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Reddit: The Android Runtime On Chrome OS Makes Use Of Wayland

Wednesday 7th of September 2016 08:22:36 PM

TuxMachines: Android Leftovers

Wednesday 7th of September 2016 08:03:07 PM

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LXer: Google's 3-level Android patch could cause confusion

Wednesday 7th of September 2016 08:01:33 PM
Google has released another large monthly batch of security patches for Android, this time fixing 55 vulnerabilities, eight of which are rated critical. The fixes are split into three different "security patch levels," which could make it easier for device manufacturers to integrate patches applicable to their devices, but could also lead to confusion among regular users.

TuxMachines: Linux Foundation and Linux

Wednesday 7th of September 2016 07:44:59 PM
  • Limited number of LPC registrations available starting September 8
  • New Members Strengthen Automotive Grade Linux Security and Software Capabilities

    Automotive Grade Linux (AGL), a collaborative open source project developing a Linux-based, open platform for the connected car, today announced that AutoIO Technology, Irdeto, Link Motion, Pocket Soft, sdtech and Synopsys have joined The Linux Foundation and Automotive Grade Linux.

  • How blockchain will disrupt your business

    Like mobile and cloud, blockchain — first implemented in the original source code of bitcoin in 2009 — stands poised to profoundly disrupt business. If it lives up to its promise, it won't just be financial institutions that are disrupted.

    "If you can transfer money or something of value through the internet just like another form of data, what else can you do with it? It provides a way to establish trust in the digital world," says Angus Champion de Crespigny, Financial Services Blockchain and Distributed Infrastructure Strategy Leader, Ernst & Young. "How do you ensure something is the original copy of something on the internet? Prior to blockchain technology, you couldn't."

    "If you want to prove something happened in the digital world, there is no more secure place to do that," he adds. "Once information is recorded on there, it is, for all intents and purposes, impossible to go back and retroactively change that. When there are such drastic new technologies that emerge, it isn't just a matter of looking at your business and thinking how this technology is going to make your business more effective. What you should be doing is considering that maybe your business isn't structured correctly for this new world."

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Phoronix: GNU Libreboot Adds Support For Another (Outdated) Intel Motherboard

Wednesday 7th of September 2016 07:16:36 PM
A mini-ITX board running the GNU Libreboot downstream of Coreboot sounds interesting for a fully free software HTPC/media center PC, right? Too bad this new motherboard port is for an i945 board released back in 2008 and has integrated a painfully slow original, single-core Atom chip...

Reddit: Open365 mail – You’ve got … something?

Wednesday 7th of September 2016 07:08:47 PM

TuxMachines: Leftovers: Software

Wednesday 7th of September 2016 07:04:38 PM

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LXer: How to install and use new Mac-style note taking app Notes in Ubuntu

Wednesday 7th of September 2016 07:04:22 PM
While the good old pen-and-paper way of taking notes still works for many, if your work involves computers, you can take advantage of plethora of applications that are designed and developed specifically for note taking. If you are on Linux, and are looking for a simple and elegant note taking app, you may want to check out the appropriately named Notes, which we will be discussing in this article.

TuxMachines: Linus Torvalds: "sh*t-for-brains stupid patch"

Wednesday 7th of September 2016 06:26:39 PM
  • Linus Torvalds won't apply 'sh*t-for-brains stupid patch'

    Add another Linus Torvalds swearing incident to his long list of linguistic indiscretions. The Linux lord has unloaded on proposed new code in typically robust language.

    “I call BS”, Torvalds' post opens. “Let me be very clear. I'm not applying that shit-for-brains stupid patch, and will not be pulling it unless somebody tricks me into it.”

    He's got a point: his post goes on to ask why Andersson is asking him to approve code when it would mean “... a distribution is distributing the driver without the firmware”.

    Torvalds asks “what the hell is the point of such a thing” and concludes the post by saying “Stop pushing this shit.”

  • Linux creator Torvalds has another expletive-filled rant at the community

    LINUX FOUNDER Linus Torvalds has unleashed a foul-mouthed rant at a contributor over a piece of code with which he fundamentally disagrees.

    Torvalds, usually a complete wallflower who never uses colourful language or sarcasm in any way shape or form, has repeatedly told the community that he is not willing to consider tying firmware and driver modules together in a single unit.

    He was pushed on the issue yesterday with this comment: "Nobody has actually answered the 'why don't we just tie the firmware and module together?' question.

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LXer: Setting up a Mesos/Marathon cluster on RHEL 7.1 little endian

Wednesday 7th of September 2016 06:07:11 PM
This article describes the steps to set up a Mesos/Marathon cluster on OpenPOWER servers.

TuxMachines: Akinsola Akinwale: How Do You Fedora?

Wednesday 7th of September 2016 05:39:29 PM

Akinsola Akinwale is a software developer with experience writing programs for mobile subscription platforms. The subscription platforms integrate with the Ericsson billing platform. He is also a Red Hat and CentOS systems administrator. Akinwale works for VAS Consulting as a Blackberry Developer Consultant to IBM Africa. In this capacity he works with odoo and SugarCRM.

Despite reading books about Linux, Akinwale didn’t know how to obtain the operating system. To learn more, he attended a Linux boot camp in 2010. There a friend gave him a copy of Fedora, which he quickly installed in VirtualBox. He says he left Windows for good when he “realized that 99% of the things I do were Linux related.”

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Reddit: Modern laptops that have good linux support

Wednesday 7th of September 2016 05:34:27 PM

Howdy r/linux,

I have been looking for a good, modern laptop that has solid linux support. I already attempted to get Ubuntu 16.04, Fedora 24, and Arch running on a Lenovo Yoga 710, but it just never worked right. Of the 4 cores, /proc/cpuinfo and lscpu only ever saw 1 core, booting was hit or miss, and bluetooth never saw my headset (but did see my android phone?) to name a few of the problems I saw.

Short version is this: Does anyone have any advice for a modern laptop that might fit my needs for work and is just stable?

Work needs: Core i5, 2 cores with HT => 8G RAM DDR3 15" Screen

Nice to haves: 2-in-1 form factor, that flip-behind, touch screen style

Thanks all!

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LinuxToday: Beware of biases in machine learning: One CTO explains why it happens

Wednesday 7th of September 2016 05:26:39 PM

 enterprisersproject: How discriminatory biases unintentionally find their way into machine learning algorithms.

TuxMachines: Ubuntu Leftovers

Wednesday 7th of September 2016 05:25:39 PM
  • Run Widgets on Your Ubuntu Desktop with Plexydesk

    If I asked you about Plexydesk you’d probably look at be blankly. I last mentioned the promising widget-toting project five years ago today. Curious as to what became of it I went on a Google today. It only took a few characters strokes to discover that the project is still very much alive.

  • Tesla Autopilot 2.0 Capabilities Demoed With Ubuntu

    I don’t drive, so self-driving cars should be right up my one-way street, right?

    I can’t feign interest. I’m not a particularly mechanical person, barring a brief spurt of Moto-X (the sport, not the handset) at the turn of the decade. I don’t even like Top Gear.

  • Intel Graphics Update Tool Adds Support for Ubuntu 16.04

    Intel's graphic update tool has been updated to support Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and Fedora 24. It offers users the Intel 2016Q2 graphics stack.

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Reddit: is back... And now it blocks Tor!

Wednesday 7th of September 2016 05:21:19 PM

TuxMachines: Development News

Wednesday 7th of September 2016 05:20:25 PM
  • Why I love these markup languages

    Around this time last year, I wrote a brief introduction to various markup languages for this column. The topic of language selection has come up several times recently, so I thought it might be time to revisit the subject with my biases more overt. I'm here to explain why I prefer the languages I do, not to prescribe anything for you. After all, I'm no doc-tor.

  • LEGO Mindstorms programming with ev3dev

    I was introduced to LEGO Mindstorms eighteen months ago while applying for a STEM grant at a local library. LEGO Mindstorms are kits to create customizable, programmable robots

  • Confronting Jargon

    Throughout my software engineering career, I’ve struggled with and against jargon. Intellectually, I understand jargon as a set of specialized terms meant to facilitate smooth and precise communication, particularly in a professional context. It binds groups together: it’s the secret handshake, the side-long wink, the showing that yes, you’re in the club too, you belong. Experientially? I know the ways jargon can keep you out as you feel along, grasping for knowledge in the dark.

  • LLV8 Is An Experimental LLVM Compiler For V8 JavaScript

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TuxMachines: Phoronix Graphics News

Wednesday 7th of September 2016 05:19:26 PM

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TuxMachines: Linux 4.7.3

Wednesday 7th of September 2016 05:15:45 PM

I'm announcing the release of the 4.7.3 kernel.

All users of the 4.7 kernel series must upgrade.

The updated 4.7.y git tree can be found at:
git:// linux-4.7.y
and can be browsed at the normal git web browser:

Also; Linux 4.4.20

Linux 3.14.78

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Canonical Releases Snapcraft 2.18 Tool for Creating Snaps in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

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The Tiny Internet Project, Part I

As LJ readers well know, Linux drives many of the technologies we use every day, from smart TVs to Web servers. Linux is everywhere—except most homes and classrooms. That's a problem if we want to help breed the next generation of engineers and computer scientists. In fact, if teenagers (or any other group of curious individuals) want to learn about Linux, they often must rely on a geeky friend or parent willing to show them the way. This three-part series seeks to change that by offering a way for anyone to learn about Linux by building what is essentially a tiny, self-contained Internet. Using old equipment and free software, you'll build a private network (with your own domain name), build Web sites, set up an e-mail server, install and use a database, and set up a Linux distro mirror. Read more

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Don’t be a stranger to GIMP, be GIMP…

I can try and do more coding, more code reviewing, revive designing discussions… that’s cool, yet never enough. GIMP needs more people, developers, designers, community people, writers for the website or the documentation, tutorial makers… everyone is welcome in my grand scheme! Many of my actions lately have been towards gathering more people, so when I heard about the GNOME newcomers initiative during GUADEC, I thought that could be a good fit. Thus a few days ago, I had GIMP added in the list of newcomer-friendly GNOME projects, with me as the newcomers mentor. I’ll catch this occasion to remind you all the ways you can contribute to GIMP, and not necessarily as a developer. Read more