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Reddit: Krita 3.0.1: new features and bug fixes

Tuesday 6th of September 2016 05:15:20 PM

Phoronix: FreeBSD Now Has A Port For CentOS 7 Binary Support

Tuesday 6th of September 2016 05:11:48 PM
We've known for a while that FreeBSD has been working on a CentOS 7 compatibility layer while now that work has finally landed in FreeBSD ports...

Reddit: Who are the heroes of Linux community?

Tuesday 6th of September 2016 05:03:06 PM

Besides Linus Torvalds and Richard Stallman, who else is there that deserves your trust, respect? What person would you give your credit to in FOSS and Linux community?

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LXer: SwagArch 16.09.1 Alpha 4 Screenshot Tour

Tuesday 6th of September 2016 04:58:20 PM
Security fix: after installation the "su" command requires a password. New Logos and Wallpapers. openssh was removed from the package list.SwagArch GNU/Linux is a distribution based on Arch Linux. It provides the Calamares system installer and features the Xfce desktop environment.

TuxMachines: Linux 4.9 To Begin Landing Nouveau "Boost" Support For Faster Performance

Tuesday 6th of September 2016 04:57:56 PM

Great news for users of the open-source NVIDIA "Nouveau" graphics driver: the long-awaited boost patches are now queued up to land with Linux 4.9.

The boost patches are about allowing the Kepler and newer graphics cards to achieve their "boost" frequencies, rather than their highest standard clock frequencies. With being able to hit these upper frequency thresholds, the performance should be more competitive with the proprietary driver. I tested the earlier version of these patches months ago and found great improvements: Nouveau "Boost" Patches Show Much Performance Potential.

Ben Skeggs finally began pulling the work and is now in the Nouveau repository for then being sent into Linux 4.9 via DRM-Next.

Also: Linux 4.9 Planned As The Next LTS Kernel

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LXer: How Google created a new kind of open source program office

Tuesday 6th of September 2016 03:55:26 PM
In my previous article, What is an open source program office? And why do you need one?, I introduced the idea of an open source program office (OSPO) and discussed what they do, why a company would want to create one, and how to optimize them. In that article I focused on technology vendors and for a good reason—they were the first to embrace open source program offices more

Phoronix: 7-Way Linux Distribution Benchmarks To Kick Off September

Tuesday 6th of September 2016 03:49:14 PM
In testing out a new Broadwell-EP system as well as for final validation of the new Phoronix Test Suite 6.6, I carried out a fresh Linux OS distribution comparison last week. Here are those results from Ubuntu, Clear Linux, Scientific Linux, openSUSE Tumbleweed, Fedora, Antergos, and Sabayon Linux. Advanced Search and Replace with the Kate Text Editor

Tuesday 6th of September 2016 03:44:27 PM
Title: Advanced Search and Replace with the Kate Text Editor6 SepLearn more

Reddit: Terminal Emulator preference question

Tuesday 6th of September 2016 03:41:39 PM

I have been looking around for slick terminal emulators. I am currently running Ubuntu 16.04.01 on my EDC. I normally use Guake but it seems to not play with Unity well. I am curious what Terminal Emulators you use or would recommend and why.

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Phoronix: Phoronix Test Suite 6.6 Officially Released For Open-Source Cross-Platform Benchmarking

Tuesday 6th of September 2016 03:17:56 PM
Phoronix Test Suite 6.6.0-Loppa is now officially available as the latest quarterly update to our open-source benchmarking software for Linux, BSD, Solaris, Windows, OS X, and Hurd platforms...

Reddit: Common issues/things to check on fresh installs?

Tuesday 6th of September 2016 03:04:44 PM

What are the most common issues usually had when installing a new distro (on a desktop)?

network card drivers? sound drivers? anything else?

Additionally has anyone here experienced any cases where there were no problems while testing it on a live USB but something suddenly went wrong when it was completely installed?

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LinuxToday: Git 2.10 Version Control System Is a Massive Release with Over 150 Changes

Tuesday 6th of September 2016 03:00:00 PM

Git 2.10 is here to add over 150 improvements since the previous stable branch,

LXer: RaspberryPi3 launched as low-cost educational computer in Bangladesh

Tuesday 6th of September 2016 02:52:32 PM
RaspberryPi3 launched in Bangladesh as a low-cost, Linux-based educational computer for high school students.

Phoronix: Improved Tear-Free Rendering For Radeon DDX With PRIME

Tuesday 6th of September 2016 02:07:06 PM
For those making use of the xf86-video-ati DDX driver in a PRIME-capable system with Radeon GPU, there's more effective tear-free rendering support with the latest development code... 2016 LiFT Scholarship Winner Luis Camacho Caballero: Preserving Amazon Languages with Linux

Tuesday 6th of September 2016 02:00:03 PM
Title: 2016 LiFT Scholarship Winner Luis Camacho Caballero: Preserving Amazon Languages with Linux6 SepLearn more

LXer: Torvalds at LinuxCon Part III: Permissive Licenses and Org Charts

Tuesday 6th of September 2016 01:49:38 PM
“Some people love the BSD license,” he said. “Some people love proprietary licenses, and do you know what? I understand that. If you want to make a program and you want to feed your kids, it used to make a lot of sense to say that you want to have a proprietary license and sell binaries. I think it makes less sense today, but I really understand the argument. I don’t want to judge, "

More in Tux Machines

TDF Releases Fresh Update to LibreOffice 5.2

The Document Foundation today announced the availability of LibreOffice 5.2.2, the second update to the "fresh" 5.2 family. "LibreOffice 5.2.2, targeted at technology enthusiasts, early adopters and power users, provides a number of fixes over the major release announced in August." These fixes include the usual number of import/export/filter fixes as well as a lot of interface adjustments and a few crashes. One of the more interesting import bugs fixed had first been reported 4 1/2 years ago. In version 3.5.0 when importing RTF files with several tables the formatting isn't retained in all cases. The original reporter said this included column widths and placement. Comments updated the report throughout several versions on various systems. The bug sat for another year before being bumped and eight months later a patch was committed. After further input and more adjustments, Miklos Vajna committed patches for several versions including today's 5.2.2. Read more

New Releases

  • Security-Oriented Qubes OS 3.2 Improves the Integrated Management Infrastructure
    Today, September 29, 2016, Joanna Rutkowska announced the general availability of the second point release of the Qubes OS 3 stable series of the security-oriented and open-source Linux-based computer operating system. Qubes OS 3.2 is a maintenance release, which means that it mostly adds general fixes and improvements to various of the distribution's core components and functionalities, including the integrated management infrastructure that was introduced as part of the previous update, Qubes 3.1, allowing users to also manage the "insides" of a virtual machine.
  • Alpine Linux 3.4.4 Is Out, Ships with Linux Kernel 4.4.22 LTS, OpenSSL Patches
    Today, September 28, 2016, Alpine Linux creator and lead developer Natanael Cop has the pleasure of announcing the release of the fourth maintenance update to the latest stable Alpine Linux 3.4 server-oriented operating system series. Alpine Linux 3.4.4 is out as the most advanced version, powered by the recently released, long-term supported Linux 4.4.22 kernel and bringing up-to-date components to make your Alpine Linux-based server(s) more stable and reliable than ever. Most of the core components have been updated, but the most important one is OpenSSL 1.0.2j, which received the latest security fixes, just like in the rest of the GNU/Linux distros.

Leftovers: Software

  • Web Publishing and Development: Free Tools Abound
    Are you involved in DevOps and web development, or are you aiming to be? If so, you're probably very aware of many of the tools from the open standards and open source arenas that can make your work easier. Still, these are always spreading out at a fast clip and there are some applications and tools that are rarely discussed. Here at OStatic, we try to regularly update our collections focused on them. In this post, you'll find our latest roundup of free resources for web development that range from complete online courses available for free to unsung applications.
  • Phoronix Test Suite 6.6.1 Released
  • Skype for Linux Alpha 1.9 Adds a Dark Theme, Notification Muting
  • GNOME Calendar Pencils In Great New Features
    GNOME Calendar is one of the few decent desktop calendaring apps available on Linux — and it's going to get better.
  • The future of GNOME Calendar
    Today, the Calendar Team had the first meeting in history. Isaque, Lapo, Renata, Vamsi and I attended it, and the meeting was extremely productive! In fact, we were able to sketch out the general direction that GNOME Calendar will head towards.