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Reddit: Tips for favoring reads over writes?

Wednesday 21st of December 2016 02:00:48 AM

How would you go about favoring reads on a disk rather than writes? Writes can wait for this one disk but reads really need to be favored.

The reason is we tend to view content from the same drive while the drive is being written too. This makes viewing the video very choppy and laggy. It's an ssd too.

The Anticipatory I/O Scheduler looked perfect but that was taken out for cfq and that taken out for deadline and deadline is what we are having issues with.

Any ideas?

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LXer: ADUPS Android Malware Infects Barnes & Noble

Wednesday 21st of December 2016 01:47:52 AM
ADUPS is an Android "firmware provisioning" company based out of Shanghai,China. The software specializes both in Big Data collection of Androidusage, and hostile app installation and/or firmware control. Google hasblacklisted the ADUPS agent in its Android Compatibility Test Suite(CTS).

Reddit: Arch Linux ARM works well on my Samsung Chromebook, except for this one pesky thing...

Wednesday 21st of December 2016 01:09:33 AM

I can't install Chrome. Google only releases x86 versions of Chrome for Linux. So I have no way to watch Netflix except for rebooting into Chrome OS.


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  • A history about Gtk+, Vulkan and Wayland
    A few weeks ago, I was curious to test Gtk+ 4. I know it has some awsome features like OpenGL rendering, major cleanups and other hot stuff, but didn’t have the chance to check it out until then. I was mostly excited about Vulkan. I know both of my laptop’s graphic cards support Vulkan. It’s a hybrid Intel Broadwell G2 + NVidia GeForce 920M, although I don’t use the latter because Linux sucks hard with Dual GPU. Downloaded the latest Gtk+ source, compiled and… nothing. Immediate segmentation fault. Yay! What a great chance to get involved with the next major Gtk+ version development!
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    GNOME developer Georges Stavracas has shared his thoughts on the state of the GTK4 tool-kit with the recent work involving a Vulkan renderer, including which also now works on Wayland. Georges Stavracas was excited to try the current state of GTK4 development but initially hit a segmentation fault. But after overcoming that, he was successful in running GTK4 on Wayland and the widgets being rendered by Vulkan. He commented on his blog, "May not be as exciting, since there are no new visible features but… damn, it’s Gtk+ being rendered with Vulkan on Wayland. It’s basically the state-of-the-art of toolkit support right now. Even better, the absolute majority of applications will gain this for free once they port to Gtk+ 4 series."

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