 9 hours with around 2-3 hours of downtime per CMS. The activity is now complete, however there are a few rough edges that we’ll be ironing out over the weekend.

  • KDE HIG: Search refined

    Technically, the functions to reach those goals all bring their own interactions and workflows. For users it is necessary to perceive clearly what happens and how to achieve the desired result. Unfortunately, some uncontrolled growth in KDE applications has lead to non-standardized implementation and application-specific short-cuts.

  • Next Generation Klipper

    A few weeks ago I contacted Thomas Pfeiffer with the idea to design a new user interface for Klipper in Plasma 5.1. Surprisingly he informed me that a discussion was already started in the KDE Forums. Which is awesome as that means there was already some ideas on how the user interface could look like. Last week the number of new bug reports for KWin get lower so I started to look into Klipper for 5.1.

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