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LXer: Open source? HP Enterprise will be all-in, post split, says CTO

Friday 5th of June 2015 12:05:42 AM
It's in 'the fabric of everything we do,' exec says HP. What's the latest enterprise IT company to proclaim its love of open source? HP, that's who – or, more specifically, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, one of two companies that will emerge once HP splits this November.

LinuxInsider: ConnochaetOS Makes Slackware Truly Free and a Bit Easier

Friday 5th of June 2015 12:04:29 AM
ConnochaetOS is a nice entry into a pure, free Linux experience. Most people mistakenly equate open source with "free," as in pay nothing. Experienced Linux users know, however, that the open source concept separates the price of the software from the cost of obtaining enterprise-level modifications and support. The notion of "free" does not mean there's no cost to get it. Open source licenses prevent anyone from selling or owning the code. They allow the software to be used, modified and shared under defined terms and conditions.

LXer: Juniper CEO: OpenStack is a Business Driver

Thursday 4th of June 2015 10:45:08 AM
VIDEO: Juniper CEO Rami Rahim discusses why OpenStack is important to his business and why he's doubling down on security.

Reddit: An appeal to the technically literate - help /r/Rad_Decentralization make sense of up and coming tech!

Thursday 4th of June 2015 08:58:08 AM

So as this guy correctly points out, that sub is mainly populated by politically progressive but technically not-very-savvy folk. I thought that the peeps here at /r/linux may be able to provide some critical commentary on all the various projects that come up and which are posted to /r/Rad_Decentralization. After all, we share a common philosophy and a desire to see subversive yet socially-minded projects see the day of light.


submitted by monkeyseemonkeydoodo
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TuxMachines: Ubuntu Software Center: proprietary and free software mixed in a confusing UI

Thursday 4th of June 2015 08:55:59 AM

I have been watching the evolution of the Ubuntu Software Center for quite a while now. I had doubts about its interface and its speed, but I liked the fact that it offered an easy, down-to-earth interface that allowed users to install software easily.

However, I have to say that the way the Ubuntu Software Center has evolved is worrying me -- a lot.

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Reddit: Handy hastebin script

Thursday 4th of June 2015 08:51:10 AM

A friend of mine and I couldn't find any good bash script for outputting the contents of a document onto hastebin. So we decided to make one. This script has greatly improved my productivity when sharing code amongst friends.

Features: - outputs the content of multiple documents into multiple hastebin-links - adds the link immediately to your clipboard (can be turned off) - pastes the raw link without the code syntax coloring

Usage: ./ filename(as many as you want) output -> hastebin link copying to clipboard

submitted by Smegzar
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LXer: You Can Now Install and Test Unity 8 and Mir in Any Supported Ubuntu OS

Thursday 4th of June 2015 08:50:46 AM
Canonical has made it possible to install and test the latest Unity 8 desktop environment on any Ubuntu system just by adding a PPA and installing the appropriate packages.

TuxMachines: Here's How to Win a Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Phone

Thursday 4th of June 2015 08:48:11 AM

Reddit: Auditing GitHub users' SSH key quality

Thursday 4th of June 2015 08:42:32 AM

TuxMachines: KDE News

Thursday 4th of June 2015 08:25:45 AM
  • Folder View panel popups are list views again

    In later versions of Plasma 4, the Folder View widget adopted a special appearance when placed in a panel: It would arrange folder contents in a simple list instead of the usual icon grid. Folder View had to be rewritten completely for Plasma 5, and while there were various improvements along the way, the list view mode unfortunately went missing. Until now - on popular request, this feature will make a return soon in Plasma 5.4:

  • June Update for KDE Applications 15.04

    Today, the KDE Community is happy to announce the release of KDE Applications 15.04.2.

  • KDE Applications 15.04.2 Released
  • KDE Plasma 5.3.1 Has Been Added to the Kubuntu Backports PPA, For Kubuntu 15.04
  • Krita's Fundraising Campaign Was a Success, It Will Become Faster Than Photoshop

    Exactly a month ago, on May 4, we reported that the Krita developers decided to do another Kickstarter campaign, after last year's successful one, this time to rise €20,000 ($22,000) for making the next version of the application faster the Photoshop.

    A few hours ago, Krita's fundraising campaign was successfully completed, raising a little over €30,000 ($34,000), which means that the developers will concentrate all of their efforts in making the open source digital painting app much faster than Photoshop.

  • We’ve done it!

    We ended with €30,520 on kickstarter and €3108 through paypal — making for a grand total of €33,628, and that means LOD, Animation and nine stretch goal. We’re so happy. It’s really an amazing result. So, thanks and hugs to all our supporters! And we promise to make Krita better and better — and better!

  • Weekly Update: Integrate Cantor with LabPlot

    This is a weekly update on my GSOC 2015 Project Integrate Cantor with LabPlot. As I mentioned in my last post that I will be starting my work with integration of UI of Cantor inside LabPlot. I would like to inform my fellow developers that I have integrated the UI successfully. I present the screenshots hereafter.

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TuxMachines: Fedora 22 Linux Server Edition Ships with XFS as Default Filesystem

Thursday 4th of June 2015 02:47:16 AM

The Fedora 22 Linux operating system was released last week, and it is our great pleasure to introduce you guys today to its Server edition, which brings some awesome new features, and numerous under-the-hood improvements.

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Reddit: Any recommendation for a super cheap/small/non ARM Linux box?

Thursday 4th of June 2015 02:29:24 AM

I need something that has 2 USB 3 or 2 gigabit Ethernet ports. I'm setting up a camera streaming server and want to tuck it away in the office right by the router so being small is important. Laptop would work but would rather just go headless minipc. I also need some storage space so that I can stream to files as well as network.

Seems easy enough except I also want it to be super cheap. Like $250 or less.

This is where I'm running into trouble. Seems I could build a decent minipc for 400ish, but I am deploying this in multiple places so I'll have to get more than one so I want to keep it cheap.

submitted by cod3r__
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LXer: Angry lawyer-inventor reads “Stupid Patent of the Month,” files first lawsuit vs. EFF

Thursday 4th of June 2015 02:10:29 AM
The filing of a defamation suit against the EFF—a group that has fought numerous legal cases to defend online speech—is a stunning turn of events, with a cast of characters that you can't make up. The plaintiff, Scott Horstemeyer, is a patent lawyer who also has a side business of "inventing"—that is, not just prosecuting patents for clients but also convincing the US Patent and Trademark Office to grant him his own patents, many of which include broad claims to Internet and mobile technology.

Phoronix: AMDGPU Driver Called For Pulling Into DRM-Next For Linux 4.2 Kernel

Thursday 4th of June 2015 02:02:16 AM
While it should come as no surprise, Alex Deucher of AMD tonight submitted the AMDGPU kernel driver code for pulling into DRM-Next so that it can land for the Linux 4.2 kernel merge window...

TuxMachines: Fedora 22 Workstation Live CD with GNOME 3.16 Screenshot Tour

Thursday 4th of June 2015 12:48:52 AM

Fedora Project was extremely proud to announce the release of the highly anticipated Fedora 22 Linux operating system, including all of its flavors, last week, on May 26, 2015.

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TuxMachines: Advantages entice enterprises to embrace open source

Thursday 4th of June 2015 12:44:03 AM

The state of affairs of enterprise IT is changing quickly. Open source will become a much higher percentage of every IT organization’s environment, given its advantages in terms of cost, control, and innovation. Likewise, open source skills will soon become a critical requirement, both for using open source wisely, but also in attracting the kind of talent necessary to compete in a Third Platform world.

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TuxMachines: Auto Grade Linux Steers Closer to an In-Car Infotainment Standard

Thursday 4th of June 2015 12:23:51 AM

"Automakers are not terribly happy with the idea of a single vendor's proprietary platform dominating what many believe will be a huge commercial opportunity," said tech analyst Charles King. "Automotive Grade Linux offers them a workable, flexible alternative. That is great for the industry as a whole, and should also inspire healthy competition that will result in benefits for consumers."

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LXer: LibreOffice 4.4.3 Lands in Ubuntu 15.04, Snappy Desktop Next UEFI Support Coming Soon

Thursday 4th of June 2015 12:16:07 AM
Will Cooke reported the regular weekly summary about what has been implemented in the Ubuntu operating system and what features will arrive in the coming weeks.

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