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LXer: Step By Step Ubuntu 17.04 (Zesty Zapus) LAMP Server Setup

Friday 2nd of June 2017 01:51:32 AM
Step By Step Ubuntu 17.04 (Zesty Zapus) LAMP Server Setup

Reddit: Setting up partitions between SSD and HDD

Friday 2nd of June 2017 01:13:42 AM

I'm building an HTPC from an Intel NUC with 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, and a 2TB HDD.

The primary purpose of the machine is to be a media center, but I do want to use it as a basic PC when need be.

I was thinking of setting up / on the SSD, /home on the HDD, and not having a swap space. Is a swap partition necessary, and if so, should it be installed on the HDD?

Are there any other mount points I should be aware of to minimize wear-and-tear on the SSD?

submitted by /u/RasterVector
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Phoronix: Steam Linux Usage Ticks Up Slightly For May

Friday 2nd of June 2017 12:46:03 AM
With the start of a new month comes updated Steam usage figures for the month prior...

LXer: Choose Your Favorite Linux Hacker SBCs and Enter to Win a Free Board

Friday 2nd of June 2017 12:37:11 AM
It’s once again time for our annual reader survey of open-spec, Linux- or Android-ready single board computers priced under $200.

Reddit: How common is the situation of malicious code (whether by design or accident) being integrated into a project?

Thursday 1st of June 2017 11:39:14 PM

So when I first heard of open source way back in the early 2000s, the one thing that I never could wrap my head around is that I know code is hard to read (at least from only taking one programming class). There is poor documentation and even when there is, there is no reason to believe that its accurate: it could be intentionally mislabeled to mislead people.

So while people where effusive in the praise for open source becuase "anyone can contribute," to me it always sounded like a major red flag.

It just seems really easy to implement malicious code into FOSS.

Are there checks in place to prevent that? I'd be interested in hearing more about this if anyone has a link or something.

submitted by /u/questionman1
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LXer: The first 5 things to do when your Linux server keels over

Thursday 1st of June 2017 11:22:51 PM
Even Linux servers can go haywire some days. Here's the first steps you should take in troubleshooting and fixing them.

TuxMachines: Security Leftovers

Thursday 1st of June 2017 11:08:30 PM
  • Could Firmware Expiration Dates Fix The Internet Of Broken Things...Before People Get Hurt?
  • Hacking and Linux Go Together Like 2 Keys in a Key Pair

    Ever since taking an interest Linux, with the specific aim of better understanding and enhancing my personal digital security, I have been fascinated by hacker conferences. As soon as I learned of their existence, I made a point of keeping tabs on the major conferences so I could browse through the latest videos in their archive once each one wraps up.

  • Backend Servers for 1,000 Apps Expose Terabytes of User Data

    There are 1,000 apps available for download today that despite not containing any malware or featuring glaring vulnerabilities, they communicate and store data on improperly secured backend servers, exposing user data along the way.

    This is the conclusion of an investigation conducted by mobile security experts from Appthority for their 2017 Q2 Enterprise Mobile Threat Report.

    The company's experts say they've analyzed the backend connections of 1,000 mobile apps to see if they connect to publicly-accessible servers.

  • Pandemic

    Today, June 1st 2017, WikiLeaks publishes documents from the "Pandemic" project of the CIA, a persistent implant for Microsoft Windows machines that share files (programs) with remote users in a local network. "Pandemic" targets remote users by replacing application code on-the-fly with a trojaned version if the program is retrieved from the infected machine. To obfuscate its activity, the original file on the file server remains unchanged; it is only modified/replaced while in transit from the pandemic file server before being executed on the computer of the remote user. The implant allows the replacement of up to 20 programs with a maximum size of 800 MB for a selected list of remote users (targets).

  • 7 Popular WordPress Security Myths

    Because of its incredible popularity as a platform, WordPress enjoys a sizable, generous community of users that spend their time sharing information, resources, tips and insights with other WordPress users online. Understandably, online security is at the forefront of concerns for many site owners, and a lot of the online conversation about WordPress centers around the best ways to keep your site safe from hackers and security breaches. Despite the best of intentions from most users, there are a few myths surrounding WordPress security that persist and spread like wildfire, even if the recommendations they make don’t do anything to keep your site safe.

read more

LinuxInsider: BitKey Unlocks Mysteries of the Bitcoin Universe

Thursday 1st of June 2017 10:20:11 PM
BitKey is a Debian-based live distribution with specialist utilities for performing highly secure air-gapped bitcoin transactions. This distro is not for everyday computing needs, but if you are obsessed with the use of bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, this distro might be just what you need. I am a high-tech sort of guy with a keen interest in diving through Linux distros both simple and complex. I'm on the lookout for new twists to old desktop environments and unique use case distros. However, cryptocurrencies clearly are my match.

Reddit: Do you contribute back to open source?

Thursday 1st of June 2017 10:09:19 PM

Linux does have it's fair share of problems here and there but what are some ways you can do to help?

I've been noticing that the arch linux wiki : , has under 10-15ish? Active contributors?

so helping with documentation is one, but what are other ways?

submitted by /u/pizzacaku
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LXer: How to Upgrade Linux Kernel in Ubuntu 16.04 Server

Thursday 1st of June 2017 10:08:31 PM
In this tutorial, I will show you how to upgrade the Ubuntu kernel to use the latest mainline kernel build provided by the Ubuntu kernel Team. I will be using Ubuntu 16.04.2 Xenial Xerus with default kernel version 4.4 as basis upgrade it to the 4.11.2 kernel version.

Phoronix: Coreboot Joins The Software Freedom Conservancy

Thursday 1st of June 2017 09:08:00 PM
Coreboot has joined the Software Freedom Conservancy as a member project...

Reddit: SuSE 12.2 LVM issue

Thursday 1st of June 2017 08:59:03 PM

I have a running system where I have a cloned drive and need to get data off it. This part I can do. where i run into problems is removing the cloned volume. here is what I do:

mount cloned volume. -a vgimportclone /dev/sdc vgchange -ay sys1 mount lv to restore point copy data lvremove the volumes vgchange an sys1 to take it off line pvremove /dev/sdc - this is where i have problems.

backuptesting:/ # pvremove -ff /dev/sdc -vv

Setting activation/monitoring to 1

Setting global/locking_type to 1

Setting global/wait_for_locks to 1

File-based locking selected.

Setting global/prioritise_write_locks to 1

Setting global/locking_dir to /run/lvm/lock

Locking /run/lvm/lock/P_orphans WB

Setting response to OK

Setting response to OK

Setting id to 5bWrB5-AvEb-cx78-B8pw-WLeJ-tW3f-MNzDPa

Setting format to lvm2

Setting device to 2080

Setting dev_size to 23622320128

Setting label_sector to 1

Setting size to 1044480

Setting start to 4096

Setting ignore to 0

Setting id to abkzQb-e0gP-bOCw-bFlY-m6Cx-OPHB-uBadrE

Setting vgid to IhBlfm-lVYZ-q2BK-V363-mXzY-feon-CiMUZE

Setting vgname to sys

Setting format to lvm2

Setting device to 2064

Setting dev_size to 21474836480

Setting label_sector to 1

Setting size to 1044480

Setting start to 4096

Setting ignore to 0

Setting response to OK

Setting response to OK

Setting name to sys

Setting metadata/format to lvm2

Setting id to abkzQb-e0gP-bOCw-bFlY-m6Cx-OPHB-uBadrE

Setting format to lvm2

Setting device to 2064

Setting dev_size to 46135296

Setting label_sector to 1

Setting size to 1044480

Setting start to 4096

Setting ignore to 0

/dev/sdc: lvm2 label detected at sector 1

Can't open /dev/sdc exclusively - not removing. Mounted filesystem?

Unlocking /run/lvm/lock/P_orphans

it seems to be setting the id incorrectly the second time it does it and setting it to the active ID that should not be removed.

any assistance on how to do this correctly would be appreciated.

I can just removed the cloned disk from the LVM, but then the os locks up and i have to reboot. On reboot the system runs fine. I would like to be able to do this without having to reboot the server.

submitted by /u/robert_morrow
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LXer: Setting up Sun Java Wireless Toolkit on Linux Mint

Thursday 1st of June 2017 08:54:11 PM
This topic might be very strange to anyone who has no/very little knowledge of J2ME phones. But for those brave hearts who found this topic with the intention to create J2ME MIDlets, then you are at the right place! You might have configured Sun Wireless Toolkit on your Windows PC and struggled to set it up on your Linux system.

Reddit: Clair v2.0: the container security scanner

Thursday 1st of June 2017 08:13:52 PM

LXer: 7 Ways to Check Who Is Logged-In Linux System

Thursday 1st of June 2017 07:39:51 PM
All the commands Show who is logged in Linux systems and what they are doing.

Reddit: Wifi not working on Mint 18.1

Thursday 1st of June 2017 07:35:06 PM

I just got finished installing Mint on my living room computer.

This is my first time messing with Linux so I'm not even remotely sure what to do with this.

The wifi adapter I have is a Belkin F91101v2.

I must say I'm enjoying Linux already and can't wait to explore it even further after solving this issue.

Thanks much for your time and help!

submitted by /u/realmoogin
[link] [comments] Choose Your Favorite Linux Hacker SBCs and Enter to Win a Free Board

Thursday 1st of June 2017 07:00:29 PM

It’s once again time for our annual reader survey of open-spec, Linux- or Android-ready single board computers priced under $200.

LXer: Automate remote linux commands from Windows terminal using plink.

Thursday 1st of June 2017 06:25:30 PM
Unlike putty which creates interactive ssh session to Linux or UNIX server, plink takes non-interactive ssh session. Using Plink we can automate remote linux commands from windows terminal.

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