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Reddit: Is the kernel really as "new" as it advertises?

Saturday 21st of June 2014 07:58:43 AM

So I just tried compiling a custom kernel, (3.15.1) and when I went through the 'make menuconfig' step, just about every other option in the menuconfig had a (NEW) label right after it. Literally, the menuconfig is FILLED with "(NEW)" things.

Are these things that have really been recently added in the new 3.15 release? or have they simply been updated a bit? How long does the (NEW) tag stay on these options?

thanks in advance!

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Reddit: Wine, fonts and foobar2000

Saturday 21st of June 2014 07:55:07 AM

Does anyone have any tips or suggestions on how to get Unicode to work properly in foobar2000 that I am running in Wine? All characters display properly in Linux using a variety of fonts, but the magic that goes on to make that happen does not translate to foobar. So far the best I've found is using Arial Unicode MS.

I'm running Wine 1.7.19 on Fedora 20.

Example screen:

I asked this over on r/linuxquestions, but no one seemed to have any suggestions, so I am asking the larger Linux community on Reddit.

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TuxMachines: Has Samsung beaten Canonical at its own game?

Saturday 21st of June 2014 07:52:11 AM

Jack Wallen digs into the upcoming Samsung Tizen release to uncover how the mobile giant managed to beat Canonical to the Linux-phone punch.

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Phoronix: KDE Receives Improved Gmail Integration

Saturday 21st of June 2014 07:51:47 AM
Using KMail and Gmail together? Some nice improvements are ahead...

TuxMachines: Why I Built OwnCloud and Made It Open Source

Saturday 21st of June 2014 07:47:47 AM

There I was, 4 years ago (this past January) at CampKDE in San Diego, giving a talk on data privacy, warning the audience about the risks to their privacy from cloud vendors – in particular, Dropbox. So, build it yourself they said. Sure, I’ve built things in the past, so sure, I’ll do it. And there is where I started my odyssey, first, to protect myself, my friends and my colleagues from the snooping of governments, and other bad guys, and later – as I saw the worldwide interest grow – to build a real and successful project.

I had to decide a few things before I got started of course, including what it is I wanted ownCloud to do, what development platform to use, how I wanted to structure ownCloud, and of course, to name it ownCloud.

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TuxMachines: Whatever Happened to These Red-Hot Linux Distros?

Saturday 21st of June 2014 07:45:17 AM

Once upon a time SimplyMEPIS, Mandrake Linux, and Lindows were popular and generated a lot of attention. Where are they now?

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TuxMachines: ​How to Try Firefox OS Apps on Android

Saturday 21st of June 2014 07:39:58 AM

Android: Mozilla is best known for its web browser, but the company also produces Firefox OS for a limited number of handsets. With a little sideways thinking, though, you can try some of its apps in Android.

Much like Google Chrome, Firefox supports webapps—the OS and apps are built with the same technology—and this is how you can bring Firefox OS to Android. Apps work like browser extensions, so they take up very little room making them ideal for older devices or those with limited storage. Download a copy of Firefox for Android from the Google Play Store, or update your existing copy to 29 or above.

Fire up Firefox and visit the Firefox Marketplace, the Firefox version of Google Play or the Chrome Web Store. Take a browse through the Marketplace and tap an app that takes your fancy. Just as with regular Android apps, Firefox OS apps let you know about the permissions they need, and you have to accept this before you install anything.

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LXer: Here Come The Goats, Goat Simulator Now In Beta For Linux

Saturday 21st of June 2014 07:38:47 AM
The day has finally come goat fans, as Goat Simulator now has an open beta on Steam for Linux gamers to get in on one of the funniest games around.

Reddit: Linux Kernel Summit

Saturday 21st of June 2014 06:58:39 AM

Phoronix: Qt Wayland Now Supports Minimizing Windows With XDG-Shell Support

Saturday 21st of June 2014 06:56:16 AM
Current versions of Qt5 with Wayland support don't support minimizing/hiding windows. However, patches have now been merged into Qt Wayland for addressing this shortcoming...

LXer: Just play videos with Snappy on Fedora

Saturday 21st of June 2014 06:41:36 AM
Snappy is a minimal application that does one thing — plays videos. Snappy is a super-minimal video player with a neat on-screen display, and that’s about it, here is no other interface in the application.

Reddit: Goofy-looking security guard robot runs Linux

Saturday 21st of June 2014 06:31:03 AM

LXer: Automating server configurations with puppet

Saturday 21st of June 2014 05:44:25 AM
Puppet is an automation tool which allows you to automate software configurations across multiple servers

LXer: Do We Want Ubisoft To Support Linux?

Saturday 21st of June 2014 04:47:14 AM
Ubisoft says that DRM can't stop piracy, then says that better DRM needs to be put into place. Ubisoft may not have a presence on Linux yet, but do we want or even need a company with such unfriendly policies toward gamers?

LXer: First impressions: Canonical Orange Box and Juju (Gallery)

Saturday 21st of June 2014 03:50:03 AM
The Orange Box really is a cloud-in-a-box. But while the hardware is neat, it's the Juju DevOps software inside that makes it special.

Reddit: What programming languages would be helpful for navigating Linux?

Saturday 21st of June 2014 03:47:13 AM

Hey everyone. I've used Linux distros before and I really love them, but I'm not a programmer. I want to learn though. What is the best way to start coding for someone who doesn't do it for a career, and what are the best languages to learn in order to customize and use Linux effectively. I am planning on using Arch Linux...

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LXer: Canonical's cloud-in-a-box: Under the hood

Saturday 21st of June 2014 02:52:52 AM
Canonical's Ubuntu Linux-powered Orange Box, with its 10 servers in a single container, is the perfect cloud sampler.

LXer: Surprise Android 'KitKat' update fixes nasty OpenSSL vuln

Saturday 21st of June 2014 01:55:41 AM
Android fans who are hoping Google will debut a new version of the OS at its annual I/O conference in San Francsico next week might be in for a disappointment ... because the company is rolling out a new version this week.