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LXer: U.S. Digital Services and Playbook:

Thursday 21st of August 2014 02:29:51 AM
About this time last year, I laid out some trends I saw for the coming year in government take up of open source software. Looking back now, it appears those trends are not only here to stay, they are accelerating and are more important than ever.

LinuxInsider: SparkyLinux GameOver Is a Winning Work-Play Combo

Thursday 21st of August 2014 02:12:25 AM
The SparkyLinux GameOver 3.4 Edition may be one of the best Linux distros catering to game players you will find. It is a full-service specialty Linux OS with a focus on gaming. Linux distro developers usually do one of two things about games. One, they provide none or only a few low-impact card and puzzle titles. Two, they build in links to the PlayOnLinux and Steam websites. Historically, few Linux distros have catered to serious game playing. The few that did are mostly now discontinued or inactive.

LXer: Why do so many Linux users hate Oracle?

Thursday 21st of August 2014 01:32:40 AM
In today's open source roundup: Many Linux users dislike and distrust Oracle. Plus: Munich may not be dumping Linux after all, and how to encrypt your email in Linux

TuxMachines: WebKitGTK+ 2.5.2 Drops GTK+2 Dependency

Thursday 21st of August 2014 12:55:26 AM

WebKitGTK+, a version of the WebKit open source web engine that uses GTK+ as its user-facing frontend, has reached version 2.5.2.

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LXer: Linux Foundation Debuts Linux Certification Effort

Thursday 21st of August 2014 12:45:20 AM
Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation, told eWEEK that for years his organization has been providing the Linux community with training, tutorials, mentoring programs and other educational outreach efforts. In fact, it was back in 2009 that the Linux Foundation first began its formal training programs. At the time, the Linux Foundation was not interested in doing any formal certification, but times have now changed.

Reddit: Where do you guys keep the extracted folder for some downloaded programs?

Thursday 21st of August 2014 12:42:09 AM

Where do you guys keep downloaded programs? The ones that need to be extracted and are (sometimes) ready to work from their directory? Most of the time you also add the directory or a subdirectory (e.g. bin/) to the path variable as well.

I personally put them in my home folder, but I was wondering what is the common practice about such things.

Example of such programs: gradle, eclipse

submitted by _____R_____
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Reddit: What about a new Linux blog about the average guy stumbling through Linux?

Thursday 21st of August 2014 12:33:55 AM

So, do you guys think that there would be any interest in a linux blog about a total linux laymen learning the ropes? This would not be a "10 things to install after installing" whatever or a distro review site. It would be a site to prove that linux and OpenSource cannot only be installed and operated by a laymen, but also provide a throughly enjoyable desktop experience.

Your thoughts?

submitted by BobsYourUnc
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LXer: Setup FTP server using VsFtp and Configure Secure FTP connections on Ubuntu 14.04 Server

Wednesday 20th of August 2014 11:58:00 PM
vsftpd is a GPL licensed FTP server for UNIX systems, including Linux. It is secure and extremely fast. It is stable. Don't take my word for it, though. Below, we will see evidence supporting all three assertions. We will also see a list of a few important sites which are happily using vsftpd. This demonstrates vsftpd is a mature and trusted solution.

Reddit: Simple universal tiling program in C/Xlib

Wednesday 20th of August 2014 11:30:00 PM



Configures in console with "-k" switch, hotkeys default to Win+Numpad, layout defaults to 2x2 or 3x2, supports multiple screens.

submitted by stoneage7
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Reddit: Multipath TCP - stable release v0.89

Wednesday 20th of August 2014 11:17:13 PM

LXer: Look, no client! Not quite: the long road to a webbified Vim

Wednesday 20th of August 2014 11:10:40 PM
The most revolutionary aspect of all the changes that have taken place in web development over the last two decades has been in the web browser. Typically we think of web browsers as driving innovation on the web by providing new features. Indeed this is the major source of new features on the web.

Reddit: Does the technical qualities of systemd worth the cost of flexibility and diversity for our ecosystem?

Wednesday 20th of August 2014 11:08:27 PM

I'm not gonna talk about the pure technical side, because from the recent debates here I concluded that globally systemd solves much more technical problems than it creates, also the adoption by distros tends to confirm that.

But I noted that there are many criticizes over 1 the "fuck portability" decision and 2 other key projects in the ecosystem that now depends on systemd. Why refuse external contributions to make systemd more portable? What sense does it make in our ecosystem to limit interoperability and extend the gap with BSD for example? Is that really a good choice for other key projects to force the move to one init system because it brings many good things now? Won't it be harder in the future to respond to new needs?

Those choices for me seems really ecosystem unfriendly (if you disagree, please explain me). Are the technical benefits worth the cost over the long term for our ecosystem? (I.e. making a strong dependency between our distros and key other projects with a project whose governance seems quite controversial)

I am really exited about the features of systemd but I still have concerns about the two issues mentioned above. Please enlighten me, I'm really in love with the FOSS ecosystem because of its diversity and I need to be reassured that this move is worthwhile on the long run.

submitted by tuxayo
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LXer: Use the command line to organise files

Wednesday 20th of August 2014 10:23:20 PM
Sort through your hard drive, find lost files and archive old stuff far quicker than you could through your GUI file manager

LXer: Linux Kernel Development Gets Two-Factor Authentication

Wednesday 20th of August 2014 09:36:00 PM
The security breach of 2011 was a very valuable lesson to the Linux community, and many recent initiatives have been aimed at continuously improving the overall security profile, Ryabitsev told eWEEK. The move to two-factor authentication, however, is not a delayed reaction to the 2011 attack, according to Ryabitsev. -

Phoronix: NVIDIA Releases CUDA 6.5 As A Huge Update

Wednesday 20th of August 2014 09:13:58 PM
NVIDIA put out version 6.5 of their Compute Unified Device Architecture today and it is a big step ahead, including better development tooling for CUDA Fortran... Video: Everybody Do the Zombie Shuffle and More Linux Trivia

Wednesday 20th of August 2014 09:10:49 PM

What is a zombie shuffling desk? What does the d in systemd stand for? Test your knowledge of these trivia questions and watch your fellow Linux community members attempt to answer.

TuxMachines: today's leftovers

Wednesday 20th of August 2014 08:52:14 PM

LXer: Build and install PHP 5.3.29 from source on an Ubuntu 14.04 LTS server

Wednesday 20th of August 2014 08:48:40 PM
How to build and install PHP 5.3.29 from source on an Ubuntu 14.04 LTS server

Phoronix: Intel Sandy Bridge Gets A Surprise Boost From Linux 3.17

Wednesday 20th of August 2014 08:45:26 PM
Besides the recent work to support OpenGL Geometry Shaders for Sandy Bridge in Mesa, users of Intel "Sandy Bridge" HD Graphics can also be thankful for the forthcoming Linux 3.17 kernel. Early testing of Linux 3.17 has revealed that for at least some Intel Sandy Bridge hardware are OpenGL performance improvements with the newer kernel code.

TuxMachines: Proposed: A Tainted Performance State For The Linux Kernel

Wednesday 20th of August 2014 08:35:39 PM

Similar to the kernel states of having a tainted kernel for using binary blob kernel modules or unsigned modules, a new tainting method has been proposed for warning the user about potentially adverse kernel performance.

Dave Hansen of Intel has proposed a new "TAINT_PERFORMANCE" for the kernel that would proactively print a warning message about not using the kernel for any performance measurements. Dave explained in his RFC announcement, "I have more than once myself been the victim of an accidentally-enabled kernel configuration option being mistaken for a true performance problem. I'm sure I've also taken profiles or performance measurements and assumed they were real-world when really I was measuring the performance with an option that nobody turns on in production. A warning like this late in boot will help remind folks when these kinds of things are enabled."

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today's leftovers

US Military To Launch Open Source Academy

Open source software, which has become increasingly common throughout the US military from unmanned drones to desktops, has now been enlisted as a career option for military personnel. In September, Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center will open a Linux certification academy, marking the first time such a training program has been hosted on a military base. Read more

Video: TedX talk - Richard Stallman

Well, vp9/opus in a webm container have been supported by both Firefox and Google Chrome for several releases now... so enjoy it in your web browser. Read more

Eclipse Luna for Fedora 20

If you are a Fedora Eclipse user, then you're probably saddened since the release of Eclipse Luna (4.4) because you are still using Eclipse Kepler (4.3) on Fedora 20. Well, be saddened no longer because Eclipse Luna is now available for Fedora 20 as a software collection! A software collection is simply a set of RPMs whose contents are isolated from the rest of your system such that they do not modify, overwrite or otherwise conflict with anything in the main Fedora repositories. This allows you install multiple versions of a software stack side-by-side, without them interfering with one another. More can be read about this mechanism on the software collections website. The Eclipse Luna software collection lives in a separate yum repository, which must be configured by clicking on this link to install the release package. Read more