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TuxMachines: Leftovers: Debian

Sunday 8th of May 2016 07:52:44 PM
  • Google Summer of Code 2016 With Debian Reproducible Builds : Introduction

    This is the first blog post among series of posts which I will be writing throughout the summer about Google Summer of Code 2016 under Debian Reproducible Builds Experience.

  • Debian Fun in April 2016

    April marked the twelfth month I contributed to Debian LTS under the Freexian umbrella.

  • What is the best multimedia player in Debian?

    A few years ago, I had a look at the media support for Browser plugins in Debian, to get an idea which plugins to include in Debian Edu. I created a script to extract the set of supported MIME types for each plugin, and used this to find out which multimedia browser plugin supported most file formats / media types. The result can still be seen on the Debian wiki, even though it have not been updated for a while. But browser plugins are less relevant these days, so I thought it was time to look at standalone players.

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Reddit: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2 as an everyday machine

Sunday 8th of May 2016 07:32:37 PM

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2 as an Everyday Linux-Box

An everyday linux-box running RHEL 7.2? Well...yes, with the caveat that this is the right system setup for me. I do understand that this will not be the ideal setup for most people. I should say that I did try other distributions and variants, particularly Ubuntu-MATE 16.04. I was hugely impressed with the polish the Ubuntu-MATE team put into their latest release; but the back-end Ubuntu-base bugs and current Network Manager problems were inexcusable IMO. Not the Ubuntu-MATE folks fault I should point out.

I know, I know....distros other than RHEL 7 provide a far wider selection of applications..I got it. In my case everything I needed (other than a flexible media player), was in the RHEL 7 and EPEL repositories ready for easy and reliable installation and use.

Enable EPEL: - look for appropriate RPM / Right-click / Install with Software Install See repo-list in Terminal: yum -v repolist See only enabled repos: yum repolist enabled

Also, before you reply, “but you have to pay for updates!”. I know, but $49.00 for a self-support subscription is very reasonable and the equivalent to buying a pair of pants or a night out with a few drinks. Even though I have a self-support contract I have been helped by Red Hat engineers time and time again, and I can say it is the best support for ANY service that I have received. Also, I see the selection of RHEL 7 as an alternative to all OSes to include Windows 10 and MAC OSX. Compared to these systems RHEL is a downright bargain.

Priority of requirements for distribution selection:

1) Distro stability

2) Distro security

3) Application requirements based on my use profile below.

4) Ease of use (or simplicity/KISS principle) – Does it just work everytime.

5) Distro documentation and support

6) FOSS community support

Computer profile: Essentially, a very stable and reasonably secure internet and media client. Also, native OpenVPN and bit-torrent support.

Use profile: I needed this machine to do the following – reliably and securely.

1) Internet client, with reasonable security and functionality. Solution: Firefox with HTTPS Everywhere and Ublock Origin plugins. Chrome requires 3rd party repositories to meet dependencies, so it was not an option for me.

2) Media client that can play all standard formats. MPEG2, MPEG4part2, DivX 3.11 Alpha ;-). H264, MP3, AAC , LPCM, Dolby Digital, iLBC, ADPCM, and FLAC. Solution: Fluendo ONEPLAY Player is a paid ($35.00) software application that delivers high quality playback of movies, TV shows and web video clips across for the most popular formats, including AVI, H265, H264, and MPEG4, Windows Media, and more. I tried alternate repositories for VLC, but in the end went with the solution that just worked and didn't require questionable 3rd party repositories.

3) Support for VPN with OpenVPN and bit-torrent support. Solution: As admin: yum install openvpn and install Transmission client for torrents

4) Robust security software and support. I travel for a living and regularly have to connect to hotel wired and WiFi internet nodes. Solution: Install clamav, clamav-update and rkhunter. Set firewall to “Public” profile. Do not turn off SELinux, I have had 0 conflicts with SELinux in it's standard configuration. Check status with command: sestatus

You should see something like this:

SELinux status: enabled

SELinuxfs mount: /sys/fs/selinux

SELinux root directory: /etc/selinux

Loaded policy name: targeted

Current mode: enforcing

Mode from config file: enforcing

Policy MLS status: enabled

Policy deny_unknown status: allowed Max kernel policy version: 28

Install the Red Hat Insights Client and Register Up to 10 Systems for Free with your RHEL subscription

YouTube video:

Register your system for updates with Red Hat Subscription Manager to resolve software dependencies:

"subscription-manager-register-auto-attach-done-above-">subscription-manager register --auto-attach (Done above)

Install the Red Hat Insights RPM:

"yum-install-redhat-access-insights">yum install redhat-access-insights

Register the system to Red Hat Insights (as root)

redhat-access-insights-register">redhat-access-insights --register

After registration, the Insights client will upload initial system information to Red Hat Insights. You should be able to immediately see your system in the Insights user interface:

the-initial-analysis-results-will-be-available-shorty-thereafter-">The initial analysis results will be available shorty thereafter.

Other software I installed from the RHEL 7 and EPEL repositories:

Added applications to standard application base

uGet Gparted FileZilla Pidgin Xchat GIMP htop transmission Bleachbit QPhotoRec Time Tracker SCAP workbench (Software Installer) p7zip ntfsprogs fuse ntfs-3g Gnote

If you absolutely need to have Flash plugin (I do not recommend) instructions below do work:

sudo -i

< or">OR


Adobe Repository 64-bit x86_64

rpm -ivh rpm --import /etc/pki/rpm-gpg/RPM-GPG-KEY-adobe-linux

yum check-update

yum install flash-plugin nspluginwrapper alsa-plugins-pulseaudio libcurl

This is how I use RHEL 7 as an everyday computer. Hope this helps someone that just wants a stable and secure system to browse the internet and watch downloaded media. I am not a a sys-admin or a computer security specialist so I welcome your input when it comes to configuration and security. Please research your own security requirements and configuration, don't rely on my configuration for your security needs. I should also say, I do not run as admin, I use a standard account and log into admin/root for administrative requirements only.


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LXer: How to set up a self-hosted project management web app on Linux

Sunday 8th of May 2016 06:38:33 PM
When a group of employees collaborate on a project, there is need for handling all aspects and complexities of the project from start to finish, such as task assignment, scheduling, budget management, communication, documentation, and so on. Thus a good project management tool is a necessity for any kinds of businesses or organizations which are ...

Reddit: Linux

Sunday 8th of May 2016 06:32:15 PM

Linus torvald

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Phoronix: Intel DRM Driver Code Is Going Through More Refactoring

Sunday 8th of May 2016 05:47:25 PM
While Intel already landed a big round of code into DRM-Next as Linux 4.7 material, the train has not stopped and more fresh code is now in testing via the intel-drm-testing branch for integration into a future kernel release...

LinuxToday: Install fonts and improve font rendering quality in Arch Linux

Sunday 8th of May 2016 05:00:00 PM

 ostechnix: Infinality bundle & fonts is free, open source project that helps you to improve the quality of font rendering.

LXer: Mark Shuttleworth: We Won't Make the Same Mistake Again with Unity 8

Sunday 8th of May 2016 04:44:11 PM
The Ubuntu Online Summit 2016 for Ubuntu 16.10 (Yakkety Yak) has ended, and we told you already that Unity 8 and Snaps are the future for the popular operating system.

TuxMachines: A Wild 40-Way Linux System Benchmark Comparison

Sunday 8th of May 2016 04:08:16 PM

With recently having upgraded some of the systems in our benchmark lab, commissioned a few new systems, and made some other changes, for your weekend enjoyment are some fresh benchmarks of 40 distinctly different Linux systems various performance tests.

Also: Linus On Linux - Two Videos

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Phoronix: A Wild 40-Way Linux System Benchmark Comparison

Sunday 8th of May 2016 03:59:29 PM
With recently having upgraded some of the systems in our benchmark lab, commissioned a few new systems, and made some other changes, for your weekend enjoyment are some fresh benchmarks of 40 distinctly different Linux systems various performance tests.

Phoronix: The DDR4 EUDIMM Memory I've Been Buying The Most

Sunday 8th of May 2016 03:25:11 PM
For those that may be in the market for DDR4-2133 EUDIMM memory, here's the particular memory I've been buying the most of these days and haven't run into any problems on using it with several different motherboards for Xeon E3 v5 Skylake systems...

Reddit: The mind behind Linux | Linus Torvalds

Sunday 8th of May 2016 02:55:26 PM

Reddit: Softwaregore-Sunday anyone?

Sunday 8th of May 2016 02:52:07 PM

LXer: Shadow Tactics for Linux, Shadwen release date, and more open gaming news

Sunday 8th of May 2016 02:49:49 PM
Hello, open gaming fans! In this week's edition, we take a look at Shadow Tactics for Linux, Shadwen release date, and new games out for Linux.Open gaming roundup for April 30 - May 6, 2016read more

Reddit: Help finding a linux game

Sunday 8th of May 2016 02:28:29 PM

On a Linux podcast I listened to a few months ago (I can't member which one) they mentioned a game. I.thought it was something like Tribbix. I'm not sure but I can't find it. Its like a tower defense or RTS but all you see on your screen is numbers and progress bars. I'd appreciate any help.

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