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LXer: IoT gateway runs Linux on QorIQ, accepts Arduino Shields

Friday 6th of February 2015 02:35:20 PM
TechNexion and Freescale launched an IoT Gateway that runs Linux on a dual-core, Cortex-A7 QorIQ SoC, offers six GbE ports, and expands via Arduino Shields. The $429 LS1021A-IoT Gateway Reference Design, which is built by TechNexion and co-branded with Freescale, is the first product we’ve seen to run the first ARM-based versions of Freescale’s previously […]

Reddit: Chrunchbang: The end.

Friday 6th of February 2015 01:53:20 PM

TuxMachines: Red Hat adds to regional cloud service

Friday 6th of February 2015 01:44:32 PM

Red Hat Inc, the world's largest pure-play open-source software company, is ramping up its cloud-based subscription service in Asean to capitalise on the rapid adoption of cloud computing in the region.

Its new cloud service is aimed at competing directly with Microsoft's cloud platform and provide another alternative for enterprises, said Damien Wong, senior director and general manager of Red Hat Asean.

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LXer: Is Evolve OS the most user friendly Linux distribution?

Friday 6th of February 2015 01:38:09 PM
In today's open source roundup: Evolve OS could be a contender for the most user-friendly distro. Plus: GDC and the next version of OpenGL, and episode 2 of the Game of Thrones adventure released for Android.

TuxMachines: Bodhi Linux 3.0 RC 2 Reloaded : Video Overview and Screenshot Tours

Friday 6th of February 2015 01:17:09 PM

Bodhi Linux 3.0 ships with just a few applications by default such as Midori 0.5.9 as web browser, nm-applet (connection manager applet) 0.9.8 and of course, a few Enlightenment-specific applications like Enlightenment File Manager, Terminology (terminal emulator) 0.7.0, ePad (text editor) 0.5, ePhoto (picture viewer) 20150116 build, eepDater (update manager) 0.11.

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TuxMachines: 8 Good-looking Gnome Shell Themes

Friday 6th of February 2015 01:14:41 PM

Do you love Gnome Shell but hate the way it looks? Don’t worry, the Internet is chock full of better-looking themes to choose from. There are so many in fact that we’ve had to filter it down to just eight awesome themes.

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Reddit: The end of Crunchbang Linux.

Friday 6th of February 2015 01:10:46 PM

TuxMachines: First Samsung Tizen TVs go on-sale in South Korea

Friday 6th of February 2015 01:10:24 PM

Samsung unveiled their Tizen based TVs at CES 2015, and today they have gone on-sale in South Korea. This initial batch comes in four sizes — 55, 65, 78 and 88 inches. The 55-inch version is priced at 5.49 million won (US$5,038), with SUHD TV’s having the capability of display over 1 billion colors, 64 times more than the existing models.

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TuxMachines: Free Telegram for Ubuntu Touch App Lands in the Store

Friday 6th of February 2015 12:51:27 PM

Ubuntu Touch already has a large number of native apps and more are added every day. The platform needs as many applications as possible and now it's Telegram’s turn to land in the Ubuntu Store.

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LXer: GnuPG Development Saved by Online Community, Linux Foundation and Facebook

Friday 6th of February 2015 12:40:58 PM
GnuPG is a piece of cryptographic software embedded in numerous online solutions in the world, including email clients, and it's an indispensable part of our online experience. That also means that it's underfunded and maintained by a single guy who is ready to give up. Fortunately, the online community has responded to his plea and that reaction was amazing.

LXer: Cortex-A72 nearly twice as fast as -A57, says ARM

Friday 6th of February 2015 11:43:47 AM
ARM unveiled an ARMv8 Cortex-A72 CPU for mobile said to be twice as fast as the -A57, plus a faster new Mali-T880 GPU and CoreLink CCI-500 interconnect.

LXer: Attend from your seat

Friday 6th of February 2015 10:46:36 AM, in the beautiful city of Brno, Czech Republic is one of the most popular free software conferences in the region. It brings together hundreds of developers, enthusiasts, and engineers to discuss and collaborate on new technology.

Reddit: Weekly Edition for January 29, 2015

Friday 6th of February 2015 10:38:28 AM

Reddit: Open Source team password manager with desktop plugin

Friday 6th of February 2015 10:25:31 AM

Hello /r/linux, can anyone suggest open source password manager with desktop companion app/plugin? I've found few solutions but all are only web based:

submitted by sihillx
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Reddit: Isthe LPI certs worth it?

Friday 6th of February 2015 10:05:41 AM

I'm currently taking some time off to look after my first new born daughter and thought getting some certificates would be nice. I've started studying for the LPI but thought I would ask those in the know if it's worth it it is there something better as I've been a Windows admin thus far. Thanks in advance

submitted by sup3rlativ3
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LXer: Community open sources medical diagrams and animations

Friday 6th of February 2015 09:49:25 AM
OPENPediatrics (OP), a free online education and best practice sharing community for pediatric clinicians worldwide, has launched a new library of openly licensed medical animations and illustrations, making them available for non-commercial educational use.

Reddit: An overhyped GHOST [x-post /r/linux_programming]

Friday 6th of February 2015 09:37:00 AM

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