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What is JSON? JavaScript Object Notation explained

Monday 11th of September 2017 02:00:00 PM

InfoWorld: JSON has eclipsed XML as the preferred data interchange format for web applications and web services.

A Look At The New Features Of GNOME 3.26

Monday 11th of September 2017 12:00:00 PM

Phoronix: GNOME 3.26 is the project's latest six-month update to this open-source desktop environment to be used now by Ubuntu 17.10, Fedora 27, and others.

Fedora 27 Beta Release Expected End of September, Beta Freeze Is Now in Effect

Monday 11th of September 2017 11:00:00 AM

For those not aware, Fedora 27 is the first release of the popular GNU/Linux distribution to drop Alpha builds from its development cycle.

Microsoft-Connected Patent Troll Finjan is Now Threatening and Also Suing Firms From Europe

Monday 11th of September 2017 05:00:00 AM

techrights: ESET is apparently the latest target of Finjan's extortion and blackmail campaign -- a campaign which typically targets Microsoft's competition

4 Awesome ways to find top memory consuming processes in Linux.

Monday 11th of September 2017 01:00:00 AM

This article will help you with how to quickly find top memory consuming processes in Linux.

How to Run WordPress on a Kubernetes Cluster from Scratch

Sunday 10th of September 2017 09:00:00 PM

Learning about Kubernetes, in the beginning, feels like drinking from a fire-hose.

Canonical Wants to Bring Its Ubuntu Snappy Technologies to Android Devices

Sunday 10th of September 2017 05:19:58 PM

The biggest new feature implemented in the Snapd 2.27 release is Android boot support

OBS Studio - Record and Live Stream Videos from Linux Desktop

Sunday 10th of September 2017 05:00:00 PM

OBS Studio is a free and open source cross-platform app with which you can create video records of your desktop screen and also live stream directly.

Begin Mining Ethereum On Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus Linux

Sunday 10th of September 2017 01:00:00 PM

It's hard not to have heard about Ethereum by now.

How to Integrate KDE Connect with GNOME Shell

Saturday 9th of September 2017 09:00:00 PM

Learn how to integrate KDE Connect with GNOME Shell desktop using MConnect to take advantage of all of the awesome Android integration that it provides!

What's New in Linux Lite 3.6

Saturday 9th of September 2017 05:00:00 PM

Linux Lite 3.6 has been released and announced by Linux Lite developer Jerry Bezencon.

Presearch is building a blockchain-based search engine

Saturday 9th of September 2017 01:00:00 PM

Presearch is a Canadian crypto-startup building a blockchain-based search engine to take on Google.

BlackArch Linux Ethical Hacking Distro Updated with More Than 50 New Tools

Saturday 9th of September 2017 02:00:00 AM

 More security tools land in new BlackArch Linux update

Gentoo-Based Porteus Kiosk 4.5 Debuts with EAPoL Support, Linux Kernel 4.12

Friday 8th of September 2017 10:00:00 PM

As expected from a kiosk software, Porteus Kiosk 4.5.0 also updates the main web browsing components

Court Ruling Adds New Power to Open Source Licenses

Friday 8th of September 2017 08:00:00 PM

Any organization using open source source software should make sure there is a strong open source policy in place that dots the "I"s and crosses the "T"s

Review: Considering Oracle Linux is a no-brainer if you;re an Oracle shop

Friday 8th of September 2017 07:00:00 PM

NetworkWorld: The fact that Oracle Linux is free and that its reasonably priced support is readily available make it hard to ignore

3 industries relying on Apache Kafka

Friday 8th of September 2017 06:00:00 PM

The open source messaging platform, built for website activity tracking, has migrated into new industries and new use cases.

5 advantages of containers for writing applications

Friday 8th of September 2017 05:00:00 PM

EnterprisersProject: Containers can serve as a new way to package and architect applications.

Multi-cloud management: 6 expert tips

Friday 8th of September 2017 04:00:00 PM

Cloud computing itself may be in a mature phase, but multi-cloud management is not.

GNU/Linux in Ukraine: A Look Back and a Glimpse into the Future

Friday 8th of September 2017 03:00:00 PM

What is holding Linux back in the Ukraine?

More in Tux Machines

Oracle: New VirtualBox 5.2 Beta, SPARC M8 Processors Launched

  • VirtualBox 5.2 to Let Users Enable or Disable Audio Input and Output On-the-Fly
    Oracle announced new updates for its popular, cross-platform and open-source virtualization software, the third Beta of the upcoming VirtualBox 5.2 major release and VirtualBox 5.1.28 stable maintenance update. We'll start with the stable update, VirtualBox 5.1.28, as it's more important for our readers using Oracle VM VirtualBox for all of their virtualization needs. The VirtualBox 5.1 maintenance release 28 is here to improve audio support by fixing various issues with both the ALSA and OSS backends, as well as an accidental crash with AC'97.
  • SPARC M8 Processors Launched
    While Oracle recently let go of some of their SPARC team, today marks the launch of the SPARC M8. The initial SPARC M8 line-up includes the T8-1, T8-2, T8-4. M8-8, and SuperCluster M8-8 servers.

Wikileaks Releases Spy Files Russia, CCleaner Infected, Equifax Has a Dirty Little Secret

  • Spy Files Russia
    This publication continues WikiLeaks' Spy Files series with releases about surveillance contractors in Russia. While the surveillance of communication traffic is a global phenomena, the legal and technological framework of its operation is different for each country. Russia's laws - especially the new Yarovaya Law - make literally no distinction between Lawful Interception and mass surveillance by state intelligence authorities (SIAs) without court orders. Russian communication providers are required by Russian law to install the so-called SORM ( Система Оперативно-Розыскных Мероприятий) components for surveillance provided by the FSB at their own expense. The SORM infrastructure is developed and deployed in Russia with close cooperation between the FSB, the Interior Ministry of Russia and Russian surveillance contractors.
  • Malware-Infected CCleaner Installer Distributed to Users Via Official Servers for a Month
    Hackers have managed to embed malware into the installer of CCleaner, a popular Windows system optimization tool with over 2 billion downloads to date. The rogue package was distributed through official channels for almost a month. CCleaner is a utilities program that is used to delete temporary internet files such as cookies, empty the Recycling Bin, correct problems with the Windows Registry, among other tasks. First released in 2003, it has become hugely popular; up to 20 million people download it per month. Users who downloaded and installed CCleaner or CCleaner Cloud between Aug. 15 and Sept. 12 should scan their computers for malware and update their apps. The 32-bit versions of CCleaner v5.33.6162 and CCleaner Cloud v1.07.3191 were affected.
  • Equifax Suffered a Hack [sic] Almost Five Months Earlier Than the Date It Disclosed
  • This is why you shouldn’t use texts for two-factor authentication

    For a long time, security experts have warned that text messages are vulnerable to hijacking — and this morning, they showed what it looks like in practice.

Amazon Changes Rental ('Cloud') Model on GNU/Linux

Devices/Hardware: Embedded/Boards, CODESYS, and EPYC Linux Performance

  • Linux friendly IoT gateway runs on 3.5-inch Bay Trail SBC
    While the MB-80580 SBC lists SATA II, the gateway indicates SATA III. Also, the gateway datasheet notes that the RS232 ports can all be redirected to RS232/422/485. Software includes Windows IoT Core and Server, as well as Yocto, Ubuntu Snappy Core, and CentOS Linux distributions.
  • Rugged panel PC scales up to a 19-inch touchscreen
    The fanless, IP65-rated WinSystems “PPC65B-1x” panel PC runs Linux or Win 10 on a quad-core Atom E3845, and offers 10.4 to 19-inch resistive touchscreens.
  • CODESYS announces CODESYS-compatible SoftPLC for open Linux device platforms
  • EPYC Linux performance from AMD
    Phoronix have been hard at work testing out AMD's new server chip, specifically the 2.2/2.7/3.2GHz EPYC 7601 with 32 physical cores.  The frequency numbers now have a third member which is the top frequency all 32 cores can hit simultaneously, for this processor that would be 2.7GHz.  Benchmarking server processors is somewhat different from testing consumer CPUs, gaming performance is not as important as dealing with specific productivity applications.   Phoronix started their testing of EPYC, in both NUMA and non-NUMA configurations, comparing against several Xeon models and the performance delta is quite impressive, sometimes leaving even a system with dual Xeon Gold 6138's in the dust.  They also followed up with a look at how EPYC compares to Opteron, AMD's last server offerings.  The evolution is something to behold.
  • Opteron vs. EPYC Benchmarks & Performance-Per-Watt: How AMD Server Performance Evolved Over 10 Years
    By now you have likely seen our initial AMD EPYC 7601 Linux benchmarks. If you haven't, check them out, EPYC does really deliver on being competitive with current Intel hardware in the highly threaded space. If you have been curious to see some power numbers on EPYC, here they are from the Tyan Transport SX TN70A-B8026 2U server. Making things more interesting are some comparison benchmarks showing how the AMD EPYC performance compares to AMD Opteron processors from about ten years ago.