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Phoronix: Solus Linux Working On A Flatpak-Based, Optimized Steam Runtime

Saturday 21st of January 2017 12:47:46 PM
The Solus Linux developers have been working on their "Linux Steam Integration" for Steam and improvements around the Steam runtime, with this being one of the distributions interested in good Linux performance and making use of some Clear Linux optimizations, while their next step is looking at Flatpak-packaging up of libraries needed by the Steam runtime to fork a Flatpak-happy Linux gaming setup...

Phoronix: TrueOS Making Use Of OpenRC Init System, Faster Boot Times

Saturday 21st of January 2017 12:36:00 PM
For those still looking to escape systemd, the BSDs remain free and the FreeBSD-based TrueOS is currently working on making use of OpenRC...

LXer: Your Computer's Clipboard is a Security Problem - Fix it in Linux With xsel and cron

Saturday 21st of January 2017 11:36:23 AM
Any program you run can read your clipboard, and its contents linger until another copy event or a reboot. Modern browsers enable multiple ways for malicious websites to read the clipboard contents (or add items in), so eliminate the worry by using a script with cron that auto-clears your clipboard regularly.

Reddit: The commands and output behind Linux install process.

Saturday 21st of January 2017 10:53:35 AM

bitinserty@linuxcomp ~ $ sudo apt-get install the-best

Reading package lists... Done

Building dependency tree

Reading state information... Done

The following NEW packages will be installed


0 to upgrade, 1 to newly install, 0 to remove and 8 not to upgrade.

Need to get 4 GB of archives.

After this operation, 4 GB of additional disk space will be used to install the best thing to ever be created.

Do you want to continue (well obviously)? [Y/n] y

User chose the correct option!

Get:1 [4 GB]

Fetched 4 GB in 0s (4e+6 kB/s) (demonstrates the speed of our OS)

Preparing to unpack...

Unpacking the-best-latest ...

Processing triggers for doc-base ( ...

Setting up linux ...

bitinserty@linuxcomp ~ $ thanks

No problem! Just being the best!

bitinserty@linuxcomp ~ $ exit

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Reddit: Weekly Edition for January 12, 2017

Saturday 21st of January 2017 10:15:05 AM

LXer: How to Keep Hackers out of Your Linux Machine Part 1: Top Two Security Tips

Saturday 21st of January 2017 09:42:01 AM
There is nothing a hacker likes more than a tasty Linux machine available on the Internet. In my recent Linux Foundation webinar I shared tactics, tools, and methods hackers use to invade your space.

Reddit: Discord Linux channel - feel free to join

Saturday 21st of January 2017 08:49:17 AM

Reddit: Cant remove /tmp " Device or resource busy"

Saturday 21st of January 2017 08:44:24 AM

hey !'

as the question goes, i cant remove tmp, when i go inside the directory, its empty but it shows that some process is active which is making me unable to remove it, how do i end the process or forcely remove the dir tmp.

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LXer: 5 Linux Desktop Environments on the Rise for 2017

Saturday 21st of January 2017 07:47:39 AM
With each passing year, the Linux desktop ecosystem shifts and morphs from one darling to the next. Although it’s sometimes challenging to tell, from month to month, which desktop will reign as the fan favorite, there are always signs that a particular desktop is going to rise in market share. Three trends I always examine are evolution, usability, and modernity. I prefer my desktops to have evolved along with the needs of current trends and users, to be easily used, and have a modern design aesthetic. Bonus points are generally awarded for a high range of flexibility.

TuxMachines: Linux and Graphics

Saturday 21st of January 2017 06:30:30 AM

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TuxMachines: Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS Delayed Until February 2, Will Bring Linux 4.8, Newer Mesa

Saturday 21st of January 2017 06:20:55 AM

If you've been waiting to upgrade your Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) operating system to the 16.04.2 point release, which should have hit the streets a couple of days ago, you'll have to wait until February 2.

We hate to give you guys bad news, but Canonical's engineers are still working hard these days to port all the goodies from the Ubuntu 16.10 (Yakkety Yak) repositories to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, which is a long-term supported version, until 2019. These include the Linux 4.8 kernel packages and an updated graphics stack based on a newer X.Org Server version and Mesa 3D Graphics Library.

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TuxMachines: Calamares Release and Adoption

Saturday 21st of January 2017 06:14:06 AM
  • Calamares 3.0 Universal Linux Installer Released, Drops Support for KPMcore 2

    Calamares, the open-source distribution-independent system installer, which is used by many GNU/Linux distributions, including the popular KaOS, Netrunner, Chakra GNU/Linux, and recently KDE Neon, was updated today to version 3.0.

    Calamares 3.0 is a major milestone, ending the support for the 2.4 series, which recently received its last maintenance update, versioned 2.4.6, bringing numerous improvements, countless bug fixes, and some long-anticipated features, including a brand-new PythonQt-based module interface.

  • Due to Popular Request, KDE Neon Is Adopting the Calamares Graphical Installer

    KDE Neon maintainer Jonathan Riddell is announcing today the immediate availability of the popular Calamares distribution-independent Linux installer framework on the Developer Unstable Edition of KDE Neon.

    It would appear that many KDE Neon users have voted for Calamares to become the default graphical installer system used for installing the Linux-based operating system on their personal computers. Indeed, Calamares is a popular installer framework that's being successfully used by many distros, including Chakra, Netrunner, and KaOS.

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TuxMachines: Wine 2.0 RC6 released

Saturday 21st of January 2017 05:57:57 AM

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LXer: This Week in Open Source News: Linux & Open Source Vulnerabilities in 2017

Saturday 21st of January 2017 05:53:17 AM
This week in open source news, a study from Black Duck suggests the potential for open source malware is set to skyrocket in 2017, longtime undetected Mac malware exposed, and more! Read our digest for the recent stories you need to hear:

Reddit: Pocket Laptop for phone replacement?

Saturday 21st of January 2017 05:35:07 AM

Does anybody know of a laptop that would fit in my pocket? (like 6-8ish inch screen, I have pretty big pockets). I hate my phone, and I just want something that runs arch linux with i3 that I can take around with me 70% of the time. Then ill buy a cheap phone put easytether, airdroid and expressVPN on it, and I'm good to go. I looked at the pocketCHIP and some raspberry pi projects, but none of them are usable as a real computer (low res screen, weird keyboard, and no trackpoint). The Sony VAIO P, or UX look awesome, but I figure there is probably something better still, and a bit cheaper. I use a X200 Thinkpad and want something as similar as possible to that. Thanks in advanced

submitted by /u/Gadzook8
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LXer: Linux-based IoT gateway certified for Azure

Saturday 21st of January 2017 04:44:40 AM
Finland-based IonSign has begun shipping an IoT gateway billed as a “complete industrial grade production unit for data collection and edge computing.” The Debian Linux based Gluon GMU491 Cloud Gateway is designed for collecting sensor, meter, fieldbus, or automation system data and packaging it for direct delivery to commercial cloud platforms.

More in Tux Machines

Android Leftovers

Leftovers: OSS

  • Open-source oriented RISELab emerges at UC Berkeley to make apps smarter & more secure
    UC Berkeley on Monday launched a five-year research collaborative dubbed RISELab that will focus on enabling apps and machines that can interact with the environment around them securely and in real-time. The RISELab (Real-time Intelligence with Secure Execution) is backed by a slew of big name tech and financial firms: Amazon Web Services, Ant Financial, Capital One, Ericsson, GE Digital, Google, Huawei, Intel, IBM, Microsoft and VMWare.
  • Telecom organizations boosting support for open source
    Organizational support for open source initiatives is easing the integration of platforms into the telecom world. One key challenge for growing the support of open source into the telecommunications space is through various organizations that are looking to either bolster the use of open source or build platforms based on open source specifications. These efforts are seen as beneficial to operators and vendors looking to take advantage of open source platforms.
  • Google's Draco: Another Open Source Tool That Can Boost Virtual Reality Apps
    With 2017 ramping up, there is no doubt that cloud computing and Big Data analytics would probably come to mind if you had to consider the hot technology categories that will spread out this year. However, Google is on an absolute tear as it open sources a series of 3D graphics and virtual reality toolsets. Last week, we covered the arrival of Google's Tilt Brush apps and virtual reality toolsets. Now, Google has delivered a set of open source libraries that boost the storage and transmission of 3D graphics, which can help deliver more detailed 3D apps. "Draco" is an open source compression library, and here are more details.
  • Unpicking the community leader
    Today is Community Manager Appreciation Day. Now, I have to admit, I don't usually partake in the day all that much. The skeptic in me thinks doing so could be a little self-indulgent and the optimist thinks that we should appreciate great community leaders every day, not merely one day a year. Regardless, in respect of the occasion, I want to delve a little into why I think this work is so important, particularly in the way it empowers people from all walks of life. In 2006 I joined Canonical as the Ubuntu Community Manager. A few months into my new role I got an email from a kid based in Africa. He shared with me that he loved Ubuntu and the traditional African philosophy of Ubuntu, which translated to "humanity towards others," and this made his interest in the nascent Linux operating system particularly meaningful.
  • Open Source Mahara Opens Moodle Further Into Social Learning
    Designers, managers and other professionals are fond of Open Source, digital portfolio solution Mahara. Even students are incorporating their progress on specific competency frameworks, to show learning evidence. Mahara and Moodle have a long and durable relationship spanning years, ―so much so that the internet has nicknamed the super couple as “Mahoodle“―. A recent post on Moodlerooms’ E-Learn Magazine documents the fruitful partnership as it adds value to New Zealander Catalyst IT’s offerings.
  • U.S. policy on open source software carries IP risks [Ed: Latest FUD from law firm against Free software as if proprietary software is risk-free licensing-wise?]

Openwashing and EEE

Q&A with Arpit Joshipura, Head of Networking for The Linux Foundation

Arpit Joshipura became the Linux Foundation’s new general manager for networking and orchestration in December 2016. He’s tasked with a pretty tall order. He needs to harmonize all the different Linux Foundation open source groups that are working on aspects of network virtualization. Joshipura may be the right person for the job as his 30 years of experience is broad — ranging from engineering, to management, to chief marketing officer (CMO) roles. Most recently he was VP of marketing with Prevoty, an application security company. Prior to that he served as VP of marketing at Dell after the company acquired Force10 Networks, where he had been CMO. Read more